Author's Notes and Disclaimer Alright, listen up. None of these characters are mine. They're all Squaresoft's. If they were mine I'd be rich right now. But they aren't. Neither is the game show concept. Ain't mine either. I'm poor like that. Now, as for the way the characters and the game show will act: Most of the time the characters won't behave in the way they are "supposed" to. I hate none of these characters, rather I love them all. But I made people the way they are for the sake of "comedy." Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes they will act like they are supposed to, but again, for the sake of "comedy." So don't hate me too much. Now, I hope y'all enjoy my little story. It's my first one. And if you don't like it, go suck on an egg. Now some things may be off in this story. A lot. So if something about the game show or something mentioned from the games are a bit off, so sue me. I haven't watched the show nor played any on the games for a while. If this were a Kingdom Hearts fic, that would be a different story. But it isn't. So it's not. So forward hoes! I hoped y'all enjoyed Chapter 0, really chapter 1, but chapter 0 nonetheless. So read, enjoy, and if y'all like, be nice and review. If not I'll hate you all. And I won't write anymore. But maybe after reading this none of you will ever want to read anything I write. Anyway, whatever. Oh, and it ain't my fault if y'all lose some IQ points reading this. Y'all were forewarned. right now. So yeah. GO!