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Gwaine knocked on the door, pushing his way in without waiting for an invitation.
"Merlin! I've come to take you away for some relaxation!" He announced with a wide grin, watching the door to the back room swing open.

"I'm afraid Merlin isn't here, Sir Gwaine. The king has him drawing a bath," an aged voice answered, it's owner coming down the steps with a bundle of dried herbs.

"Oh, Gaius, I- ah, do you know when he'll be back?"

"It shouldn't be too long. You may wait if you like," he gestured toward a stool placed far from the worktable he was now using to prepare some manner of ointment.

"I'll just do that, then," Gwaine smiled again, whistling softly as he perched on the stool.

A few moments passed with nothing but the quiet tune and the sound of chopping filling the air.

"Where did you say you were taking Merlin?" The physician inquired, fixing the brunet with a suspicious gaze.

"Oh, just a trip to the lower town for a social gathering." Gwaine eyed the wall with false interest, not wanting to face the infamous eyebrow he knew would be arched in his direction.

"The tavern, then."

"Ah... yes," he looked up at the elder, who was nodding.

"Good. That boy needs to spend more time on himself."

Now it was Gwaine's eyebrows rising.
"Well we're in agreement there."

Gaius hummed in response and the two sat in companionable silence until Merlin burst through the door, already complaining about his master.

"Who even needs two baths a day? It's not as if he's done any actual work since the afternoon bath! Doesn't he realize how much work it is to haul all that water? He- Oh, hello Gwaine," his rant ended as he spied the knight coming toward him.

"Merlin! Ready for a night on the town?"

The servant looked over to his guardian, "I don't know, Gwaine, I-"

"Just go and have a good time, Merlin. If Arthur needs anything else he can send for the night attendant," Gaius patted his ward on the shoulder, gently turning him toward the door.

"Yeah, let the princess fend for himself for once," Gwaine winked and slung an arm around his friend's shoulder, steering him back to the corridor.

"Oh, ah, alright then." He twisted around as he was all-but dragged to the staircase, looking over Gwaine's arm, "goodnight, Gaius!"

"Try not to completely incapacitate yourself, Merlin. And Sir Gwaine," the knight's head reappeared around the door frame, "thank you."

One solemn nod and a salute later saw Gaius alone in his chambers once more, pleased his boy had found such a friend.