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In this story Kagome is born an Uchiha, so the feudal era doesn't take place. I have this stories plot all thought out and I know what's basically going to happen in the next few chapters, so hopefully I will update relatively soon. This won't be a short fanfiction, there will be a fair amount of chapters, though I don't have a specific number planned; just for anyone wondering. Anyway I hope you like it, enjoy. :)

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Chapter 1

Uchiha clan

The normally quiet streets of the enclosed Uchiha compound were filled with joy at the arrival of a new member. In one specific cozy house, the wails of a baby were soon heard, but what followed wasn't what anyone had expected to happen.

The blissful chatter in the house stopped as if it was a small fire doused in water.

"Her eyes… We have to inform Fugaku." Was the only thing heard from the small house as the Uchiha compound was once again filled in silence.

The man, whom spoke seconds before, left the small house, walking quickly towards the head of the clan's house, knowing that everything must be reported to him.

Hushing sounds were soon heard as the baby's crying and whimpering stopped, but word seemed to spread fast about the baby's arrival. The occurrence that transpired wasn't normal and the clan seemed to quickly figure out what could happen in the near future.

As the sun slowly dipped down from the darkening sky, the only thing heard in the Uchiha compound was silence.

4 years later

A raven haired little girl with dark, almost black eyes was happily walking down the Uchiha compound, donning the Uchiha fan on the back of her black t-shirt.

She watched as the other Uchiha members stared intently at her, giving each one a curious gaze as she continued to walk through the clean streets. It was always like this, wherever she went there would be people staring at her as if they were waiting for her next action. Though being so young, she dismissed it as a normal thing.

"Kagome, you shouldn't walk around by yourself." A soft woman's voice spoke as Kagome turned to see someone she knew.

"Mikoto-san." Kagome greeted as she watched Mikoto smile down at her, holding a small bag of groceries in her hand with a swollen pregnant belly.

"Does your mother know you're out wandering by yourself?" Mikoto asked with a gentle smile as Kagome nodded her head, looking up at the onyx eyed and haired woman.

"Well in that case, why don't you come over to my place? I'm sure Itachi would like the company. He's going to be a big brother soon, did you know?" Mikoto asked as Kagome nodded, walking beside Mikoto as they left the market streets and went to the head of the clan's house.

As they walked into the large house, Mikoto went into the kitchen, proceeding to put away the groceries as Kagome followed.

It seemed to always go like this, though Kagome didn't really think much of it, she did notice even at her young age that she spend a lot of time at the clan heads house. They weren't mean to her, rather the opposite, but it made her uncomfortable whenever Fugaku would look at her, as if he knew something.

"Oh!" Mikoto's startled cry made Kagome jump lightly, looking at Mikoto as she placed a hand on her swollen belly.

"He kicked." Mikoto explained as Kagome brightened at the sentence.

"Can I feel?" Kagome asked with a bright smile, placing her hand on Mikoto's belly when she nodded.

Kagome widened her eyes lightly when she felt something kick against her small hand, pulling her hand away in slight surprise at the touch.

Mikoto laughed lightly at Kagome's reaction before she set herself with making lunch after the groceries were put away.

"Kagome, why don't you find Itachi? I'm sure he's training somewhere in the house." Mikoto suggested and Kagome set herself with that task.

Itachi was her older cousin by a year, though she visited him a lot, he never really spoke to her much. Mikoto had explained various times that Itachi was quiet and had been like that for as long as Kagome could remember. She didn't find it odd though as she assumed he was just avoiding her, all the other Uchiha kids did that.

"Itachi-kun." Kagome greeted as she spotted Itachi in his room, reading a large scroll.

"What are you reading?" She asked as she walked into his room and peered over his shoulder, attempting to read the intricate words and terms that were beyond her age of 4.

At no response, she sighed before sitting down beside him on his bed, her small legs dangling over the edge.

This was how their conversations went most of the time, as Itachi was normally too focused on training or reading something to really talk. It didn't really bother Kagome as she was used to spending her day by herself. She didn't have any siblings either so it wasn't something she was unaccustomed to.

"What do you think of being a big brother?" Kagome curiously asked, knowing he was more open to talking around that topic.

"I don't know." Itachi answered before turning to look at Kagome.

"He's due this month." He said before returning to his scroll.

Kagome sighed at the little conversation before she got off the bed and stood at the door to his room.

"Mikoto-san is making lunch." She informed before leaving his room, walking back to Mikoto.

She always knew Itachi was skilled, he already was training with kunai and shuriken when most kids didn't even know how to throw them properly, let alone actually know what to do. Kagome was one of those kids though, her parents never let her near any kunai or shuriken so she never got the chance to learn early. She felt weak compared to Itachi, but she remained silent about it, knowing that he was the clan heads son.

As the time ticked by, it wasn't long until lunch was done and Fugaku came back early from work. His stern onyx eyes seemed to watch Kagome cautiously as she nibbled on her lunch at the dining table. Mikoto and Fugaku always had invitations for her to be over, but she never understood why. Her own parents were often at work themselves so she did tend to wander the compound, but she never understood her aunt and uncle. Shouldn't they pay more attention to their own son and soon new baby?

"Kagome, you should eat your lunch. It's healthy so that you can become a strong ninja." Mikoto said with a smile.

"Yeah…" Kagome muttered lightly, trying not to be rude as she attempted to finish her plate.

It was true that Kagome wanted to become a ninja that brought pride in the Uchiha clan. She wanted to be able to be looked up from, not down on. She knew she wasn't the strongest Uchiha and likely never would be, but she really wanted to become a ninja. Something that she would be proud to say and also so that the Uchiha clan would stop staring at her. She assumed they did that because she was weak for an Uchiha and being an Uchiha did come with skills and pride.

'I have to get strong, so that no one looks at me funny anymore.' Kagome thought in determination as she quickly finished her lunch.

"I got to go back home now, thank you for the meal." Kagome thanked as she waved, leaving before Mikoto could come up with something to say.

Kagome quickly exited the house and shut the door, trying to contain her excitement at her new resolve. If she was going to start training to be a ninja, than she would have to find a way to get kunai to train with. Sadly, she assumed most of the Uchiha members would decline and she for sure knew her parents would be opposed to the idea. So that left training her taijutsu in secret from everyone.

As the afternoon soon melted into the evening, Kagome couldn't help but smile brightly as she quickly ran in her own house.

"First, I have to train taijutsu. I'm sure I'll get better if I do. I wonder if Itachi would keep it a secret if I told him? No, probably not." Kagome spoke softly to herself, something she did sometimes when no one was around.

"I hope mommy and daddy will let me go to the academy when I get older. Then I might make some friends too…" She spoke before she quietly entered her parents training room.

They were usually gone for work and seeing as her father worked for the police force, he had some kunai and shuriken in the training room, though the room was used only for storage.

Dust was on a lot of the weapons so Kagome assumed it was safe to just take. It was now or never.

She took a sharp kunai, not taking anything else for she was too nervous at the idea of her parents finding out. They didn't like her around any weapons and told her before that she should become something other than a ninja, but that didn't sound right. She was sure that becoming a ninja was the path she wanted to take, but what she didn't know was if it was the right one.

End of chapter 1

I don't have any pairing in mind for this story, before anyone asks. This chapter is basically like a prologue as nothing really happens. More will be explained in later chapters about what's going on as I'm sure some are curious. Anyway, thank you for reading this, see you next chapter. :)