The Price of Friendship

The Price of Friendship

I do not own Digimon and yes this is a Michi/Sorato fic. Sequel to "Anyone for Tennis?" Don't worry all Taiora/Mimato fans, I still go for Taiora and Mimato. I just happen to stumble across a Michi/Sorato site and it gave me an idea. I wrote a GW fic sorta like this. Michi and Sorato fans, enjoy!

A whole month has passed since Sora sprained her wrist. It had gotten better but still a bit sore. Matt has stopped by often to see how she was doing. Way often than Tai had. He was always busy with soccer and homework.

"Thanks, Matt," Sora said while opening the present, "but my wrist is all better now."

"Oh, it's nothing."

"It's another tape," she said when she took the paper away.

"Yeah." He blushed, "my band's making more songs now."

"When's your next concert?" she asked.

"Next week," he said.

"I'll be there," Sora promised.

"Thanks, Sora, means a lot."

"You kiddin'? I wouldn't miss it for the world! How many people our age have a band? And how many people our age can say we have friends in a band?"

"Yeah, I know," he muttered.

"Besides," Sora put the tape down and stood up, "it's a great way to thank you for coming to visit me all this time."

Matt nodded and then blushed. He stood up from his chair and turned for the door, "guess I should get going." He put his hand on the door handle and then turned his face to Sora. He couldn't bring himself to leave her, nor could he even stay. He began to have feelings for Sora, way much more than just friendship. Well, he was the crest holder of friendship, but now he felt like the crest holder of confusion. But Sora's Tai's girl, Matt thought, well sorta. And Tai's my best friend…well, sorta. And Mimi's my girl…well, sorta and she's Sora's best friend.

"Matt, something wrong?" Sora asked, noticing the confused, thinking expressions on his face. She touched his arm gently.

"No." He lied.

"You're lying," she said. "What is it, Matt?"

He turned around and sighed. He opened his mouth to speak and nothing came out.


"Sora, I," he began, "I think I like you."

"Matt, we're friends."

"No, I mean more than friends. I don't just like you, I think I like, like, you."

"What are you saying?" she mumbled, "Matt you had the crest of…"

"Friendship, I know," he moaned, "and you had the crest of…"

"Love," she sighed.


There was a disturbing silence between them.

"Sora, why do you think I kept coming here even after you were better?" he asked finally.

She shrugged and laughed, "because Tai made me mad, I guess?"

"No," he said, "Sora, I really like you. Why do you think it was me coming here and not Tai? Sora, listen to me, I know this is weird. You're kinda dating Tai and I'm kinda dating Mimi."

"Yeah, kinda," she agreed, "but I don't see Tai often now that I quit the team. And Mimi is living in America now."

"Why did you quit the team anyway?" Matt asked, "Tai said you were an excellent soccer player."

Sora folded her arms and looked away.

"Sora?" he asked, "did I say something wrong?"

"I began," she whispered, "to have feelings for Tai. I couldn't handle them so I quit the team. It was odd being around him and having these feelings at the same time."

"He doesn't know?"

Sora shook his head. "Never had the heart to tell him."

"You should---"

"No!" she cut him off, "I can't, Matt!" she jerked her head and her lips turned into a sneer.

"But maybe he would---"

"No! He wouldn't! He wouldn't understand!" Sora cried, "he never understands how I feel. You saw it, didn't you? In the digiworld and I got the crest of love? Tai was being so…"

"Hey, you were crying Sora," Matt put his hand on her shoulder, "he's not used to hearing you cry. I don't think you ever cried in front of him before, haven't you?"

"No, I haven't," she confided, "Tai was my best friend. And now, everything's different."

"Do you still have these feelings for Tai?" Matt asked, half hoping she'd say no, half hoping she'd say yes.

"Yes, but," she said, "they're fading now." Tears began to shine in her eyes, "because…"

"Because what? Sora, tell me."

"Because, Matt, I'm beginning to have those feelings for you."

Matt gasped and stepped back, "Sora, I…"

"Strange, yes, I know," she nodded, "but you said you liked me. I like you too, Matt. We've connected this past month or something."

Matt couldn't speak.

Sora sighed, "sorry, Matt. I didn't mean to startle you."

He took a breath, "Tai is going to be mad."

"Why would he care?" she demanded.

"Sora, believe it or not," Matt told her, "Tai cares a lot about you. When you were kidnapped by Datamon, Tai was very upset."

"Yeah, right," she muttered.

"It's true. Ask him yourself. Don't take it from me."

"I will."

"Good. I'm glad we had this talk."

"Me too."

Matt began to leave and Sora grabbed his arm, "wait, Matt, don't go!"

"Sora, what's wrong?"

She didn't say anything. Her hand tightened on his arm. She looked into his blue eyes and he looked back into crimson ones. Maybe it was wrong, but they couldn't help it. They couldn't hold in their hidden feelings any longer. Matt kissed Sora. She kissed back. Matt wrapped an arm tightly around Sora's waist as he brought up his other hand to cup her face. Sora's hands were planted on his shoulders. They kept kissing each other until they were breathless. When she realized what happened, Sora stepped back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Matt!" she gasped, reaching her hands to her face, "I'm so stupid!"

"Don't be sorry," Matt said, "and you're not stupid. Incase you've forgotten, I was the one to kiss first."

"I shouldn't have kissed back. Dang it! Dang it, dang it, dang it!"

"I liked it."

"I liked it too. Man, I'm so stupid!"

"That's enough Sora!" he grabbed her by the wrists. She winced and he remembered that one of them was still sore so he loosened his grip. He brought his hand down to intertwine his fingers with hers. "I understand that you're very confused right now. So am I. I don't want Tai or Mimi to get hurt. They're our friends, but Sora, I like you and I can't change that. Mimi lives all the way in America. We call each other a lot and when we don't we email each other. I send her presents and tapes. She sends me pictures, but still, I miss her. And I wouldn't doubt it if she's seeing other guys over there."

"Mimi wouldn't…"

"Hey, I know," he said, "Mimi's got the crest of sincerity. If she met someone, she'd tell me. And I think she has because I haven't heard from her lately. I guess it's true about what they say about long distance relationships. They never work out."

"Yeah," she agreed, "I feel that my relationship with Tai is long distance too. Even though we still live in the same place and I see him once in a while at school, things have changed." Sora began to cry, "I'm so confused, what do we do?"

Matt wrapped his arms around her, "we'll think of something, okay? We're going to be alright."

"I don't want to hurt Tai or Mimi."

"Neither do I," Matt agreed, "but everything will work out just fine. You'll see. Tai will be upset for a day or too and it will blow right over. We're just going to need some time."


"I promise." He kissed her cheek and squeezed her hand gently, "I really must get going, but I'll call you, okay?"

She nodded, "alright. Thanks Matt."

He smiled and opened the door, "hey, smile!"

She smiled weakly.

Matt folded his arms, "come on, Sora, you can do better than that!"

She sighed and her lips curled into a happier smile.

He clapped, "that's what I want to see! I'll see you later." Then he shut the door and left.

Sora's smile quickly disappeared. She had a lot of explaining to do but she couldn't tell Tai. Not yet.

All up to the day of Matt's concert, Sora and Matt were sneaking around with each other. They tried to keep a low profile, but it didn't work because TK and Kari saw them at the movies. Sora and Matt sat in the front row and TK and Kari sat in the back.

"Thanks for taking me out, TK," Kari said. "I could use a break from all that homework." She smiled, "and Davis!"

TK nodded and then turned his head to the front. He gasped, "OMIGOSH!"

"What is it?" Kari asked.

"I'm going to get some popcorn Sora," Matt said, "don't disappear!" he kissed her on the cheek and stood up.

"Get down!" TK shouted in a whisper and they ducked down as Matt walked by.

"TK Taikashi, what's the matter with you?" Kari demanded.

"Matt's here with Sora!"

"That's impossible," Kari said, "Matt likes Mimi and Sora's going with my brother."

"Look for yourself!" He pointed to the front to the back of Sora's red head.

"I don't see your brother anywhere."

"Oh crap, duck!" they ducked again, "see, there he is!"

"I don't believe it!" Kari cried, peeping over the chairs.

"Shh!" TK put his hand over her mouth. "Matt, what are you doing?" he whispered. "Oh my gosh, he's putting his arm around her!"

"Hey, the movie's about to start!" someone behind them muttered.

"Oops, sorry!" TK leaned back in his seat and acted casual while keeping an eagle eye on his brother.

"I hope this isn't hereditary," Kari whispered to TK.

"What?" he whispered back.

"Your parents were divorced, your brother's sneaking around with my brother's girlfriend and you---"

"Kari, I'm nothing like my brother!"

Kari sighed, "let's just watch the movie."

I'm going to have a BIG talk with Matt when the movie's over, TK thought.

The movie was funny but Kari didn't laugh. Matt and Sora held hands all the way throughout the movie. TK wished he had binoculars. Then the movie was over. "Duck!" TK whispered to Kari and he pulled her down.

"Looking for something?" a lady asked. "Can I help?"

"Dropped my pen," TK lied and then waited for Matt to walk past them, "oh, I found it! Thanks anyway." He pretended to pick up an invisible object and put it in his pocket, let's go, Kari.

"You don't have to walk me home," Kari said as they left the theatre, "I can go by myself."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, see ya later," she left down the street before letting him say goodbye.

TK followed Matt and Sora. He tried to be very quiet so they wouldn't hear him. Matt took her home and then he went to his drummer's house to practice with his band for a while. TK waited a few minutes and knocked on the door.

"Oh, hey TK," the drummer said, "Matt's right inside." He let him in.

"Thanks," TK walked in and he led him downstairs do the basement where he was going through some sheet music.

"TK, what are you doing here?" Matt asked, surprised.

"We have to talk," he turned to the drummer, "can you give us a moment?"

"Sure, come on guys. I don't know about you, but I got the munchies!" he led them all to the kitchen.

When they were gone, TK stepped forward and crossed his arms, "I never thought I'd be ashamed to be your brother until now."

"TK? How can you say that?"

"I saw you with Sora at the movies today. I was there with Kari. We saw you, Matt."

"You saw us?" he gasped.

"Gosh, what's the matter with you?"

"Hey, it's okay, no one saw us."

"I saw you Matt!" TK barked. "What if I was Tai?"

Matt was silent.

"You know what Kari asked me? She asked if this was hereditary."

"Huh? Oh come on TK."

"What has Dad been teaching you anyway?"

"You're starting to sound like Mom."

TK groaned, "you know, I've heard all about the rock stars and the kind of lives the live. The act like they're all high and mighty but I didn't think you'd be like that. No, not my brother. He has class. I guess I was wrong. You can't even stay away from your best friend's girl!"

"Sora and Tai were never together to begin with!" I can't believe I'm getting this from my little brother! If TK's this angry with me, I wonder how Tai will act toward me.

"Thanks a lot Matt. Because of your foolishness, Tai probably wont' let me see Kari anymore! She'll probably think I'll start crushing on her best friend Yolei!"

"You're not like that, TK," Matt said.

"Yeah, thank God!" TK cried. "I was living with Mom!"

Matt waited for TK to calm down which was about ten minutes.

"I looked up to you, Matt," TK mumbled, "I wanted to be just like you. But you know what? I can't believe you're my brother anymore."

"TK, don't say that!" first my parents are divorced and now my brother wants to be separated from me again? Matt walked to him and pulled his younger brother to him and knelt down, "I'm sorry I let you down, TK. I know, I made a mistake. I'm sorry, I'm very sorry. It just happened. Sora and I--well, I don't know, it just happened. I didn't even think of how it would effect you, I'm sorry, little brother."

"It just happened?" TK gasped, "You think Tai's going to fall for that?" TK stepped back and took a deep breath, "listen Matt, you have to talk to Tai before he finds out from someone else."


"Kari, for one." TK said. "She was there to and she didn't look so happy after the movies."

"I have a concert tomorrow, I'll do it after the concert. I have to practice, okay?"

"He's supposed to be your best friend and he should hear this from you," and with that, TK turned and left his big brother behind.

"TK's right," Matt whispered to himself, "I have to tell Tai the truth. He's my friend. I'll tell him tomorrow, yeah, tomorrow, right after the concert."

"Kari, how was the movie?" Tai asked when she closed the door behind her.

It was fine until I saw your best friend there with your girlfriend, Kari thought and was about to say. "Fine." She lied and went to her room. She couldn't tell her brother but she had to tell someone.

America, New York.

Mimi Tachikiwa (her last name is so easy to misspell!) came back from another shopping spree and placed the bags next to her bed. "I'd better check my email," she said and sat at her desk. She had a pink computer and CD ROM. Almost everything in her room was pink and the walls were covered with posters of American music artists and pictures from her friends from Japan. "Hey, an email from Kari." She read it and she couldn't believe what it said.


You won't believe what just happened today at the movies. TK took me to the movies and we saw his brother there with your best friend! I don't know what Sora and Matt are doing, but I have a feeling they are sneaking around with each other. I don't see Tai and Sora together much anymore. Sorry to tell you this Mimi, but I just had to tell someone. I'm afraid that TK will do the same thing to me. You know how much he looks up to Matt. It's getting late, so I'll email you back.


"She's right," Mimi whispered, "I don't believe it." Mimi quickly deleted it and forgot about it without replying. Maybe Kari saw someone that looked like Sora and Matt. Yes, that's right. It had to be someone else, it just had to. She looked at a picture of Matt on her desk and looked at one of the tapes he sent her. "You won't do that to me, would you Matt?" Then she looked at Sora. "And you wouldn't either, right Sora?" Mimi sighed and stood up, "I think it's time I pay all my friends a visit. Mimi's coming back everyone and this time it's not just a social call!"

Oooh, cliffhanger! What will happen next? Find out in part 2!