"No way Monica-" John said, walking straight up to her. "Who was it?"



"And it doesn't really matter, don't worry about it-" She looked up at him. John watched her carefully, kneeling down in front of her as she sat on the bed.

"Tell me."

"It's Shea."

"He floating around somewhere else now?" John asked, trying to make a joke. Monica smiled momentarily.

"No. We're related."


"Scully ran his DNA opposite mine. It's, well, similar."

"How related are you?"

"Scully thinks maybe uncle."

"Oh wow."

"He must have found out years ago-"

"Do you want to pursue it?"

"I don't know."

"You have no idea about your parents, right?" She shook her head.


"You never wondered?"

"I guess, when I was younger I did, but not for a long time."

"Well does he have brothers or sisters?"

"Um, Scully says Shea had two brothers, and that one of them is dead. She didn't say when or how." They paused. "Would you want to know?"

"I dunno. Perhaps."

"I don't think I do." John nodded as he saw her eyes start to gather tears. "Does that make me...a bad person, do you think?" John shook his head.

"Of course not," he replied, smiling. "You know who you are, that's enough." Monica nodded, reaching out and hugging him. John hugged her back. "And you can always go back to it if one day you change your mind." He heard her sniffle and pulled back.

"Thankyou," she replied.

"Absolutely not a problem." He paused. "You wanna go for a walk?" Monica laughed.

"Where? It's after midnight."

"I don't know. It's a nice night." She got off the bed and grabbed her bag as Doggett threw his shirt back on. They were half way out the door as the phone rang. John grabbed Monica's hand and almost pulled her out.

"Ignore it." Monica groaned. She really liked that he had her hand held to tightly, but she also really needed to get that phone call. The machine got it -

"This is Monica Reyes. I can't come to the phone but leave your name and number and I'll get back to you" - BEEP -

"Agent Reyes," It was Skinner. "We need you and Doggett on a plane ASAP. Call me back and I'll get you the details." Monica looked over at John and they hesitated.

"You were at my place the whole night, and never got the message."

"The whole night?" Monica asked. John shrugged, smiling.

"You fell asleep on the couch." Monica grinned.

"Ahh, and so when Skinner calls your place-"

"I hit the delete button by mistake before I heard who it was. Woops."

"John!" Monica smirked. He shrugged.

"Come on, we need a break, if only for one night. We'll get on that plane first thing tomorrow morning." They locked Monica's door and walked hand in hand down and around the block a couple of times, enjoying the night air.

"You think the blind institute will pick up Shea's research?"

"I have no doubt they'll check it out. It's definitely a start. Protected you, didn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Why do you think you could see but no one else but?"

"Maybe I couldn't see you," Monica replied thoughtfully. "Maybe I only wanted to see you."


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