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July 9 - 1145 AM

Cornelius Fudge rarely enjoyed going to Hogwarts. Since his time there as a child, where Dumbledore was the know all and see all of the school, he had learned to detest the castle. Although he was certain that he detested it because of the old fool sitting in the Headmaster's seat.

He looked over his shoulder at his entourage and sighed. Head Auror Bones, and nearly 20 other Aurors, stood quietly behind him awaiting orders.

"Ladies and gentlemen, our purpose here is simple. We are not leaving until we have the child. Dumbledore has had three days to return Harry Potter to his legal guardians and has failed to do so. We treat the Headmaster as a child abductionist until we have further proof of Mr. Potter's whereabouts. Any questions?"

The three social workers that were attending with them set the pace up the lane, walking quietly next to the Minister. The three were rather stoned faced when it came to this sort of thing. You don't keep a child from their legal guardian, no matter the reason.

The 13 members of the Hogwarts Board of Governors, lead by Lucius Malfoy, followed stone faced at the end of the group talking amongst themselves.

Inside the school the Professors were sitting around the Staff Room conversing pleasantly. McGonagall and Flitwick were caught up in a heated challenge of Wizards Chess, while the others sat around the table playing Wizard's Spades, an offshoot of Muggle poker.

"Minnie, where is Severus?" Poppy asked softly, watching the two moving their pieces.

"I don't know. He hasn't been feeling well for a few weeks." The woman rubbed her temple. She was just as worried about the man, but she knew better than to coddle the temperamental man. He was just as bad as a colicky Pegasus.

"Don't you think we should check on him? He may be ill." Poppy sat up straight worried. "You know the child never comes to me unless he is forced."

"I know Poppy. I did check last night. He was not here. I think he has chosen to spend his summer at his family home." Minerva patted her hand and glancing to the angry Headmaster nearby.

"Why don't you write him? I am certain he will write back. Just tell him that we are worried. Even if he doesn't tell us his state of health, he will write back to tell us that his health is none of our concern." Professor Flitwick chimed in, causing the two women to smile fondly.

"I hope the poor thing is alright. He has had a rough time of it. I wish there was more that we could do for him."

"As do I, but you know Severus; no matter what, he won't let us help." The three nodded each thinking of their younger colleague.

"So, is it true that Sirius Black has returned from the Veil?" Poppy asked quietly, trying not to raise a fuss over it.

"Indeed," Minerva smiled, but glared over to where the Headmaster was brooding. "He showed up at the Order meeting a few days ago, verbally filleted Albus. Even had his house-elf forcibly removed him. Sirius was so upset he turned to the Order, asking us to vacate his home. He was livid."

"Why?" Filius asked quietly.

"I am not sure if he was delirious or what, but he accused the Headmaster of murdering not only him, but his brother and father as well. He said that Albus was the binding agent for the Potter's, and knew that Pettigrew was the traitor. Said that Albus was using his own grandson, who happened to be Sirius' mate. I hadn't even known that he was mated. I keep trying to figure out who it is, but you know Albus doesn't speak of his family. They are a well hidden secret."

Poppy stared at her wide eyed. She was flabbergasted. "Is any of it true?"

Minerva shrugged, shaking her head. "I do not know, Sirius has refused to see anyone. Only Remus is able to speak with him, but even he won't talk to anyone."

"They may have just started talking, Min." They looked up at Professor Sprout as she handed the Deputy Headmistress the morning's Daily Prophet.

"Sirius Black back from the Dead!" The Deputy began to read aloud. "On July 7th, the Wizarding World was once again shocked speechless as Lord Sirius Black, formerly known for his escape from Azkaban, death on June 18th and Minister Fudge's press announcement posthumously awarding the Order of Merlin First Class to the wrongfully accused godfather of Harry Potter, came back from beyond the Veil.

"As many readers recall, Lord Black was on the run when he came to the rescue of our Savior in the Department of Mysteries just last month." She looked up to see the rest of the Professors looking to her as she read.

"During said battle, highly decorated Aurors Tonks and Shacklebolt, both witnessed Lord Black being hit with an unknown curse, believed to be cast by his very own cousin, Bellatrix Black, before he toppled into the Veil of Death.

"During an interview with Lord Black last evening, he states, 'The Veil is not a doorway to death, but unfortunately, once someone goes through they cannot come back without the blessing of the stars. It is nearly impossible to gain that blessing. I was lucky that once I arrived on the other side of the portal I was surrounded by those who loved me and missed me. I cannot tell you much about it, but I can say that while it had only been weeks here on the mortal realm, it was years in that realm. I got to know my best friends and family again. It was amazing. On our last day there my brother, Regulus, and I were informed we would be coming back to this realm. We were only told that our Lifemate's were needed here and that we were being given a second chance to live the life that was stolen from us. I have never been so happy to see my mate, my husband, in my life. We had been separated for so long due to my wrongful imprisonment, and then by my death. It is high time that I am around to take care of him. I spoke with James and Lily Potter before we left, and I brought back a message from them, which I have already given to the Ministry of Magic under the influence of Veritaserum.'

"When this reporter asked what the message was, Lord Black only responded with, 'Let's just say what will be revealed, will shake the very foundations of our world.'

"When asked what the Lord Black intends to do now that he is back, along with his sixteen year old brother, Regulus, Lord Black smiled and winked. 'I plan on living my life. I plan on going to get my godson from his relatives family, bringing him home and having a good long cry with him. We both need it. We both deserve it after the hell we have been put through. Then, after that long cry, I am going to spoil him rotten. I just hope my husband and he get along.'

"There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Straight from the quill of Angelina Johnson, Reporter for the Daily Prophet. To read more about Lord Sirius Black, turn to page three."

Poppy had tears running down her cheeks, whilst smiling behind her hands. Filius was smiling also; although, he was smiling because he had just won the chess match. "Harry will so enjoy being with him again. Has he been alerted or is he already with Sirius?"

"The article doesn't say. I would assume he is already with him. Sirius wouldn't wait more than a day to go after the boy. He loves him too much." Minerva smiled at the picture of the newly returned Black. "I am going to go write him a letter. Maybe he will speak with me." Minerva stood and had made it to the door as it was pushed open by a nervous looking Filch.

"Beggin' pardon, professors. The Minister is here along with the Board of Governors. They insist on entering."

"Allow them entrance, Argus," Minerva spoke moving back to her seat. The professors around the room turned to watch the Minister, the Aurors, the Social Workers, and the Board of Governors enter the room.

"Dumbledore," one of the social workers stepped forward. "I am Helga Whiteley, Head of the Underage Wizards Department. I notified you three days ago that your charge, Harrison Potter was released from your custody and was to be placed with Lord Sirius Black. You were given 48 hours to bringing him to the Ministry. You have yet to bring the child. Further, you told the Minister of Magic that you personally delivered the child to the Black estate; however, a search of the premises shows that the child was never there. Where is Mr. Harrison Potter? It is time for him to be returned to his rightful guardian, as stated in the Potter Will."

"I delivered the child to Sirius Black the afternoon of the seventh. If he is missing check with him." Albus replied.

Alastor Moody stepped forward. "Albus, may I please see your wand?"

"Whatever for?" Albus drew his wand, handing it to his most trusted friend, and watched as his wand was tapped against a scroll. Alastair looked up at the man, with saddened eyes.

"Where is Potter, Albus?" He asked handing the parchment to Amelia Bones. The Minster and she looked down at it and frowned.

"The last I saw him, he was with his godfather, three days ago."

"Kingsley. Tonks. I am placing Headmaster Dumbledore under arrest, charged with use of an Unforgivable on a Muggle and child abduction." Madame Bones spoke softly.

Kingsley stepped forward quietly. "I am sorry Albus, but you will need to come with me."

"Of course," Tonks frowned as she clasped the magic dampening shackles on the older man's wrists. Together the two escorted the Headmaster from the room.

"Deputy Headmistress McGonagall," the Board of Governors stepped forward while Moody issued instructions to the remaining Aurors to searched the castle. "I trust we can count on you to step into the Headmaster's shoes until such a time as this is cleared up."

She looked at the Chairman and nodded. "Yes, of course. If I may ask, Madame Bones; what is going on?"

The woman sighed sadly. "Harrison Potter was declared missing by his aunt, Petunia Dursley, on the afternoon of the seventh. She testified under influence of Veritaserum that he had gone camping in the nearby wood the night before. He was supposed to return before breakfast the next morning. He never came home.

"Lord Black and a few of his friends arrived at her home about noon and found her distraught and suffering from the aftereffects of the Cruciatus Curse. They went to search for the boy where she told them to look; however, when Remus Lupin and Regulus Black found the campsite, it was completely destroyed. There looked to be a struggle of some sort, and Potter was gone."

"No," Poppy gasped.

"The gentlemen helped remove Mrs. Dursley from her home, and took her to a safe house. Lupin and Regulus Black alerted Aurors who came and conducted a strict investigation into the magic in and around the house. This was where we discovered a great deal of blood and muggle semen in an upper bedroom, and the magical residue of the Cruciatus Curse. At the campsite, we found three magical signatures. One belonged to Mr. Potter, one to Headmaster Dumbledore and another unknown person.

"Furthermore, later that day, Headmaster Dumbledore was at the Ministry and informed the Minister that Potter had already been returned to Lord Black so no Aurors or caseworkers were needed to transport the child. Therefore, we believed that everything was taken care of so we dropped the search for the boy.

"Lord Black came to the Ministry this morning looking for his godson, which is when we found out that the boy was never taken to him. Harrison Potter is still missing. Lord Black is threatening suit if we do not find his godson within the next day."

The Professors around the room stared in shock at the woman. "Is there anything we can do to help?"

"Unfortunately, I cannot permit you to aid us. If one of you were to be found with knowledge of the boy's location, even through research, you could be considered an accessory after the fact." Several nodded understanding the position. "Just remain here, Aurors will be searching the school extensively, as well as three posted here round the clock in case he turns up."

"Of course," they watched the Aurors depart the room.

"Madame Pomfrey, we received word from Lord Black and Mrs. Dursley that Harrison Potter was severely abused at home by his uncle and cousin." One of the governors asked softly. "Did you see any signs of this?"

"Yes," Poppy stood, wringing her hands. "I followed proper procedure. I made a report for his file, as well as sent a report to the Headmaster. After that I didn't worry about it. I trusted the Headmaster to report it to appropriate officials as outlined in the by-laws."

"We will need to see the child's files along with any other files of the children that you believed to be abused during the time Dumbledore was Headmaster."

"Minerva," Poppy looked at her shaking her head. "I didn't know he wasn't helping them. I didn't know." The woman looked utterly terrified.

"Now, hush," McGonagall pulled her close and patted her hands. "Don't you worry about it. I am sure the governors understand you were not at fault."

"Indeed, we do, Madame Pomfrey which is why the governors will be reviewing the by-laws to amend treatment of abused children." Lucius Malfoy spoke up. "In the meantime, please send is copies of your files."

"Yes, Sir." The Professors watched the group of men leave before they sat around the table staring at their respective drinks.

~~~~~Fenrir's Mate~~~~~

Lucius Malfoy smiled and whistled a happy tune as he swiftly walked up the lane to the massive castle. He had left the other governors only moments before at the gates of Hogwarts. They had agreed to gather over the weekend at his Manor to review whatever files were sent to them and after reviewing the files, and questioning the parents or abused children they would decide the punishment.

Just inside the door of the castle he nodded to several others as his cloak and gloves were handed to a house-elf.

"Master be in his Study, Lord Malfoy. He no wish to be disturbed." The elf spoke quietly.

"He is going to have to be. I have important information for him that is of an urgent nature." Malfoy spoke as he began to climb the steps. At the top of the steps he stopped in front of the double doors, knocked and waited.

"Enter!" Lucius gulped. Someone was obviously in a bad mood, but he entered quietly, and fell to his knees, head lowered in respect. "What brings you, Lucius? Why test my anger today? I am not in the best of moods."

"My apologies, my Lord. I would never think of bothering you if it were not for the fact I bring news you would wish to know."

"It better be good. It had better be accurate." The red-glowing eyes narrowed on the man at his feet. "Speak."

"It is difficult to find a place to begin, my Lord."

"How about the beginning?" The man sneered, fingering his yew wand.

"Yes, my Lord." Lucius opened his briefcase and pulled out his case book for Black.

"I received a visit from Sirius Black and Severus early this morning. My firm had barely opened when they walked into the office."

"What pray did Severus and Black wish?"

"They have hired me to build a lawsuit case against Dumbledore, as well as the Ministry of Magic, as it regards to: Black's false imprisonment; the deaths of Lily and James Potter; the death of Orion and Regulus Black; child endangerment, child abduction. These charges only name a few. Furthermore, they are Lifemates, and have been mated since they were in Hogwarts."

Red eyes flashed in anger. "I was not aware Severus had a creature inheritance."

"He does not talk about it, my Lord; but he is half vampire. The Black males are Incubi."

"Most interesting." The man spoke staring at the wall, his hands clasped and fingers tapping his lips. "What else?"

"Black claims that while he was beyond the Veil, he spoke with Lily Potter, who in turn informed him that she was not a muggleborn. She was a pureblood witch."

"Who were her parents?" Lucius gulped and lifted the duplicated note.

"This is a letter she had written to her son, Harrison, prior to their deaths. I will skip over the niceties and read the pertinent information. It reads: 'My little one, I need you to know this, as I have been forced to live a lie my whole life. Many will have told you that I am a muggleborn, I am not. I am a pureblood, who has been muggle raised.

"'My birth is quite strange really. You see I was not born Lily Evans. I was born and named Lilith on January 9th, 1960. I share my birthday with my half-brother. You see my mother is a vampire, and conceived two children at the same time, by two different men. My brother was legitimate, but I was conceived through a contract.

"'Please do not be angry with me. No one knows the truth. I have told no one this, besides my beloved James, as it would bring my death should the wrong person find out.

"'My dearest little boy, I love you so much. This is hard for me to speak of. My mother is Eileen Sapphira Snape, née Prince. She is married to a horrid man named Tobias Snape, who is rather abusive and selfish. He forced my mother to give me away, so I went to live with the Evans family. She had been told that I was stillborn, and after I confronted her, I obliviated the memory of our conversation from her. She was too upset and she begged that I do so. She told me that my Father's name is Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. I do not know if he is still alive. I have searched all over for him, but I have never found him.

"'If you are attending Hogwarts you have already met your Uncle Severus. I leave it to you, if you wish to share this with him. Sev and I have always had a special bond, and for years before I discovered the truth about my lineage, I was desperately in love with him. Now I know why, he was my twin. We shared the same womb, we shared everything. We were the best of friends. If I am no longer with you, I hope you can find comfort with him."

Lucius looked up at the shocked look on the Dark Lord's face and handed over the letter. He looked back to the floor when he noticed the man's hands were shaking.

"Lucius," the man spoke quietly after a long moment.

"My Lord?"

"When I dismiss you, go to the house in Godric's Hollow. Find something of hers and bring it to me. I need to check this myself. Where is Severus?"

"I believe he is with his mate, my Lord." He dutifully pulled his sleeve up and lifted his arm for the man to touch his Dark Mark. He felt a slight tingle as the man's fingers fanned his skin.

Nearly ten minutes of tense silence later, there was a soft hesitant knock on the office door.

"Enter, Severus." Lucius looked up from his place at the feet if the man to watch his best friend enter the office and approach cautiously before kneeling.

"My Lord, you called?"

"I did, yes. How is your mate holding up? Is he well?"

Both watched the dark man pale. "S...Sirius is fine, my Lord. He is spending the day shopping for his Manor."

Voldemort stood and paced around the kneeling man, trailing his wand against the man's pale cheek. Severus yelped as the wand jabbed into the man's neck painfully, as he head was yanked back painfully. "How is it, Severus, that I have never heard of your mating before today? Never heard of your Inheritance before today?"

"My Lord please, let me explain," Severus begged, panicking.

"Make it quick, Severus. I am not in the mood to play today."

"We mated in secret because of our parents. My father would never allow me to be with him because he was a Gryffindor. We decided to mate in secret and never tell anyone about us. We were planning on revealing it this week, my Lord. I swear."

"Why did I not know of you vampire status?"

"Father said if I told anyone about my inheritance that he would hurt Mother. I had to protect her." Severus lowered his head when it was released and stared at the floor.

"So, you kept this all from me? You purposely withheld information from me?" The dark man nodded, shivering lightly. "It leads me to wonder what else you are holding back. Look at me."

Severus looked up and immediately he felt the Dark Lord's mind slam into his. It was painful and he cried out, nearly falling over but a spell kept him in place, kept him from breaking eye contact.

Lucius watched as his friend's mind was ripped apart for answers. The dominant veela in him wanted nothing more than to help his friend, his blood-brother. He knew it was painful, he had it happen to him several times. His chest hurt watching his friend go through this.

When the assault ended Severus was laying on the ground sobbing. Lucius looked to his friend and back to his Lord wanting to help his friend. In the instant after Severus was released, Lucius saw the Dark Lord's eyes soften and face become softer.

"Severus come," the man sobbed as Lucius helped him to his knees and moved forward. The Dark Lord pulled him against his knees and allowed him to cry into his lap. "Never keep anything from me again Severus." The vampire nodded, sobbing.

"Lucius your arm again, please." Lucius nodded and lifted his arm, shivering at the erotic tingle of the Dark Lord's magic touching his own.

Lucius didn't take his eyes off his best friend. He had always been Severus' shoulder to cry on, especially when Sev needed it. He had never seen his friend lose it like this, especially in front of the Dark Lord. Even when Black had been imprisoned, or killed, his friend had never reacted like this. He was every ounce the submissive creature he was born as.

"There is no shame in tears, child." The Dark Lord spoke, caressing ink black locks of hair. "There is no shame in showing weakness. It is not in your nature to be strong. You were born to lean on your mate, on your dominants and draw strength from them. There is no weakness here."

They all looked over at the knock on the door and Voldemort waved his hand. The door slammed open surprising a man and woman standing outside.

"My Lord, you wished to see us?" The man entered proudly, before bowing. The woman entered a step behind the man, instantly alert at the man crying into the Dark Lord's lap. The Dark Lord and Lucius saw the instant wish to come to the man, but also saw the fear of the man next to her.

"Yes, Severus, go to Luc." The blonde reached for his friend and pulled him in tight against his side." The man looked to the man sobbing against the blonde and sneered at him before looking to the Dark Lord again.

Lord Tobias Snape was tall, with black hair shot liberally with silver. A clipped, greying beard graced his face, softening the sharp angles, and he had deep set, black eyes. He was dressed in rich velvet robes and carried a cane much like the snake cane Malfoy carried, but the way he held it made a person think he used it as a weapon rather than a prop. He was the picture of cool indifference.

"Eileen, my dear, please sit here." Voldemort stood from his chair, and guided the woman to sit in the vacated seat. "Eileen, do not be afraid to comfort your son. He has been through some very traumatic experiences." Eileen nodded and reached for her son and immediately, he was kneeling at her feet his face in her lap, his arms clenched around her waist while he cried. She stroked his hair, while Lucius rubbed his back.

"Tobias Snape," Voldemort spoke menacingly while watching the two comforting the man. He had yet to turn around, but he fingered his wand. "Do you know why I called you to me this evening?

"No, my Lord. I haven't the foggiest idea."

"Normally, I could care less about my Death Eater's home lives. In fact, I often think, a strict hand is needed in some instances. However," the man turned around, red eyes piercing the man, "what I shall never condone is child abuse; especially, when the child being beaten and raped is my step-son." Voldemort heard the woman behind him gasp, and the sobs became louder. Voldemort glanced over at the vampiress while she stared in shock from her husband to her son, then back again. "Nor do I condone the betrayal you have shown me."

"I have never betrayed you, my Lord. I would rather die than betray you." The man spoke, emphatically.

"Oh, you see but you did. Where is my daughter, Tobias?" The woman behind his gasped again.

"Daughter, my Lord?"

"Yes," he moved around behind the man. "Where is my daughter? Your wife agreed to carry my child. You lead me to believe my child was stillborn. Yet here I am enjoying my day when Lucius comes to tell me that my little girl was raised as a muggle, married, had my grandson and is now deceased! Crucio!" Lucius had smirked at how the Dark Lord had gone from quiet to screaming at the man before cursing him. The blonde looked up to the vampiress, and offered his handkerchief at seeing the tears falling down her cheeks.

The man rolled around screaming harshly, as Voldemort squatted down, sneering at him. "You lied to me. You refused me my heir, what do you think I should do with you?"

Voldemort released the spell and crouched down next to the panting man. "Do you remember what I do to traitors, Tobias?"

The man didn't say a word before Voldemort took a seat next to the woman. "Eileen, are you alright?"

"I hardly know, my Lord. My son...my daughter...now my grandson...I don't know." Voldemort nodded and offered his wand to her.

"Take it. Take your revenge." Lucius took Severus in his arms, stroking his back while he sobbed. The three men watched as the woman took the wand gently and stood, moving in front of the man kneeling on the floor.

"Our son...how could you? Why? I need to know."

The man sniffed and tossed his hair from his face. "Because the boy is a weakling. Nothing better than a whore. I showed him his place." She pointed the wand at him shaking.

"My daughter?"

"I won't have it said that my wife was a slut and spread her legs for a half-breed." Voldemort sneered, clenching his hand on the arm of his chair.

"I am a half-breed, you ignorant fool. You were never my Lifemate, but I loved you with everything I had. You are a sick, manipulative ass, and I wish I had never listened to my Father. I should have searched for my Lifemate. I will rectify that as soon as you die." The man growled and reached for his wand but he was to slow. The woman launched herself behind him and sank her teeth into his jugular. Feeding. She turned looking into her son's eyes, while the man tried to pry her off of his back. She only increased her hold and drank deep. Her son's sobs died down until silent tears fell from his eyes and trailed down his cheeks.

Listening to her husband's heartbeat, she drank another moment before releasing her bite and snapping the man's neck. The man fell forward on the floor, dead.

Voldemort smirked, before looking to the two men. "Take him home to his mate. Eileen and I shall deliver the body to the appropriate place. Do not forget your orders, Luc."

"Yes, my Lord. Black also wished me to ask for a meeting. He gave me his directions."

"I already saw your conversation with Black through Severus. I shall think on it." Lucius nodded stood and disappeared with his friend, before Voldemort looked to the woman standing there staring down at the body.

"Were you serious?" She looked up. "When you said that you would be with your Lifemate, were you serious?" He stood and moved over, standing in front of her.

The woman looked down at her feet, and handing the wand back reverently. "Yes."

~~~~~Fenrir's Mate~~~~~

Fenrir's Den

Harrison would venture out far enough to see the television when Fenrir was watching it; but as soon as the man moved, the teen would tense and it would take him several minutes to relax. Fenrir had become used to the teen staring at him. He had spent his every moment at home irrelevant of his duties and each day the teen would wander down a few steps but at the slightest movement he would tense in fear of being hurt.

This afternoon he had made it all the way down the steps and into the kitchen before he started tensing and finding himself with his back to the corner in the kitchen.

That was fine, because from where he stood he could see Fenrir outside working with what looking like a chisel and mallet. He looked to be making something out of a tree stump. Another man was with him and they were both bare chested working the wood.

Harrison sat in the corner watching for what seemed like hours, until the sun was high. He had watched the two and had smiled when a young girl brought up a tray full of food for the two men.

"My guest is in the kitchen watching us and I don't want him frightened. Just leave the tray just inside the door and then come back. He will get it when he knows you are far enough away not to attack him."

"Okay, Uncle Fen," Harrison held his breath as the girl walked up the steps and sat the tray down on the table just inside the door. Harrison watched her, as she did so. "Hi, I hope you like Chicken and Dumpling with cornbread. It's my Mum's specialty."

"Thanks," he said softly. "Y...your mum c...cooks all th...the meals?"

"Yes," she smiled and sat outside the door. "My name is Gina. What's yours?"

"Cub," she tilted her head.

"Can you do magic?"

"Yes," his relaxed a bit and looked down at his stuffed toy he had in his arms. "You?"

"Yes, Mum teaches me all kinds of things. What is your favorite type of magic?"

"Potions," he looked back around the corner at where she sat, then glanced to the two men watching her where she sat.

"My uncle, from my Papa's side, he teaches potions down in the village. He is pretty good. Mine is Charms. I can do all kinds of things. You want me to levitate your tray to the table near you? You can sit and eat. I can stay here."

"Please, I am hungry." She lifted her wand and he watched the tray lift gently before hovering through the air and lowering next to him. "Thank you." He said slowly moving to table and sitting, keeping his eyes on her.

"Welcome," she looked back to her uncle and Father sitting eating and watching her. "My mum is curious about you. Never has Uncle Fen kept a guest all to himself."

"He rescued me." He said before taking a bite of food.

"Alpha is good at that. He rescues lots of people, and brings them to the packs. They become family eventually." She smiled.

"He gave me me Lami."

"Lami?" Harrison lifted the stuffed toy and sat it where she could see it. "Awe, he is so cute."

"He keeps me safe." She smiled. "What are they building?"

"Oh, Alpha's brother attacked and bit a group of children. Five total. The oldest he doesn't want to split the young children up after just losing their parents so the dominants are all pitching in to help build their den for them. Papa and Uncle Fen are making the bed frames, tables and benches. If you come closer to the doorway, you can hear the men down in the village working."

"That is nice of them."

"Gina," she looked over to her uncle and father standing at the bottom of the steps. "We must go down to the village for a bit. Will you stay with Cub?"

"Of course, Uncle Fen."

"I already have your Father's promise. I need yours. No matter who asks you, you are forbidden from telling anyone anything about Cub. Do you promise?"

"Yes, Alpha. I promise I won't tell anyone about him." He nodded and nudged her inside the door.

"Cub, I will leave you here with Gina. If you are not up to staying with her, don't be afraid to go to your room if you need to."

"Yes, Sir."

Fenrir nodded and closed the door. Gina moved slowly and hopped up on the counter.

He looked up at her and smiled a little. "I...um...I get uncomfortable with people really close to me." He nibbled on his lip a little bit, while she watched him.

"That is okay. How are you holding up? Mum said that you needed to heal, so she has kept us all home, so we won't frighten you."

He looked at the gypsy looking girl and nodded. "I love being near people, but I have been hurt so much that I have problems with letting my guard down. That was always when…," he shrugged.

"No worries. So, you are not werewolf obviously. Does that mean you attend Hogwarts?" He smiled slightly and nodded. "Oh, cool. Will you tell me about it? I have always wanted to go, but Mum and Dad won't let me. They say that the Wizards would want to brand me. I saw Teacher Rhys branding, it looked like it hurt."

"Hogwarts is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is a huge castle with towers and spires." She rested her head back against the cabinet and smiled listening to him. "The first time you go to Hogwarts you ride in small boats across the lake, and it is dark. The entire castle is lit up. It so beautiful. It sits on a bunch of cliffs above the lake, and around the cliff is an enchanted forest. I have personally seen unicorns, hippogryphs, centaurs, thestrals, even huge spiders."

"Have you ever rode on a unicorn?"

"I can't." She looked at him, assessing him. "Unicorns only let clean, pure students near them. I know they won't let me ride on them."

"If I may ask, why not?"

"I don't really want to talk about it."

They sat together for another three hours talking about Hogwarts, the village down the hill, about their hobbies. When the sun left the sky, she stood and walked to the door.

"I had fun talking to you, Cub. Maybe Uncle Fen will let me visit again?"

"Yeah, maybe. Um...th...thanks for not pressing earlier, when I said I didn't want to talk about it."

She turned the handle on the door and smiled as she stepped out. "I understand how it is. Romeny and Fiona aren't really my parents, but they took me when I thought no one else would want me. They saw past what I had been forced to do, and they helped me heal. If you let him, Uncle Fen will help you too."

He nodded, chewing on his lips.

"And Cub, I am pretty certain the unicorns still see you as clean and innocent, and pure. They still come near me, and I was sold by my own Father when I was five. I lived that life until I was nine and came here. They let me ride them all the time." She turned, closed the door behind her and walked down the path to the village.

He sat in the kitchen thinking about her parting words for what seemed like hours. He moved to the door, and was surprised when the door opened for him.

Stepping outside he moved to the base of the steps and sat, staring up at the stars above him. He sat there for what seemed like hours, until he saw a large figure walking up from the village. The man was about five feet away when he spoke.

"If you didn't…, bite Papa. Who did?"

Fenrir looked up from his study of the ground and smiled at seeing him. "Hey, you alright?"

"Yes. Am I in trouble for being outside? I promise I didn't go no further than this spot." Fenrir smirked and sat on the ground in front of him.

"You are fine. Did you have fun with Gina?" He asked as he summoned some warm cocoa for them both.

"Yes, Sir." The teen sniffed and looked up slightly. "W...Who...bit my Papa?"

"The man who bit your Papa is named Felsus. He is my twin brother. That is why I am always mistaken for him. In fact, he purposely uses my name in his lack of control." He waited silently as the teen absorbed that news.

"The other day...you...you scared me." He shifted, pulling the stuffed toy into his lap.

"I know, and I am sorry." Fenrir took one of the boy's hands gently and frowned at how cold they were. He gave the teen every opportunity to yank them back. He marveled at the difference in sizes. His mate's hands were so small and feminine looking, but covered in rough calluses. His larger firm hands engulfed the teens. "I have a tendency to become angry when it comes to my twin."

"How...ho...how come…," Fenrir watched the boy take a deep breath and let it out. "How come I am not scared of you? My head tells me to be, but for some reason I can feel...something. Here," he pointed to his chest, "it is really warm and comforting. It wasn't there before."

"Because deep down, your mind knows that I will not harm you in any way. You are terrified now, because you are in a new place, with a new acquaintance, and due to that fat muggle's actions you are leery of both. I cannot blame you. That is why I am trying to help you. I want to help you. As to the feeling, I don't know what it is."

"Why? Why would you help me? I am no one. I am nothing." Emerald green eyes landed on his face and he gasped losing himself in the depths of those gorgeous eyes.

"You are pack, through your Papa. Pack takes care of our own." He smiled when the boy started nibbling on his lip again. "If you would like, I will finish my explanation from the other night."

The teen nodded relaxing slightly against the wall while the large man laid down on his side, his hands where the teen could see them.

"I have tried for years to get Remus to pay more attention to his guide. He never wants to listen to me. He sees me and he attempts to curse me, thinking me responsible for his turning. He doesn't trust what his senses are telling him, other than I am an exact replica of the man who brutally attacked him. The truth is, the reason the wolf is able to take control as much as it does during the full moons, is because Remus believes the wolf and he are separate identities. They are, but then again they are not.

"The word werewolf is thought to derive from Old English wer, or were, and wulf. The first part, wer, translates as 'man'. Just as the word werewolf is one, there is no man, there is no wolf. They are one. Remus doesn't understand that, and because he doesn't understand that and fights what he is, he has aged considerably. If he actually listened to his guide and did what the wolf said, he would have ended up looking every bit the dominant he can become."

"Papa, doesn't want to hurt people." Harrison protested. "He does not wish for the carnage and bloodshed that he feels with his wolf."

"If he accepted himself for what he is, he would not. He has listened to too many of the books and lectures written by wizards. The daoine ghealach are not the creatures of violence the world betrays us as. We are not the bad guys, no matter how many children's stories and muggle horror films say so. If Remus actually listened to his guide, he will be able to control his form just like I do when you are afraid."

Harrison listened while the man spoke, wiping tears from his cheeks. "What is 'daoine ghealach'?"

"The daoine ghealach are what we werewolves call our society. Translated into English it means 'moon people'. The daoine ghealach, there are four grúpa, or social classes within our world." Harrison cocked his head sideways.

"One grúpa are the wolves like your Papa, who chose to live amongst Muggles and Wizards, trying to blend in as much as possible with those around them. That is all good and fine. They are not held accountable for their wish to feel normal.

"The second are the wolves that fight against the restrictions with every fiber of their bodies, trying to gain rights within the magical government."

"There are more?" His mate asked cautiously. "I have only heard of the two you described."

"The third is called by the majority of our society pacáistí, or packs. I am one of six Head Alpha of this group. We remain hidden from the wizarding and Muggle worlds. We live in the forests building villages that magical members of the pack make Unplottable to all but werewolves. We are friendly enough, but fiercely protective of our teaghleagh, our families.

"The fourth is the group my brother belongs to. They are the alltud."

"Alltud?" Harrison asked.

"Alltud means exile. It means that they are exiled from the packs. We werewolves are proud of our humanity, our society. We call ourselves the Daione Ghealach and to be alltud is to lose your status amongst us. In short Felsus and his followers are exiled from their people."

"To the Ministry of Magic the four groups are lumped all together in the category of werewolves." Harry said, quietly. "They don't consider them four. They treat all werewolves the same."

"Very true."

Harrison grimaced, "That's not fair."

"It is not, but any attempt by Lycan Sraith to change how we are treated has fallen through. To the Ministry we are nothing but blood thirsty killers."

"Is that why you support Voldemort?"

"Somewhat. He does treat his people a good deal better. The Dark Lord promises the Daoine Ghaelach our rights restored to us, and our structure and laws honored."

"How do you know he isn't just saying he will help you? How do you know he will follow through?" The teen turned his head slightly, sniffling.

"I have a signed Magical Contract from the Dark Lord. Unless he is purposely trying to lose his magic, I am certain we can trust him. I support him."

"Oh." Harrison murmured, looking about the room. "Papa never told me any of this."

He eased forward slowly and took a small hand in his own. "Remus does not even know. I have attempted to contact him, and he has never given me the chance to explain. I am hoping that you will allow me to use you a bit, as leverage, to get him to listen to me. Is that alright? I won't if you don't want me to."

"You aren't going to hurt him, are you?" The teen asked slightly afraid.

"No. I promise I will not hurt him." He lifted a hand slowly and gently stroked the teen's hair back from his face. "I am glad that I rescued you. You are safe here. Not even the Dark Lord knows that you are here in the Lycan lands. I will not place you in danger."

Harrison looked at the man's face for a few moments confused, before licking his lips. "You...you don't mean to...to rape me? You aren't going to fuck me?"

Fenrir shook his head, "No. I am not going to touch you that way. I am going to help you heal. You are pack, and pack takes care of our own."

"I was...um...hoping I could take a shower, but I don't have any clean clothes."

Fenrir smiled, quite used to the changes of the teen's mood already. "I laid out some toiletries for you this morning, and a pair of pajama bottoms in the closet. I will need your sizes to collect some clothes for you from London, while I am out tomorrow."

He nodded.

"Now, I don't wish to upset you. You will have to tell me what you prefer me to call you. I realize you may not react well to certain words. So you tell me what you want me to call you."

"Cub is fine."

"Very well, go take your shower then, Cub." Harrison stood and moved to the door, keeping his eyes peeled for the man's movements.

"Fenrir," the man looked to him as he stood against the door frame. "I am sorry for upsetting you the other day. I didn't mean to." The teen darted from the kitchen before the larger man could say anything, but it did not prevent the smile.

~~~~~Fenrir's Mate~~~~~

High in a long forgotten tower room a woman stood in the center of a fire circle, staring into a glass ball. Inside the ball, she saw two futures. One of destruction. One of peace, love and freedom. Neither were fixed, as they hadn't been fixed for nearly fifteen years. Fifteen years of darkness, persecution and danger was enough for anyone to hope and prayer for peace.

The woman turned away from the crystal ball and looked into the book on the pedestal next to her. Picking up her quill, she bit her lower lip reading over Merlin's last two prophecies. Given on his deathbed, she had watched and waited for centuries for this moment in time.

Brothers, born in Black, doused in lies, shall return. Reborn by the pureness of an innocent's pain, and re-united with long mourning mates, the four together shall alert the world of the wrongs of the past. The Knights fight for a new cause. Races long persecuted rally. United under one banner, for freedom, they prevail. However, a word of caution. Should the son, the cub of the four fathers be broken, they will fail; and the races will fall into persecution. A persecution of which has never been seen or ever shall be seen again. With the death of the races, all is lost.

The silver-white eyes looked to the next page and sighed, stroking the words.

The cub of the four fathers has come. Born as the moon descends from the lion, born of a sprite and Fae, under the hold of fake destiny. The cub will know great loss, great pain; such unspeakable tortures to have been done to one so young. Outside the cub is strong and whole, a false facade forced to the surface. Inside he hides; and as he hides, his will bends.

The Great Wolf shall watch and save. He will learn of life, of home, of pack. He will learn of trust and heal. He will learn to love.

If his love be denied, the cub will perish, and the Great Wolf will fall. Blood will fill the lakes and rivers of the land. All will be lost. However, if love is shown, through willing sacrifice, the Great Wolf shall stand and the Dhaoradh brother shall fall.

The woman looked back to the crystal ball and sighed. The time was now. Her Master's prophesies were come to fruition. She cursed herself. Why did she ever promise her Father not to go to them. Sighing, she looked over her shoulder where her Father sat watching her from his portrait.

"What do you see, little kit?" She turned to him, running her hand through her hair.

"The time of the prophecies is now. It is already set in motion."

"What of the cub? Have you seen him?" He asked leaning forward in his chair.

"Yes, I have seen him. I have spoken to him, touched him." Merlin nodded from his portrait. "Father," the man looked at her. "I am scared. He is so hurt, so scared."

"I know, kitten. You have to be brave. You have to think positively." She nodded and closed her circle. Moving to a side table, she took up her large glasses that magnified her eyes to several times their natural size. She draped the gauzy shawls about her. "You look ridiculous, kit."

The woman looked at the portrait. "I know. But it keeps all those snot-nosed little ankle biters thinking that I am harmless."

The man in the portrait started laughing like a loon as the woman left the room with a smirk on her face.

wer + wulf - werewolf

daoine ghealach - (Irish) moon people

grúpa - (Irish[lit. trans. group]) social classes

pacáistí - (Irish) packs

teaghleagh - (Irish) family

alltud - (Welsh) exile

Lycan Sraith - (Irish) Werewolf League

Dhaoradh - (Irish) condemned

cariad - love

tutela - guardian

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