Merlin burst into the workroom, ran past Gaius up the stairs, and threw himself onto the floor to reach under his bed and pull out his spell book.

"Merlin! What's happened?"

The warlock ignored Gaius' inquiry as he frantically flipped through the pages, eyes flitting about as he scanned each one.

"No, no, no… I know it's in here!" His mumbles escalated to a shout as he slapped the tome down on his cot and stood, pointing a hand at it.

"Geriht læc me!"

Gaius marveled as the parchment ruffled and golden characters flew out of the volume like a cloud of butterflies, rearranging themselves into words and slowly fading into black as they formed complete spells – all but one.

"Found you!" Merlin grabbed the glowing incantation and it dissolved into mist, gathering around his face until he breathed it in. He closed his eyes, absorbing the spell, then flipped the book closed and sent it shooting back to its hiding place with a gesture and a flash.

The physician felt oddly disappointed that the remaining words had disappeared with the closing of the tome, but was soon distracted by his ward rushing back out the door.


He huffed when his call went unanswered and the door was left wide open.

"That boy."

Well, whatever he was up to, Gaius was sure to hear about it – one way or another.