Chapter 1: Head

The name ANBU has been forever attached with fear. More silent than a spider crawling, more silent than death. The shadow to Konoha's bright flame; only meant for assassinations and other dirty jobs. A necessary evil. They were Konoha's night guards. Rarely seen at night. But once seen you could hardly forget the sight. Those expressionless masks...those hollow eyes...more prominent, that aura of death.

Noiseless as death he flew through the thick woods. His body was occasionally seen flying past in the starlight. The sky was as dark it could get, cloudy with infrequent stars. He loved the night, because it let him be himself. His mask was more like his skin and his bare face was more like a mask. Or so he thought. Night was a perfect time for killing. Maybe that was another reason why he liked the night. The catch today was exciting. Normally the Hokage would send five ANBU. But he was far from normal. He was more than enough. He grinned a deathly smile in the privacy of his mask.

He'd started as a weakling. Looking back he was proud of his growth. But hate was all he got. So, hell with the village, hell with the Hokage and hell with him. He chose a job he was good at: Killing.

Uchiha Sasuke had returned home. But with it Orochimaru had run off to Kumo to find a new host. A potentially stronger host. Orochimaru was Konoha's responsibility. So the Hokage had decided to silence him off forever. This is where the ANBU entered. The ANBU had sent him to clean off the entire base. Host, no host. It did not matter to him.

A small muted thud and he landed on the ground. Before him lay a small group of rolling hills. But the inside story was different. It was a supposed Orochimaru hideout.

He activated his jutsu. He felt his chakra mix up with the natural energy around. And like a spider's web his sensory widened. He let the natural chakra flow into any creek it could find in the hill. He sensed everything in touch with the natural energy... the rocks, the soil and most importantly the people...

Orochimaru's hideout, true to his style, was entirely underground. The place had three wings: a training wing, a living quarter, and a fucking lab. They were connected via huge round corridors notifying that the base had been made in haste using Manda's help. Fifty two people lay inside, according to his sensory web. But the fifty-second person could either be dead or barely alive. The ANBU extended the fringe of his sensory and carefully checked his vitals. Barely. Fifty- one then.

He sliced a slab of soil from the side of the hillock. And stealthily entered the base. The empty echo of his footsteps greeted him. The candles lighting the hallway flickered at the presence of breeze. He closed the entrance and proceeded. The ANBU had it in mind the first place to attack would be the empty training grounds. It had the weapons. To destroy weapons first was a great idea. Two guards at the entrance.

Hachiro was a lucky bastard. He was neither too strong to be Orochimaru's host nor weak enough to be casted away. He had the record amongst guards of having killed sixty seven shinobis. But today his good fortune would run out. Since unfortunately he was assigned for guard today. And more unfortunate was the fact that he was the second kill of the lethal ANBU lurking in the darkness. It meant that he had the awful opportunity to see his death coming, unlike his partner, who didn't even realise when his head tumbled down. He saw the string, thin as a spider's web wound around his neck. But his fear was short lived. He was dead the next second.

4 fucking seconds.

The ANBU congratulated himself for breaking his own record. He grinned satisfactorily as he made way to destroy the weapons after putting a mild genjustu in work.

Weapons destroyed.

The sleeping quarters then. Seven guards along the hallway. This was rather different. Genjustu wasn't his stronghold. He brooded in the darkness for a moment. Then the decision was made. A small can rolled down the hallway. The hallway was filled with smoke the next second. He silently thanked Sakura for minimising the can's size. It was simple. In her words at least. She'd simply maximised the effect of the sleep-inducing drug used inside. Leaving the technical things aside, the ANBU concentrated on the sleeping guards. A kunai in the carotid artery. Swift and easy.

Eight seconds. Damn he was getting slow.

Now what were left were the forty-two sleeping bastards. This was a labour requiring mass.

"Kage bushin no jutsu."

The four bushin dispersed at his command. One minute thirty-three seconds and forty-two kills later he proceeded to the lab.

To be safe, he started by checking the other side of the door using his extra sense. The fifty- second person was here.

The door opened as quietly as possible. The lab had aisles and aisles of specimen. What had he expected anyway?

A double headed snake. A rattler. A huge one which looked like a cobra. Something that was like a mamba but not really.

Snakes. SNAKES. SNAKES. Ugh!

The end of the aisles had another row of 'somethings'. His 'sense' told him it was some sort of huge cylindrical pillars. His eyes told him what they were.

Huge glasses bottling human specimen. People floating in green tinted water. He did feel something like sympathy. After all, he was somewhat like an experiment of Konoha. A freak. But his hardened heart didn't allow any more emotion.

The half-dead human was in the corner. Inside a cage. He let his chakra feel the body.

A boy. Just a boy. A boy in his early teens.

He was probably a test subject. The neat blindfold that covered his eyes was somewhat confusing. Was he the 'all powerful host' Orochimaru was rearing?

A thrust of chakra and the lock was broken. He walked close enough to see the captor's features. He let his sense feel him.

He was dying. The chakra was now non-existent.

Then there was a spike of chakra. If it could be compared to light, then it could be close to a few thousand candelas. It disoriented his 'sense'. For a while. Hot white pain shot through his abdomen.

Chakra needle. A damn long one. Could be passed as a spear. In his abdomen. The attacker was at the moment fleeing the place.

"I'll catch you teme!"

Two day's later...

"Hokage-sama. Jei reporting."

"Hmm. Three days. That's fast. I don't know whether to praise you for your hard work or scold you for being a workaholic. Not that I have complains..."

"Anything Hokage-sama."

So much for formality...

"So what is in the report?"

"I cleaned everything except the specimen." He tossed a scroll towards her.

"How many?"

"Hundreds of animals and twelve human ones."

"Any signs of Orochimaru?"

"None. Even Kabuto was missing. I apologize for the inconvenience."

Tsunade frowned. What wrong with his temperament?

"You are not a machine."

"You are right. I'm a weapon."

Tsunade frowned further.

"Do you need a trip to the counsellor?" she threatened. Everybody feared the red-eyed woman known as 'counsellor'.

"I'm alright."

"Goooood. You are dismissed."

The ANBU jumped out of the window. So much for the door.



"Send a medic to his home. The boy is injured."


Authors note:

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