Kikke: a black lagoon love story!

Today was a horrible day for Rock. He sat at the edge of his bed thinking about his uncle Robert. Two days ago he was informed that his uncle had died of a heart attack. His favorite uncle and propyl the only person that cared for him in his family had just passed away two nights ago from a heart attack in his sleep. Today Rock was packing his suite case to go to Japan to attend his uncle's funeral. Once he was down packing he headed down stares where he saw his coworkers.

"So when will you be back?" Dutch asks the young business man.

"Today Wednesday…I'll be back on Sunday!" Rock says as he heads out the door.

"Oi Rock!" Revy shouts. "When you come back well head out to the Yellow Flag, first round will be on me!"

"Thanks Revy." Rock says to her before heading outside where there was a taxi waiting for him.

(Sunday night)

When rock arrived at the airport, he was greeted by Revy holding a sign that said "let's get wasted." The sign not only made him laugh it also made him smile. The minute that they arrived to the yellow flag, Rock stared to drink his worries away. After half an hour he was drunk while Revy was just drinking away the night.

"I miss him already, hic." Rock says as he drinks his 27th shot.

"Your uncle must have been a great man for you to admire him so much." Revy says as she stares at her shot glass. "Did he leave you anything?"

Rock sets his head down on the table about ready to faint, but he pulls his head up and rubs his eyes. He looks at Revy and starts to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Revy asks.

"My uncle bought this farm a couple of months before he died." Rock says with a hic up. "He bought the farm so that he can make it into a small farm business, but anything he planted never seems to grow just die. So one day he bought a drill to see what was killing his plants." Rock begins to chuckle a little. "He found the cause…it was oil! He struck oil! Enough oil to supply the United States for years."

"So what happened afterwards?" Revy asks as she takes another shot.

"He sold the oil to America. Two months later he died. Since my uncle didn't have any children and I was his favorite, he gave me all his money But at a prize." Rock said as his eye lids start to get heavy. "I can't get the money unless I'm married."

"Sucks for you." Revy says, she does a loud burp, making everyone in the bar look at her.

"Yea…500 million dollars is too much for me." Rock says as he fades to sleep. Revy spits out her shot and looks at Rock with widen eyes.

"500 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS!?" Revy shouted on the top of her lung, gaining not only the attention of the bar but most of Roanapur attention. Revy looks around the room for a second before realizing what she had shouted, quickly, she threw Rock over her shoulder and ran out the Yellow Flag all the way home. Two young dressed up fancy ladies walk up to Bao and asked.

"What was that about?" the young lady in red asks.

"Oh nothing, just rock is an heir to millions of dollars." Bao says not giving a shit.

"Millions of dollars!?" The young lady in yellow says. "Can you tell us the whole story about that young man please?" The young lady says as she puts a 100 dollar bill on the table for him.

"Sure, but may I ask, who are you two?" Bao asks.

"I'm Jessica Thang, Roanapur news writers!" the lady in red or Jessica said.

"I'm channel 69 anchor woman, Roberta Sunnie." The lady in yellow says.

Kikkie: hope you enjoyed it so far! Hopefully Rock will be okay…..hardly doubt it though….