Master of the Force: Book 1

Chapter 1: Enter Fay

A/n: 1) This is a crossover story between Star Wars and Harry Potter. The story is based before and in the Prequel Trilogy of Star Wars.

2) Some facts and events in both Harry Potter and Star Wars universe have been ALTERED to suit the need of the story.

3) The story is based on Angeldoctor's idea. I am using it with his permission.

Fay was an ancient Jedi master. She was so old that she had forgotten her own age. To a casual observer she looked around 20 to 22 years old. Anyone who encountered her irrespective of their species would regard Fay as a striking woman and those who knew about her described her as beautiful and ageless. She had pale skin, blond hair, and her pointy ears which resembled those of the Sephi. She looked sexy even when she was wearing a dull Jedi master's robes.

Unlike the other Jedi masters, Fay didn't carry a lightsaber. Lightsabers weren't around when she was young and after they were invented she didn't bother learning to wield one as she wasn't a warrior. If the need arose she could defended herself and the people around her but she generally chose to avoid active conflicts and tried to resolve them in a peaceful manner.

Even though she was a highly respected Jedi master, the modern Jedi masters barring the current Grandmaster Yoda didn't like her presence at the Jedi temple. It not like they had a problem with her per se but they preferred it when she wasn't in temple, especially around younglings. The reason for this was twofold. Firstly, she followed the ancient Jedi code rather than the modern one. Secondly, they had a problem with her species. She belonged to an extremely rare, almost nonexistent species known as the Fae. The Fae were extremely sexual beings by nature. So naturally her nature went against the principles of modern Jedi.

Fay was the only one of her kind to ever become a Jedi and she probably also was the last of her kind in existences. She currently was in her private corvette, Eden on a way to a remote planet deep into the unknown region. She didn't know the planet's name. All she knew about her current journey was that the Force wanted her to find a particular child on the planet. The Force was guiding her to the planet.

Her ship Eden was given to her by her Gree friends. Even though the ship was more than 15 thousand year old, it was the fastest ship in the republic as the Gree themselves weren't part of it. The ships had a Hyperdrive rating of Class 0.07 and derived its energy from nearby stars. The ship also had a cloaking technology capable of making the ship invisible to all forms of detection, even visual. Since, she didn't believe in violence her ship only had a couple of Gree based weapons for defensive purposes along with an impenetrable shields. The material used to build the ship was a special alloy made by the Gree, making the ship extremely light and durable.

The ship was piloted by a unique multipurpose droid manufactured by the Gree. Its model number was MSZ-01 but Fay called him Optimus. Optimus was truly a multipurpose droid as he could perform the functions of a pilot droid, an Astromech, a protocol droid, a medical droid, a body guard droid, a battle droid, a spy droid and if the need every arose even an assassin droid. Optimus had a powerful A.I and over time he had developed a personality of his own. Even thought he was a highly advanced droid, his world revolved around Fay. He was extremely loyal and would never leave her side during active war unless he was given a solo mission.

The visions Fay had so far about the unknown planet, indicated that it was full of primitive life incapable of space travel. The galactic republic had no chance of establishing itself on the planet because it was very far off and deep into the unknown region. It would take her ship approximately six months of travel to this planet from Coruscant at top speed.


On earth, a hidden magical community in British Isles was in a state of turmoil. A civil war started by a mad man had caused their already low numbers to dwindle. Unlike most wars where there is no right side or the wrong side, this one was fought between the forces of good and evil. Amidst all the chaos of war and death, a new hope emerged in the form a prophecy.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. … Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. … The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…

The light side put their best efforts to protect the two set of parents whose children could be the potential candidate of the prophecy. On 30th July 1980, Neville Longbottom was born and following his birth on 31st July 1980, Harry Potter was born.

At birth, when the leader of the light side Albus Dumbledore inspected the babies he found Neville to be a completely ordinary newborn baby while Harry Potter seemed anything but ordinary.

The baby Harry Potter seemed to be radiating a feeling of warmth and power especially when he was in his mother's hands. Dumbledore also sensed that the boy had a strong magical core.

Believing Harry to be the child that the prophecy spoke off, added protection was given to the Potter family in a form of Fidelius Charm. The Fidelius Charm hid the knowledge of their location inside a soul of a person known as the secret keeper making the location inaccessible to any not told of the secret by the secret keeper.


Unfortunately for the Potters, the secret keeper they chose, Peter Pettigrew was a traitor. He betrayed their location to the dark lord Voldemort. Using the information, Voldemort attacked them on 31th October 1980 catching them defenceless.

Voldemort killed James and Lily Potter with ease but when he tried to kill the infant Harry Potter, his curse backfired destroying his body. The small cottage at Godric's hollow was destroyed by the magical backslash due to the failed curse.

The only indication that the curse even touched Harry Potter was a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.


Fay, deep in space sensed the birth of the child she was seeking through the Force. When she sensed his birth, her ship was about 3 months away from the planet.

When her ship was about a day away from the planet she intended to reach, she felt a great disturbance in the Force centred around the boy. As she couldn't do anything for the boy from her current position, she decided to patiently meditate.

"We are exiting hyperspace and I have initiated the cloaking system." Optimus informed her breaking her trance.

"Where exactly do you want us to land?" he asked her as she entered the bridge.

"Scan the planet's surface and make a holorepresentation of the planet. Check if this planet as an equivalent of the Holonet, if it does extract as much information as possible from it." Fay instructed.

"The scan of the planet's surface would be completed in a minute. This planet in general doesn't have an equivalent to the Holonet but its armed forces have a rudimentary equivalent for it." Optimus said.

"The name given to the planet by the natives' is 'earth'. This planet lacks a central government but has few local governments work together from time to time. Rest of the information is about arbitrary borders indicating the edge of the government's power." Optimus relayed the information he got.

Fay observed the rough holorepresentation of the planet on the holoprojector in front of her. Using the Force to guide her actions she was able to determine her destination on the planet and directed Optimus to head to an island seen on the holorepresentation.


Just as Dumbledore and McGonagall left the number 4 Privet Drive, the ship Eden entered the airspace above Little Whinging.

"There is no place for me to land the ship." Optimus said after scanning the area.

"Keep the ship above the open space over there." Fay said pointed towards the park, "While I will go and get the baby. In the meantime scan the island or its surrounding area where our ship can remain undisturbed and undetected by the natives."

Fay donned her Jedi robes and jumped out of her ship. She headed towards number 4 Privet Drive at brisk pace. There she found the baby she was looking for, sleeping in a small basket. She picked up the basket and heading back to her ship.


When Fay held the infant Harry in her arms, she felt a strong dark side presence emanating from the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. She used the Force light to purge the dark side manifestation from the boy's scar.

Voldemort's soul fragment had no chance to fight the powers of the ancient Jedi master. The soul fragment died with a terrible scream as it was ejected from Harry's body. The screams of Voldemort's dying soul fragment woke little Harry up and he began to cry.

She could sense the baby was hungry. Since, she did have any food suitable for the baby on her ship she decided to feed the baby her milk. Her milk did have high nutritive content, among other things. She disrobed and bought the baby to her breast. The instincts of the child took over, latching onto the breast the infant began suckling. Fay also healed the remains of the scar on the forehead to leave an unblemished skin while he was drinking her milk. She knew that her milk would slightly alter the child's human physiology in the long run but it won't have any adverse effect on the child.

"The child was hungry, I take it." Optimus commented as he saw the child happily suckle on Fay's breasts.

"His name is Harry James Potter." Fay said.

"How did you find that out?" Optimus asked, "A child this young can't speak or remember its name."

"I read his name on this." she said giving Optimus the letter in the basket.

Optimus' optics brightened seeing the piece of paper. "I haven't seen something like this in all my life. The prespace travel worlds I have been to never had any form of written language or a special medium for writing it. Speaking of languages, what language is this? I can't decipher it."

"Even I can't read the language I can pick up the writer's intent since it was hand written recently. This letter was address to the boy's aunt stating that a darksider killed the boy's parents and the she was the only family the boy had." She explained.

"I want you to learn the language of the people and gather information about this planet." She ordered him as the boy fell asleep in her arms.


Dumbledore didn't realise that the wards around Privet Drive never became active since Harry was never taken in by his aunt. He actually didn't want to leave Harry at Petunia's house but he knew it was the safest place for the child. If he wasn't too busy and too old to personally look after the boy, he would have done it.

He couldn't leave Harry with a Wizarding family due to the lack of trust and the rampant chaos after the fall of Voldemort. Sirius Black's betrayal had come as a surprise to him and most of the members of the order of phoenix. There also was an issue about the family taking Harry in might use him to stake a claim to the vast Potter estate.

He just hoped that Petunia got over her childhood grudge of Lily and took proper care of her nephew allowing Harry to grow up being loved.


It wasn't hard for Optimus to learn the language the natives spoke. He used his stealth mode to infiltrate a school and learn the language as it was taught to the kids. Once, he established the baseline of the language it was easy to decipher it. From that point onwards, he managed to learn all the languages spoken on earth in a few days.

He got the general information about the humans living on the planet. They were the dominate species on the planet, like most of the planets in the galactic republic. He found out about different cultures, their interests, the level of their knowledge, their military capability. He also found out that the Force sensitive humans on the planet lived in seclusion.


It took Dumbledore near 5 years to find out Harry Potter wasn't on Privet Drive. He found out when Mrs. Figg informed him that she hadn't seen Harry Potter. When he arrived on number 4 Privet Drive to investigate into the matter he was greeted by an extremely rude Dursley family.

After spending a few minutes with them, Dumbledore was glad that they hadn't taken the boy in. His instrument indicated they boy to be alive and the goblin at Gringotts confirmed it. They also confirmed that no withdrawals were made from any of the Potter accounts.

From all the information he gathered, Dumbledore came to a conclusion that Harry was picked up by someone before his relatives woke up. Dumbledore decided to drop his investigation since Harry seemed to be safe wherever he was.

The past five years, he had been working on finding a way to imprison Voldemort's spirit for eternity. He didn't want Harry to die just so Voldemort could be finally put to rest. He was also trying a way to remove the Horcrux from Harry's scar without harming him.


Over the years Harry's human physiology was enhanced due to prolong exposure to his mother Fay's milk. He acquired perfect eyesight, enhanced hearing, enhanced sense of smell and strength beyond normal human strength. His mental faculties were also enhanced making him extremely smart and extremely perceptive from a young age.

From a young age Harry was taught to embrace emotions but never let his emotions control him. He was taught to achieve as state of mind which allowed him to master his emotion and harness the power of positive emotions such as happiness, hope and love while neutralising negative emotions such as fear, anger and hate.

It took him years to achieve this state of mind but when he finally managed to do it he attained inner peace, something which the modern Jedi masters find very difficult to achieve because of their ignorance. Instead of trying to harness the powers of positive emotions they try to suppress all emotions following the new Jedi code.


Harry learned many things from Fay and Optimus. Fay taught him the ways of the Force while Optimus taught him languages and other things he needed to known as a Jedi youngling. Optimus also taught him English and a few things about earth.

Optimus also taught him to fly the ship and the technical knowledge he needed to know about them.

By the age of 11, Harry was proficient in wielding the light side of the Force. Even though he knew nothing about lightsaber combat, his skill in the Force would allow him to hold his own against a Jedi knight. He even had mastered few abilities not taught to the modern day Jedi knights like the powers of Force light, Force Enlightenment, Revitalise, Protection Bubble, Plant Surge, wall of light, Tutaminis. Well Tutaminis was taught to the modern Jedi but not to a level which Harry mastered. He also had the mastered quite a few abilities of the mind such as Force persuasion, Force projection and current he was working on Force illusion and telepathy. He also learnt Force healing and abilities related to it. He was currently learning the ability of Force valour, Force stun and Shatterpoint.

He had also mastered the basic Force based abilities such as Comprehend Speech, Force speed, Force jump, Force sense, Force sight and Force push/pull. In his spare time he worked to develop the ability of Force Flight.


Near his 11th birthday, Harry received a letter via an owl. It was addressed to Mr. H. Potter, Eden. He pulled out the letter and read:



(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall,

Deputy Headmistress.

After discussing with Fay and Optimus, he decided to reply to the letter stating his guardian's desire to meet with Dumbledore in person at a restaurant in London before accepting the invitation to attend the school.


It had been a long time since Dumbledore had donned a muggle business suit and ventured into the muggle world.

"Do you have a reservation sir?" the host asked him.

"I am suppose to meet with someone but I am not sure whether they have arrived or not." Dumbledore answered not really bothering about a reservation.

"Your name sir?" the host asked.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" he said with a slight smile.

"You party is waiting for you, right this way sir." The host said leading Dumbledore to a private room inside the restaurant.

"Madam, your guest Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore has arrived." He announced as Dumbledore entered the room.

"Thank you Mosby." Fay said dismissing him.


Dumbledore observed the two people waiting from him at the dining table. The woman seemed to be around 20 or 22 years of age, had a powerful presence and was quite beautiful but according to him she was a bit underdressed for a place like this, suggesting to him that either she was trying to show off or she was someone who didn't carry about her appearance.

If he didn't know any better he would have said the boy sitting next to her was about 13 to 14 years old but since he resembled James Potter and had Lily Potter's eyes he was sure the boy was Harry James Potter. To his great relief Harry looked to be extremely fit and health. He also noticed that the lightning bolt shape scar was missing.

"Have a seat Mr. Dumbledore." Fay said indicating to the seat in front of her, "I am Fay, Harry's guardian."

"Your letter stated that you wanted to meet me but it didn't mention regarding what." Dumbledore said in his patented grandfatherly voice.

"In the letter you wrote to Harry's aunt when you left him in a basket outside her house, you stated that his birth parents were killed by a wizard and the said wizard failed to kill the infant Harry." Fay said.

Dumbledore just nodded and indicated her to continue.

"Why was Voldemort trying to kill Harry in the first place and Harry here would like to know more about his birth parents." Fay inquired using a bit of Force persuasion.

Dumbledore was caught in two minds whether to tell the people in front of him the truth like he felt he should to or give them some half truths story like he normally does. In the end he decided to tell them the truth without realising he was being compelled to by the lady in front of him.

"You may not believe this but Voldemort attacked Harry's family because of a prophecy." Dumbledore said.

"Well that certainly complicates things." Fay said looking at Harry, "Do you know the exact wording of the prophecy?" she asked.

Dumbledore was surprised the woman in front of him knew about prophecies and how complicated they could be but at the same time she didn't know about Harry's birth parents or didn't have any trouble saying Voldemort's name.

"I do know the exact wording of the prophecy but this is not a place where I can safely repeat it and Harry is too young to know its content." Dumbledore said trying to evade answering her truthfully.

"No he is not too young for it. Let me make an educated guess about the prophecy, it along the lines of 'Harry is the one to defeat Voldemort' and only half it has been fulfilled." She said.

"Yes it is something along those lines." Dumbledore confirmed. "How did you guess only half it has been fulfilled?" he asked alarmed that the lady in front of him could figure that out.

"I have my ways." She said with a smile, "What were Harry's birth parents like?"

Dumbledore didn't like the evasive answer he got but for now he decided to answer her question. He looked at Harry and said, "You resemble your father and have your mother's eyes. Both of them were courageous and good people. They stood up for what is right and died protecting you."

Dumbledore saw that Harry showed no outward reaction to fate of his parents. "It was truly tragic to lose such great people due to treachery of a close friend of theirs."

Harry had been observing Dumbledore form the moment he stepped into the room. He had a strong presence in the Force, probably like a Jedi master. Even thought Harry couldn't get an exact read on the man he could tell the Dumbledore had a benevolent nature. When Dumbledore spoke about the friend of the family, Harry felt a small flicker in the force which prompted him to ask, "What happened to the friend?", speaking for the first time.

"He was imprisoned for his crimes." Dumbledore answered him still trying to a read on Harry without using Legilimency.

"Can I meet him?" Harry asked calmly.

Harry's tone was too calm for Dumbledore's liking. "Harry that man has been imprisoned on one of the most hellish place on earth there is no need to seek vengeance."

"Vengeance, I am not seeking vengeance," he said calmly as the Force guided his actions, "I just want to ask him a few questions."

Dumbledore didn't like the Harry's reply. No almost 11 year old kid could be this calm when talking about the person responsible for his parents' death. He was tempted to use passive Legilimency but he resisted is urges and asked the question he had wanted to since he laid eyes on Harry, "What happened to your scar?"

"Scar? What scar?" Harry inquired looking at his mother.

"You are inquiring about the scar on his forehead?" Fay asked Dumbledore. After getting a slight nod for him she explained, "I healed it after purging the malevolent spirit that resided inside it."

Dumbledore was a bit apprehensive of the woman in front of him after she claimed to have destroyed the Horcrux without harming Harry. He wasn't aware of any magic capable of achieving such a feat. He knew she was telling the truth because to heal a cursed scar, the curse had to be removed first.

"My lady, you have me at a disadvantage you're not a muggle as I initial thought you were and I am pretty sure you are not a witch." Dumbledore stated in his patented grandfatherly voice.

"I don't know what a muggle is and you are correct about me not being a witch. I am a Force-sensitive." Fay stated plainly.

"What is a Force-sensitive? I have never heard the term before." Dumbledore said.

"A Force-sensitive in simple term is someone who can sense and manipulate the Force." Fay explained.

"The Force?" A puzzled Dumbledore asked.

"It is hard to explain the Force in simple terms. It is a metaphysical ubiquitous power that is present inside and around us. Sometimes, the Force is incorrectly called magic." Fay explained.

"I see." Dumbledore said. 'So she is a practitioner of a different form of magic.' He thought.

"Is Harry also a Force-sensitive?" he asked.

"Yes, he is and I have been training him from a young age to use his powers responsibly." She replied.

"So you are not interested in sending Harry to Hogwarts." Dumbledore said with a hint of disappointment. He really couldn't force Harry to enroll into Hogwarts against his will even if it created a huge mess for him.

"I didn't say that. It would be useful for him to learn the different applications of the Force. I want to know the duration of your school and the courses taught." She said.

Dumbledore lighten up and answered, "Harry would have 7 year of schooling and the school is in session for 9 months a year. Subjects like transfiguration, charms, potions, defence against the dark arts, history of magic, herbology and astronomy are the core subjects taught at the school. Optional subject of ancient runes, care of magical creatures, arithmancy, muggle Studies and divination are available later on."

"He doesn't need to learn some of those subjects as they aren't needed for his future. He doesn't need to learn about plant life, history about your magic, studying the position of stars, magical creatures and barring a few odd prophecies the future is always in motion so studding it is pointless. Subjects like transfiguration, charms, potions and defence against the dark arts would be useful but seven year is too long for my liking. Can't it be completed in 2 to 3 years time?" Fay asked.

"There is a fast track course at Hogwarts but no one has taken it in 400 years because it is very hard and stressful for the student to learn the subjects in a shorter time." Dumbledore said.

"We already have other plans and the standard tests conducted at your school mean nothing to us but I would never say no to additional knowledge. 3 years is all the time that Harry can spare for learning magic and that too not completely. During that time he was continue learning the ways of the Force." Fay said. Seeing Dumbledore was about to protest she added, "Don't worry he is capable of handling the work load."

"If Harry is capable of handling the heavy workload then I would enroll him into the fast track course and would take a personal interest in his studies and teach him a few things generally not taught at Hogwarts." Dumbledore said wanting for a chance to get close to Harry.

"I would like to hear the exact wording of the prophecy concerning Harry." Fay said.

After putting up s strong privacy bubble around them, Dumbledore told them about the prophecy.

"The knowledge of the Force can be 'the power the dark lord knows not'." Fay stated. "The prophecy is quite simple and straight forward. With proper guidance Harry should be able to defeat the dark lord without a problem."

"How about we change the subject to a lighter topic? After lunch I would accompany both of you to buy his supplies for the upcoming school year." Dumbledore said.


They arrived outside The Leaky Cauldron via a portkey. All three of them graciously landed on their feet.

"That is an interesting form of transportation. Does that device take you anywhere you want to go or only to a preset destination?" Fay asked pointing to the silver instrument in Dumbledore's hand.

"The portkey takes the users to a preset destination. It could be one way or two way travel. You can make portkey out of anything if you know the proper spell." Dumbledore explained.

"Will Harry learn to make one at the school?" Fay asked seeing the usefulness of such a device.

"No, it is not a part of the standard curriculum." Dumbledore said, "But I will teach him to make one" moving towards the entrance of the Leaky Cauldron.

Fay observed the rundown establishment in front of her and found it to have a very strange Force presence around it.

"People without magic can't see this place." Dumbledore said as he saw Fay carefully examine the entrance of the Leaky Cauldron.

"It's pretty impressive." She commented as she and never seen the Force being used in this manner.

The trio briskly moved through the Leaky Cauldron towards the actual entrance of the Diagon Alley.

"This place has a strong presence in the Force." Harry commented.

Dumbledore pulled out his wand and tapped the bricks on the wall causing them to move apart.


Dumbledore first took the pair to Gringotts. He explained to them about the financial system employed in the Wizarding word. He also gave them a brief idea about how rich Harry truly was.

They got books for the first 3 years of Hogwarts along with a few extra books suggested by Dumbledore.

After getting the ingredients necessary for potions the trio headed to get Harry a wand from Ollivanders.

Harry tried out every wand in Ollivanders' shop without much success. The wand made of holly with phoenix feather core gave some reaction to his touch but not enough to satisfy Ollivander.

"I have never failed to find a proper wand for a customer before." Ollivander said dejectedly. "I will get an old collection of used wands from the back."

Harry closed his eyes and opened himself to the Force to see if he could find a connection to any of the wands inside the shop. To his surprise, he felt drawn to Dumbledore's wand.

"Sir, may I see your wand?" he asked.

"Harry, it is impolite to ask a wizard to show you his wand." Dumbledore said to him with a smile wanting to have some fun with Harry.

Harry knew that Dumbledore was amused by his words but he apologised, "I am sorry sir. I didn't know that it was bad manners to ask for a wizard's wand. It is just that I felt a certain pull from your wand." Harry said intriguing Dumbledore.

Dumbledore removed his wand from his robes and handed it to Harry just as Ollivander got back with a bucket filled with old wands.

As soon as Harry touched the Elder wand, it gave off a strong magical pulse and began to glow for a few moments.

"Oh my!" Ollivander exclaimed, "I never thought I would get to see a wand bond with a wizard in my lifetime."

"Is it rare for a wand to bond with a wizard?" Fay asked.

"A wand has not bonded with a wizard for over 2 thousand years. Now that wand has bonded to Harry no one else can wield it." Ollivander explained.

"Harry…" Dumbledore was cut off by Harry.

"I am extremely sorry sir. I didn't mean for this to happen." Harry apologised.

"It is alright Harry. This just gives me one more reason to take you as my apprentice." Dumbledore said to him. "The wand in your hand is very powerful, use it wisely."

Even though Dumbledore still had his old wand with him, he bought a new one on Harry insistence. Harry paid for Dumbledore's new wand.

The last shop the visited was a cloth shop for the school uniform. After buying the necessary uniform from the shop, the group parted ways with an assurance from Dumbledore about setting up a meeting with Sirius Black.


That night Harry was in deep thought thinking about the prophecy. From a young age his mother instilled in him the value of life. According to her 'all life was sacred and it's the duty of the Jedi to protect and nurture it. The only time a Jedi should even contemplate about taking someone's life is on the battlefield when he needs to protect his allies and simply overpowering the opponent is not an option.'

He knew about the ways to defeat his opponents without killing them but didn't know how strong Voldemort was or whether he had enough strength to overpower him.

"The first step towards defeating your adversary is getting to know him, his strengths, his weakness and most importantly his allies." Fay said as she sat next to her son.

"I have instructed Optimus to gather as much information as he can on Voldemort." Fay informed him.

A/N: 1) This chapter is a bit abrupt because I am setting the background for my story and trying to move through the Wizarding arc of my story as quickly as possible by covering only major events in the arc or events which would have impact later on in the story.

2) The term 'modern Jedi masters' refer to Jedi masters in the past 5 to 6 thousand years.

3) This is going to be a Harry/multi story.

4) The description of the Force based powers mentioned in the chapter

Force light – A light side Force power used to purge or contain dark side manifestations or nexus points, whether in places, spirits or even living persons.

Force Enlightenment – A light side Force power take the Force powers a Jedi is most skilled in and pushes them to the highest degree the Jedi had previously mastered during his or her routine training.

Revitalise – A light side Force power that revitalised an exhausted, wounded or unconscious user.

Protection Bubble – a Force power related to Force Protection. With this ability, the user could create a defensive sphere around their body.

Plant Surge – Also known as Consitor Sato was a light side Force power that was based around the channelling of life energy into plants.

Wall of light – A wall of light was an immense manifestation of potentially destructive light side Force energy created by the focused power of a united Jedi front. (In my story Harry and Fay are the only two Jedi's who can wield this power on their own because the harness the power of Love)

Tutaminis – Tutaminis was an umbrella title used by the Jedi Order to classify Force abilities related to energy absorption.

Force persuasion – The concept of Force persuasion was the use of the Force to exert influence over other individuals.

Force projection – It was a light side Force technique with which a Force user could create an inanimate apparition similar to themselves to distract, confuse or lure enemies.

Force illusion – Force illusion was a very powerful Force ability, a subset of the various mind trick powers. The user projected an image into the minds of beings within range, of anything from a pillar of fire to a horde of snarling monsters to a fleet of warships, depending on the range. The user could "see" the illusion as well, though it would be only partially there, semi-transparent like a hologram.

Force healing – A force power which accelerates the natural healing process rapidly.

Force valour – Force Valor was a light side Force power that increased the resolve, accuracy, and speed of one's self and one's allies.

Force stun – Force Stun was a light side Force power that could temporarily deaden the senses and perceptions of a targeted enemy, preventing most movements.

Shatterpoint – Shatterpoints were a complex Force phenomenon, perceivable only by an unknown innate talent or immense focus and concentration on the part of the Force-user. Shatterpoints were akin to fault lines; similar to different pathways of actions. Adept Force-users were able to perceive these faults through the Force, and influence them.

Comprehend Speech – is a Force ability that enables a Jedi to understand the spoken language of any sentient he/she is interacting with, though it does not necessarily allow him/her to speak it, merely understand the general meaning.

Telepathy – Telepathy was the very basic ability to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals.

Force speed – was a core Force power that allowed the user to maintain sprinting speeds for a brief time. Greater aptitude granted greater boosts to speed and/or greater duration.

Force jump – used the Force to augment the user's natural leaping ability.

Force sense – The Force technique of Force Sense included all abilities enhancing perception of the world around a being.

Force sight – It enhanced the bearer's visual and spatial perception even in the dark or behind walls.

Force push/pull – Telekinesis, was a neutral ability that most Force-sensitive's had. With it, they could lift and move objects to their will. This ability was the base for Force Pull, Force Throw and Force Push, as well as telekinetic lightsaber combat techniques such as Saber Throw.

Force Flight – Force Flight was a Force power that enabled the user to telekinetically move themselves toward a specific destination, taking levitation to an extreme degree. To use this Force power took a great deal of concentration.

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