Turnabout Legend:

Note: This fanfic is a collaboration between me and DragonNiro (on FanFiction). He will be writing the story, while I will supply the ideas and help beta-read it. This is because I've had a lot of ideas and plot for this crossover, but still need to focus on my other fics. And as such, this fanfic is both of ours, and will be uploaded to both of our profiles. Now, enjoy the show.

Chapter 1: Prologue


The dark days of the Legends has gone... Finally gone!

I have gotten ridden of this... pest! This puny mortal that the Legends are obsessed with...


That being... disgusts me! What's so special about this mortal? What has he done to make all the Legends swoon over it, like he's the greatest human on earth!

All of the Legends are blinded on what they see! This human will end us all!

He doesn't deserve such treatment! He's a pest, a thorn in our side of order!


So, I took it upon myself to rid of this pest, once and for all.

And I succeeded! No longer will this human be revered, no longer be treated as a Saint of Legends!

The dark days of Legends are behind us, now that this human is dead!


Unfortunately, one of the other Legends saw me commit the crime. I had to dispatch her.

I can't let her tell the others! Even though I got rid of this pest, I can't risk my own safety.

I'll have to put the blame on some other Legend. I was planning to throw this pest outside the Hall, make it look like he fell to his death. Looks like that plan has gone out the window...



She had a counterpart...

Maybe... Yes...

He'll do. I'll put the blame on him myself.

I just got to... change the crime scene...


Loads of party poppers are pulled, as the Legends celebrate in the Hall of Origin.

As you can guess, the Legendaries are throwing a party, celebrating whatever.

But it's not a birthday party, nor Christmas (though close to it,) and it's not New Years.

So, what is it?

Well, they are celebrating for Ash Ketchum, the Chosen One for all what he's did for the Legends.

Stopped Mew and Mewtwo from fighting is one of the first things that he's done.

Help Lugia save the world, stopped a imposter Entei, saved Celebi's life, helped Latias and Latios save a town from a tsunami (though the latter Legend DID sacrifice his life), helped Jirachi from the imposter Groudon, help Deoxys find her brother and battle against Rayquaza, save Mew's life on the second encounter, helped Manaphy to return to the sea, stopped Palkia and Dialga fighting with the help of Darkrai, stopped Giratina and Dialga fighting with the help of Shaymin, stopped and calmed Arceus from wiping out the ENTIRE human race from existence, stopped the Dragon Force going out of control with Zekrom, Reshiram and Victini, helped Keldeo reach Resolution, stopped Landorus, Thunderus, Tornadus and Zekrom going out of control and controlled by evil humans, became friends with Meloetta, stopped Reshiram being controlled by Team Plasma, stopped a second Mewtwo and a Red Genesect and helped them become friends, and finally, helped Diancie reach the Holy Diamond, and prevented the destruction of Kalos from Yveltal's wrath, with the help of Xerneas.

In a nutshell, he's helped the Legends with a lot of their problems.

So, around a month ago, Arceus decided that she wanted to celebrate the achievements of what Ash has done, and invited him as a special guest to the Hall of Origin for a celebration.

Arceus has also invited his friends as well, ranging from when he started his Pokémon journey, with Misty and Brock, to his current adventures in Kalos, with Clemont, Bonnie and Serena.

Even Pikachu is invited to the Hall, showing that he's been with Ash the longest.

By showing Ash that his friends have been invited as well means that the Legends appreciate his friends as well as himself.

Around noon, Ash and all his friends, plus his Pikachu, ascended to Mt. Coronet for the party, as all the Legends got ready.

All the flying types helped put up the decorations, though with some difficult, since Articuno kept on being electrocuted by Thundurus just for his kicks and chuckles, since they were partnered for the lights.

This ended up in a massive brawl between those two, but also Ho-Oh, Rayquaza and Yveltal. And it was messy.

All of them stopped when Shaymin came along and threaten to blow them up with a bomb if they didn't stop.

The five brawling Legends most definitely stopped, though afterwards, Genesect was sent into Shaymin's room to retrieve the bomb, and dispose of it.

Apart from that, the flying Legends manage to put all the decorations up without any setbacks.

Next, the fire types.

They were all in charge of cooking and preparing the food for the party.

There was an incident where Victini and Moltres had a disagreement on whenever Rice Balls were Jelly-filled Doughnuts or not, which escalated into a full-blown argument.

It was decided that Victini was right, and Rice Balls were NOT Jelly-filled Doughnuts, and the cooking continued.

The rest of the Legends helped out with odd tasks that needed to be done for this party to be perfect.

Manaphy helped Meloetta take in electrical equipment for a performance later on in the evening.

Groudon and Palkia lied down the dance-floor tiles for dancing, and a special performance by Lugia involving rapping.

Deoxys and Mewtwo needed to move tables into the main room for the party. It was a sight to behold, since they were carrying the tables using their Psychic powers.

There was quite a funny moment when Mew stopped Mewtwo to ask about something, and Mewtwo turned and accidentally whacked Mew in the face with the table.

Some of the others had the job of welcoming the Chosen One and his friends in, which were Zapdos, Raikou, Regirock, Azelf, Keldeo and Zygarde.

All of them had the responsibility to welcome the guests in, and show them to their rooms, while carrying their bags, because the party was going to go into the late hours, and into the early hours of the next day.

A few Legends had to clean the place up, since no one wants to party in a place that's dirty.

After all of that, the Legends waited for Ash and his friends to turn up.

So, after about two hours of climbing, the Chosen One plus his friends arrived at Spear Pillar, and Arceus opened the Hall up to them.

The group of Legends waiting for them welcomed them in, and took them each to their own rooms, to place their belongings, have a place to sleep after the party has finished and a place to get changed.

After a few hours, all of the humans came out all dressed up.

For the women, they're wearing lovely dresses to the party.

All the dresses reflect on what they look best in.

For example, Iris has a purple iliac dress that goes down to her feet, with a slightly different shade of purple for her shoes. Her hair, however, remains the same, as Axew occasionally pops out to do a cheer, then goes back in.

Misty, on the other hand, was wearing an orange kimono that showed her off in a subdued and more modest beauty. Her ponytail was ditched as she preferred to hang her hair down for this event. It was similar to the one she had worn right before the incident with Lugia happened.

The men are all wearing black suits and ties, being classy and such for the party. And yes, this even included Brock. At least he had no plans to hit on any of the female Legendaries.

Ash had the same classy appearance, apart from wearing his trademark hat on his head.

Even Pikachu has dressed nicely, wearing a red bow-tie around his neck to stay classy.

Once the humans arrived at the main room for the party, they let out all of their Pokémon, to enjoy the party.

Dawn's Buneary is pleased to see Pikachu, which the Rabbit Pokémon has a pink bow on one of her ears.

Mew laughed her head off when she saw Oshawott, Piplup and Keldeo fight over Meloetta, the two formers for Meloetta's attention, and the latter to stop them going for her attention.

Meloetta just sweatdropped at this, chuckling rather awkwardly.

So, the party commenced, having Lugia as the DJ. Which surprised Ash to quite an extent.

Genesect would have normally, but...

Everyone was having a good time.

Pikachu and Buneary were dancing together to each song's beat, from dancing slowly to a waltz to a fast out electronic rhythm.

Some of the Legendaries were having a punch drinking competition, unknowing to them that Yveltal has already spiked the punch.

This led Clemont to completely ban Bonnie from drinking the punch, in fear she may get drunk, or worse, alcohol poisoning. May gave Max the same banning after receiving the news from Clemont.

In revenge of this, Bonnie tried to get some of Ash's female friends to marry Clemont. It didn't quite work out, though.

But all in all, it was a general fun party.

Meloetta and Lugia are having a rap battle on the dance floor, with many of the Legends, humans and Pokémon providing the beat. Ash could've done a double-take at the sight of Meloetta and Lugia rapping, but he was too busy enjoying himself to care.

Some of the guests are dancing to the music, and having fun while some of the others are off in the corner, having conversation, or just snacking.

If you were there, you would see Cobalion having a conversation with Max, while Ash's Charizard is having an arm wrestling competition with Deoxys, with spectators such as Terrakion, Brock, Infernape and Giratina, who the latter is whooping with joy.

You could also see May and Cilan dancing together on the dance-floor and Mesprit doing loop-de-loops, high off all the emotions.

Celebi seems to enjoying it as well, talking with Virizion about it.

"I can't believe it's taken so little time for a party like this set up so quickly!" exclaimed Virizion, with a smile so sincerely, glancing over to the party, spotting Landorus, Tornadus, Thunderus, Groudon and Regigigas playing what seems to be a non-alcoholic version of beer pong, which Tornadus and Thunderus seem to fighting with each other, with the others sighing with discontent. Arceus had banned alcoholic drinks in fear what insanity could possibly happen.

Celebi nodded a bit, sipping on a glass of Oran Berry Juice, with some ice in it.

"Yeah..." she smiles, looking at the partying Legends, Pokémon and Humans.

"It's great to see all of these Pokémon and people getting along fine..."

Virizion nodded.

"It was nice of Arceus for letting this celebration of Ash here at the Hall. All the Legends agreed to have this party, and it worked out well."

Celebi seemed to be in thought, and took another sip.

"Darkrai didn't want the party..." Celebi said "It's natural, though. He's been quite ill recently..."

Virizion frowned, with disgust.

"No one cares about Darkrai anyway. He's an anti-social freak who's depressed all the time, and causes nothing but nightmares!"

"It's not his fault he has those powers!" injected Celebi, frowning. Celebi wasn't satisfied with how a supposed 'Sword of Justice' was treating a fellow Legendary. "I can't control my time-travelling powers sometimes, and Darkrai could find it hard to control his!"

Virizion scoffs. "I bet he makes everyone think that! He has no friends! Even Deoxys has more friends than him, and she doesn't even have a mouth! No one cares about him!"

"Cresselia cares about him..." murmurs Celebi, to herself.

It's true. Ever since they were young, Cresselia always looked after Darkrai, and stopped him when he goes out of control. Like what happened with the Nightmare Machine at Canalave City...

Because of Cresselia's care, Darkrai hasn't lost his sanity yet.

Speaking of which, Celebi looked around the party, searching the crowds. She frowned, not seeing Cresselia anywhere.

"Where is Cresselia, anyway?" asked Celebi, pointing it out to Virizion.

Virizion scanned the room as well, and is surprised.

"Huh. I would have expected her to be here."

"Who to be here?"

The two Grass Types turn to see Giratina, in his Altered Form, approaching, with a calm, but curious expression on his face.

"Me and Virizion were just discussing where Cresselia is." replied Celebi, sipping her drink again.

"I see. She probably just retired early. Big parties wear her out pretty fast." nodded Giratina, grabbing some berries to eat. "Or maybe she's with Darkrai. He's been ill, and she's gone to see how he is. Poor lad..."

Celebi smiled at this. Apart from her and Cresselia, Giratina cared about Darkrai as well, since both of them share the dark parts of Sinnoh, and have a good friendship.

There is a few other Legends in the Hall that care about Darkrai, but the majority of the Legends weren't exactly fond of him.

Virizion frowned at this, eyebrows furrowing.

"She should be done here, celebrating with the Chosen One, instead of that Nightmare Freak!"

"Oi!" remarked Giratina, not looking impressed. "Some Sword of Justice you are!"

Celebi snapped at Virizion. "Like it or not, Darkrai is part of the Legendary Order. He is one of us and despite what you and anyone else's opinions on him are, you should treat him with respect like all the other Legendaries! Got it?!"

Virizion remained silent at that, though with a disgusted frown.

Giratina took that as a 'Yes', and then turned to Celebi.

"There's quite a possible chance that Cresselia's with Darkrai." he said. He flashes a faint grin. With Giratina, you can't really tell with Giratina what he's thinking. "Don't worry about it."

Giratina suddenly turns to look up at a clock in the party room, to look at the time. It was about 7:50 in the evening, as Giratina looked outside through one of the windows in the party room, which shows the sun setting in the background.

Giratina turned back to Celebi and raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't it your flower watering time now, Celebi?" he questioned, curious, turning his head slightly.

Celebi looked at the clock, and then gasped.

"My gosh, you're right! I need to go, now! Thanks, Giratina!"

"No problem." remarked Giratina, grinning.

Celebi quickly placed the drink down, and quickly left the party room.

Outside the party room, to the left, are the garden supplies, like watering cans and rakes.

Celebi has had this little garden project she's been working on. She's trying to preserve some rare plants that are going out of existence, so no harm can be given to them, and produce more of those plants so they don't go extinct.

Celebi's been using the Legends Garden, a place in the Hall of Origin where some of the Legends can go and relax, or admire the beauty.

Shaymin occasionally goes in there to check the Berry Plants, but Celebi's been working on the rare plants. Thankfully, Shaymin hadn't done anything crazy… yet.

It's been a worthwhile project. The rare plants make the garden even more beautiful, and Celebi appreciate the other Legends admiring the garden because of that.

When the guests arrived, Celebi had to guard the plants, so they won't get ruined, since some of them are fragile.

Anyway, Celebi quickly floated over to the garden supplies room, then stop, and turned with a curious expression.

Genesect is sitting outside the party room, with a glass of Sitrus Berry Juice whilst playing a Nintendo 2DS.

He seemed to be well into whatever he's playing.

"Genesect?" goes Celebi, surprised to see Genesect outside. "What are you doing here?"

Genesect looks up, surprised as well, and then gave off a nervous grin.

"Hey Celebi..." he muttered. Genesect pointed at the party room.

"It's kind of hot in there, if you noticed, and I'm not very good with the heat. I came out here to cool down..."

Celebi nodded.

That was pretty understandable. Sure, Celebi doesn't like the heat either, but since Genesect is a Bug/Steel type, he had it four times as worse as the other Legends who were neutral against fire.

"So, what are you doing out here?" questioned Genesect, as Celebi went to find the watering can.

"It's my plants' watering time!" called Celebi, from inside the supplies room, searching for the elusive watering can.

Genesect nodded in agreement.

He's known about this plant project for a few weeks now. He's stayed away from the garden due to the fact he had to go find the necessary things for the party.

"Whatcha playing there?" asked Celebi, still in the supplies room.

Genesect looks down, and grins with content.

"'Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.'" he replied.

"Never heard of it. What's it like?"

"It's a complicated puzzle game. Technically, it's called a Visual Novel." explained Genesect, going into complete nerd mode, with a grin.

"You play the role as a defense attorney, and you have to go through each case in the game, trying to find the villain who committed the crime, and get your client off with a 'Not Guilty' verdict! There's just many twists in the game that make you think outside the box, and you fight for Justice!"

"Sounds interesting!" exclaimed Celebi, coming out the room the watering can. "Why don't you show the Swords that?"

Genesect's grin intensified a bit.

"I did. Keldeo told me the game sounds interesting!" he goes, happy. "I told him that the game was to help the clients to justice, while finding out who the murder is. He said he would like to have a go when he gets the chance to. He's already started the first case. Keldeo seemed quite interested in Apollo..."

"What about the other Swords?" questioned Celebi, slightly worried after that sentence, seeing Genesect's expression dropping into a slight frown.

"I got some negative reactions from the rest of the Swords..." remarked Genesect, a bit sad." Virizion gave me a fake smile and said she'll play it later when I know she won't, Terrakion said he's not going to waste his time playing games, and Cobalion just stared at me and walked off like nothing had happened."

Celebi looked surprised.

"Huh..." she said."I would have never expected that."

Genesect stands up, holding his 2DS by his side.

"Is it all right that I come with you?" he asks. "I still feel a bit hot, and the garden is really cool at this time, I hear. Besides, I want to see the plants."

Celebi smiled sincerely at this. She's glad to hear others who want to see plants that she's grown.

So, the two make the journey to the Legends Garden, which is about five minutes away.

Celebi had a question for Genesect.

"Have you seen Cresselia anywhere?"

Genesect went to thinking, while walking. "Yeah... Yes I did."

Celebi looked in amazement. "Where did she go?"

"Well," explained Genesect calmly. "I was sitting out where you found me when she floated out. I asked her where she was going, and she said she was going to the garden for some fresh air. She said she was going to be about twenty minutes..."

Genesect frowned, looking worried.

"What is it, Genesect?" asked Celebi, concerned.

"That conversation was about an hour ago..." replied Genesect.

Celebi looked worried as well.

"However..." continued Genesect, gaining a smile. "She might have gone to see Darkrai afterwards, to see how he is."

Celebi's worries went down, with a smile on her face.

Genesect's right. There's nothing to be worried about.

So, after some more conversation, Genesect and Celebi arrived at the Legends Garden, a beautiful garden filled with plants galore.

All sorts of plants are in this garden, from common flowers like sunflowers to exotic flowers like orchids. Berry plants are here as well, from Oran and Sitrus to Pecha and Persim. There are patches around the garden, suitably shaped like flowers. One could question why Celebi decided to make the flower patches like that. There are stone tiles in the Legends Garden, on the floor, all black and white, curtsey of an idea which Celebi got from seeing a Checkerboard/Chessboard, and like the design of it.

It's a very exotic place, the Legends' Garden.

Genesect grinned at the sight of this marvelous garden, filled with berries and plants.

"I can see why some of the Legends like this garden!" he remarked, happy to see this garden. "It's a great place!"

Celebi sighed with happiness.

"I know! Some of the Legends have dates here sometimes. I've seen Zekrom and Reshiram come here to have a picnic among my plants! It's so romantic! They are truly each other's special ones!"

Genesect turned. "Huh. You remind me of Pearl Fey when you said that."


Genesect chuckled nervously. "Never mind..."

Celebi looked at a tap just outside the entrance to the garden. It has a hose connected to it, leading into the garden, and its' depths. She pointed at the hose, for Genesect to hold.

"I'm just going to find the end of the hose, Genesect. There's no point taking it off to fill up the watering can, since you're here. I'll shout when I want it on and off, okay?"

Genesect nodded. "Sure. I'll do that."

He went over to the hose, and waited there for the signal, playing his 2DS.

Celebi then followed the hose into the garden. It was easy for her to know where it ends since she watered the plants with the hose before, but she only needs a sprinkle at this time.

Last time Celebi left it, she was watering some really rare berries, Enigma Berries, which are extremely hard to grow in any climate, but she managed to grow some here. Enigma Berries are very tasty for Celebi, and she's planning to get one of the fire types to make something sweet for her using the Enigma Berries.

Celebi likes following the hose, since it's a fun game for her. Eventually, Celebi found the end of the hose, and lifted it up.

She was about to signal Genesect to turn on the hose so she could put the water into the can, but something caught her attention.

Celebi dropped the watering can, in shock, because of the scene in front of her.

Her Enigma Berry trees are completely wrecked, as someone or something has crashed into them, destroying the plants.

But that's not what Celebi is shocked about, only a tiny bit.

Something MUCH worse is in front of her, an image that will never leave her mind.

Cresselia is lying on the floor… dead.

Her head twisted towards Celebi, eyes glassed over, lifeless. A small puddle of blood has formed around her mouth, slowly seeping. Her neck looks like it's been snapped.

Celebi covered her mouth, speechless, her skin slowly paling at this, and something else. A few meters away from Cresselia's body, lays the mutilated body of Ash Ketchum.

His body is facing upwards, his expression one of shock. His eyes, also too, are glassed over. Ash has been dead for a while now.

On his body, three large claw marks are seen. One going deep down into his chest, while the over two have almost cut off his arms, all in a large pool of blood.

It looks like the one in the middle had killed him.

Maybe instantly?

Celebi never had a chance to find out this, because one last thing made her completely terrified and shocked.

Darkrai is standing above the two bodies, splattered with blood all over his body, eyes empty. His hair is nearly completely soaked with blood, hands covered in red dots, his red jagged thing almost blending in with the blood.

Celebi gasps, causing Darkrai to turn.

His eyes stare deep into Celebi's soul, with murderous intent, as if he was saying 'You're going to die'.

Celebi backed away a bit.

Darkrai turns his head slightly, smirking a bit.

"If..." he starts, ominously, scaring Celebi beyond hell itself. "...You ever tell ANYONE this, I will..."

Darkrai suddenly zooms, and grabs Celebi by the neck, almost throttling her. "...take you down myself!"

Darkrai lets go, leaving a Celebi so terrified with her gasping for breath.

He smirks, and throws down what it looks like to be a piece of his hair at the crime scene. He sinks into the shadows, and disappears.

Celebi is left there, with two dead bodies, completely alone, beyond scared. She tried to say something, but nothing.

There is nothing that she can say at the moment! How can she? The Chosen One AND one of the Legends ARE DEAD!


"Um..." calls a voice from outside the garden. Genesect is still waiting for the signal, unaware what just happened.

"Celebi? I'm ready when you are!"

Celebi snaps into reality, and draws her breath.


Arceus looked at the scene, with the bodies lying there, waiting for Giratina and Genesect to come back.

What a mess this has turned out to be.

She and Giratina were outside the party room, discussing how well it went when they heard Celebi's terrified scream. Arceus and Giratina rushed to the gardens to see Genesect trying to calm down a traumatized Celebi, and they both saw what Celebi was screaming about.

The dead bodies of Cresselia and Ash, lying there, both dead.

Giratina had to rush out of the room quickly, because he was about to vomit.

Arceus went to Cresselia's body, and knelt down, tears in her eyes.

Her daughter... dead... murdered.

Cresselia was always the kind one. She was always there for every Legend, even herself.

Arceus remembered one time Cresselia had helped control Shaymin on one of her outbursts, calming the flower Pokémon quickly.

Cresselia... her precious daughter... gone...

Cruelly taken from this world...

Arceus's face began pouring with tears. She can't believe it...

Now she knows how Keldeo had felt when he lost his parents.

Losing a loved one...

Arceus bended over, in pain, tears dripping. "No, no, no, no, no, no..."

"Damn it..." said a whisper.

Arceus opened her eyes, and glance over to see that Giratina had come back, looking aghast. He went over to Ash's body, to see how he died.

Arceus could swear she heard Giratina murmur to himself: "What on earth am I going to say to Lugia, Meloetta and Pikachu...?"

Arceus remembered about those three, as they were close with Ash, especially Pikachu.

Lugia always had talked about Ash after the Orange Islands Incident, on how the Chosen One came with him to save the world. Lugia thought fondly of Ash, hoping to see him again, and was excited to see him again, along with Ho-Oh.

Meloetta gained more confidence around the Chosen One, since he was pure, and was one of the first humans she wasn't afraid of.

Now, if Arceus thinks about it, all the Legends that Ash has helped are going to be devastated.

Arceus' heart goes to Pikachu.

That electrical mouse has been with Ash the longest, going through every adventure that Ash has been through, friends to the end.

And now? Ash is dead, and Pikachu doesn't even realize it.

Arceus stood up, trying not to show weakness.

"Who..." she started, catching the attentions of the other Legends, Giratina frowning, and Genesect trying to get Celebi to calm down, which the latter is hyperventilating.

"Who did this?"

She turned to Genesect and Celebi, seriously. Her voice became ear-piercingly deadly.

"Who did this to my daughter, and the Chosen One?!"

Genesect looked very panicky. He doesn't want to get on the bad side of the Alpha Pokémon.

"I-I don't know!" he stammers. "I was waiting for Celebi to tell me to activate the tap for the hose when s-she screamed! I r-r-ran in, and I-I s-saw this!"

He clutched his head, absolutely scared.

"Blood... so much... blood!"

"I-I-it was..." stuttered Celebi calming down, but still scared. Arceus leaned forward, her rage temporarily subsiding and she tried to calm down Celebi enough, like a good mother would.

Giratina floated over, concerned.

"Who is it, Celebi?" asked Arceus, calmly.

"D-DARKRAI!" blurted out Celebi, rather loudly.


Arceus quickly looked over to Giratina, who had the most furious expression on his face. This face was nothing like Arceus had seen before, even intimidating HER.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WAS DARKRAI?!" roared Giratina, absolutely FURIOUS at this revelation.

Arceus went back to Celebi, and put on a concerned mother expression.

"Dear, what do you mean Darkrai did it?"

Celebi then went into detail of what she saw to the three other Legendaries in the garden, on how she saw the bodies, Darkrai's appearance, on what he said to her, and how he left.

She didn't mention about the hair bit, because she wasn't paying attention at the time.

Giratina frowned. "Excuse me a second."

Giratina left the garden, with a very aggravated expression on his face. Arceus knew it was to vent out his anger. Giratina is a good Pokémon, and hates it when a friend gets accused of something they didn't do. His anger is coming from that this time, there is evidence of it. "Darkrai couldn't have done it… right?" he thought to himself.

Arceus is furious herself. Did Darkrai do this?

It's quite possible, from what Celebi saw.

She looked at the crime scene. This looks like Darkrai did do it.

But why? It didn't make sense. Darkrai liked Cresselia, and was on good terms with Ash as well. So why would he murder them?

Arceus looked at Celebi and Genesect. Celebi is going into another panic attack, while Genesect is trying to calm down.

The Alpha Pokémon frowned. She's decided. All that hard work went into a party for this disaster to turn out. What a night this turned out to be.

"Genesect." she spoke, catching the Pokémon Cyborg's attention.


"Go to the party room, and stop the party." she told him, seriously. "Tell everyone in the room that there's been a murder. You will have to say that Cresselia and Ash are the victims. If no one believes you, show them an image of the crime scene, no matter how brutal it is."


"No buts, Genesect. All non-Legendary Pokémon and humans are to stay in the party room for now. Send every Legendary here. After that, go to Darkrai's room. See if he's there. If he is, bring him here."

Genesect nodded, stands up straight and salutes.

"I understand, Miss Arceus." he states.

Genesect walks over to the bodies, and takes a mental image in his mind. His eyes can act like cameras and a projector.

He projects the image to see if it's a good enough image, though only 'good' in terms of picture quality, considered what's being taken. He then walks out of the Garden with a sad expression on his face.

Genesect has a right to be sad. Everyone was having a fun time, all that hard work, now ruined.

Someone has murdered Ash and Cresselia, and it's most likely Darkrai.

The Cyborg Insect doesn't want to believe that, but he'll have to face up to that fact.

Arceus saw Genesect leave, and tries to get Celebi to calm down, despite the scene behind her.

What a disastrous mess this has all turned out to be...

"I..." stuttered Lugia, seeing the scene from afar with Rayquaza."I...I don't believe this! Ash Ketchum, dead? Cresselia, dead? And Darkrai did it?!"

Rayquaza shook his head, sadly. "I can't believe it too." He growls, angrily. "I always knew that Darkrai was trouble...!"

The two flying types glance into the garden, where the rest of the legends are. It's been about twenty minutes since Genesect has gone to tell the party goers. At first, everyone thought the Bug was playing a joke on them, until he showed them the image.

Lugia was extremely shocked at this. Ash Ketchum, the Chosen One... dead? Cresselia... dead? There was no way that they could be dead. Ash wouldn't die that easily, nor Cresselia! They can't be dead.

He rushed over to the garden as soon as he can, to prove the Bug wrong.

However, he was right. Lugia arrived to see Arceus calming down Celebi, and the dead bodies of the one he held dear behind them.

Lugia became pale at the sight of the bodies, legs nearly collapsing, and he dropped his microphone, which rolled away.

Lugia doesn't remember much after that, but from what Rayquaza told him, Latias had gotten all the humans and Pokémon apart from Pikachu, who demanded to see the scene to stay in the party room while all the other Legendaries, apart from Giratina who was off venting his anger went to the scene. Genesect and Darkrai came to the garden.

The reactions were varied. Mewtwo seemed a bit shocked while Mew began rapidly crying. The Bird Trio and the Beast Trio seem sadden by the passing of Cresselia. Ho-Oh shed a tear for Ash. Most of the Hoenn Legends either looked away or cried a bit, for Cresselia. Dialga and Palkia, with Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf went to comfort some of the crying Legends, with Manaphy bursting into tears. The Unova Legends are trying to not cry to show toughness, but inside they were tearing apart while Meloetta was very openly crying. Last, but no means least, the Kalos Legends had their reactions as well. Diancie is weeping a lot and Xerneas sheds a tear. Yveltal is just looking at the scene with a frown, since he didn't really like Ash anyway, but is sad to see Cresselia go, while Zygarde, well, you can't really tell with his expression...

The Legendaries who were present there had become devastated at the loss of one of their own and the Chosen One.

Some of the Legends had gone outside to have a moment to think like Lugia, while some stayed inside to investigate the scene.

Then, one of the Legends bluntly, and loudly asked who done this to them. Lugia sees that it is Terrakion. He was EXTREMELY pissed at the moment.

Lugia noticed that Arceus was very reluctant to say who it was, when suddenly Giratina floated back in, with an angry face. He stared at Arceus in a way that could be said 'You can tell them. I won't get angry, despite who it is'.

Arceus nodded, and calls everyone back into the garden.

She looks around at each face, and with great reluctance, announced: "Unfortunately, at the current time, the only suspect in the crime is Darkrai."

It is quiet for about a minute, Lugia had noticed. WAY too quiet. He looked around the garden, seeing some of the surprised and shocked faces of the Legends.

And then, uproar.

Almost all the Legends are roaring in anger, in hatred for Darkrai. Some of the things Lugia heard are too rude to mention, but some of the highlights were:


"I knew he was trouble when he walked in!"

"That nightmare bastard! How dare he kill the Chosen One, AND Cresselia!"


"He needs to die, now!"

"He's nothing but a nightmare giving freak!"





Almost everyone's protesting stopped all of a sudden. The yell even made Arceus jump. Everyone's attention turned to Ash's Pikachu.

Pikachu did not look impressed.

"I can not believe almost all of you are ganging up on Darkrai!" he bitterly said, frowning. "I thought you were all comrades, friends!"

Cobalion stepped forward, sternly, and angrily. "With all due respect, Pikachu, you shouldn't be defending Ash's killer."

Pikachu turned, still frowning. "And why is that?"

Cobalion blinked, with a stern look on his face. "Well, for the first fact, Darkrai is suspected of killing your trainer and Cresselia."

"Thank you, Captain Obvious. I wouldn't have thought that with all the chanting for his death!"

Cobalion was taken aback by Pikachu's sarcasm. He composed himself, and then continued. "The second thing is that nobody likes Darkrai here..."

Giratina's right eye twitches.

"...and most of us would like to see him dead." finished Cobalion, unknowing of Giratina's eye twitch. "I just can't understand why you would defend a killer."

Pikachu frowned.

"First thing, Darkrai is SUSPECTED of killing Ash. There might be evidence around that may prove he did or did not kill him, but haven't any of you heard of 'Innocent until Proven Guilty?' And the second thing is, Ash would never have wanted this! He wouldn't gang up on someone or some Pokémon just because they were suspected of something! He would find the true cause of what happen, not treating the suspect just because of what they are!"

Cobalion gave a furious look, surprising Pikachu.

"I'm sorry, Pikachu, but that's not how things work around here." Cobalion snarls, gritting his teeth. Here at the Hall of Origin, it's the other way round. It's 'Guilty until Proven Innocent."

He smirked, and then looks up at the rest of the Legends.

"Okay then, who wants to see Darkrai get the death sentence, and have proper justice served?!"

The majority of the Legends raise some sort of arms up in the air.

Cobalion smiles, and then turns to Arceus, who seemed surprised. "We're decided that Darkrai should pay for his crimes with his life. We've ALL voted it."

"Voted what?"

Arceus was about to speak there, when a voice rang out, interrupting her. Some of the Legends became surprised and then disgusted. The crowd shifted to let the asker come through.

Arceus and Giratina saw through the crowd and saw that Genesect has arrived back with Darkrai. The bug is frowning sadly, and once he bowed to Arceus, promptly went to sit down and play some more Ace Attorney. Darkrai stood in the middle of the crowd, looking confused, taking in some of the disgusted and scared faces.

"What's the matter?" Darkrai asked, rather confused. "I was getting ready for the party since I was feeling better, when Genesect came to see me, and said you wanted to see me, Mother."

Darkrai looks around again, confused. "Did I accidentally cause a nightmare for one of the guests? If it's that little Bonnie girl, I'm sorry! I didn't know she was asleep!"

"You know what you did! You did it on purpose!"

"Shut up, Shaymin!" barked Darkrai, angrily. "I haven't been doing anything bad for a while!"


The Nightmare Pokémon turned to a serious Arceus, who is slightly scaring him with her angry face.

"What is it?"

"What were you doing earlier, some minutes before Genesect got you?"

Darkrai shrugged. "I went to have a shower, to freshen myself up. Why?"

"Did you ever come down here this evening, in the garden?"

"Right now is the first time today. Where's this going?"

"What about Cresselia?"

"I..." went Darkrai, concerned and confused on what's happening, reluctant to say.

"...saw her earlier. She was fine. …..Why...?"

"SHE'S DEAD!" shouted one of the other Legends. Darkrai's neck snapped quickly in the direction of the shouter.


His head turns back to Arceus, an expression of shock on his face.

"W-w-what's happened? What happened to Cresselia?"

Arceus moved out of the way, revealing the bodies of Ash and Cresselia lying there.

Darkrai froze, at the sight of the bodies. Tears started to form at his eye.

"C-Cresselia...?" he goes, almost to himself quietly.


He stumbles forward a bit, both hands shaking rapidly. "N-no, no, no, no, no!"

Darkrai tries to get further, but then gets stopped by Virizion and Terrakion, Sacred Swords out.

"Don't you dare go nearer!" warned Terrakion, spitting on the floor in disgust.

"You have no right to mourn for her death!"

Darkrai quickly goes into the shadows, remarking: "Screw you guys!"

He appears closer to Cresselia's body. He kneels down, and feels her body.

It's cold.

Tears started going down his face, past the red thorn bit.

Darkrai covered his face, crying at the lost of a friend, his best friend. "Who did this? Why, why, why?!"

Darkrai uncovered his face, and eyes red from crying, shot a glance at Arceus.

"Who did this?! Who killed Cresselia?! I'LL MAKE THEM PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID!"

Everyone is silent, quiet at Darkrai's outburst.

Darkrai looks round, angrily at this silence. They should be telling him NOW!

"Who is it?!"

"Apparently, it's you."

Darkrai stopped, and turned to his right. Genesect is playing his 2DS, seemingly completely into it.


"You heard what I said." remarked Genesect again, not taking his eyes off. "Someone saw you here, covered into blood, standing over the bodies."

Darkrai blinked, mouth agape. He turns and looks up at Arceus, who had an emotionless expression on her face.

"Is this true?"

Arceus nodded.

Darkrai blinked again, unable to comprehend this.

"You got to be j-"

And then, all hell broke loose. Almost all the Legendaries began shouting abuse at Darkrai, who seemed completely lost.

This time, the insults are a lot worse.








Darkrai just knelt there, understanding why they hate him but not able to understand why they hate him so much for him to die. Giratina is trying to make everyone quiet, while Arceus is watching everyone and Genesect is playing his 2DS, not even paying attention to the shouting.

"B-but... I didn't do it! I swear!"




Everyone in the garden suddenly became silent. They put their eyes on Arceus, who roared out because of her fury at the comments made at Darkrai.

"All of you, shut up!" yelled Arceus.

She looked round at each Legend individually, absolutely livid at everyone.

"I am absolutely disappointed at everyone!" she lectured. "I have never EVER been disappointed in my entire life, which so happens to be the ENITRE UNIVERSE'S AGE!"

Her eyes are filled with furious fire. "HOW DARE YOU SAY THESE COMMENTS?! Don't you know that Phione is sleeping upstairs? I don't want her to repeat some of the comments that were made today!"

She paused for breath, takes a deep breath in, and then continues. "I know the majority of you hate Darkrai, but was it really necessary to say some of those comments! Yveltal!"

The said death bird jumps in surprise, scared at what his mother has to say to him.

"I know you are a jerk sometimes, but was it really necessary to call Darkrai that word that I shall not describe nicely?! No, it wasn't!"

Yveltal backed down in embarrassment.

Arceus continued her rant on everyone else.

"I don't care what you think of Darkrai but you shouldn't treat him like that! 'We don't even need a trial! We can kill you straight away!'? What moron said that?"

The crowd remained silent, and then, shaking, a paw raises up.

Arecus looks over and sees that it's Terrakion, who looked scared.

Frowning immensely, she shakes her head in disappointment.

"I don't even know what to say about what you said, Terrakion. I'm just disappointed in you. And you call yourself a 'Sword of Justice'..."

Terrakion frowned sadly, upset at this. Cobalion doesn't seem fazed.

"But what Terrakion said is right, mother!" he explains, trying to get on the good side of the furious goddess. "We have a witness, we have evidence, and we got the murderer right here! Darkrai needs to die now!"

Arceus shook her head, still anger. "That's far enough, Cobalion. I don't want to hear any whining from you today. In fact, the only member of your group that hasn't pissed me off is Keldeo, because I didn't hear any insults from him to Darkrai yet!"

Keldeo smiled sheepishly, while Virizion glared at him.

"We are going to have a trial for Darkrai!" announced Arceus, to everyone in the garden.

"This trial is going to be a fair one! I may be angry at Darkrai as well, and even I think he could have done it!"

Glances are exchanged between the Legendaries, concerned. Darkrai looked disheartened.

Arceus took in a deep breath, and continued. "However! I do believe every living being should have a fair trial, despite what they are accused off. Even Darkrai, my own son, needs a fair trial, despite that I think that he did it."

Arceus once again looked at everyone, with a stern but steady expression on her face.

"All of you who hate Darkrai will NOT be prosecuting against him." she explained, seeing some hopeful faces that want Darkrai to die. "I am going to find some Prosecutors that are neutral against him. No bias towards or against him. Just in case some of you argue about the Defense, I'll find a group of Lawyers who are neutral against Darkrai, no bias for or against him. This means gets a fair trial. No Prosecutor who wants to see Darkrai dead or jailed just because he is and no Defense Attorney who wants Darkrai free just because they like him. Got it?"

"Who's going to do it then?" questioned one of the Legendaries.

Arceus saw that it is Moltres, asking innocently. Every Legend's eyes darted over to Moltres, making her nervous at everyone looking at her.

"What do you mean?" asked Arceus, frowning in some sort of way.

Moltres rubbed the back of her head nervously. "The thing is… It's going to be hard to find a Prosecutor and a Defense Lawyer who are both neutral about Darkrai. I think the whole population has either a negative or positive opinion of him. You need to find a Prosecutor and a Defense Attorney who hasn't even heard of Darkrai before. How are you going to do that?"

Arceus is taken aback at this, surprised at the question being asked. "She's right. How am I going to find some people like that?"


Arceus jumped, a loud voice nearby cause her to be caught unexpected. She turned to see Genesect playing his game, well-too into it.

"All right..." he goes to himself, unaware that everyone is looking at him from his outburst. "I got that dastardly Phantom on the edge... Now what do I do again...?"

Arceus looks surprised, wondering how Genesect is so into... whatever he's playing...


The said bug looks up, confused. "What is it, Miss Arceus?"

Arceus tries to look sincere as possible, while not looking annoyed.

"May you please stop playing that game? I need to think who should defend Darkrai."

Genesect frowns sadly, putting his game down.

"Sorry, Miss Arceus. My game's fantastic! I think it's one of the best in the Ace Attorney series yet!"

That last part that Genesect said caught Arceus's attention, about Ace Attorney.

"Doesn't 'Attorney' mean lawyer?" Arceus thought, her attention growing. The Alpha Pokémon looks at the bug diligently.

Genesect became slightly nervous. It's not every day a god stares down at you, intimidating you.

"Genesect." firmly stated Arceus. "Tell me more about that game you were playing, now."

Suddenly, the frown on Genesect's face turned instantly into a smile, more of a crazy grin. Someone wants to talk about something that the bug likes. Fanboy Mode, Activated.

Hearing this from afar, Terrakion sighed. "Here we go..."

Genesect began to explain what his game is, to Arceus, who genuinely is interested in the subject.

He explained that in Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, you play as three characters, the titled one the most. You first play as Phoenix Wright, the Comeback King who's known for his 'Turnabouts', which means that he can turn a case that looks like the defendant did the crime and completely turn it upside down, solving what REALLY happened, and find the true villain as well. Phoenix is known for his bluffing, and has a special item that can detect lies or secrets. There are some funny moments for him.

The second lawyer you play is Apollo Justice, Phoenix's Prodigy. Known for his loud voice and hair spikes, Apollo is known as the Clarion of Revelations, who's never afraid to expose the wrong doings of other people, from telling simple lies to, well, murder. Like Phoenix, he also turns cases on their head, but with his own twist, yelling 'OBJECTION' loudly to announce the truth. Apollo too, has a special object, that lets him detect habits of people, when they are trying to hid or remember something without actually knowing they're doing it.

The last lawyer is Athena Cykes, the newest member of the law firm, and an excitable lawyer. Known as the Courtroom Revolutionnaire, Athena studied abroad from the country she's from (according the Genesect, a place called America, and she studied in Europe.) to save a friend from death row, because she knew that he didn't do the crime. She tends to litter her language with foreign words, and tends to be a bit of a nut, suggesting things that would sometimes be considered insane. She tends to be more dramatic, but is a good lawyer. Athena, like the other two, has a special object that helps her power. She is able to hear others' emotions when they speak, meaning she can hear what they are REALLY feeling about what they are talking about, even if they are saying the complete opposite. She uses this object to point out contradictory emotions during testimony.

Almost everyone in the garden, apart from Arceus who's listened deeply, Giratina who's restricted Darkrai just in case he flees and Keldeo, who's interested in the subject are quite bored at Genesect's explanation.

They sigh in relief, when he stops. Arceus seems impressed at these... humans.

"I never expected humans like that ever existed..." she thought, in wonderment.

It's truly impressive, that these humans are able to expose lies, and find who truly did it. Each one of them using different ways to expose the truth. Reshiram would like them. Maybe...?

"What about the Prosecutors? Does anyone in that game stand out to you?"

Every Legend who's sick of the explanation groans, as Genesect continued.

"NOT AGAIN!" Cobalion groaned.

According to Genesect, there are three Prosecutors who rival the Ace Attorneys.

The first Prosecutor is Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix's rival in the previous games, and the Chief Prosecutor in Dual Destinies. Miles used to be known as the 'Demon Prosecutor', due to him doing anything for a guilty verdict, despite the knowledge that the defendant might be innocent or not. He was undefeated for the first two years as a prosecutor, before Phoenix came along. Phoenix defeated him again, and for the Comeback King's fourth case, Miles was the defendant, and Phoenix had to prove him innocent, along solving a 15 year old case. After that, after a disappearance, Miles returned as a different Prosecutor, wanting to find the truth, instead of a guilty verdict. Nowadays, Miles is the head of the Prosecutors, and only attends major cases, like in the last case of Dual Destinies.

The second Prosecutor is known as Klavier Gavin, and is Apollo's first rival. Known as the Rock God Prosecutor, or 'Glimmerous fop' by a certain Fräulein Detective, Klavier is one laid-back Prosecutor, preferring to treat a trial as some kind of show, and always cool about things. He got Phoenix disbarred over false evidence that Phoenix presented which he didn't know about, but spent the next seven years wondering why his brother made that false evidence, since his brother was supposed to be the lawyer on the case Klavier and Phoenix were on. Fast forward seven years, and the truth behind Phoenix's disbarment was revealed, and Klavier moved on. Klavier is a musician as well as a Prosecutor, meaning he's got a lot of albums, but is now focusing on his Prosecuting Career. It's quite known that Klavier is German, littering his speech with German words, and occasionally remarking 'Achtung, Baby!'

Simon Blackquill is the third Prosecutor, and is easily the scariest of all the lawyers told to Arceus. Known as the Twisted Samurai, Simon's past is also deadly. Before the events of the game, he was tracking down this international spy called the Phantom. With the help of Athena's mother, they began to track him down by analysis and an emotion track of the Phantom's. Unfortunately, it went very awry, in result of Athena's mother getting murdered, and Simon taking the blame for Athena, who would have been charge with her mother's murder. Simon spent seven years in jail, while Athena went to become a defense attorney, in order to clear Simon's name. Things happen, and after an incident at the same place where Athena's mother was murdered, the Phantom was caught for their crime of Athena's mother's murder, and two other crimes, and Simon was free from jail. An interesting thing to know, Simon was still allowed to Prosecute despite being a prisoner when he was in jail. Simon's personality is completely opposite of Klavier's. While the Rock God Prosecutor is very laid back, the Twisted Samurai is very serious. He dislikes tricks in the Court Room, and doesn't like when someone is throwing a sensitive jibe at someone emotional. He also owns a hawk named Taka.

"Is that it?" Arceus asked.

"Yep!" nodded Genesect.

"Well… that was an absolute waste of time." Terrakion silently snarked.

Arceus nods at the explanation of the six lawyers that Genesect had described to her. They sound very unique, very special. Humans that don't care on who they're defending or prosecuting sounds fantastic to Arceus, and all they want is to find the truth, on who really did it. If she left it up to the Legends, the ones who would prosecute Darkrai would pull any trick in the book to get him Guilty while vice versa for the Legends who would be defending him, unless they think he's guilty as well, meaning Darkrai would have no chance of a fair trial.

Arceus thought about this, about these six.

If she brought them here, there would be uproar. Having humans in the Hall caused a bit of murmur of doubt, but bring humans from a different universe may cause an insane uproar, and hatred for them for getting Darkrai a fair trial.

On the other hand, if she didn't bring them here, Darkrai will be guilty no matter if she liked it or not.

Arceus doesn't like that. Despite her thinking that, everyone deserves someone on their side, and a fair trial.

"…Screw it, I'm going to do it."

She turned to the crowd of Legendaries, with a frown.

"All right, I have made my decision." she announced, catching all of their attention. "Everyone, apart from me, Giratina, Genesect, Mewtwo and the Swords of Justice will leave the garden, start tidying up and all that jazz. Make sure to comfort some of the humans."

Arceus looked at the Swords of Justice.

"The Swords will stay here to investigate the crime scene. They will find evidence here to find if Darkrai is guilty or not, but will only start on my command."

The Swords nodded in agreement, with Keldeo slightly reluctant.

Arceus then turned her attention to Mewtwo, who seemed unaffected from being called out by the Alpha Pokémon.

"Mewtwo, you will move the bodies out of here. Take them to your lab, to perform an autopsy report on both of the bodies. I know it seems clear at the moment, but I want to know what killed them, okay?"

Mewtwo stared at Arceus, and then slowly nodded, without saying anything.

"Giratina." Arceus did not look at the said Dragon, but Giratina knew what she was getting across.

"Of course, Arceus." he affirmed. "I'll put Darkrai in detention, and then I'll meet you in your private quarters."

Arceus nodded, seriously.

"Good. Genesect, come with me after this."

"Why?" The Cyborg Insect looked very confused, looking up from his 2DS.

"You'll see."

Arceus then looked over to the crowd, sternly. She took a deep breath:


All the Legendaries that didn't have their name called out promptly left without argument, because no one wants to argue against Arceus herself.

Once satisfied with everything, she turned to look at the Legends that had their names called out.

She takes time to look at each Legend, who nod in response of her look.

Mewtwo goes to take the bodies away, but after he teleports some white line to mark out where the bodies were found. The Swords walk out of the Garden, and just started waiting, for the command to investigate.

Giratina, while holding a crying Darkrai in his shadowy hands, sinks into the shadows, and takes the Nightmare Pokémon away.

Arceus then walks to her private quarters, with Genesect following the Alpha Pokémon.

Arceus' private quarters consists of a dimly lit hallway, with several different doors heading into different rooms. Genesect followed Arceus down the Hallway, with the Alpha Pokémon just staring ahead while walking. The bug takes time to play some more Ace Attorney while walking, sometimes to look up to see if Arceus has taken a different route.

It takes about ten minutes, when suddenly, Arceus turns left, into a dark room. Genesect looks round, and then soon follows into that room.

As expected, it is extremely dark, and the bug cannot see a thing, apart from the light from his 2DS.

"Thought I'd never use this..." remarked Arceus, wistfully, turning on the lights.

The room is like any other room in the Hall of Origin, pearly walls and ceiling with cream pillars are in each corner of the room.

However, there is something that makes this room special, that there is a stage in the middle of the room. This stage this very similar to the stage found at Shinjo Ruins, in fact, an exact copy of it.

A Mystri Stage in the Hall of Origin. Genesect recognizes this stage, having it programmed in by Team Plasma. He was sent out to find it, but alas, could not.

"What is...?"

"This is a different Mystri Stage." explained Arceus, staring at the Stage, intently. "There are three Stages. The Mystri Stage of Creation, which is found at Shinjo. It was part of the Hall, however, when Giratina was rouge for a while, as part of his rebellion, disconnected the Stage, and placed it somewhere in the world. I've put a shield around that temple to prevent bad humans or Pokémon getting to it."

Genesect nodded. That explains why such a stage is not in the Hall. Who knows what a bad human or Pokémon could do if they had such a power...?

"The second Stage is the Mystri Stage of the End." continued Arceus, still staring. "I've decided to place it somewhere in the Distortion World, because I think Giratina can protect it with his life. The Mystri Stage of the End does the opposite of the Stage of Creation. Instead of creating something, it can be used to wipe something from existence."

Genesect frowned, very nervous.

Arceus pointed towards this stage, with a ever-lasting gaze. "This is the Mystri Stage of Summons. I can use this Stage to summon any being from any universe at my will, as long as there is proof of their existence in fiction. Despite this existing for who knows long, I have never used it once."

Arceus turned with a stern gaze, to Genesect, who knew what was going to happen.

"We are going to use the Mystri Stage of Summons to summon Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, Athena Cykes and Simon Blackquill here to the Pokémon universe, so they can be the Defense and Prosecution to Darkrai's trial."

Genesect nodded, knowing what he is here for. His 2DS, with his copy of Dual Destinies, is going to be used for this summoning.

He is slightly worried, though. "Will my 2DS get destroyed in the summons?"

Arceus shook her head, with a caring smile towards Genesect. Despite not creating Genesect, Arceus views him as some sort of son.

"No, it won't. It will just glow, to take in the information of the selected universe. The Mystri Stage of Summons will ask me who I would like to summon from that universe to ours. I'll tell it who I want, and once they arrived, your 2DS will still be fine. Make sure it's intact though.

It will be their only way back. Taking beings from other universes is risky business, you know."

Genesect was about to agree when Giratina suddenly comes in from the shadows, frowning.

"I managed to get Darkrai in the Detention Room, Arceus." he remarked, still bitter doing this to his friend. "He wasn't happy when I began to leave, so I bribed Meloetta to try and cheer him up."

Arceus looks with an unimpressed expression on her face, concerned on what Giratina used to get Meloetta to cheer up Darkrai.

Giratina somehow knew this look. "Some more time with Keldeo..."

Arceus nodded, then directly looked at Genesect.

"Please put your 2DS on the game with those characters that I want to summon, and place it in the middle of the Stage."

Genesect, without speaking, saved his game, and went to the main menu of Dual Destinies. He then went to the middle of the Stage, and placed it down, gently. The bug then got off the Stage as quickly as he could, to get the heck off it.

Arceus then walked onto the Mystri Stage of Summons, while Giratina watched by the door.

The rings on Arceus' body started to glow, with a holy white shining off them. Her eyes as well began to glow red, using her power open a hole between universes. The blue section of the Mystri Stage, which represents Dialga's Time Power, glowed first. The pink section, which represents Palkia's Space Power, began glowing as well. Finally, the purple section, is Giratina's Distortion and Soul Powers, is the final one to glow.

The 2DS in the middle of the Stage, because of the Stage's power, begins to float up in the air, both of the screens glowing yellow.

It turns to Dialga's section, and blue energy goes into the 2DS. It then turns to Palkia's section, and pink energy flows into it, and then spins round to Giratina's section, where purple energy goes into it.

Finally, the 2DS spins to face Arceus, blue, pink and purple energy coming in and out of the 2DS.

A voice rang out from the 2DS, but it sounded like multiply voices, all garbled and distorted, barely understandable.

"WhO dO yOu WaNt tO sUmMoN?" the voice asks, without emotion.

"What is that voice?"

Giratina looks down at Genesect, who looks extremely frightened and confused.

"All universes have some kind of voice." explained Giratina, looking back at the Summons. "That voice is all the Universe's voices combined."

The point of view shifts to Arceus, her eyes still glowing along with her ring.

She is unresponsive for a minute, leaving the two other Legends silent.

"Bring me Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, Miles Edgeworth, Klavier Gavin and Simon Blackquill, the best Defense and Prosecution Attorneys in from all the Universes combined."

"aS yOU wISh..."

The 2DS started shaking violently, and the Stage began shaking as well.

Suddenly, to the right of the 2DS, Arceus' left, matter started to appear there, starting with a pair of shoes. It built up slowly, but when it got to the half way point, it suddenly got faster, and finished building soon after.

The figure that was summoned first is Phoenix Wright, who seemed a bit out of it.

He raised his arm up, unaware of it there, and pointed a finger up.

"But Maya! I don't want to buy you burgers! My wallet can't take it anymore...!"

He suddenly freezes in place, his senses come into focus, and he realizes where he is. Phoenix looks up at the glowing Arceus, and his eyes widened.

"Be quiet." warns Arceus, with a deep voice, emotionless. "It's not over yet."

Phoenix nodded, unsure what just happened. Then a second spurn of matter starts forming. Like what happened with Phoenix, it built up slowly, and when it got to the middle point, got faster until it's soon completion.

The second person summoned is Apollo Justice. Like Phoenix, he is out of it.

"I'm Apollo Justice, and I'm fine!"

Apollo then collapses, after yelling that. Phoenix just sweatdropped at this.

Then a third matter started forming. You know the description of what happens, so I'll cut to the chase here.

Athena Cykes is the next one summoned. She didn't say anything once her summoned was complete but was out of it as well. Once she regained her sense, she looked up at Arceus, screamed in fright, and promptly fainted.

Miles Edgeworth, the first of the Prosecutors, is the next to be summoned. Like the others, he is also out of it, but remarked "Gumshoe, keep this up, and I'll have to cut your pay..." before regaining his senses, and did the same reaction as Phoenix to the glowing Arceus.

Klavier, like Apollo, was out of it when he was summoned, remarking "Achtung, Baby! Best concert ever...!" before collapsing, causing the two awake Attorneys to sweat-drop in response.

Simon's was different. Like Athena, was out of it, but when he regained his senses and looked at Arceus, seemed surprised at this sight and looked like he was about to draw out a blade, when Miles told him to stand down.

Then, the glowing of each section stopped, in reverse order. The 2DS landing on the ground safely, and the yellow glow stopped.

The glowing of Arceus stopped, and she returned back to normal. She looked at the attorneys. The ones who are still awake have different reactions. Phoenix seems nervous, along with Miles, but Simon seemed unaffected by the sight of a monster, in his eyes.

"Uh..." went Phoenix, catching the Alpha Pokémon's attention. "Where are we, exactly?"

"A fair point, Wright-Dono." remarked Simon, slightly angry. "I was in the middle of a trial when I was suddenly here. I was winning as well! Blast it!"

"Well, I was cutting Gumshoe's check when I was somehow summoned by this creature standing in front of us. Obviously, it wants something to do with us." noted Miles, to everyone. He turned to Phoenix, who seemed still a bit nervous.

"What about you, Wright? What were you doing before ending up here?"

Phoenix grinned nervously, the hand at the back of his head. "Athena wanted to see the Shipshape Aquarium Show again. She can't get enough of it. We had just got out, and Apollo was beginning to go home when suddenly this happened."

"You are all here because I need you for something."

The attorneys jump at Arceus speaking, surprised that she can speak. Obviously, they're from a different universe, so they might not know who she is.

"I have all summoned you to conduct a fair trial for someone." explained Arceus, seriously. "There is a lot of unfair bias towards him, and I need attorneys without any bias. That's why I require you six."

Simon looked at Arceus with a fierce gaze. The gaze would make Arceus to chuckle a bit, at this man's bravery, despite not knowing what he's up against. Arceus likes brave humans.

"So that's why you summoned us, Sir...?"

"Arceus, Mr. Blackquill. And I'm a female."

The Twisted Samurai nodded.

"Who is this person you want me to Prosecute, Arceus-Dono?"

Arceus is surprised at this man's politeness, despite his scary appearance.

"Not a person. A Pokémon by the name of Darkrai."

"A Pokémon?" remarked Miles, frowning, unsure of this. "But Pokémon only exist in Games and Anime. How possibly can we prosecute a Pokémon?"

Arceus turned to Miles. His aura kind resembles Cobalion's. Stern, strict, but kind, willing to do things for others... well, apart from prosecute Darkrai fairly.

"I am a Pokémon as well."

Miles looked surprised at this. Arceus smiled a bit. "Whatever is fiction in one universe, is real in another."

Miles remained quiet.

"So you brought me here to defend this Darkrai?" questioned Phoenix, trying to figure out what is happening.

"Not exactly on the lines, but yes."

Arceus confirmed that and continued her explanation for now.

"There is a reason why I brought all six of you here, but I'll explain in a bit. For now, please follow me."

She turned to Giratina and Genesect, who nodded, and came onto the stage. The Attorneys who are awake are shocked to see more monsters. Genesect picks up Athena and begins to carry her, while Giratina picked up Klavier and Apollo.

Arceus began to walk out, with the two Legends carrying the unconscious attorneys. The awake ones look at each other then began following.

They all exit the room, the lights shutting off, unaware something is watching.

So, Arceus has summoned humans to conduct a fair trial for Darkrai...?

That's a spanner on my plan's work... Hmm... What to do... What to do...?

I know...

To get Darkrai guilty, I need to manipulate the other Legends to unwilling do my work...

First things first, him...

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