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Riley absolutely hated goodbyes. Nightly goodbyes with Gabriel made her uncomfortable, even though she knew he was only a minute away. She had to constantly remind herself that he was safe.

The fact that Nelson was practically in tears didn't help at all. Nelson had a big heart, and sometimes it got annoying. But everyone couldn't help but love him.

"Any chance I could drive?" Gabriel asked as walked to the car.

"Actually, yes." Riley sighed, then walked to the passenger side of the car.

"Really?" he asked, shock filling his voice.

"Yeah. Don't make me regret it. Speed limit only, and please, please, please drive carefully. Anyways, I'm tired."

Gabriel's shocked look turned into one of concern and worry. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Riley huffed. "Yes, now get in the car and drive before I change my mind."

Thankfully he got in the car without much more protest. Riley didn't know if she had the strength to argue.

The full weight of the past week crashed into her like a tidal wave. She left her entire life to help Gabriel, and she was now a wanted fugitive. If they were caught, they would most likely serve life sentences.

Riley reclined her seat and turned her head away from Gabriel so he wouldn't see the tear tracing it's was down her face as she fell asleep.

Riley woke up when they stopped at a gas station at the border of West Virginia.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty." Gabriel said as he parked.

Riley glared at him and unbuckled her seatbelt and stretch. She needed a bathroom and coffee like she needed air.

"I'll get the coffee." Gabriel said, as if he could read her mind.

"Okay." Riley said and got out of the car.

When she got back, she felt a flash of panic when she didn't immediately see Gabriel. She went to the car and found him filling the tank, allowing her heart to resume its normal pattern.

"Thanks." she said and got in the car.

Gabriel finished filling up the car and went inside to pay and use the bathroom. When he came back, they were back on the road.

Riley decided to drive a fourth of the way into Ohio. She noticed his eyelids starting to get heavy, so she made him pull over so she could drive and he could sleep. Riley drove through the rest of Ohio and part of Indiana when she decided to find a motel.

The motel was old and rundown, with the sign lights only half working. Riley pulled in and glanced at the clock. 12:30 am.

Gabriel was awake and stretching. His hair was sticking up in wild places, and Riley lifted a hand to flatten it, but caught herself and dropped her arm. Thankfully he was still too tired to notice.

Gabriel yawned again and went inside to check in, while Riley did a quick perimeter check. She returned to see a fat, sweating man hand Gabriel two keys to a room. As soon as she walked in, the man's beady eyes were on her.

"Whew!" the clerk whistled. "How much for a night with you?"

Riley gasped. She wasn't dressed anywhere close to a prostitute- was he really that desperate? "I am not a prostitute!" she hissed.

Her eyes flicked to Gabriel, who, to her surprise, looked murderous. Usually when men hit on her he brushed them off. He knew Riley could take care of herself. But tonight he looked ready to strangle the man. Riley was about to tell him off with the last of her strength, but she didn't have too.

Gabriel was already by her side, arm wrapped tightly around her waist. Riley couldn't help but lean into his touch.

"You are disgusting. This is my wife!" Gabriel spat.

It made her heart speed up against her will to hear Gabriel say that. Gabriel led her out of the lobby, arm still wrapped around her waist.

Riley wondered if she was dreaming. Maybe she fell asleep at the wheel and crashed the car and she was in a coma in the hospital. But Gabriel's arm felt real, warm and heavy.

"Are you okay?" Gabriel asked.

"What was that? I thought I was going to have to stop you from commiting murder!" Riley asked, pulling away from him.

"He thought you were a prostitute!" Gabriel protested.

"I can handle myself!" Riley half yelled.

"But you're supposed to be my wife, so I get to protect you." Gabriel replied.

"No way." Riley hissed.

By then they had reached their room. Gabriel unlocked the door. Riley pushed past him and went in first, much to Gabriel's annoyance.

"Only one bed." Riley sighed.

"We are supposed to be married, you know." He reminded her.

"Well tonight you're married and sleeping on the floor."

Gabriel sighed as Riley fell into the bed.