Chapter 8: Masters of the Force


Hearing the name caused quite a few Jedi Masters present to gasp in fear while others like Master Yoda, Master Windu, Master Yaddle, Master Kuro, Master Koon, Master Ti and Master Billaba took up combat positions. Even Master Fay, for the first time in more than 25,000 years, was ready to fight if she needed to protect Harry.

Harry observed the entity that had possessed Tonks. Even though he was hiding a bulk of his power, Harry could tell that person in front of him could make Voldemort look like an insignificant insect and at the same time, he could tell that Tonks was completely unharmed and imprisoned inside her own body.

The spirit of Darth Revan observed his surroundings after waking up from a deep slumber. He noticed that he was in the Jedi temple and was surrounded by many Jedi Masters. After a careful observation of the Jedi he could tell that more than half of them were cowering after hearing his name while the others were ready to fight him. Since, he could recognise only one of them, he deduced that a lot of time had passed since he created the copy of his soul and stored in the gem, as he considered her as an immortal.

The haze of darkness created by Darth Plagueis using Sith alchemy to obscure the sight of the Jedi recognised a new master of darkness and began to surround the Jedi temple blocking the events taking place inside the temple from the sight of its creator.

'The green coloured version of Vandar could be trouble. There species is known for their prowess in the Force.' Revan thought observing Yoda, since he knew that his old friend wouldn't attack him outright.

'I didn't know their species had a female gender.' He did a double take seeing Yaddle.

Before he could assess the other Jedi, the young male in front of him caught his eyes. 'Unlike the others, this one isn't cowering in fear nor is he ready to fight me. He is just calmly observing me. Either he can't sense the danger he is in or he is sure of himself.'

Revan smiled and thought, 'time to find out which.'

Seeing the entity possessing Tonks smile at him, Harry serenely said, "Well Mr Darth Revan, you currently possess my friend Tonks' body, I would prefer you if you peacefully leave her body and don't harm her."

Revan began to laugh and asked, "and if I don't?"

"Then I will make you." Harry replied without showing any emotion. He was thinking about various options he had to face Revan as he had already ruled out the possibility of using the powers he gained from the stone as it would be useless since the spirit Revan possessed a body and he would need to weaken Revan before Force light could be effective against him.

"So you think you can take me on, huh? Let's see how you respond to a little lightning." Revan said as he launched Force lightning at Harry from the fingertips of his right hand.

For a brief second, Harry though about deflecting it back to Revan but decided against it as there was a possibility that it might harm Tonks. He just simply raised his left hand and absorbed the lightning.

"You have some skills to back up your talk." Revan said as he was slightly impressed at the ease in which the Jedi blocked his attack.

"Let's see how you deal with this." Revan said as lightning began to crackle around his arms. He unleashed a Force storm directed at his opponent and the surround Jedi.

In an instant, Harry created a Force shield to protect the Jedi and created a Tutaminis shield around his body. He decided to use only defence until he found a way to weaken Revan.

The lightning bolts from the Force storm struck the Force shield and tried to break it while the lightning bolts colliding with Harry were absorbed. He diverted the energy he received from absorbing the lightning bolts to strength his shield protecting the other Jedi.

Only Master Yoda and Fay realised what Harry was doing.

Revan stopped his attack seeing that it had no effect on his opponent and that he had managed to protect the other Jedi around him. He was truly impressed by the skills his opponent had displayed so far. Granted that his first attack didn't have much power behind it but his second one was more than enough to kill and char the body of an ordinary Jedi and yet it had no effect on him.

He immediately became serious and decided to remove his restrains causing his blackish red aura to be unleashed.

Copying his actions, Harry also dropped his restrains causing his whitish blue aura to flare up. The shield he had created to protect the Jedi faded as he turned all his attention to Revan.

Fay and Yoda sensed that Harry was using almost half of his true power.

Harry had decided to use only half of his true power because he didn't want to unintentionally harm Tonks.

The Jedi Masters created a Force barrier around the two combatants as the clashing of their powerful auras caused lightning to crackle and shoot out in random directions.

This was the sight that greeted many Jedi Masters and Knights who had come to investigate the disturbance in the Force. They saw two unknowns with great power fighting each other.

One of the random lightning bolts pierced the Force barrier in front of Ki-Adi-Mundi and struck his Jedi robes, causing them to ignite. Master Piell and Koon began to help him douse the flames. They were able to stop the fire before it could hurt Ki-Adi but not before it burn through his robes leaving him in his undergarments.

The visible auras of the both the combatants, subsided as the kept on staring at the other and analysing the other's power.

Suddenly, both of them sprang into action and launched a powerful Force push at each other at the same time.

The resulting attack collided at the half way point between the two causing a massive shock wave. The shock wave partially cracked the floor below its point of impact and shook the entire tower causing quite a few Jedi to lose their balance.

Revan was stunned at finding a Jedi who could equal him. Until now, the only one who could equal him or surpass him was Vitiate the Sith Emperor. 'That to because I was young and naïve at the time I face him.' He thought. He was really going to enjoy the challenge.

Just to see how the Jedi responded, he used Force choke. To his surprise, the Jedi negated his attack by merely exerting his will. At that moment, he realised that the Jedi he was facing was a Master of the Force, just like him. 'The only difference between the two of us is that I am a master of darkness while he was a master of light.' He thought.

He decided to step up his attacks to the next level. The first attack he used was Force Maelstrom, a combination of Protection bubble, Telekinesis, and Force lightning.

Harry again absorbed the lightning while stopped the telekinetic attack with his own telekinesis. The resultant shock wave shattered the Force barrier causing quite a few Jedi to be tossed around.

Using the time his opponent used to defend against his attack, Revan created six copies of himself. These copies moved to encircled Harry. "Let see, if you can defend against this." All seven of them said in unison as all of them began to channel a lot of Dark side energy took different attack stances as they prepared to attack him using different powers at the same time.

The dark side energy used by Revan slowly began to affect Tonks soul as the darkness began to seep in.

Revan one began to create a dark side Force blast, this was completely the different from the Force blast Harry used as this was completely made from dark side energy.

Revan two's fingers began to crackle with lightning, as he got ready to use the most powerful version of Sith lightning.

Revan three created a Darkshear, a spear made by using dark side energy.

Revan four readied himself to use a mental attack of Force insanity, he generally preferred to avoid such attacks they were useless against a competent Jedi but in this case he hoped to distract him enough so one of his other attacks could work.

Revan five prepared to use a different mental attack of Force corrupt, this was one of his favourite attacks. He had converted many Jedi to dark side using this attack.

Revan six was ready to crush his opponent using Force Crush, while the original began to create a Force net one of the most dangerous dark side attacks.

Harry made himself intangible and waited for Revan to attack. During this time he telepathically communicated with his mother and told her to ensure that the other Jedi don't fall.

As the seven Revans unleashed their attacks, at the last second, before they could impact him, Harry flew upwards and created a shield around every Jedi present including himself.

The seven attacks collided with each other and caused a massive dark side explosion.

The shield Harry created protected him and the other Jedi present from the explosion while Revan had his own shield.

The unprotected southwest tower couldn't stand the massive explosion and began to crumble.

Fay prevented the other Jedi from falling as the tower crumbled. Apparently, only she, Harry and Revan could fly. She gently lowered them along with herself to the base of the destroyed tower.

The copies of Revan were destroyed in the explosion leaving only the original and Harry floating in mid-air. They resumed their staring contest.

"You have great potential Jedi; it would be shameful to waste it in the service of the Jedi order. Join me and I will show you the true meaning of power." Revan said offering Harry a chance to join him.

"Thank you for the offer but I am not interested. I am a servant of the Light and I am faithful to it." Harry responded.

"A servant," Revan laughed, "more like its masters. You are just like me. The only difference between the two of us is that I am the master of the darkness while you are the master of the light."

On Mortis, the brother felt offended by Revan's comment but couldn't deny its validity. He might be the embodiment of the dark side but Revan was once its master.

"If you don't join me willingly then I make you join me by force or destroy you." Revan said as he flew towards Harry with great speed.

He moved to punch Harry in the face. Reacting in the nick of time, Harry blocked the attack.

Their battle had shifted from ranged Force based attacks to a physical one. As punches and kicks flew, it became apparent that both of them were equal in speed and strength while Revan's technique was far superior to Harry's.

Even in close combat, Harry managed block a few of Revan's surprised Force based attacks while he took a few kicks and punches. He could predict those attacks but he was in no position to block or dodge them completely at such a close range as his skill level in hand-to-hand combat was nowhere near Revan's level. He barely managed to land a few hits of his own during the bout.

During the on-going battle, Revan managed to break through Harry's defence and land a hard punch on his chest, cracking a few ribs. This also sent Harry to flying backwards and hit the north tower causing small cracks to appear, spreading outwards from the point of impact.

Revan pressed on his advantage by landing a few powerful hits on Harry's body while he was disoriented.

Before Harry could completely regain his sense, Revan pulled him from the outer tower wall and threw him towards the base of the broken tower.

Just for a good measure, he unleashed a powerful dark side Force blast on the falling body of Harry, destroying most of his clothes in the process.

As Harry crashed on the temple roof top, Revan landed besides him and decided to kill his opponent by draining his Force energy.

Harry had managed to absorb, some amount of energy from the Force blast. He heard the warning from the Force and his mother to prevent the orange coloured attack forming in Raven's hand from touching him.

Reacting on instincts, he combined the powers of Force Light and the Patronus Charm to create a shield against the attack. The shield managed to stop the attack, surprising Revan in the process. As far as he knew, only a lightsaber had a small chance of stopping the attack and that too wasn't guaranteed.

"Impressive!" Revan said in a respectful voice. "I didn't believe any Force power capable of stopping that attack. You truly are the most powerful and the skilled Jedi I have faced."

"Thank you," Harry said in the same respectful tone that Revan used while he got up. He added, "You are the strongest dark side spirit I have encountered."

This bit of information intrigue Revan and the other Jedi masters present.

"You have faced other dark side spirits?" Revan asked.

"Yes. You are the forth one I have faced. I have faced the spirit of a Dark side user, who had managed to kill my parents, on my home planet and I faced the spirits of the two Sith Lords during my training." He responded in a calm voice without a hint of boasting.

"Were the Sith Lords you faced, truly Sith Lords or were they self-appointed Sith Lords?" Revan asked trying to buy some time to think of his next plan of attack.

"I don't know," Harry replied, "their names were Naga Sadow and Exar Kun."

Raven had heard both of their names as they were his predecessors. They were true Sith Lords, unlike a few others he knew. His respect for his opponent increased after learning that he had gone up against them during his training.

He used telekinesis to summon two lightsabers from the Jedi around him. He got one from the hands cone head Jedi in his underwear and one from an oldish looking male Jedi sneering at him. He ignited the blue and the green blades and stood in Jar'Kai opening stance and waited for his opponent to do the same.

Seeing no movement from his opponent, who was just standing their calmly observing him, he said, "Draw your lightsaber Jedi, I would not like to use an unfair advantage against a worthy opponent such as yourself."

"That is quite honourable of you but I don't wield a lightsaber and I can fight you without one." Harry responded.

Hearing this, Revan charge at him with great speed and slashed at him with both the lightsabers.

As Harry expertly dodge both the lightsabers, he noticed that Revan was nearly five times faster than master Kuro. As he kept on dodging the ferocious attacks, he found Revan's technique to be flawless. It left no opening to counter attack nor could he find any weak point in it to be exploited. He began to channel more of his power into his body to increase his speed to keep up with Revan.

The Jedi knights and masters present barring, Yoda, Fay and Kuro were amazed at the speed with Potter could dodge the lightsaber attacks. Their amazement increased when they saw Potter plant his feet into the roof of the temple and caused a small earthquake.

Before Revan could recover from being off balanced, Harry counter attacked by firmly gripping the ignited lightsaber blades in hands and head-butting Revan's chest. He reinforced the head-butt with telekinesis causing Revan to lose his grip of the lightsaber hilt and fly backwards.

Harry tossed the lightsabers away and began to channel Force Light with both his hands causing to white orbs to form on the palm of both his hands. He brought them close to each other in front of his chest and unleashed a power Force Light on Revan. He also completely removed his restraints and began to channel his full power into the attack.

Unlike the past, where the possessing spirit was dislodge from the body or its container, Revan's spirit was able to fight of the power of the attack even at Harry's full power because it was much more than a normal spirit. It was a copy of Revan's soul.

Seeing that his normal Force Light had no effect on Revan, he began to channel his love for Tonks into the attack causing the Force Light to change its colour from white to gold.

As the golden light impacted Tonks body, Revan began to scream. He tried to fight the attack but its power proved too much from him to hold onto the body. His mind and soul began to struggle to maintain control over the vessel.

During this moment, Tonks' and Revan's minds met each other briefly. Instinctively, Tonks' mind began to copy all the knowledge it could from Revan's mind.

The love, Harry used in the attack was driving off the spirit of Revan without harming Tonks in any. It determined that the darkness acquired by Tonks' soul to be beneficial for her and didn't make any attempt to purge it unlike the normal version of the Force Light.

Slowly, the power of love overcame Revan's dark soul, banishing it from Tonks' body. The greatly weakened soul moved on to afterlife without a vessel to hold it.

A tired and panting Harry saw Tonks fall down as Revan's spirit disappeared.

Knowing the events that transpired in the last few moments of Tonks' possession, Fay rushed to her and began healing her Padawan.

After Tonks regain consciousness, Fay telepathically said, 'pretend to be unconscious and carefully listen to me. Some of the techniques Revan used while he was possessing you have darkened your soul. Use the knowledge you have gained from him to hide it from the other Jedi and start using Occlumency till you are in complete control of your mind and thoughts.'

'I don't know how to hide the darkness.' Tonks telepathically complained.

'Search the memories you gained, you will find the answer in them.' Fay answered.

Seeing his mother heal Tonks, Harry decided to use Revitalize and Force heal on himself to get back his lost energy and heal the wounds inflicted by Revan. A light blue aura surrounded him, when he used his power.

Most of the Knights and masters watched with amazement as the saw him rapidly heal.

Harry walked up to his mother and asked with a hint of worry, "Is she going to be alright?"

"She will be fine," Fay assured him, "she will regain consciousness any second now."

On cue, Tonks opened her eyes and sat up. She had successfully managed to hide the darkness within her soul and her mind was now shielded by Occlumency.

The knight responsible for the mess walked up to her and apologised for his carelessness lead to her being possessed by an evil Sith spirit.

"Mistakes do happen. The important thing here is that no one got killed because of it." Tonks responded. "I was careless to allow a spirit of a Sith Lord to possess me. I became completely helpless."

"You shouldn't feel bad. With the amount of power the spirit had, he could have possessed anyone us, besides your friend." Yaddle said.

"Don't be disheartened Tonks, master Yaddle is partially correct. You weren't facing a Sith spirit but a copy of his soul contained in a vessel and Darth Revan was one of the strongest Sith Lords before he ascended to become something more." Fay explained shocking the Jedi around her.

Tonks remembered the conversation they had back in No. 12 Grimmauld place about the ability of the dark side users to copy their soul, making it superior to a normal Horcrux. She was bought out of her thought when she heard Fay talk again.

"Harry, repair the tower you managed to destroy and stop walking around half naked." Fay said the last part in a mock scolding.

In response, Harry just smiled at his mother and cast an extremely powerful repairing charm on the tower and his Jedi robes.

The Jedi around them were visibly surprised to feel the Force act in a strange manner. They could feel the Force lifting the broken debris of the destroyed tower, taking it back to its original place and began to mend it. They had never thought it to be possible to use Force in this manner. In a matter of minutes, the entire tower was reconstructed. Ki-Adi-Mundi went up to it and began testing its integrity by poking at it with his fingers.

"I have repaired the outer structure by I am not really sure about equipment inside it though. You will have to get it checked by the experts." Harry informed master Yoda.

"Hmm. Useful your abilities are." Yoda commented.

"Master Yoda, since Tonks has recovered, can we proceed with the test you had in mind for me?" Harry asked.

"Test, you say. Shown more skill then most masters in the order, you have. Based on the battle you just fought, a knight you can be. Passed the five necessary tests, you have." Yoda said.

Windu and a few other members of the council agreed with Master Yoda's assessment. The battle the just witness, showed Padawan Potter acing all the five Trials of Knighthood. He showed great courage and skills during the fight against the Sith spirit causing him to pass the first two tests. He passed the trail of flesh when he didn't let his physical injuries stop him during the battle. He passed the trails of spirit when he chose to the right thing over the easy one of joining the Sith when offered a chance to do so. He passed the trail of insight when he managed to use his knowledge and abilities in the Force to stay one step ahead a lightsaber wielding opponent.

"But, I am not ready for it Master Yoda. I have much to learn before I can be knight. I don't even know the basics of lightsaber combat and have only a general idea about the working of the Republic." Harry protested.

"You can continue learning those after you receive your knighthood. The learning curve of a Jedi never ends." Master Yaddle informed him.

"I am well aware of the fact master. The day I stop learning, thinking that I have learnt enough, is the day I become an ignorant person from a knowledgeable one." Harry responded.

"So you believe yourself to be wiser than the grandmaster of the Order?" Ki-Adi-Mundi asked in a slightly annoyed voice. He didn't believe that Padawan Potter was ready for knighthood but at the same time, he couldn't allow him to get away with disrespecting Master Yoda.

"I never said that master. I may not possess more knowledge than anyone here but do possess enough of it to refer to myself as a knowledgeable person. I still may have many things to learn but that doesn't change the facts that I possess a certain degree of knowledge." Harry answered serenely.

He continued, "I don't know why people constantly keep referring to me as wise. Wisdom comes with age and experience and at the moment I have a little of both. I know that there is a great difference between having knowledge and wisdom."

"He says that he is not wise one second and in the next one he gives a speech about the difference between Knowledge and wisdom." Kuro sighed and muttered loudly enough for everyone near her to hear.

"He is certainly wiser than my last Padawan for sure." She added in a slightly louder voice.

"The very fact that you understand the difference between the two proves that you are wise." Master Ti said.

Yoda smiled at him and said, "Follow me, you and Padawan Tonks will."

He indicated the council members and their current masters to follow him while dismissing others.

On Mortis, the Daughter, using the Force subtly influenced the Jedi present of not discussing the details of what the witness with any else not present at the time.


Mater Yoda led the two Padawan, their masters and the council member to the Kuddaka chamber.

"The first test, this will be. Lift the Muntuur stones, you will." Master Yoda informed them.

Knowing what was about to happen, a smiling Fay said, "Let Padawan Tonks have the first go."

Tonks just closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She began to channel her power through her raised hand and directed it towards the stones

To the surprise of most of the council members, she gently lifted the first stone completely off the ground, not just a simple wobble like most Padawan her age managed. Some of the council member's jaws dropped when a second stone lifted as well till it floated at the same level as the first. Then the third and the fourth stones were lifted as well. It seemed that at four stones Tonks reached her limits because when she tried to move the fifth, it only vibrated slightly.

Rather than keep trying to lift the fifth, Tonks instead let out a breath and slowly dropped the other four stones to the ground.

"Master Fay, you said your Padawan had the skills and the power of a normal twenty one year old Padawan. No other Padawan in the order could manage that." A very excited Micah Giiett said.

"I said that she was at the level of a normal twenty one year old Padawan or at least the level of what I believe they should be at." Fay said with a mischievous twinkle in the eye.

She knew that the recent incident had slightly sharpened her skills but the council members didn't need to know that. Before today, she was sure Tonks would have been able to lift at least three stones and move the forth.

"This trial is not to test the power of the Padawan but their control over telekinesis." Fay informed them

Decided to have some fun at the expense of the council members, especially the ones that thought that they knew better than her just because they sat on council, she moved her right arm forward and causally lifted all seven stones at once.

To the astonishment of the council members, she then began to move them in a circular pattern with a simple gesture of her hands. With a simple flick of her hand, the stones began zooming in a random pattern along with their circular moment.

In a few minutes, she dropped the stones back in their original location. She told Harry to copy her actions.

The look on the faces of the council members was priceless when Harry managed to copy her.

Yoda started laughing seeing the reaction of the fellow council members but he couldn't fault them for their reaction. He was the second Jedi master after Fae Coven, a fellow grandmaster, in 1,000 years to lift six stones at once and now that he crossed 850 years, he had barely started moving the seventh one and his new Padawan, barely sixteen years old, could move all seven with ease just like his mother, the oldest living Jedi in history could.

Seeing the performance of Padawan Potter and Tonks, most of the council members felt that any tests they would have for standard Padawan would be pointless.

Their assessment proved correct when the two Padawan, who had never held a lightsaber before in their life, managed to block all the shots fired from the remote even when they were blindfolded. Adding more remotes on the insistence of Master Kuro and Fay didn't make much of a difference.


Two months had passed from the day Tonks and Harry had made an explosive entrance to the Jedi temple.

Both of them were adjusting to the temple life without much of an issue. Harry was a little upset that his mother had left him again. Before leaving, she has said that she needed to complete a few tasks but didn't elaborate on it. Though they remained connected through their link, she never mentioned what she was doing.

Harry and Tonks interactions with other Padawan and the younger Knights were limited. They could sense a hint of jealousy coming from the younger members of the order. He could tell that the younger generation felt that he and Tonks were getting preferential treatment from the Jedi council members. It didn't help that their background information in the archive was restricted due to the council granting his mother's request and only Jedi council members could view it.

All people could view was their names and gender. They could read that Padawan Potter had two masters before becoming Yoda's Padawan while Padawan Tonks had one before becoming Yaddle's Padawan. Even the names of their former masters were restricted. A few of the senior masters, who were present in the temple at time of their arrival, could guess that both the new additions to the Jedi Order were trained under Master Fay as she had brought them to the temple.

Most of the Master and senior knights present during their battle did try to talk with them at one point or the other during their stay. They were with friendly terms with most of them they met. They hadn't met a few notable masters, one of them was Sifo-Dyas, as he had currently gone to convince he good friend Dooku to rejoin the order.

Harry found Jedi master Jorus C'baoth to be very arrogant. He completely disagreed with master C'baoth views and philosophies. He also could sense a feeling of self-entitlement and a deep slumbering aggression in the Jedi master. He had informed Master Yoda of his findings only to find out that Master Yoda already knew about it.

During the two months, both Harry and Tonks were taught the basics of lightsaber combat. About how to properly hold a lightsaber, how it should be handled and cared for and about the six target zone. They were also taught about the various species found in the republic, their habits and general behaviour and their nature.

The Jedi healers had conducted a few tests on Tonks to ensure the possession hadn't affected her in any way. Since they didn't have any reference to go by they couldn't detect any changes in her. They also noted that Tonks had a unique physiology compared to normal humans.

Seeing the performance of Harry and Tonks, made some of the council member like Mace Windu wanted to review the policies implemented by the Jedi high council in the last 5,000 years. To him and few of the non-conservative masters, it seemed that whatever method Master Fay had used to train them seemed much more effective that the traditional methods they were using. They knew that skills of the individuals in question also made a difference but they wanted to explore all avenues. They had to agree to the fact the number of Jedi were much more in the past then the present order and generally the legacy of Jedi were stronger than their peers were.

Masters like Ki-Adi-Mundi, Adi Gallia, Saesee Tiin and Even Piell opposed this move but the other members of the council out voted them. It was decided to review the changes in the policies and see whether the reason for the change was still applicable today and was it feasible to go back to the old code.

Today, the council had gathered today to discuss the Yinchorr situation. The brutally killed and mutilated bodies of Jedi Naeshahn and her Padawan Ebor Taulk were sent to the chancellor's office after they had gone to investigate the unrest. It was decided that the council would gather more information about the Yinchorri, their use of cortosis, their unusual physiology and the rumoured existence of the species' main command centre. The council didn't want a repeat of the debacle of Galidraan.

Master Windu was put in charge of the operations as Master Yoda was soon going to head to Ilum with his Padawan.

Yaddle felt that Tonks wasn't yet ready to construct her own lightsaber as she could sense some sort of internal turmoil in her Padawan. Since her Padawan hadn't come to her for help, she had decided not to pry. Either her Padawan would solve the matter herself or will sooner or later come to her for help.

The only two people that Tonks had shared her problem with were Harry and Fay. She was confused about many things in recent times. She had gained Revan's knowledge but not his skills or strength. Once, she was skilled enough she could increase her strength using the knowledge she had gain from Revan and combining with something that Fay had told her. Her main concern was whether she could handle the dark side of the Force or give in to the darkness like many before her did. She also didn't know her purpose in life now or why the Force wanted her to be a dark side user.


Most of Darth Sidious' plans were coming to fruition. As planned the Yinchorri were rising up and had started to wage war against the neighbouring systems. They had even managed to kill 2 Jedi. Granted that one of them was just a Padawan but it was a start.

This event would set the Jedi Order moving up against the Yinchorri leading to the death of many more Jedi in the ensuing war and not to mention the sneak attack he had planned on the Jedi temple to kill many younglings and Padawan will the most prominent masters of the order were away. He had received the temple blueprints from his future apprentice and passed on the relevant information to the Yinchorri. He hoped that his two enemies would devastate each other. All this had an additional bonus on casting a shadow on Chancellor Valorum's leadership skills.

The only problem in his plans was that he couldn't find an opportunity to kill is master. In recent times he had put that plan on hold because a feeling of dread had crept into his heart and he didn't know the reason for it.

Both he and his master could sense the change in the air. The haze of darkness that his master had created had started to behave strangely. He knew that it still affected the Jedi but now it had started to affect them too.

They had heard the news about a powerful dark side object exploding in the Jedi temple but couldn't find the details on it. Though they had heard rumours from the people of Coruscant that one of the towers of the Jedi temple had blown up but it turned out to be false because they could see all five towers were well and functional. Even the Jedi couldn't rebuild a destroyed tower so quickly.

They assumed whatever the dark side object was, had cast an illusion on the people in the nearby vicinity when it was destroyed or while it was being destroyed to try and save itself.

They also found out about Master Yoda and Yaddle taking new Padawan learners. The only information they could dig up on the Padawan were that they weren't normal younglings and possibly Yoda's Padawan was responsible for the debacle on Naboo.


Ilum was an ice planet in the Unknown Regions, one of the main sources of the valuable Adegan crystals used in the construction of Jedi lightsabers. The caverns containing the crystals were long ago turned into a Jedi temple. Unlike the crystals of other planets, the crystals of Ilum were limited to blue and green in colour. The planet was over ninety percent ice.

It took the standard Jedi cruiser Harry and Yoda were travelling in seven days to reach the planet from Coruscant.

Even though both Harry and Yoda didn't need protection against the cold weather, they were wearing warm clothes.

They travelled through the snow to reach the entrance of an ancient Jedi temple located at the mouth of the Crystal Caves.

Following Yoda's instructions, Harry used the Force to open the sealed entrance to the temple.

Once inside, Yoda broke the ice covering the entrance to the catacombs of the Crystal Caves but didn't give Harry the standard warning about time given to the other initiates who search for their crystal as he knew it won't work on him.

Harry felt the Force resonate in the cave in a strange manner causing them to unwelcoming. He figured this was some sort of test for the younglings, who come here to get their crystals. This wasn't going to affect him as he was beyond the effects of minor inconveniences.

He travelled through the labyrinth of the underground cave for twenty days before finding a crystal that slightly reacted to his presence.

Throughout the journey, Harry sensed many crystals in the caves but none of them reacted to him. He used the Force to guide his journey and help him survive without food and water.

His mother kept him company through their link. She used their link to explore the crystal caves as she had never been to Ilum before.

By the time he found the crystal that slightly reacted to him, he believed that he had travelled to the deepest part of the catacombs and no one before him had reached this deep.

Once he found the crystal, he began to meditate and asked the Force for guidance on whether he should continue his journey to find a crystal better suited to him or head back to master Yoda. Receiving his answer, he apparated back to Master Yoda's location, at the entrance of the cave.

After telling Master Yoda of the crystal he found, the aged master said, "hmm, troubling this is. No good match for you, the planet has."

"Work with this crystal, you will. Until a better match, you can find." Master Yoda said after a short meditation on the subject.

Using the lightsaber parts on the ship and the crystal he found on Ilum, Harry constructed a blue bladed lightsaber. The hilt design was very simple; it looked like a plane rod with no markings and no buttons. The emitter was fused with the top of the sabre. The only way of activating and deactivating the sabre was to channel the Force into a particular area of the sabre to operate the button hidden below the outer metal cover. Its length and intensity was controlled through the Force.

As he held his ignited lightsaber in his hand for the first time, he received a vision of Master Kuro and few other Jedi with her, being in trouble.

He informed Master Yoda about the vision and suggested that they should head to Yinchorr instead of Coruscant.

Master Yoda agreed with him.


Master Windu and his fellow Jedi were fighting for their life on Planet Yinchorr. Even with the Jedi teams from Yitheeth and Yibikkoror, the two other planets in the Yinchorr system, had joined the team on Yinchorr they were nowhere close to breaking the Yinchorri offensive lines and were constantly on the back foot.

Windu believed that if they could regroup, they would have a better chance of breaking through the enemy. The way the things stood currently, he saw no possibility of executing a tactical retreat. He cursed himself for picking a smaller team and for not heeding the advice of Padawan Potter.

He had gone to see off Master Yoda and his Padawan, before they departed on their journey to Ilum. Before boarding the cruiser Harry had told him that, 'based on my experience on my home planet, sometimes a show of force isn't enough. Sometimes, something more is needed and I feel that the situation brewing in Yinchorr is the same.'

He knew the chances of every member of his team living through the day were dwindling fast. Some of the members of the Jedi teams arriving from Yitheeth and Yibikkoror were injured while escaping those planets and this continuous fighting was aggravating their injuries. Not to mention the fact that some of the masters were busy protecting their Padawan learners.

As he was getting ready to launch an all-out assault on the Yinchorri, in hopes of allowing his fellow Jedi a chance to escape, he sensed a change in the flow of the Force.

He also sensed Padawan K'kruhk's despair, trying to locate him on the battlefield, he saw that Knight Lilit had jumpedin front of her Padawan to save him only to be run through with a spear right in front of him. The blow was without a doubt fatal even though she wasn't dead yet, her life force was rapidly diminishing. He felt Knight Lilit was embracing her death, knowing that resisting would only slow them down from completing the mission as they tried to save her.

Suddenly, he saw a Jedi cruiser appear over his head and felt the presence of Master Yoda and his Padawan. He saw the duo jump out of the moving cruiser and felt a shield form around him.

Harry created a Force based shield around the Jedi as he along with Master Yoda, jumped out of the cruiser. As he neared the ground he unleashed a powerful Force blast into the ground sending the Yinchorri flying in all directions and giving the protected Jedi breathing room.

Without dropping the shields around the Jedi, Harry unleashed a weak Force wave in front of him, sending the Yinchorri flying over a kilometre. Since the wave was a weak one, it didn't kill any one.

Seeing the Yinchorri trying to flank them from the rear and the other Jedi protected by Harry's shield, Mace unleashed his own Force wave but unlike Harry, he had no qualms about kill the Yinchorri. The Yinchorri near to them were obliterated by the sheer power of the Force wave.

It seemed like the Yinchorri had called for reinforcement as many tanks were heading in their direction.

Harry dealt with the incoming tanks by caused an earthquake in the direction of the charging tanks to slow them down. Then he used his telekinesis to lift up large rocks, separated from the ground during the earthquake, and launch them at the tanks with enough force to immobilise them but not completely crush them.

As Harry sensed an imminent death of Padawan Theen Fida, who was at a little distance away from them and protecting the Jedi ships, he created a protection bubble around the Padawan and pulled him towards them.

The Jedi knights and Padawan who hadn't seen Harry in action before were awed by his powers and skills. Most couldn't fathom the idea of a mere Padawan having so much power. They began to realise why Master Yoda had taken him as his Padawan.

In the meantime, all the Jedi had regrouped near Master Yoda and Windu. They all had ignited their lightsabers and stood in a stance ready for attack.

Harry moved towards the fallen knight Lilit and knelt down next to her. After observing her condition, he said, "I will heal her but I need someone to cover me." He added the last part seeing the Yinchorri had recovered and were blindly charging at them again.

Master Kuro, Padawan K'Kruhk and Padawan Fida moved in to cover him while the other Jedi charged at the Yinchorri.

Before the Jedi could attack, Harry began to use Force valour and directed at the other Jedi to increase their speed, power and accuracy. Force valour wasn't as powerful as Battle meditation but currently, he didn't know Battle meditation so he had no choice but to use Force valour.

The charging Jedi, entered a formation led by Mater Yoda and Master Windu in front. Masters Eeth Koth, Adi Gallia, Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin formed the second line. They were prepared to take on any Yinchorri who managed to escape the grandmaster and the master of the order. The third line was formed my Master Jinn, Padawan Kenobi, Master Giiett and Master Choi. Their job was to ensure the Yinchorri didn't manage to attack the others from the rear.

With the effect of Harry's Force valour combining with Master Yoda's presence, the Jedi unit now became an unstoppable juggernaut.

Master Yoda nimbly moved around the Yinchorri weapons and attacked them on the parts not covered by the cortosis armour. Following his lead the others also started doing the same. Barring Master Windu and the dual sabre wielding Giiett the others weren't as effective as Yoda.

Seeing more tanks heading their way Master Yoda moved to deal with them and Master Giiett moved in front to fill the gap in the formation.

Master Yoda easily dealt with the tanks. He used telekinesis to send the nearest tank into the one behind it, taking out two at once. He then used his lightsaber to cut down two more very quickly. He also used the panic of the Yinchorri operating the Tanks to his advantage and made them fire on each other and destroying quite a few tanks in this manner.

He also used the incoming Yinchorri fighters to destroy the tanks as he made them telekinetically crash into them.

Once the heavy reinforcements were dealt with, he re-entered the formation.

Master Koon had dealt with a bunch of Yinchorri using Electric Judgment. They might have been immune to most of the Force powers but they weren't immune to electrocution.

Meanwhile Harry was busy healing knight Lilit. The healing was slow process as he first worked to prevent her from losing more blood. Then he moved on to heal the internal organs such as the heart and lungs. It took some time but he managed to do it using Force heal. After that he moved on to mending the outer wounds.

Since her injuries were no longer life threating, he then made her enter a healing trance so she could replenish her lost blood. He could have done it for her but the process would have been time consuming. He wanted to enter the battle and stop the unnecessary loss of life.

Sensing the battle so far, he knew the Yinchorri were prepared to fight to the last man.

He stood up and assured Padawan K'Kruhk, "she is going to be alright in a few hours. Take care of her. I need to go and join the battle."

Harry winked at Master Kuro and jumped up. He combined Force jump with Force flight to land in front of the Jedi formation cutting down the Yinchorri. He used Force push to create room between the Jedi and Yinchorri.

His eyes began to pulse with power as he assaulted the Yinchorri with a combination of four attacks. He began to use Stasis field reinforced with telekinesis to hold them in their place and combination Malacia and Morichro to affect their bodies.

Since both the Force attacks worked to manipulate the blood flow and the internal organs, the Yinchorri weren't immune to their effect. They suddenly started feeling sick before collapsing on the ground. Some of the Yinchorri even vomited before collapsing.

The Jedi Masters noted that the Yinchorri were unconscious but alive and that Padawan Potter had barely broken a sweat.

Harry then used his powers to summon the cortosis weapons and piled them up near their current location.

"Thank you for coming to our help Master Yoda, without it some of us might not have survived." Mace said.

"Thank my Padawan, you should. A vision, he had. Changed our destination from Coruscant to Yinchorr, we did." Yoda said.

"In that case Padawan Potter, you have my gratitude for saving our lives and an apology for not heeding your advice." Mace Windu politely said to Harry.

In reply, Harry just gave him a slight nod but didn't say anything.

The non-council members present were surprised by the fact Master Windu was apologising to a Padawan while the council member present knew that Potter was possibly the next Grandmaster in the making due to his skills, attitude and power, if he doesn't become a wanderer like his mother.

"Before launching this operation we were trying to contact you master Yoda but we were unable to reach you." Master Giiett stated.

"On Ilum, I was. Difficult for signal to reach us, it is." Yoda answered.

"You were still on Ilum?" A surprised Windu questioned.

Yoda understood the unasked question and answered, "twenty days for my Padawan to find a crystal, it took."

"Twenty days!" Padawan Obi-wan exclaimed.

"It never takes that long to find a Kyber crystal." He added after being slightly embarrassed by his outburst.

"I am actually surprised that one of the crystals on Ilum reacted to him." Kuro, who had just teleported near the group, said.

"Not a good match, the crystal is." Yoda stated.

"I won't be surprised if one or more legendary crystal resurfaces for him to use. Only they can properly channel his power." Kuro added.

"Looking for them, his mother is. Find them, she will." Yoda said surprising Harry and the others.

Harry wasn't aware of the fact that his mother was looking at lightsaber crystals for him. He was slightly disappointed by the fact that she told master Yoda about it and not him.

'I never said anything to him. He must have guessed. After all he is the grandmaster of the order for a reason.' Fay said to him.

"I doubt the command centre is on this planet." Windu said trying to get everyone's attention to the matter at hand.

"We scouted the planet and could locate only the staging area but no command centre." Master Jinn informed the group.

"Contact the Jedi temple for additional information on this system, we must. Missing something, we are."

"What are we going to do about the weapons and armours? We can't just leave them here for the Yinchorri to use them again when the wake up." Plo Koon said.

"We can load them on the ship and take them with us." Adi Gallia suggested.

"Master, the ships were going to be over run when I was pulled away from them." Theen Fida said.

"I will take care of them." Harry said as he enchanted one of the pouches on his belt with an undetectable expansion charm.

The Jedi around him felt something odd but couldn't comprehend its meaning.

He lifted the piles of weapons and armours and summoned it towards him. On the way towards him, they began to shrink due to the shrinking charm he applied. The shrunken weapons and armour easily fit into his pouch.

"How?" an astonished Jedi asked. They hadn't seen anything like it.

"It is one of the Force abilities native to his planet." Kuro answered.

The group of Jedi decided to head back to the Jedi cruiser used by Master Yoda and Padawan Potter.

They used to ships' long range holocomm system to contact the temple to inform them of their situation and the absence of a command centre on the three planets in the system.

"There is one more planet, more like a planetoid, in the system." Master Yaddle informed them.

"It is a lifeless and a rocky. I found its existence after a consulted Master Tharence Wo's holocron." She added.

She also informed them about a thwarted attack on the Jedi temple by the Yinchorri and the supreme Chancellor's response of sending four divisions of the judicial force to the Yinchorr system due to the attack on the temple.

"We will scout the planetoid and if possible we will take out the command centre before the judicial forces arrive." Master Windu said to her.

"I think it would be better if we wait for the judicial forces to arrive. It would make our job that much easier and gave the injured Jedi some time to rest." Master Koth said.

The Jedi turned to Master Yoda for his suggestion.

"Sense a hand of another, I do. Only pawns, Yinchorri are." Yoda said.

"We caught a Devaronian on Yitheeth. We believe him and his men responsible for instigating the Yinchorri." Master Gallia informed him.

"Hmm, hard to tell, it is. Doubt they too are more than pawns, I do." Yoda said after thinking about it for a while.

"From what I read about the Devaronian in my studies is that they don't have the courage to openly challenge the Jedi Order like this. They generally are greedy and lack a moral code but they are cowards in face of danger. It is out of character for a Devaronian to take on the might of the Jedi order in a direct confrontation. An open challenge was issued to the order when someone sent the mutilated dead bodies of two of our fellow Jedi to the chancellor's office." Harry said.

"The Yinchorri on the other hand have warrior mentality and as seen few minutes before they were willing to fight to their last breath even when they knew that had lost the battle. They don't have the means to send the bodies and if they did, then they would have sent them directly to the temple and not the senate." Harry said sharing his observations.

He continued, "Attacking the Jedi temple served no purpose for the Yinchorri and under no circumstance they could have won. So I believe someone with dark motives is setting the Yinchorri and the Jedi order to fight and destroy each other and are using the Devaronian as the middle man so they won't get caught."

Yoda and Mace shared a look but didn't say anything.

"Unless the number of the attacking judicial force is going to be very high, the Yinchorri battleships will fight them until they are all destroyed. Our best bet is to scout ahead and locate the command centre and wait for the judicial force to arrive. Once they arrive, we take out the command centre and plunge their forces into chaos. This would allow the attacking fleet a tactical advantage over the Yinchorri." Harry said remembering his combat training under Optimus.

"It is a sound plan, Padawan Potter but for it to work you will have to cloak the ship and keep it that way till the fleet arrives. How long can you maintain the cloak?" Windu asked.

"Even though it draws my power, I can maintain the cloak indefinitely or till my concentration is broken." Harry answered.

"We can capture the head of Yinchorri and make them surrender before the judicial forces arrive." Master Gallia suggested.

"Master Gallia, that plan can work only if the Yinchorri have loyalty to their leaders and are honour bound to them. From the way they fought so far, I can say they are lacking in both the departments. With their warrior mentality, the second in command might just execute the leader for being caught and take over." Harry said.

"Then it is settled, we will follow Padawan Potter's plan." Windu said in a tone indicating end of discussion.


Few hours ago, back at the Jedi temple, Tonks was learning the basics of Form I Shii-Cho with a practice sabre. Shii-Cho was the form taught to everyone before they start to learn about their chosen form.

Tonks had expressed interest in learning Form IV Ataru, both variants of Form V Shien and Djem So, Form VII Juyo and the duel blade form of Jar'Kai.

She was disappointed when Master Yaddle informed her that she couldn't teach her Form VII as she doesn't know it herself and since it was a restricted form and there are only three masters in the entire order who use it and all the three masters currently have a Padawan. She also told her that her best chance of learning Form VII was to request master Yoda to teach her at the same time he would be teaching Harry.

She was surprised when she heard that Harry had to go through a special evaluation by a committee of five council members before being granted permission to learn all seven lightsaber forms and their variants. The committee comprised of Master Yoda, Yaddle, Shaak Ti, Depa Billaba and Plo Koon. It was decided that Depa Billaba would train him in Vaapad as master Yoda never learnt the new variant of Form VII.

She remembered Fay telling her that master Shaak Ti and Depa were sexually attracted to Harry. She also told her that since they were Jedi master following the new code they might not act on those feelings. She felt it was her duty as Harry's unofficial big sister to do everything in her power to get them together with Harry.

She smiled thinking about it and started making plans to ensure they got together with Harry and her.

While practicing her sabre moment, she sensed giant lizards with hostile intention approaching the temple.

She shouted, "someone is attacking the temple," before running out with the ignited practice sabre in her hand.

Master Yaddle followed her Padawan and while chasing after her, she telepathically informed the nearest council member about her Padawan's actions. In absence of Master Yoda and Master Windu, she was in charge of the temple as she was the senior most Jedi.

As Tonks ran out, she passed the Jedi gatekeeper Jude Rozess guarding the temple entrance. She leapt the length of entire staircase and landed in front of the armed Yinchorri advancing to the temple.

While running, she began to use Force weapon and alter damage on her practice sabre turning it into a real one.

"You shall not enter the temple." Tonks said in a commanding voice.

"Leave now or…" Tonks wasn't allowed to finish as few of the Yinchorri opened fired on her.

Tonks instinctively, using the knowledge she had gained from Revan, she fell into a Form V Shien stance and reflected all the blaster bolts at her attackers' head killing them.

"As I was saying before I got rudely interrupted, leave now or die." She said.

Few of the lead Yinchorri leapt at her, and kept their cortosis shield in front of them while they prepared to strike with his cortosis spear.

Tonks began to channel Force through her body and sent it spiralling outward in every direction, sending her attackers flying in every direction. She leapt at them as beheaded most of them using super speed when they were off-balanced.

This was the sight that greeted the remaining council members that had come out to investigate.

"I though you Padawan was using training sabre and not a real one." Ki-Adi-Mundi said to Yaddle as he saw Tonks cutting down two of the Yinchorri.

"She does and that is a practice sabre she is using." Yaddle commented.

"There is not time for chit-chat master Mundi. Let us go and help her." Depa said as she ran towards Tonks. Many of the Jedi, including Ki-Adi-Mundi followed her. Yaddle stated back and decided to act as a last line of defence, if any Yinchorri got passed the other Jedi.

Her decision turned out to be a good as many Yinchorri, using flutter-packs attacked from a different direction. She created a localised ionic storm and used it to destroy the flutter-packs causing all of them to fall down.

A second wave of Jedi Knights and Masters took on the fallen Yinchorri.

Meanwhile, Tonks was having a good time. All her doubts and worries were forgotten. She was focused on defeating her opponents and protecting the temple. She found out that the Yinchorri armour could absorb a lightsaber slash and she needed to attack them where the armour did cover them. She had no problems killing them, as she began to use Juyo against them.

Yaddle eyes widened as she noticed her Padawan was using Juyo. She could tell that her attacks were crude and unrefined due to her lack of training.

Tonks also began to use blasting curse on the Yinchorri armour and killed quite a lot of them in this manner.

Master Ti and Depa had initially thought of moving ahead and protecting Padawan Tonks but after seeing her performance, they decided that their protection wasn't needed. They moved closer to her, so they could protect her if need but at the same time they would get in her way.

The battle fought at the temple gate was a short one. The Jedi had massacred the attacking Yinchorri forces before they could even set foot inside the temple.

As Ki-Adi-Mundi was about to slay the last Yinchorri, Tonks used sabre throw to block Ki-Adi-Mundi's sabre while conjuring ropes to bind the Yinchorri. "We need him alive to get some answers." She said.

Suddenly she felt something odd and turned to the direction sensation was coming from. She noticed a strange red skinned black tattooed Zabrak overlooking the attack from a nearby skyscraper. She pulled her lightsaber back and decided to head in that direction.

Master Depa followed her.

Seeing two Jedi with ignited lightsabers heading his way, he decided to run as his master had given him strict orders to remain unseen by the Jedi.

Tonks and Depa were jumping from one speeder to another in pursuit of the target.

Depa didn't know the target of the pursuit until she laid her eyes on the fleeing Zabrak. His presence in the Force felt strange to her, almost as if something was concealing it.

The Coruscant security droids got involved in the chase. Depa instructed them to cut off the red skinned Zabrak with the black tattoos.

To break the blockade of the droids, Maul had to use Force at it was too risky to turn and allow the Jedi to catch up with him. He also called his droid, C-3PX to aid him to get the Jedi off his back.

It took some time for the droid to get into position to help his master but when he did, he open fired on the two Jedi using his Retractable repeating blaster.

Depa being closer of the two to the droid decided to move in to intercepted it while indicating to Tonks to continue the chase.

Seeing his plan about to fail, C-3PX released his Retractable missile launcher and fired on civilians.

Tonks dropped the pursuit and intercepted the missile while Depa moved to finish the droid by beheading it.

This much time was enough for Maul to escape.

During the battle, Yaddle noticed that the internal struggle inside her Padawan was non-existent. She hoped her Padawan wasn't one of those rare Jedi who needed a good battle to clear their mind as they never last long. They either die in battle or fall to the dark side.

She had also noticed some of the techniques used by her Padawan that she shouldn't have known, like the Form V and Form VII moves that she had performed. It seemed that her Padawan had an instinctual knowledge of those techniques.

She was glad that she could again sense the conflict inside her Padawan after the heat of the battle died down. It meant two things, first she didn't rely on combat to clear her mind and second, she could clear her mind and focus on the task at hand when she needed to.

She was also impressed with the skill level she showed to change a practice sabre into a real lightsaber.

The Yinchorri they had captured turned to be useless as he was a low level foot solider and didn't have any information about their command centre. The only thing of value he knew was the way the Yinchorri commandoes were snuck on to the planet.

Yaddle dispatched a handful of knights to plug the gap in Coruscant security while she decided to consult the holocrons for more information on the Yinchorri.

Master Ti, informed the chancellor about the attack on the Jedi temple while Depa took the droid she had captured to the analysing room to extract all possible data from it.


Few hours had passed after the holocall to the temple. Harry had hid the ship using the power he gained from the invisibility cloak, allowing the Jedi to relax and meditate.

Knight Lilit was still in a healing trance while Harry had healed and rejuvenated the other members of the Jedi team.

It was easy for the Jedi team to locate the command centre after they finally left the planet.

It was a surreal experience for Saesee Tiin, who was piloting the ship, and every other Jedi on the bridge as they passed the Yinchorri armada of capital ships and starfighters completely undetected in the small Jedi cruiser.

They landed the Jedi cruiser little away from the command centre and waited for the republic feet to arrive.

Keeping the ship cloaked didn't put much of strain on Harry's power.

As soon as the republic feet arrived, Master Mace Windu and Master Yoda led the charge on the command centre.

All the Padawan learners, including Harry, stayed on the ship with the still healing Knight Lilit.

"Hi, I am Padawan Obi-wan Kenobi." Obi-wan said introducing himself and extending his arm towards Harry.

Harry shook his hand and said, "I am Padawan…"

Kenobi cut him off and said, "Harry Potter, I know. Everyone in the Jedi temple has heard about you and Padawan Tonks, the two mysterious Padawan learners of Master Yoda and Master Yaddle. Even your records in the Jedi archive are restricted."

"I don't really know the reason for this secrecy but since I have been told not to share our background information, I won't say anything about our past." Harry responded.

"So you can give me no additional information?" A curious Kenobi asked.

"All I can say about my past is that we come from a planet not in the Republic space." Harry answered.

It was very easy for Jedi to overpower the guards and take the command centre.

The Yinchorri were caught off guard by the Republic intervention in the war as they were assured by the Devaronian Vilmarh Grahrk that it would not intervene.

The Yinchorri commanders surrendered and begged the Jedi to spare their lives.

Mace Windu deactivated his lightsaber and laughed at them and asked, "what happened to you might is right philosophy?"

"It is just as Master Oppo Rancisis say, 'is often recanted upon encountering a more powerful foe.'" Adi Gallia joked.

With the Yinchorri commanders taken out, their fleet feel into complete chaos and it was easy for the larger republic fleet to decimate them.

Harry was greatly saddened by the pointless loss of live and felt helpless to prevent it. He promised himself to find the people responsible for setting up the confrontation and bring them to justice.

'It is a sad turn of events, Harry but remember this is the circle of life. Everything has its place in it, good, evil, happiness, suffering, pleasure, pain, life and death. It is the natural order for without one the other has no meaning.'Fay explained to him.

'That may be true mother but someone set up the Yinchorri like lambs to be slaughtered by the Jedi order for personal gain and probably hoped to kill some Jedi along the way. They need to be brought to justice.' Harry replied.

The republic lost only one ship during the the Yinchorri surrender, quarantine was placed on the Yinchorri system. The republic fleet allowed only the Jedi cruiser to pass the blockade.


Back on Coruscant, both Maul and Sidious withered on the floor in agony as they were tortured by Plagueis. Maul was tortured for being spotted by the Jedi and Sidious was tortured for yet another failure.

Plagueis was very angry and disappointed at his apprentice. In recent times, he had netted nothing but a string of failures. It showed him that his apprentice was poor at making plans and seeing them through. The only thing that worked in favour of his apprentice was that his overall plans weren't damaged, just delayed.

His foolish apprentice hadn't even found a suitable candidate for the clone template. Without a suitable template, they couldn't approach the Kaminoans to create a clone army. He had already gathered the necessary credits to fund the creation of the army. All he needed was a good template.

For a moment, he contemplated of killing them both and finding himself a new apprentice, a renowned Jedi master had just left the order, maybe he could be turned to the dark side and he won't need Sidious anymore. He dismissed the idea because all the hard work, he had put in to getting Sidious ready and establishing connections in the senate would go down the drain.

He was also worried about the two powerful and mysterious Jedi entering the foolish apprentice wasn't able to find any information on them, meaning the Jedi order knew the value of the information and were tight lipped about it.

Another thing that worried him was that the haze of darkness that he had created was no longer in his control and had developed a mind of its own.

Similar thoughts were passing through Darth Sidious minds at the same time, he completely shelved the plans to kill his masters as the recent events showed him, he wasn't as ready as he thought he was to become the Sith master and he may need his master's help in the near future.

The recent events showed him that the Jedi order wasn't as weak as he initially thought them to be. The plans to use the Yinchorri to cause some damage to the order had completely failed. Other than killing the two unsuspecting Jedi at the start of the conflict, they didn't manage to kill a single one. Forget killing the Jedi, they didn't manage to set foot inside the temple.

The two mysterious Jedi also worried him, from the description he had gotten from Maul, he inferred that Yaddle's Padawan had led the defence of the Jedi temple and managed to kill many Yinchorri single handedly. 'If she was this good then how good was Yoda's Padawan?' Was a worrying thought that occurred to him.

He also hoped to salvage some part of his plans by calling all the favour and get Valorum's powers restricted.

He also started making plans to convert one or both of the mysterious Jedi to the dark side without really thinking about the consequences of his actions.


The Jedi team from Yinchorri returned and headed to the council chambers. By this time Knight Lilith was fully healed. She thanked Harry for saving her life once, she had regained consciousness.

The Jedi council meeting began by the three team leaders, giving their reports on the various battles fought in the Yinchorri system. Mace Windu's report included the arrival of Master Yoda along with his Padawan and how they changed the flow of the battle.

The other masters on the team also shared their views on the battle fought in the Yinchorri system.

Barring Harry and Tonks all the non-council members were dismissed afterwards. Before they left, Yoda told them to keep the Harry's special abilities secret.

After they left, Yaddle gave a report on the temple raid. She informed the council about her Padawan Tonks' actions and how she had managed to change the practice sabre into a real lightsaber during the fight.

"Ready to make her own lightsaber, she is." Yoda said.

""Soon." Yaddle responded looking Tonks' in the eyes.

Taking one look at her master, Tonks knew why she was hesitant in allowing her to make her own lightsaber.

Depa informed them the mysterious Force using red skinned Zabrak with black tattoos, overseeing the battle, was possibly a member of the Nightbrothers clan.

"So this was retaliation for Padawan Potter's actions against them." Ki-Adi-Mundi commented.

"It is possible, but I doubt it Master Mundi." Harry calmly stated.

"Why do you doubt it?" Mundi asked, not liking the Padawan's audacity to doubt him.

"I have three reasons to doubt the validity of that comment Master. First, the Nightsisters don't have the resources to pull this off. Second, they believe men to be inferior, so if it was retaliation from them, then they wouldn't be using any males. Third, after I removed clan mother Zalem from power, their clan was further weakened due to the in fights for taking over the recently vacated position of the clan mother as the daughter of the former clan mother wasn't interested in taking up her mother's mantle." Harry explained to him.

"He is correct Ki-Adi. Master Yoda and I believe that there is a strong possibility that the Siths have returned." Mace Windu said.

"Impossible! The Siths couldn't have returned without us knowing." Master Mundi stated.

Tonks snorted when she heard the cone headed Jedi make that absurd statement. She said, "ya sure, they would send their number one enemy a message that they are back and get ready to face them."

This caused quite a few members of the council to laugh.

"They would move in the shadows till they gain an upper hand or hiding in the shadows is no longer possible." She continued.

Ki-Adi-Mundi narrowed his eyes and asked, "how do you know what the Sith would do?"

"I am not sure about the Sith but that is what any tactician with half a brain would do." She responded.

This caused Master Giiett to laugh harder. Once he got his laughter under control he said, "She has got you there old friend."

"Yes, her reasoning is sound." Master Koon added.

"We are not sure about this as we have no solid proof about their return but the recent turn of events makes us believe that there is a strong possibility." Mace Windu said trying to bring the conversation back on track.

"What recent events?" Adi Gallia asked.

"The rising darkness that is blocking our senses, it is a known Sith ability. A powerful and mysterious Sith artefact belonging to one of the most dangerous Sith of all times falls into a hand of the smuggler who happens to be easily caught by the Jedi. If Harry wasn't here many members of the order would have died that day in stopping the 'Ghost of Revan'. Then there is the appearance of vergence in the Force, the chosen one who is prophesised to bring balance to the Force…"

"I though you didn't believe in that prophecy." Mace Windu was cut off by Ki-Adi-Mundi.

"I didn't but that was before I saw a person with zero midi chlorian count manipulate the Force and have that much amount of power. The very Force that we revere, guided one of our strongest Masters to the edge of our galaxy and causing her to seek him out and train him. Seeing things like that do make me a believer. And before you cut me off again, let me complete what I was saying. While on the planet Yinchorr both Harry and Master Yoda sensed a hand of a dark force at play in making the Jedi and the Yinchorri fight. I trust their assessment of the situation." Mace Windu completed his explanation.

"I am no one special. I am just slightly different from the other Jedi." Harry said not liking the idea of being called 'the chosen one'.

"Hmm, special you are. Believe it or not, up to you it is." Yoda said.

"You are a vergence in the Force that much is clear, whether or not you are the chosen one, remains to be seen." Master Ti added.

"Master Ti, I don't even know what the term means." Harry complained.

"A vergence is a phenomenon of the Force that was centred around an object, place, or person." Ti stated.

She added, "Basically what it means is that the person, place or an object can influence the Force and the fate of others in a very unique way."

Harry nodded to Master Ti, indicating that he understood her explanation.

"Discuss the prophecy, at a later date we will." Yoda said putting an end to the discussion.

Depa also informed them that the data collocated from the droid of the mysterious Zabrak was useless as its memory banks were wiped. All they could find out was that the droid was an assassin droid who posed as a protocol droid.

"The Sith aren't going to make anything easy for us, if they have returned." Master Plo Koon said.

"Hard to see, the dark side is. Not sure of anything, we can be." Master Yoda said.

"We must prepare ourselves to face the Sith." Master Saesee Tiin said.

"Agreed. Currently the order isn't ready for a war with the Sith. This has been proven by our recent performance in various battles." Master Giiett said.

"Nearly 1000 years of peace has affected the abilities of the order to fight a war. Even the republic isn't ready for a war." Oppo Rancisis said.

"The attack on the Jedi temple suggests that our enemy is getting bolder. We need to take corrective steps to ensure that we are caught by surprise." Master Depa said.

"Let's not be hasty. We should wait for a definitive proof before taking any action." Ki-Adi-Mundi said objecting to the way the other council members were thinking.

"It might be too late by then. If at all the Sith are active again we don't know, how long they have been active and gaining power." Yaddle said.

"What of the Ruusan Reform? It dissolved our military and placed us under the supervision of the supreme Chancellor and the judicial department." Adi Gallia interjected.

"I have studied the Ruusan Reform in detail. It is true that the reformation dissolved our military and placed us in the supervision of the supreme Chancellor and the judicial department, it doesn't say anything about us the recreating an army in the time of need." Master Ti informed them.

"Then it is agreed, we should start to rebuild our armed forces. We would need new ships, both capital and small, we should also increase the ranks of the Antarian Rangers as they would be a big help." Even Piell said.

"Let us not get ahead of ourselves. Both of them are good ideas Master Piell but before we go there we must first increase the temple security and step up the training of the younger Jedi. We should also add military training in their courses so they would be ready to lead the armies when the time comes." Master Windu stated.

"On that note, I will like to announce my retirement from the Jedi council. I will become a full time instructor and teach the younger generation the path of Jedi Sentinel. With a possible war on the horizon we are going to need more sentinels." Master Giiett informed them.

"It is unfortunate that we don't have any Jedi shadows in the order. They would have been a big help." He added.

Harry got a blurred vision of a dark haired busty Jedi sleeping when Master Giiett mentioned a Jedi shadow. The vision lasted for a few seconds before it disappeared.

"You don't need to retire from the council to become a full time instructor." Mace Windu said.

"I had already made my mind before the Yinchorri uprising. I believe I can better serve the order as a teacher rather than a member of the council."

"Already decided, you have." Master Yoda said looking at Master Giiett, "respect your decision, the council does."

"Master Yoda, in the light of recent events we should investigate Master Dooku's decision to leave the order." Master Depa said.

"Why?" Master Mundi asked.

"There is a slight possibility that his decision may have been influenced by the Sith or that he may have fallen to the dark side." Master Ti replied agreeing with Master Depa.

"Impossible! Dooku was a Jedi master. He cannot be influenced by the dark side or fall to it." Master Mundi stated with great conviction.

"Anyone can fall to the lure of the dark side if they aren't careful as it is very seductive." Master Tiin said.

"Jedi Masters have been known to fall to the dark side or fooled by it in the past." Master Windu informed his naïve colleague. He even contemplated about removing him from the council.

"Master Kuro would be a perfect candidate to investigate. She is almost like a Jedi shadow." Master Giiett said.

"Her abilities would be useful, but should we really investigate our former colleague with any substantial reason?" Master Gallia asked. "After all a Jedi is free to leave the any time he or she chooses to do so." She added.

"You are correct Master Gallia but the timing of this cannot be ignored." Master Koon said.

The council put the decision to send Master Kuro to investigate Dooku to vote. Master Yoda decided not to vote. After being approved by majority of the council members it was decided to send Kuro to investigate Dooku much to the displeasure of Master Mundi and Master Gallia.

Decisions were also taken to increase the temple security and implement the other changes planned during the meeting.

Before the meeting was over Master Giiett brought up the topic of his replacement. After some deliberation it was decided to promote Master Eeth Koth to the council.


After the council meeting, Master Yoda, Master Depa and Harry stayed back in the council chamber as the other Jedi masters left.

"Master Yoda, now that Harry has made his lightsaber we should set up schedule for him to train with me." Master Depa said.

"Almost Mastered Shii-Cho, he has. Needs to master it, he does before he can move on." Yoda responded.

Master Depa just nodded in response.

"A difficult task ahead of him, he has. Late to begin his lightsaber training, he was. Never in the history of the order, has a Padawan expressed the desire to learn all seven forms of lightsaber combat and their variants from the start. Learn them gradually they do, if at all. After he masters Form I start training him in basics of all other forms, we will." Yoda added.

"It is going to be a difficult but I believe he is capable of doing it." Master Depa said. She added, "I have never seen someone master Shii-Cho so quickly. His movements aren't clumsy like most initiates have. They are highly fluidic, randomised and unpredictable."

"Easiest form to master, it is. Require the shortest time it does. Most don't have the patience and application need for it. Useless in combat they feel, it is." Master Yoda commented.

"I agree that the other forms are going to be much harder and they are going to need much more time. Not to mention mentally taxing as the mindset needed to wield each form is different." Depa said looking at Harry.

"I can handle it Master Depa." Harry said speaking for the first time.

"We believe that you can handle the workload. If we didn't, then we won't have allowed you to simultaneously train in all seven forms." She responded.

"Master Yoda, the summertime war is about to restart again soon. I would like to take Harry with me and put an end to the dreadful cycle once and for all." Depa asked for Yoda's permission.

"It will also be a good learning experience for him." She added.

"Hmm, also investigate the Yam'rii crisis, you will. More to it then can be seen, there is." Yoda responded after a short meditation.

Depa was happy that Master Yoda granted her request.


On Eden, Fay smiled at the development taking place in the Jedi council room. She knew that Harry was oblivious to the effect he had on certain Jedi around him. She wonder what was going to happen on the trip Harry was going to have with his new master.

It was going to take her awhile before she could head back to the temple. Unlike the Jedi council she knew there was a dark Jedi or a Sith hiding in the order, other than Tonks. Optimus had informed her that quite a bit of data from the Jedi archive had been deleted in recent times. Something that was never done. Only a senior Jedi Knight or a Jedi Master could alter the data.

That is why, she had insisted the council keep the background data on Harry and Tonks restricted to the council members. She had spent her time discreetly investigating the council members to ensure that hadn't fallen to the dark side. She knew most of them and was quite sure that some of them won't fall to the dark side. She had her suspicion of the cone head Jedi master but it turned out he was clean so to speak. She now turned her attention to the Jedi Master that had recently quit the order.

She had also been searching for lightsaber components for Harry's lightsaber. So far she had collected Phrik, Mandolorian iron and Cortosis alloy for the outer cover. She had also found the Solari crystal and was currently looking for 'Heart of the Guardian' and the 'Mantle of the Force.' She had a specific reason for hunting for those crystals.

For Tonks, with Optimus' help, she had removed the Soulsaber from its resting place. She believed that Tonks would be able to wield its power and not be controlled by it. She wanted to give Tonks the edge over the contemporary Sith with the help of the sabre.


The confusion and the inner conflict raging in Tonks mind, since after her possession by the spirit of Revan, cleared once she had a conversation with the spirit of Revan that Harry summoned.


Harry cloaked a small room in the Jedi temple with his power before summoning the spirit of Revan as he knew it was the only way of helping Tonks get over her worries.

"Who are you and how did you manage to summon me to the plane of the living?" Revan asked the two in front of him.

"I am Harry Potter and this is my friend Tonks. As for the part of summoning your spirit here, I have the power to do so." Harry answered.

"Friend, huh, she is more likely your lover." Revan chuckled.

Tonks just smirked back at him and commented, "you are far more observant the most Jedi of our time."

"Why did you summon?" He asked ignoring Tonks' comment.

"Tonks was possessed by a copy of Darth Revan's soul stored inside a crystal. I defeated the soul shard and forced it to move on but in the process of doing so I managed to change her affiliation for light to the dark side of the Force." Harry's explanation was cut short by Revan.

"You must be really powerful, if you were able to defeat my dark side and caused it to move on but that doesn't answer my question." Revan said.

"Why did you create the crystal?" Tonks asked.

"I know the theory behind creating the crystal but I don't remember creating it. Some of my memories during the time I was Darth Revan were lost to me due to my apprentice's betrayal and the subsequent mind wipe attempted by a few stupid member of the Jedi council behind the grandmaster's back." Revan answered surprising the two.

Harry's knowledge of history about that time period was a bit fussy but that was a very interesting titbit.

"Before your ascension, you had managed to master the dark side and not lose yourself in it. Can you tell us how you did it?" Harry asked.

"Not many know about my ascension," Revan said with a pensive look, "How did you find out about it?" He asked.

"I found out about it from my mother. You might have known her." Harry answered.

"Who is your mother?"

"Jedi Master Fay is my mother." He answered.

Revan's eyes widened hearing that piece of information. He remembered Master Fay and her strange droid. She was a powerful Jedi and was instrumental in him recovering his memories quickly.

"The dark side is very seductive, the Jedi are right about that. It can warp a person mind and complete change him to a mindless killing machine. The fact that I had Jedi training before I became a dark lord helped me control the dark side better. It also helped that I had certain goals in my mind, I knew that if I ever gave in to the dark side, I could never achieve them. My strong will also helped me." Revan explained.

He continued, "Your mother also helped me during the later stages of the Mandalorian wars when I had started to lose myself to the constant darkness of war."

Looking at Tonks, he said, "You should ask her to help you. She probably would be able to help you better than I can. I am sorry if my past caused you to suffer in any way. Some of my actions were known to have unintentional adverse effect on people. If you have any other questions or need help in some other matter then you can summon me again but I believe that I have answered your question and it's my time to return now."

Harry nodded and released Revan's spirit.

End Flashback

Tonks was happy that Fay and Harry were there to help her in her difficult time. She knew with their help and support she would overcome any situation.

When she heard that senate had decided to marginalise chancellor Valorum's power for doing the right thing and supporting the Jedi, she was angry. She felt that the republic has become corrupt and decadent. It seemed they has no interest to serve the common good.

Now she believed that the Force gave her the power of the dark side for a reason. It was to do things that were needed to be done but no Jedi would do because it was morally wrong. She needed to embrace the dark to allow the light to flourish.

Due to her talks with Fay, she knew her attachment and love for Harry would prevent her from giving into the dark side and let it control her but she needed to be careful, her love for Harry could turn into lust or obsession for him. Those two could send her over to the dark side before she could figure out what was happening.

She decided to take a page out of Revan's book, but execute her plan more smartly then he did. Creating an army and waging war to cleans and strengthen the republic was well and good but it lacked fineness and created a bigger mess than she wanted to deal with currently.

She had already sent a message to Optimus via Harry that she needed a body of a combat/ assassin/ protocol droid built to her specifications. She already had the programming codes for the droid in her head; she would run them by Optimus before programming them into the new body. She was planning to rebuild HK-47. He would have his old personality with a few twist and far more abilities than before, making him deadlier.

Along with this she needed to take up the mantle of Sith Lord, to hide her true identity, from both the Jedi order and the Sith order because they would try to hunt her down. She could take them on if she played her hand smartly and kept them chasing shadows but wasn't sure of her chances in a direct confrontation. She needed to increase her power and skill level before she could even think about direct confrontation.

She had also thought of a Sith name for herself, it was based on one of her favourite comic book characters, who played a similar role to what she was planning. She would become the 'Darth Knight'.

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