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If I Didn't Have You - Billy crystal and John Goodman (Monsters Inc. soundtrack)

John Watson stood at the side of the curb, body bent forward with a hand over his mouth in a futile attempt at holding in his raucous laughter; Sherlock, standing beside him, glowered down at the shorter man and then directed his exasperated gaze at his wife standing a few feet away from the laughing John.

When Molly showed signs of cracking a smile on her face herself, Sherlock threw his hands up and let out a loud agitated sigh, with John beside him bursting into another round of laughter.

The blond man attempted to straighten himself up and lay a friendly punch against the taller man's shoulder, but his laughing came over him again and instead he grabbed onto the shoulder to keep himself upright.

Sherlock attempted to shrug his hand off his shoulder, which only caused John to hold on tighter as his laughter subsided; finally no longer laughing, he exchanged a few words with the man before him and Molly guessed it became amicable between them again for she saw her husband's lip quirking upwards a moment later.

She watched the two men's interaction before they parted ways, and Sherlock came over to gather his wife in his arms while John gave a friendly wave goodbye as he walked the opposite route; Molly beamed up at her husband as he pecked her tiny nose, wondering what Sherlock could have become if John never came into his life and brought him in as flatmate and eventual friend.

I Feel Good - James Brown

"Goddammit, Sherlock - for a thin man, you're dreadfully heavy," Molly huffed in exasperation and exhaustion as she attempted to scale up the 17 steps of 221B; if Mrs Hudson was here, she would have employed the old landlady's help, but it turned out that she was out of town a few days prior, something the pathologist did not know.

Another thing she did not know as well..."And Sherlock, shut up for one second - I can't concentrate on carrying you up if you're going to continue slobbering over my ears with nonsensical words."

For a drunk, he sure was noisy - as if his sharp tongue and condescending words when sober was not enough, when drunk his tongue was more bluntl and his words, nonsensical, for example: "I feel goood...I feel niceee...so niceee..."

She missed her footing when climbing up and she stumbled to the side, bringing the intoxicated Sherlock with her - feeling her body slam sideways against the wall, Sherlock then squashed her against it and, now her back to said wall, she was looking up at his blue-green eyes with pupils blown wide.

He leaned his head down, brushing his lips against hers, catching her off guard; he chuckled upon hearing the hitch in her breath, and Molly belated realised he sounded oh-so-sober when he gathered her properly in his arms as he whispered against her lips before claiming them for a deep, heated kiss, "I feel nice indeed."

Friends Will Be Friends - Queen

Sitting on the sofa at home, Molly let out a sigh before a small tear rolled from her eye - was it really that difficult to find someone who liked her and actually want to be with her?

Being stood up for the umpteenth time ever since University, Molly was about to wallow in self-pity when loud knocking sounded from her front door; with Toby, her cat, disentangling himself from his owner's grasp to investigate the noise, she heaved herself up and dragged her body over to the door to open it.

What came into view was something she never expected - Sherlock Holmes holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a large basket of assorted biscuits in the other.

Molly gaped at him and was about to enquire as to his presence in her home when he shoved his way in, with her feeling slightly indignant at his actions, before he turned around in the hallway to face her and say, "I'm here to accompany you for the night since you have obviously been stood up by that goof of a man, and I have brought wine and biscuits to boot."

Molly followed him in a daze as she watched the great Sherlock Holmes pour wine in two glasses before offering one to her; as they leaned against the kitchen counter sipping their wine, Molly asked why was he doing this, to which he gave a small smile while answering, "Because that's what friends do, don't they - be there for each other when they're alone, just like how you have done it for me countless of times."

Wannabe - Spice Girl

"I'll tell you what I want!"

Sherlock raised an eyebrow, arms crossed over each other as the petite woman before him glowered at him; she continued angrily, her hands at her hips, "If you want to be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!"

"Maybe you want to get a better group of friends?"

"No, Sherlock - it's either you be friends with Toby, or I'm leaving!"

Seeing an adorably enraged Molly never fail to send a jolt down his spine and to his groin; no longer resisting the subconscious pull that she was giving out whenever she was angry, he grabbed her by her arm and pulled her flush against his body - as she attempted to wiggle out of his strong hold, he tightened his grasp on her, leaning in to breathe in her scent while whispering directly next to her ear, "Oh the things I would do for you, Molly dear - and to you."

We Will Rock You - Queen

"For God's sake, Andrew - shut up with the singing."

Molly widened her eyes in surprise while the boy in question unplugged one side of his earpiece upon being addressed by the now-annoyed Sherlock Holmes seating in his black leather armchair and whose fingers were steepled together under his chin in his customary thinking pose.

Andrew, a teen not more than 18 years of age and whom Molly came to know was part of Sherlock's ever elusive The Homeless Network, looked to a bewildered Molly sitting opposite him and next to the consulting detective in her own armchair, and back at the tall man before shrugging his shoulders and stuffing the earpiece back into his ear.

Sherlock huffed out loud and a second later waved the teen away with a hand, telling him that the information said teen had brought with him was sufficient enough and that he had no more reason to be in 221B and that could he scamper off already?

Andrew looked to Molly once more, who gave him a small smile in return, and he shrugged again while nodding his head; getting up from his seat, he was about to trudge out of 221B and into the streets before an idea came over him - he made his way to Sherlock instead, and shouted in his ear which caused the man to jolt out of his Mind Palace and jump in his skin, and Molly to giggle out loud, "WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU!"