Meridian Diamond's Oneshot Dump


File 001

The Dark Lord's like the funniest white dude in the Wizarding World


Rated / T


Luka, Miku, Rin and Len all made for the large door they hoped wasn't barred from the outside. Their robes were flung backward by the force of their running-

Rin slammed into the door at her haste, fumbling to open the bolts. She casted the spells, but they did little good, for sturdy incantations were enchanted upon the locks to keep them from escaping.

"We can't get out!"

The others caught up with her and backed themselves on the doors, careful to create a safe distance between them and the dark wizard.

Luka concentrated on casting a complicated ice spell, imagined a glacier piercing through the dark wizard's body, but her knowledge of jinxing with her mouth closed was as insufficient as Defensive Spells.

"Look out!" cried Miku. "He's got a wand!"

"I've got one, too!" exclaimed Len.

Everyone came to a halt and the tumultuous tension was slit like a snake on a fool's throat. The girls groaned and wished it was something else they'd hear before they were spat at with spit to death by the darkest and most sinister wizard of the whole world.

What filled Izanami's Academy for Japanese Warlocks and Wenches was the screeching disgusting squealing of a hyena with a coughing fit.

Oh wait, that's Voldemort laughing.

He was slapping at Len's back like a brother and congratulating him with the joke.

"I've got another one!"

"Oh please do!"

And it looks like the fate of the world's yet to be decided, as the harbinger of the fall had been delayed to meet with the world's destruction all thanks to a dirty joke.