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Ally groaned as Austin held the phone out to her. It had been just over a week since Ella had invited Elliot over to their house, and he kept calling everyday, even though he hadn't taken Ella up on her offer to come over the next day. Ally didn't know what he was up to, but he just suddenly started calling her everyday just to say hi. It was getting weird.

"Tell him to call back later," Ally hissed. "I'm cleaning."

Austin grinned. "The kids are cleaning, liar. You're watching a soap opera."

Ally threw her head back in frustration and paused the TV. "Give me the phone," she grumbled.

He complied, laughing at her once again.

"Hi Elliot," Ally said, as cheerily as she could.

"H-Hey Ally. Um, what's up? You doing anything? Listen, I can't talk much right now. Do you mind if I call back later?"

Ally sat up, frowning. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Everything's fine!" He said, a little too loudly. "I just….gotta go."

There was the sound of someone shouting in the background, and then a crash.


"Bye Ally, love you!" Elliot said quickly, and hung up.

Ally stared at the phone, dumbfounded. What was that all about? He'd called her, then said he needed to call back later…. And what was with all the shouting?

Ally got up and turned the TV off. "Austin," she said, peering into the kitchen. Austin was eating pancakes and staring intently at the laptop beside him. "Austin!" She said again, a little louder.

He turned around. "Oh, sorry Als. What'd Elliot want?"

"I don't know," Ally said, still frowning. "There was a lot of shouting in the background. Austin, I think something might be wrong. Will you come with me to check on my brother? Make sure he's alright?"

Austin stood immediately, closing his laptop. "Of course I will. I know you'd go anyway, whether I wanted you too or not, and there's no way I'm letting you go on that side of town all by yourself."

Ally smiled. "Think the kids will be alright?"


"OKAY!" Too many voices to count yelled back. Ally knew Terra, Jazzy and Toby were here, but she wasn't sure if they were the only ones.

Shaking her head, Ally said, "Let's go."

Ella laughed as Toby attempted to braid her hair. Terra was braiding Emma's, and sometime during the day Thalia and Derek decided they needed to visit their buddies before Christmas break was over, so Thalia was now being forced to have her hair braided by Jazzy. Evan and Derek were playing Mario Kart on Ella's bed, because she had no other videos games and both were too lazy to go find some from downstairs or from Evan's room.

Ella had felt left out in the hair-braiding deal, but Terra had already braided Emma's hair, and Jazzy did not want hers braided. Toby, always the one to read Ella's mind, offered to step up.

Though Ella might regret the decision later, letting Toby knott up her hair in the attempt of braiding it was probably the funniest thing to happen to her all week.

"I don't get it! How is this not what I'm supposed to be doing?" Toby demanded, an adorable pout on his face. "It's exactly what they're doing!"

"No, honey, it's not," said Derek, always the sarcastic one. Toby threw a hairbrush at his head, which Derek swiftly ducked.

"Stop it," Derek said, "I'm beating this kid."

"No you're not, you're in eleventh," Evan muttered, gaze transfixed on the TV.

"What?" Derek's head snapped back in that direction. "I thought YOU were Luigi!"

Evan scoffed. "Not likely."

Ella hissed as Toby yanked on her hair again. As funny as their predicament might be, it hurt.

"Toby, please try not to pull my hair while you're getting out those tangles," Ella said through clenched teeth.

"I have no idea what I'm doing!"

"Oh, move over." Thalia, whose braid was finally finished, moved away from Jazzy's reaching hands and shoved Toby out of the way. "Out of the way, pretty boy."

Toby crossed his arms over his chest and went to sit by the other boys, looking sulky. "Toby," Ella crooned, "Don't be like that."

She could feel Thalia roll her eyes, and see everyone else. "Y'all are about the most gag-worthy couple I've had the misfortune of meeting," Thalia commented.

"And this," Ella pointed out, "is why you're single."

She felt her hair pulled tight and sucked in a breath, muttering, "Sorry, sorry, sorry!"

"Don't make me regret befriending you, Miss Priss," Thalia muttered. Ella couldn't help smiling.

"Never, darling."

"You're doing it wrong." Jazzy came to stand beside them, hands on her hips. Ella figured this was because her arms no longer could fold across her bulging stomach.

Thalia could not hide her annoyance at Jazzy as well as the Moons had learned to. "Doing what wrong?"

"Everything," Jazzy said. "You're making more tangles. Do you even know how to get the knots out of someone's hair?"

"I think I do, I've done it for years."

"Girls, I'm in charge, stop fighting," Terra said, still in the floor with Emma still braiding her hair into a sophisticated style. Ella felt her heart momentarily swell with pride at the sight; she'd taught her little sister how to do that, after Maddie had taught her.

"You're not in charge," Ella snorted. "You don't even live here."

"But I'm the oldest."

"Looks like I don't care," Ella laughed, then cried out as her hair was viciously yanked to one side. "Owe! Hey, stop!"

Thalia and Jazzy were fighting over her hair, with the tangled mess in both their hands.

"I said I have it!" Thalia shouted.

"You're doing it wrong!" Jazzy shot back. "Let me!"

"She's my friend."

"At least I know what I'm doing."

Thalia let out a dramatic gasp and threw Ella's hair away from her. Jazzy did the same and Ella rubbed her sore scalp. Toby moved over from the bed and came to sit by he again, watching the two girls fight with only mild interest.

"Sorry about your hair," he grimmaced.

Ella grinned over at him. "What, you don't think I can rock this look?"

Toby shook his head, his lips curling up, and pulled her into his arms. "You could rock any look," he mumbled, pressing a kiss to her cheek, "even a paper bag."

Ella giggled. "Yeah, that'd be real attractive."

"It would," said Derek, unexpectedly. "Well, maybe not on you…."

Ella grabbed the pillow she was leaning against and chunked it at his head. Derek ducked, his booming laugh a much better sound than Thalia and Jazzy's constant bickering and the video game noises from the TV.

Ally didn't know what she thought she'd see when she got to her brother's house, but she wasn't expecting the outside to look completely ordinary. The noises that had come from Elliot's end of the phone had sounded like someone was tearing up the place. Although, she had no idea what the inside of his house looked like at the moment.

Ally tried not to laugh as Austin banged on the front door. "Elliot!" He yelled, still pounding. "Elliot Dawson, open up!"

He stepped back. The door was opened, but not by Elliot. A woman stood there, looking frazzled. She had short blonde hair and was wearing a business like skirt and blazer, but looked very disheveled at the moment.

"Yes? Who are you?"

Ally stepped forward, grabbing Austin's hand. "Hi, I'm Ally Moon and this is my husband Austin. I'm Elliot's sister. Is he here?"

The woman's penciled eyebrows shot skyward. "His sister? I didn't know Mr. Dawson had a sister…" She looked thoughtful. "Why don't you come inside, Elliot's down the hall."

Ally walked inside, hesitant. Who was this woman? And why was she calling Elliot 'Mr. Dawson'?

"Elliot, someone's here to see you!" The woman called down the hall. She turned back to them with a smile and smoothed down her hair. "Please, sit down. I don't think Elliot was expecting company today."

They sat. Ally was confused to see the place was a mess. From what Ella had said, both times she'd been to Elliot's house it'd been clean as a monk's chamber. Now it looked...well, Ally had to think, it looked a lot like her house when there were a lot of kids over and she'd had no time to clean.

"So...who are you?" Austin asked, always so blunt. Ally closed her eyes. There would be no changing him now.

"Oh!" The woman brightened up and held out her hand, shaking both of theirs. "Diana Crossberry. I'm Ms. Mayhew's attorney."

"Ms. Mayhew?" Ally asked, never having heard the name.

Diana Crossbery bit her lip. Ally could help noticing her perfect white teeth as she bit her bottom lip. What was this woman, a business fashion model?

Well, not that Ally could talk, being an actress and all.

"I better let Mr. Dawson explain everything to you. I'm sorry, everything about this...er...situation, is a bit new to me. I've handled cases like these before, but never any that seemed so drastic."

"What kind of attorney are you, Ms. Crossberry?" Austin asked. To anyone else, it would've seemed a normal question, possibly to diffuse the tension. Ally, however, recognized the hostility and skepticism behind his words. She gave his hand a squeeze.

"Oh, Diana, please," she said, a small smile on her delicate features. "And I'm-"

"Ally! Hi, what are you doing here!"

Elliot rushed into the room and Ally found herself swept up into his embrace. Elliot pulled back and kissed her forehead. "I didn't know you were coming!"

Ally stared at him in exasperation. "After all that shouting I heard on the phone? Of course I was going to come over!" She slapped his arm. Elliot winced, like he'd always done when Ally had smacked him as a child.

"Oh that? That was nothing, just some friends…."

Ally gave him a disbelieving look.

Diana cleared her throat. "Elliot, if I might interject, I think it would be a good idea to tell her. Melissa did say-"

"I know what Melissa said," Elliot snapped. "Please stop talking about it. He doesn't like it when people mention her."

Ally glanced back and forth between her brother and the attorney woman. Who was Melissa? Who didn't like it when she was mentioned?

Austin stood up and came to stand behind Ally, putting his hands on her shoulders. He nodded in a silent greeting towards Elliot, who nodded back.

Ally turned to her brother. "Elliot, who is she talking about?"

Elliot sighed. "Well, I guess you were bound to find out sooner or later. You might want to sit down…"

Twenty-four year old Elliot Dawson walked into a bar one cold December night and slumped into a stool. "Anything," he told the bartender gruffly, "and make it strong."

The bartender poured Elliot a drink undefinable in color. Elliot's head swam with images of Sam, dragging that beefy blond guy up to her hotel room. He'd finally found her: Samantha Freeman, the love of his life and mother of his child.

The child he left with his sister, whom he also left.

He downed the drink in two gulps and demanded more, slapping a twenty on the bat. "Keep 'em coming."

"Rough night?"

Elliot turned. A vision of beauty seemed to have stolen the seat beside him, wobbling slightly as she righted herself. She was clearly drunk, her mascara smeared under her dark eyes, jet black hair rumpled attractively.

"You have no idea," he muttered darkly.

She snorted. "Oh yeah? Can you beat having the guy you love cheating on you in your apartment?"

Elliot stared at her. "I just saw my ex dragging some oaf up to her hotel room. I've been searching for her for almost three years."

The girl blinked. "My boyfriend was cheating on me with my cousin."

Elliot raised his eyebrows. "I ditched my sister that I raised since she was 12 on her eighteenth birthday to go chasing after a girl."

The girl winced. "Come to find out, my mom also slept with my boyfriend."

"Ew." Elliot made a puking noise. "I also ditched my three month old daughter with my sister on her birthday. I didn't even know I had a daughter until that day when my ex left her on my doorstep. Father, brother, boyfriend of the year huh?" Elliot could tell the alcohol was starting to affect him, but he didn't care and downed another.

The girl let out a low whistle. "You win...or lose I guess." She took the drink the bartender set down for Elliot and threw it all back at once. "That was for sucky relationships. The name's Melissa. What's yours?"

Elliot laughed. "Why do you need to know my name?"

She rolled her eyes. "If we're going to sleep together, I'd at least like to know your name," she slurred.

His mind kicked into overdrive and Elliot thought of all the possible bad things that could come from this idea. It was Sam he was in love with, Sam who'd had his baby, Sam who he'd spent the past three years searching for.

It was also Sam who'd driven him to this bar. The image of her fingers running through that guy's blond hair, his hands on her waist, her breasts…

Elliot slammed down another bill, not caring how much it was, and downed the last drink on the bar. "Let's go," he said, grabbing Melissa by the upper arm. "Oh, and my name's Elliot, by the way."

"Melissa woke up the next morning completely out of it and horrified by what she'd done. She was a good girl, never drank, never had one night stands….sure, her family life was screwed up but she was raised by her grandparents so her mom and cousin's actions shouldn't say anything to her character."

Ally stared at her brother, sure her face looked white and shocked. She couldn't feel her feet.

"Elliot," she whispered.

"Don't," Elliot groaned. "I'm not even to the worst part yet."

He closed his eyes and Ally waited for what news could be even worse, though she had an idea.

"I apologized several times, and we came to an understanding that I wasn't some creepy guy from a bar that took advantage of her once I told her everything she'd told me the night before. We traded numbers, God only knows why, and she said she'd like to stay in touch. And, going against the part of me that still wanted Sam, I agreed.

"We went on a few dates after that, but were never really that interested in each other. Basically, whenever we were both feeling sorry for ourselves, we'd go to each other to complain. Until the day she called me crying."

Ally sucked in a breath. "What happened?"

Elliot's face turned dark. "Her ex had shown up, begging for her to come back to him. When she'd refused, he hit her. She ran and locked herself in a gas station bathroom. She called me, begging for me to come pick her up. There was no one else to call.

"So I came. We had no similar interests, but I liked the girl and I didn't want her to get hurt. Her ex was gone by the time I got there, but she wanted to crash at my place just in case he decided to show up again. I got her an ice pack for the black eye that jerk gave her and put in a movie at random. I don't know how it happened, but halfway through the movie she kissed me. We'd decided after about three sucky dates not to go out anymore, so I was surprised, but went with it. She was upset. What else could I do?

"Well, you can figure out where it went from there. This time, neither of us were drunk. She told me a little later that she didn't think she'd have fallen in love with me if I hadn't saved her life and shown her the kind of man I really was. I started feeling sick. She loved me, and I wasn't even sure I liked her as more than a convenience or a friend.

"Then came the dreaded news. She was pregnant. I thought Melissa would be angry or upset with me. We never used protection. She'd been too upset. But she was happy. She liked the idea of having a baby. I...didn't."

Elliot looked down at the floor. "I'd already failed my daughter, and I failed you too Ally. I didn't want to have the chance to mess this kid up. So I left again. I wrote a note saying how sorry I was, but that I couldn't be a father and that I was going to go looking for Sam again, because I was still in love with her. And in some way, I was, but I didn't go looking for her again. She found me. The rest, you know."

"You mean the part where you kidnapped our daughter?" Austin said, anger practically radiating from him.

Elliot flinched. "Okay, I deserve that."

"You bet you do," said Diana, arms crossed. "What kind of despicable person are you? No wonder Melissa didn't think you'd be the best person to raise her child."

Ally's head snapped up. "What do you mean?"

"Melissa's dead," Elliot said, his gaze sharp on the lawyer. "She came to me the day Ella did, not long after she left. Melissa was really sick-cancer. She wanted to make sure someone would be there to take care of her...of our son. And she hated me for what I did, but she remembered the supposed kindness I'd shown her when her ex showed up. And she knew it was my kid, so she brought him here, along with her lawyer. She stayed here for the next few days, begging me to make the promise that I would help find him a good home filled with love. She wanted me to do that but the boy didn't like that idea. He never left her side, and she...she died, here, right down the hall. Just a few days ago. He was with her."

Ally's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh Elliot."

"And now he has no home," Diana said, businesslike once more. "Eli refuses to leave the room where his mother died. He is refusing food and he won't talk to his father. And honestly, the judge doesn't want him with Elliot anyway. A man fresh out of jail for kidnapping his own child twice? A man that abandoned not only one, but two children, and was mixed up with sketchy people? He didn't like the idea and said he wouldn't be likely to grant custody to Elliot anyway."

"His name is Eli?" Ally asked hoarsely. "How old is he?"

"Thirteen," Diana said briskly. She seemed intent, focused, her gaze never wavering from Austin and Ally. It was unsettling.

Ally thought she had some clue where this was going. She felt a familiar, sinking feeling in her stomach that she hadn't felt since she was eighteen years old, looking down at the note her brother had left her on her birthday morning.

"Austin," she whispered, turning to her husband. He was already looking down at her, hesitation in his eyes.

"Ally, think of the kids…" He said.

"What's going on?" Elliot asked. No one answered him.

"Think of Ella," Ally said. Austin glanced down. Ally knew their daughter was his weak spot. "Think of everything she's been through. If she ever found out she had a brother in foster care…."

"You're right," Austin said, straightening up. "Yes, of course you're right. And you're sure this is okay with you?"

Ally bit her lip. "Can I see him?" She asked, turning to her brother.

Elliot looked surprised. "Uh, yeah sure. Last bedroom on the right. Don't expect him to let you in though."

Ally nodded and set off down the hall, holding up a hand to tell Austin not to follow. He seemed reluctant to let her go on her own.

Ally moved as quietly as she could to the end of the hall and knocked on the door Elliot had said the boy was in. "Eli," she said.

"Go away Diana."

"I'm not Diana. I'm someone who can help. My name is Ally. Will you let me in so I don't have to keep talking to the door."

A pause. "I know they're behind you. That's a mean trick they try to pull on little kids but I won't fall for it!"

Ally sighed. "Sweetie, I promise it's just me. Everyone else is down the hall. Believe it or not, I know what you're going through."

"No you don't!"

Ally said, "I don't know what it's like to lose a parent because I never had any. But my brother left me just like your dad left you. He left his daughter too. Can I please talk to you?"

It was quiet for several moments, and then Ally saw the handle start to turn. She stepped back, and then came face to face with a boy just a couple years older than the twins. He had dark hair and eyes, like Ella and his father and Ally, and his straight black hair was slightly in his eyes.

He was adorable. It was easy to see him being Ella's brother, Elliot's son.

"How do you know my name?" Eli asked, frowning.

Ally smiled softly at him. "I didn't until a few minutes ago. I didn't even know you existed. But I'm your aunt. "

"I don't have an aunt," he said frowning.

"I'm Elliot's little sister."

Eli grabbed the door handle. "I don't like him."

"So you don't think you'll like me?" Ally smiled. "I'm not much like my brother, honey. I have three kids, and one of them is technically Elliot's daughter….your big sister."

His eyes widened. "I have a sister?"

Ally nodded. "You sure do. And two little cousins that would love you to death. If you'd like, you can come stay with us, at our house."

Eli looked skeptical. "Like...permanently?"

Ally nodded. "That's what I was thinking. Unless you'd like to stay with your dad…"

"No!" He pushed into the room and appeared to be gathering things at random. A minute or two later, he met her at the door. "I'm ready to go. Please, get me out of here."

Ally's heart broke for the little boy. He was just a bit older than Emma and Evan. So young, and so alone in the world.

"Is there anything else you'd like to take with you?" Ally asked, noting the Walmart bag full of clothes, a pair of shoes, and a small box in his arms.

Eli shook his head. "This is it."

Ally bit back an angry retort. His mother had been very sick. She couldn't have had much money to take care of her son when she came here.

Eli started to walk forward, but Ally stopped him. "You might not have your own room," she warned him. "I have three kids and two house guests at the moment, so we're a little cramped. Is that okay?"

Eli nodded again, but he looked more hesitant. "I just want to get away from here."

Ally understood. He'd seen his mother die here. The father he hated lived here. This place held nothing but bad memories, like the orphanage or the old high school did for Ally.

"Let's go then."

Together they walked into the living room where the three adults were sitting in tense silence. Diana jumped up when she saw Eli, while Elliot and Austin straightened up on the couch.

Elliot looked amazed. "How did you...never mind. I forget, you're a miracle worker with kids."

Diana moved forward and bent down a few inches to Eli's height. Ally suspected she'd be about the same size as the boy if she took off the six inch heels. "Hi Eli. I'm so glad you decided to leave your room."

"I'm moving in with Mrs. Ally," Eli said, turning away from her. "I don't want to stay here."

"Oh!" Ally wasn't used to being called 'Mrs.' "Oh honey you can call me Aunt Ally if you want."

Eli looked uncomfortable about this, but said nothing.

Elliot, meanwhile, looked like he was going to throw up. "I...I can't leave another kid for my sister to raise!" He exclaimed. "That's….No!"

"Yes." Ally gave him a stern look. "This isn't like with Ella. You're in our lives now, remember? And you're not leaving him with us, he's leaving voluntarily."

"Ally, you have three kids!" He protested.

Austin stepped forward. "Three of our kids. We also have a pregnant teenage girl living in the attic and Terra is staying with us until her wedding. But we want Eli to live with us, if that's what he wants."

Diana seemed to wilt. "If you have no room….oh, but I had so hoped…"

"We'll make room," Ally said firmly. Austin nodded. "The girls can share a room, or Emma and Evan...we'll make it work."

Of course the twins would never go back to sleeping in the same room on any permanent basis, and neither girl would be very happy about giving up their bedroom, but until Jazzy moved out they'd just have to make it work.

About two hours after Ella's parents left, she got a strange text from her Uncle Elliot.


"That's weird," Ella mumbled, clicking the lock button and stowing her phone away in her back pocket.

"What's weird?" Toby grunted. He and Emma were, for some reason, wrestling in the backyard. Evan was up in a tree with Terra hovering below in case he fell, Jazzy was sitting on the porch, sipping some hot caramel-apple cider, and Thalia and Derek had left about an hour earlier, Thalia claiming she'd had it and couldn't take being in the same room with Jazzy for five more minutes.

Ella was sitting on the swing set, watching. Though she was freezing in the early January air, it was nice just to sit back and watch the ones you loved.

"Uncle Elliot texted," Ella said, hesitantly. She and Emma were almost back to normal, after a week had passed, but Ella didn't like mentioning it much in case Emma's anger hadn't totally been wiped away.

"What does he want?" Emma asked, pinning Toby to the ground on his back. Toby could've moved her away easily but Ella knew he liked letting her win.

"To say he's...sorry," Ella said, almost as if it was a question. "I have no idea what that's about."

Emma shrugged, and in her moment of distraction, Toby grabbed her and flipped her, then proceeded to tickle the daylights out of her as she writhed and shrieked with laughter. Ella grinned.

After another few minutes of furious tickling, Toby finally let Emma go and came to sit by his girlfriend.

"I see Terra got your hair back to normal," he said, sitting on the swing beside her. "Looks beautiful, as always."

Ella laughed. After a lot of argument, Terra had finally told Thalia and Jazzy to shut up and move, and had fixed Ella's hair herself.

"Look at the stars," Ella whispered, glancing up at the sky. The sun had set while they'd been outside and the stars were clearly visible.

"'There is a moment when the stars align, and fates collide, creating that perfect union'," Toby said, sounding like he was quoting something, but Ella couldn't quite put her finger on what it was from.

"Where'd you hear that?" Ella asked.

Toby's wars went pink. "Lemonade Mouth."

Ella gasped. "That's right! Oh, that was a great movie! What made you think of it?"

Toby shrugged. "You're my star and Emma...she's our little starlet." Ella giggled. "It seemed appropriate. The two of you may have butted heads, but you're always there for each other. Stars align, fates collide…"

Ella bit her lip. "I don't believe in fate. I believe in God's plan."

Toby sighed dramatically. "Can't a man try to be deep?" He grabbed Ella's hand. "I believe God has a plan for us too. It was a metaphor."

Ella stood and came to sit on Toby's lap, laying her head on his chest. His arms immediately came to encircle her petite frame. "I know. Okay, I'll go along with it since I'm the writer here. You know, it's not just mine and Emma's stars that have aligned, but ours too. I never thought our relationship could get any better than it already was, because it was so amazing to begin with. You were my best friend; what more could I ask for?"

Toby pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Continue; I'm liking this story."

Ella smiled. "Then everything worked out the way it was supposed to. We felt a stronger love for each other than ever before, and this…" She held up his hand and kissed it, "This is so much better. Because I have my best friend and the love of my life, and because both are you. Our stars have aligned in the most perfect of ways."

"Kids, come inside!"

"Looks like they're back," Ella laughed and stood up, pulling Toby with her. "Ev, out of the tree! Mom and Dad are home!"

Terra helped Evan out of the tree, though he protested, saying he could do it himself, and they all made their way back into the warm house.

They were all laughing, happy, as they made their way to the living room.

Jazzy, who was at the front, stopped abruptly when she got in the room. "Um...should I leave?"

"No, stay," Ella heard her mother say. Frowning, she pushed her way into the room, the rest of her family right behind her.

A boy, just a bit older than the twins, was standing slightly behind and to the left of Ella's mom. Ella felt her gut tighten. The kid looked oddly familiar, though Ella was sure she'd never seen him before in her life.

"Mom?" Emma said, concern lacing her voice as she looked at the boy and back at their parents.

"Guys, this is Eli. He's going to be living with us," Ella's dad said. Ella blinked. Had her parents mentioned a young teenage boy coming to live with them and she just hadn't listened?

"Eli, these are the people you'll be living with," Ally said, and began pointing to each person as she introduced them. "Terra will only be with us for a little while, until she gets married. She's Austin's little brother's fiancée. And there's Jazzy. She and her baby will be living with us until she decides she wants to leave." Ally pulled the twins to her side. "These are my little ones, Emma and Evan. They're twins. If they try to get you in trouble, you come to me."

Finally, Ella's mother turned to her. "And this is Ella. Ella….Eli is your brother."

Ella let out a tiny gasp, and suddenly, all the stars seemed to collide in the night's sky.

The end!

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