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Austin's POV

"AHH!" came a shrill scream that wok both Ally and I up.

"Austin, what was that?" Ally asked in a slightly panicked voice, but she was still all groggy from literally just waking up.

"I don't know baby. Stay here while I go check on the kids" I said rushing to the hallways with my baseball bat at the ready. That's when the twins appeared in their doorways that were right next to each other. Once they were old enough to want their own room, we gave Ella the old nursery for her to do with it what she wills, while Emma took Ella's old room and Evan took the guest room. The guest room was right next to Ella's old room and the twins still wanted to be close to each other so that's where the arrangement came from. They never took notice to the fact that Ella has the biggest room now.

"Daddy, what was that?" Emma asked, shaking in fear.

"I don't know Em, but don't worry. Stay here with your brother while I go check on Ella" I told my ten year old daughter. She nodded quickly and immediately ran over to my other ten year old, hugging him tightly. They fight like cats and dogs, but those two will protect each other with everything they have if needed.

I crept into my sixteen year old daughter's room quietly, only to find her tossing and turning in her sleep with tears running down her face. Twelve years and every time I see that face I still see that precious little girl I fell in love with when she was only four. It kills me every time I see her cry or in pain of any kind.

"NO…NO! NO DADDY!" she screamed. I quickly ran to her side, trying my hardest to wake her up.

"Sunshine; Sunshine, please wake up! It's just a bad dream baby" I said desperately trying to get her to calm down.

"No, please! Don't hurt them!" she cried, still not waking up.

"Sunshine, no one's hurting anyone. Please, just wake up" I begged.

"D-Daddy?" she asked in a scared little voice when she finally opened her eyes. I sighed in relief and pulled her close to me.

"It's okay Sunshine, it was just a dream. You okay?" I asked pulling back a little. She just shook her head 'no' and buried her head deeper into my chest. "You wanna talk about it?"

"I-It's been ten y-years Daddy! When's it gonna s-stop!?" she sobbed. I sighed. For the past ten years, just ever-so-often, she'll have dreams about all the stuff we went through before the twins were born. She knows everything's fine now. Everyone who tormented us is still locked up and changed their ways a long time ago. But she still has the nightmares.

"I don't know Sunshine, I'm sorry. What was this one about?" I asked pushing her hair back out of her face.

"I-It was the d-day you got…s-s-shot. B-But this time, e-everyone was there a-and y-you didn't m-make it! M-Mom and the t-twins were there a-and we had to w-watch you d-die! T-Toby was there t-too. H-He hugged me t-the whole time, b-but the second you…d-d-died everyone in the family t-turned on me. They all s-said it was m-my fault! I-It's true Daddy! It was m-my fault you g-got shot in the f-first place! You w-wouldn't have even been there if it w-wasn't for me!" she cried. I hugged her tighter as she sobbed.

"No baby girl, it wasn't your fault. You did absolutely nothing wrong. I would've been shot anyway, so don't you dare get it in your head that you caused this. It is not your fault Sunshine" I assured her.

"B-But you'd be f-fine if you never m-met me" she said trembling. She wouldn't look me in the eye either.

"Ella Christine Dawson Moon, I don't ever want to hear those words come out our mouth again young lady!" I exclaimed. I can't believe she thinks that!


"No" I said in a softer voice. "Sunshine, my life would be just plain miserable without you in it. If I never met you, I would never be a husband or a father. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't even have a family. I'd have never met your mom, Trish and Dez wouldn't have gotten together or adopted Bri, Porter and Maddie wouldn't have gotten together, Porter and Alyssa never would've been adopted by the Bentleys; none of the couples from the past twelve years would've even been here without you. You never would've met Toby; your best friend! It's all been possible because of you! There would be no Emma or Evan without you! Don't you see? You're the glue that held this family together!" I said truthfully.


"But nothing Sunshine; you gave this family a lot to love and care for; you created this family for goodness sakes!"

"It would've saved a lot of pain and heartbreak if I was never born" she mumbled putting her head down. "I mean, just look at Mama"

"But there would've been so much more pain without you" I said. She looked up at me questionably so I continued. "I would still be a lonely old superstar with a jerky attitude. Your mom would still have stage fright and would still be dealing with her brother and the Freemans. Goodness, those horrible people would've never known who God was without you! You were the little girl who made them all realize they needed to change their ways or go to hell for their sins that they never asked to be forgiven." I said. All she did was nod with a few tears still in her eyes before she hugged me tightly and pulled away.

"I love you Daddy" she said as her eyes started to droop.

"I love you too Sunshine" I whispered kissing the top of her head as she fell asleep in my arms. I know from personal experience that if I move, she'll either wake up or have another nightmare, so I stay put.

Now how about I clue you all in on the last ten years of our crazy lives…

After the twins were born, Ella was so happy to be a big sister. We all decided pretty quickly that it was best we didn't tell them about her being adopted. It gets challenging at times, but we've managed to keep the adoptions and all the criminals associated with them a secret from all the kids; including the ones that were born after the twins.

After Trish and Dez adopted Bri and got married, we all had to keep the secret from her and the other kids as well that she was really Dez's sister rather than his daughter. She and Trish are so close now that it'd crush her to find out she wasn't even at all related to her by blood. Trish and Dez are the only parents she's ever known though. She was about two weeks old when she started living with Dez, and he and Trish adopted her (with a little help from Ella) when she was six months old.

Also, Trish and Dez had a little boy they named Lucas Gabriel Worthy Moon. Lucas is eight now and is an insane combination of those two. He's all loud like Trish and totally insane in the strangest way like Dez. Also, he has the attention span of a nat. The kid is in and out of so many different clubs faster than you can blink (just like Trish and her jobs).

Now whenever Porter and Maddie babysat the twins or Bri, they'd always 'play family' as we all called it. They would play around with the kids and basically act as if they were their own. After a while, Porter got tired of the act and just proposed. That was eight years ago when they got married, and now they have a six year old son named Zachery (Zach) Preston West, and a four year old little girl named Elizabeth (Lizzie) Anna West. The names Zach and Lizzie come from Porter and Maddie's fake names when we were on the run (though the kids don't know it) and their middle names come from Porter's parents' names.

Dad, Dez, and I weren't too thrilled about letting Maddie go-she is my only baby sister-but we knew she loved that kid and he would keep her safe. Plus, now I have a little niece and nephew to spoil rotten. None of the kids really know that Dez, Maddie, and Aiden are my adopted siblings either though. When they ask why Aiden's so much younger than us, we just say he was a surprise-which isn't a lie. We haven't exactly run into the extra last name problem yet (mostly because Trish's family has a few different last names with all her cousins) so I guess they just figured we're the same way. Now that the kids are getting a bit older (especially mine and Bri) I have a feeling that question will come up sooner or later.

Aiden's almost twenty-one now, and like most kids his age, he's mainly into girls. He still acts like a teenager (though what guy in there early twenties doesn't). Although, Aiden's always been a bit of a player if you ask…well anyone. The only girl his age that he's never really been able to get would be Terra-Trish's cousin and Tori's little sister. They have sort of a love/hate relationship, but ultimately she's his best friend and he's hers.

Tori actually married this guy she saw at Trish and Dez's wedding. I don't know all the details, but long story short, I'm pretty sure he was her high school sweetheart that moved during senior year. Apparently neither ever got over the other so he proposed….about three months after their reunion. They waited about a year to get married, but Tori already had a baby before. She has a son, Caleb that is the same age as the twins. She had moved on from Andy (her husband now) and married a man named Caleb also. He died before she even gave birth so she named the baby after him. Andy's the only father little Caleb ever knew though, so everything turned out okay. She also has a two year old little girl and is pregnant…with triplets. So you see how that goes.

Now as for Kelsey and Alyssa, we're all very proud of how far they've come. Back in high school, the girls became pretty popular actually. Apparently, the whole school couldn't stand those kids that bullied Kelsey for so long. It was hilarious when Kelsey came home (we were there for Ella and Toby having a play date). I was surprised she didn't start singing how happy she was. Alex and Katy had been expelled for what they did. Kelsey said Katy was popular but held a perfect record so she was screaming 'But this will go on my record! My dad will disown me!' And Alyssa was just happy because they made several new friends and she'd never had that much (good) attention before.

Now as far as boyfriends go for those two, that's a whole other story. Let's just say that with the girls' ever growing popularity in high school, there were guys beating down the doors to ask them out. Porter was especially protective of Alyssa, but when guys were after Kelsey's heart he was automatically thrown into the overprotective big brother mode. It was just natural to him.

Now remember Kelsey's old friend from Tennessee? The guy whose father helped save us when we were all kidnapped by the Freemans? Well it appears that Mr. Hunter Williams had miraculously transferred to the same school as the girls when his dad took the job down here as police chief. Uncle Daryl would've taken it, but that would mean more time away from his family.

Anyway, Kelsey and Hunter hit it off right away (again), much to the other guys at school's displeasure. They were always wondering how the new kid with the thick southern accent (that still hasn't worn off) could just swoop right in and steal her heart when they'd been trying (and failing) since freshman year. He transferred in the middle of junior year, but it took a while for Hunter to convince Kelsey to let her guard down and let him take her out (she was scared to trust after that first failed relationship). After all that, somehow some of the girls got to talking to her about trust, and look where she is now; twenty-four years old (almost twenty-five) and engaged to be married to the kid for crying out loud! Uncle Daryl was already friends with Hunter's dad, and he knew the boy treated his little girl right so he was a bit more excepting of the engagement than Porter was. The roles were passed down fairly; my role as overprotective brother is now Porter's, and Porter's role as the scared kid dating the overprotective brother's little sister has been passed directly to Hunter. And that's where they stand now.

Alyssa's still looking for her 'Mr. right' but she's had a couple of boyfriends before. They just weren't 'the one' as she put it. I'm telling you, Porter's ten times more protective of that girl than Dez and I ever were of Maddie which is hard to beat. We still have to see where Alyssa's love life will lead to.

As for Toby and Ella, we're still waiting to see how their complicated friendship/possible future relationship will play out. Neither of them really know this, but the whole family has this betting pool going on to determine when we think they'll end up together, but we all think they will. Not that I ever want to let my little girl go, I just have a feeling she'll end up with him.

"Daddy?" came a small voice from the doorway. I looked up to see Emma standing there with Evan beside her and Ally behind them both.

"You guys can go back to sleep; Ella was just having a bad dream" I told them.

"Because of the storm?" Emma asked. I looked out the window behind Ella's bed to see that there was in fact a thunderstorm going on.

"It's okay guys, you can go back to sleep" I assured them. They all three just stood there, and I could see Ally smiling a bit. "Well?"

"Daddy, can we please sleep in here with you and Ella!?" Emma begged. I smiled a little. She was always a little scared of thunderstorms.

"Yeah, please!" Evan said before realizing what he just said. I raised my eyebrow at him teasingly. He's always trying to prove he's a man so this is funny. "Uh, I-I mean…to make sure Ella's okay and doesn't have another bad dream!"

I just laughed and made more room on the bed. "I don't see why not"

"Yay!" Emma exclaimed as quietly as possible since Ella was asleep. She ran over to the left side of me (which would be the middle of the bed) and snuggled into my side that wasn't already occupied by my other daughter. Evan lied down beside her leaving Ally the end of the bed. They both said they weren't going to fall asleep any time soon, but within minutes I had two sleeping daughters cradled on each side of me, and Evan's head was on Ally's stomach as he was sound asleep.

"Yeah, cause they sure made it a while" I said sarcastically making Ally laugh. I still love her laugh.

"Well at least they're sleeping again. What'd she dream about this time?" Ally asked sighing. I just shook my head and leaned down to kiss my oldest daughter's head at the thought of what she told me earlier.

"Als, I felt so bad for her. She dreamed of when I got shot, but she said this time everyone was there including you and the twins. Also, according to her, I died and you all had to watch it. She said Toby was hugging her the whole time until I 'died' and then he and everyone else turned on her saying it was her fault, and Ally, she actually believed that. She believed it was her fault I got shot eleven years ago" I whispered so I wouldn't wake up the kids.

"Poor baby; she's been through so much" Ally said sighing.

"Als, it's late. Why don't we get some rest and try to deal with her nightmares later?" I suggested. She nodded while yawning cutely. What? We may be in our mid-thirties and married, but she's still just as adorable as ever.

"Night Austin, love you" she said closing her eyes.

"Night, love you too Als" I said as I leaned over and gently kissed her forehead, careful not to wake up any of our sleeping children or her.

This life of ours may be crazy, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

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