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Dear Marcus,

Not a lot has happened since I last saw you in Seattle. In fact, I daresay things have been relatively dull, of course Edward assures me dull is good.

I recently finished my first year of college and though I hardly noticed as time flew by, I am choosing to recognize this small feat as I would have had I still been human. Edward and I are taking the summer off to travel Europe, Alice assures me that when you get this letter, we would be arriving in Italy. I hope you'll forgive my reservations in coming to you. I however wish you to come visit. We'll be staying at Hotel Brunelleschi.

On a side note, I hope you are enjoying your Franklin tree, I though an avid horticulturist like yourself might appreciate it. I couldn't think of more fitting "Thank you" for the first editions you sent me, marking my birthday.

It truly has been to long for I have missed you. Hope to see you soon.


Isa Cullen.

I smiled and traced the tip of my finger along the little swan at the corner of the page. Bella Cullen was truly remarkable. I saw a lot of my Didiyme in her. I truly believe she was a manifestation of the child Didi and I would have had.

"Anything Interesting?" My Brother, Aro, asked.

"Isabella Cullen" I stated. "She writes to inform me on how well the University has been treating her."

"I don't see why you concern yourself with such mundane information" Caius spoke, his voice coated with disdain.

"It excites her" I said to him sternly and a little dismissive "I do care for the child, and as such, I empathize."

He must have sensed something in my tone because he was quiet for the next few seconds.

"I would be out for most of the night" I informed them as I exited. "I'll be taking Afton with me"

It took me a little while longer to get to Isa's hotel because I had to lose my unwanted shadow, Jane. I asked for Afton, because he was one of the few who did not truly worship the ground my brother walked on and he doesn't like to hover while he protects you.

Isa was the first face I saw walking into the hotel, I was sure her mate had sensed my thoughts as I approached.

"Marcus" she whispered before giving me a hug. I smiled and stroked her back once before she let me go.

"Any plans for the evening?" I asked, I was hoping she didn't cause I wanted to show her my museum. I know Isa loved to soak up knowledge and she could really love this.

"Wonderful Idea" Edward said

"What?" Isa asked looking a little lost and a little anticipation. I don't care what she says, I think she enjoys a little surprise once in a while.

"Patience" I told her with a smile "It's a surprise"

Just as I predicted Isa loved the museum. we spent the rest of the day absorbing the rich history of Italy. I can't remember a time in the last few years when I felt more content.

Where have you been?" Aro's voice met my ears as I walked through the gates.

"Isabella Cullen was in town; I went for a visit" I said to him

"All day?" Caius asked

"Calm down, we didn't have any appointments so I used my time as I saw fit" I chastised him "After all Aro and yourself often leave the grounds and I don't breathe down your neck"

"we were just worried" Aro said to me "you've never been out this long"

"I also have never had someone I care for call on me" I said "Taking Isabella sightseeing has never been crime. I would touch you but I'd like to keep these memories private, for now at least. Why don't you verify with Jane, I believe you asked her to trail me?"

"Why do you care for this Cullen girl?" Aro asked like he was trying so hard to solve a puzzle.

"How can you not see so much of your sister in her?" I question "So full of life and love, you begin to question if the world is truly damned for it produced her. She gets pleasure from the simplest things, makes you want to see the world through her eyes. She is the perfect mixture of childlike wonder and age old wisdom. Why do I care for her you ask? How could you not. Bella Cullen is a force to reckon with for her soul is truly timeless."