Kikkie: part 2! Ring! Ring! Rocks heavy eye lids slowly open to a beaning sunlight. His cell phone was ringing like crazy. Rock slowly gets out of his bed and walks over to his pants, which were lying on the floor, picks them up and looks to see who was calling. Dutch Rock answers his phone in a hurry. "Hello!" Rock says. "Rock." Dutch voice echo through the phone into rock ear. "Come to the office, we need to talk about your inherence." Dutch tell Rock before hanging up the phone. Rock turns his phone off and yawns before he realizes that he was wearing only his boxers and he was in his room. "How did I get home last night?" He thought. (Company Office) When Rock arrived in the office, the first thing he saw was scattered paper all over the floor and coffee table. Dutch was sitting on the couch in front of the coffee table with a couple of papers in his hand. Benny was in his corner playing on his laptop. "Rock." Dutch says as he puts a Cuban cigar in his mouth then lights it. "I heard from Revy that your loaded because your uncle found oil." The muscle man says as he takes a breath of Cuban tobacco into his lungs and breathes it out. Rock nods his head and sits next to Dutch. "But here's my question, how can you find oil on a dried up land?" Dutch says. "The answer, The Lovywack, a 35 meter long boat filled with oil." "The Lovywack?" Rock repeats. "The Lovywack was a small business in the U.S. that delivered Oil to paying countries in the old days. On June 16, 1964 Japan had an Earthquake 50 km north of Niigata, The Lovywack destination. The earthquake caused soil liquefaction, causing many of the buildings to fall down. One of those buildings was a sky scrapper that fell on the ship. Killing everyone on board. Duo to the building massive structure, it helped some building stay where it was. The people of Japan could not move it without causing further damage to the area, so they decided to just create new homes and shit over it." Dutch explains. "So my uncle never struck oil…he pierced a boat…wow!" Rock said in shock. Kikkie: end of chapter 2! Sorry its short, I have been busy lately. Hope you enjoyed it!