Buffy tentatively knocked on Faith's door, keeping the knock quiet as to not draw any unwanted attention to herself. It was late, but she'd heard Faith come home from patrol and she'd been unable to sleep. Since that morning, she hadn't been able to find a moment alone with Faith and it was driving her crazy. They'd spent almost an hour in the garage making out before Dawn poked her head out the back door and called them in for lunch.

All Buffy had been able to do all day was think about Faith and how good—no, scratch that—how amazing kissing Faith made her feel. She didn't know what any of it meant, but she knew she enjoyed being alone with Faith in ways they never had before. She knew she wanted to continue, to see where things were going, to try to understand these intense feelings she'd been experiencing since the day before when Faith had fist kissed her and she went and made a mess out of everything.

"B?" Faith whispered as she opened her door slowly. "It's like two in the morning. What are you doing here?"

"You really have to ask me that?"

Smirking, Faith held open the door and Buffy could feel her eyes on her as she stepped inside the dimly lit bedroom. "Is this some kind of a booty call or something?"

"Not quite," Buffy said, shaking her head. "I just wanted to see you."

"You'll see me in the morning, bright an early as usual, B. Couldn't wait a few hours?"

Buffy shook her head no and took a moment to look over Faith. All she wore was a tight fitting tank top and a pair of boxers, no doubt ready to go to bed once she wound down from being out slaying for a couple of hours. Buffy hadn't changed from what she'd worn for most of the day, cutoff denim shorts and a pink tank top. She'd hung out with Faith before in what Faith called pajama's and it had never quite effected her the way it was now. It was almost as if Faith's room felt far warmer than it actually was and she laughed quietly to herself as she glanced over at the open window.

"I wanted to spend some time alone with you this afternoon, but there always seemed to be someone around."

"Pretty full house," Faith shrugged and she shut her door. Buffy tried not to shiver as she heard the click of the door being locked. "And why did you want to spend some time alone with me?"

"Are you seriously asking me that?"

Faith nodded as she walked over to where Buffy stood by the edge of the bed. "I want to hear you say it, B, or else I'm gonna get a complex or something."

She slapped Faith playfully across the shoulder. "Loser," Buffy muttered, fighting the smile off her face as Faith dramatically rubbed over her shoulder where Buffy had hit her. "Fine," she sighed and watched as Faith's eyes lit up a little. "I wanted to continue where we left off this morning before Dawn rudely interrupted us."

"Wanted to?"

"Still want to."

"Not sure if that's such a good idea, B."

"Why not? You seemed to—oh," Buffy felt her cheeks burning as she realized what Faith was trying to say. She'd been slaying and that was one of the things that hadn't changed for her over the years was the way slaying affected her libido. Hungry and horny, not just a saying, but a way of life. Buffy had experienced it before she retired, but she'd never willingly admit it. Ever.

"Not sure I could hold back," Faith whispered, her voice husky as Buffy stepped into her arms and wrapped them loosely over Faith's shoulders. "If anything happens, it could seriously change our friendship, B, and I'm really not ready to lose ya cos I pull a stupid move you aren't ready for or even want, you know?"

"You don't trust yourself?" Buffy asked and Faith shook her head no. "Why not?"

"Cos when I'm around you, B, I feel a little crazy. Not a bad crazy, but uh, you know, the one that gets your heart racing and your skin tingles in this way that there are no words are fit to describe the way it feels."

"Like right now?" Buffy whispered as she trailed her fingers over Faith's bare shoulders, feeling almost as if there was an electric current running between them, only it was soft and it drew her in, it made her want more. "You do feel it, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do," Faith replied, her voice sounding reluctant as she rubbed her hands over Buffy's hips.

Buffy's eyes searched Faith's, wondering if there was something else that was holding her back. If she knew Faith as well as she thought she did, it was more than just not being able to hold back with her, there was something else. Something bigger. It was something that Buffy wanted to know, yet was too afraid to ask her, afraid if she did, she'd be on the receiving end of Faith putting her walls right back up and shutting her out.

Faith's skin was warm under her fingertips and she slowly moved them to the back of her neck and pulled her in, their lips meeting gently at first. Faith's hands moved from her hips and around to cup her ass, a move that turned things around in an instant. Gone was the soft, slow and gentle unhurried kisses. It was pure passion, wild and unrestrained. Buffy's body was responding to Faith and she was left breathless, yet unable to pull herself away for more than mere seconds at a time.

Faith moved her hands to the backs of Buffy's thighs and lifted her up, a move that surprised her, but she didn't stop kissing her. She knew what Faith was going to do before she felt the softness of the bed beneath her with Faith on top of her. Faith's hands were gone from her body almost completely, one hand holding herself slightly above Buffy, the other resting near her side. Even as the kiss changed, Buffy knew she was fighting to hold back, to not touch her in fear that Buffy would end up freaking right out and put an end to it. But she didn't want to stop and she wanted more than just to kiss her. She needed to feel Faith's hands on her, touching her, even if it didn't go as far as getting each other naked and having hot, sweaty sex until the sun came up.

Taking Faith's left hand in hers, she moved it to the side of her stomach, gently encouraging her to touch, to feel her. Her breath hitched in her chest as Faith took the hint and glided her hand up to cup her right breast. Faith quickly moved her lips to her neck, licking and biting, sucking at her pulse point as she pinched a hardening nipple through the soft material of her shirt. She was suddenly wondering if going braless that day had been a good idea or a bad one, but that thought was quashed the second Faith moved to suck her nipple through her shirt, sending a whole host of new sensations flooding through her body.

Faith lifted her head and raised an eyebrow as her fingers trailed over the strap of her tank top. She swallowed hard as she nodded her head, giving Faith the okay to keep going. Slowly, Faith slipped her fingers under the strap and slid it down over her shoulders. She lowered her head, her lips wrapping around a hard nipple and Buffy tried to suppress the moan that followed. As much as she was enjoying the attention, she needed to kiss her, if only just to put the brakes on things from moving far too fast.

But Faith wasn't moving, too busy licking and sucking on her nipple, eliciting soft, breathy moans every time she sucked harder than the last time. Buffy slid her hands into Faith's hair, arching her chest forward as she tried to be quiet. She forgot about wanting to slow things down, forgot how much she needed to kiss her and focused on the feel of Faith's lips and tongue on her skin. She was being held hostage by the hot of delicious sensations she felt rumbling through her body and even though a part of her knew they needed to slow down, the other part of her didn't want to stop or to go slow.

Faith ran her hand down Buffy's side, over her hip and down her thigh, scratching her nails against her bare thigh and stopping as she reached the edge of Buffy's jean shorts. Her fingers dipped under the edge and she sucked on her nipple one last time before dragging her tongue across her skin ever so slowly up towards her neck. Faith kissed her briefly before leaning back and stared down into her eyes, eyes searching, a silent question being asked if she had taken things too far. Buffy responded in the only way she could, by kissing her, her words failing to flutter past her lips, lips that ached just to be kissed again.

The kiss was slow, deep and sensual as Faith's fingers caressed her skin on the back of her thigh. She lifted that leg over Faith's hips and groaned into her mouth as she slipped her fingers further up inside her shorts. Her hips surged upwards as Faith's fingers deftly traced over the edge of her panties and she moved a hand to push Faith's hand away. She wasn't quite ready for that. And she was also getting tired of being a bottom.

Pushing at Faith's shoulder a little, hoping she'd get the hint and make this easier for her, they rolled over on the soft bed and Buffy settled her body on top of Faith's, not once breaking away from the kiss. Her body hummed in sync with Faith's as Faith slipped a leg between hers and thrust her hips upwards against Buffy's thigh, her hands gripping on to her hips, encouraging Buffy to do the same.

As soon as she started fully responding to Faith, her moment on top was over in a flash and she was on her back, grinding in tune to the pace that Faith had set. She ran her hands down Faith's back and slipped them under the hem of her shirt. Faith's soft skin was warm and too tempting not to touch. It only had her mind reeling as she thought about how soft she could be everywhere. If she wasn't already wet, just the thought of a very naked Faith made her panties wetter and suddenly she forgot why she'd been trying to put the brakes on before, why she wanted things to go slow. Everything about this, about Faith, felt far too good to hold back.

Suddenly feeling bolder, more confident—and determined not to be some kind of pillow queen, entirely new experience or not—Buffy trailed her hands up Faith's smooth back and around to her stomach, her shirt lifting as she moved her hands higher to cup each breast firmly. She rolled each hard nipple between her fingers and Faith responded by letting out a low moan and sucking on her bottom lip before kissing her deeply again.

Buffy moved her hands up further, lifting her shirt and Faith leaned back, both breathing heavily as Buffy pulled her shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Her eyes drank in the sight of Faith's bare breasts and hard, erect nipples. Faith's chest was heaving as she tried to get her breathing under control, her hands reaching for the hem of Buffy's shirt, inching it upwards slowly, her eyes searching Buffy's once she tore them away from her breasts, searching for any sign that Buffy was about to tell her no. She sat up a little and pulled her tank top up when Faith's hands stilled and she tossed it in the same direction she'd thrown Faith's shirt and laid back down.

Seconds passed by slowly, but as they both caught their breath, their lips met again in a hungry, passionate kiss. This time when Faith's hand ran up the backside of her thigh, she didn't stop her as her fingers dipped inside the edge of her shorts and she didn't stop her when she felt her fingers trace over the edge of her panties. Her hands were trembling as she swept them up Faith's back again, not just from passion but because she was suddenly feeling very nervous. The boxers that Faith wore did nothing to hide the fact that she was definitely turned on and Buffy could feel just how wet she was as she ground into her thigh.

"You okay?" Faith asked as she pulled back from her lips and looked down at her with concerned eyes. "Buffy?"

"Yeah," Buffy whispered. "This is just, you know, all sorts of new."

"Do ya wanna stop, cos if it's too much we can just—"


"No?" Faith smiled as she gently caressed Buffy's cheek before tucking a stray hair behind her ear. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

They both smiled and Buffy couldn't help but laugh. She definitely didn't want to stop. She wanted Faith and she wanted all of her, hard and fast, soft and slow and everything in between. She was allowing her body to respond to every touch and every kiss. And she had to have more.

Pulling Faith towards her, she captured Faith's lips in a searing kiss, the trembling in her hands stopping as she lost herself in the kiss. Moving a hand down Faith's side slowly, she debated whether to take things further, wondering if she should let Faith take the lead. But she knew Faith was doing all she could to hold back, to stay in control of herself. It was down to her and despite it being all sorts of new and the fact she wasn't experienced in being with other women. Slowly she trailed her fingers over the edge of Faith's boxers and then over the soft skin of her toned stomach. Faith stilled her hips as Buffy dipped her fingers under the edge of her boxers and she broke away from the kiss, staring hard into Buffy's eyes.

Slowly, Buffy slid her hand inside the loose boxers and Faith's breath hitched as her fingers slipped over her nearly hairless pussy. Buffy bit her lower lip as she felt how wet she really was, how hot her pussy felt against her hand. Without hesitating, she slipped a single finger inside of Faith deftly and it caused Faith to surge her hips forward, seeking more.

"Oh fuck," Faith breathed out as she pressed her forehead against Buffy's and closed her eyes, her breath coming out in short gasps as Buffy thrust a second finger inside of her.

"Touch me," she whispered. Pleaded. So far gone from feeling as nervous and unsure as she thought she should be. "Please."

Faith lips found hers again and they kissed wildly as Faith moved a hand between her legs and rubbed her over her jean shorts. A wave of pleasure thundered through her body and she rolled her hips against Faith's hand, wanting more, so much more. She found a pace that had Faith moaning and gasping into her mouth, fucking her hard and deep with two fingers, her palm grinding against her clit.

"I'm gonna cum," Faith groaned as she pulled back from Buffy's lips. "Fuck."

Moving her lips to Buffy's neck, she sucked on her pulse point, no doubt in her mind she was going to leave a mark, her mark. Buffy's fingers didn't slow down and she moaned loudly against her neck as her orgasm thundered through her body. Moving back up to Buffy's lips, she kissed her hard and deep, her moans muffled as they devoured each other. She rubbed Buffy harder through her jean shorts and she could feel how hot her pussy was. She needed to feel her, she needed to taste her, to make her cum hard and fast and do it again and again.

As Buffy pulled her hand out of her boxers, Faith groaned at the sudden loss of her fingers. Her body was trembling from her intense orgasm, but she was already fired up and ready for more. She moved her lips back down to Buffy's neck, nipping at her skin as she slowly descended down her body. She swirled a tongue over a hard nipple before pulling it between her lips. Buffy moaned and arched into her mouth, her hands in Faith's hair as she sucked hard.

Faith swore she heard Buffy whimper as she moved her hand away from between her legs. Moving her lips to her other nipple, she slowly licked and sucked it, feeling Buffy's body responding in the most delicious way. When Buffy knocked on her door, she had no idea what would happen and she had been so worked up from patrol she felt like she was gonna burst at any given second. She definitely hadn't anticipated things to go this far, this fast between them either, but Buffy had shown her all the signs that she wanted this too.

Continuing her slow descent down Buffy's body, she trailed her tongue across her stomach, tasting her skin and drinking it all in. She leaned back as her tongue hit the edge of Buffy's jean shorts and she quickly unbuttoned them, her eyes sweeping up Buffy's body to look into Buffy's eyes, searching for a sign that Buffy wasn't ready for this. Buffy smiled down at her and licked over her lips as she moved her hands to her shorts and started to push them down. Faith's heart was racing as she grabbed the edge of her shorts and pulled them down, her fingers hooking on to Buffy's panties, ridding her of both in a matter of seconds. She stood at the edge of the bed and pushed her boxers down and her eyes drank in the sight of Buffy, naked and on her bed, and waiting for her to make the next move.

"God, you're beautiful, Buffy," she whispered as she crawled back on to the bed and between Buffy's partially spread legs.

She ran her hands slowly up Buffy's legs, keeping her eyes locked with Buffy's as she spread her legs wider, exposing her completely. Dipping her head down, she kissed along the inside of Buffy's thighs, slowly making her way up to her center. Buffy moaned as she breathed a hot breath over her wet pussy and when she inhaled the intoxicating scent of Buffy's arousal, it was more than enough to push Faith over the edge. She couldn't hold herself back, not after that short yet intense orgasm she'd just had. She wanted to dive right in, but decided that wasn't a good idea. She wanted to take her time, for her own sake and for Buffy's, she wanted to savor every last second of being with Buffy.

Faith flicked her tongue against Buffy's clit, her eyes locked with Buffy's as she did it again. Slowly, she licked down her pussy and she could feel Buffy's body respond as she dipped her tongue inside her hot, tight hole. Faith moaned against her skin as Buffy slipped her hands into her hair, holding firm to her head as Faith slipped her tongue further inside of her. She had Buffy writhing and moaning, her fingers digging into her scalp as she fucked her with her tongue.

Buffy moaned as Faith replaced her tongue with two fingers. She gasped as she tried to catch her breath and licked over her lips. She wrapped her lips around Buffy's clit and sucked hard, Buffy's hips surged and nearly bucked Faith off of her completely. She flicked her tongue over Buffy's hard, throbbing clit and used her left hand to hold Buffy's hips down as she fucked her hard and fast with her fingers.

"Faith," Buffy moaned, her thighs closing around Faith's head as her body began to shake. "Oh god, I'm—"

Buffy moaned again before she could finish speaking and Faith curled her fingers as she sucked on her clit, sending her over the edge as her orgasm hit her hard and fast. Slowly she removed her fingers and licked over her pussy fully, drinking every bit of her in as she felt her own body reacting to Buffy's breathy sighs and moans. Buffy's hands finally release the hold she had on Faith's head and her body shuddered as Faith placed a soft kiss on her clit before rising slowly on her knees.

Crawling upwards, her eyes locked with Buffy's, Faith slid her body against hers as she leaned in to kiss her, allowing Buffy to taste herself. Her hips rolled down against Buffy's and they moaned into each other's mouth, hands grasping and clutching as they kissed furiously. Faith needed more and she wanted more, but the way Buffy slowed down, kissing her lazily, told her that she needed to take a few steps back at the moment and let Buffy come back down from the high of the intense orgasm she'd just experienced.

"Can I stay here tonight?" Buffy whispered against her lips and it made Faith laugh. "What?"

"Did you think we're done?" Faith chuckled as she stared into Buffy's hazel eyes and watched as she struggled to find the words. "Cos I'm so not done with you, B."

"Oh no?"

Faith grinned as she rolled her hips and she moaned as she felt Buffy's wet pussy against her own. "Definitely not. Unless you're too—"

"Tired?" Buffy finished for her and she pouted slightly. "Are you going to be mad if I say I am?"

"Too tired for this?" Faith whispered huskily as she slipped a leg under Buffy's, completely changing the angle as she rolled her hips again. Buffy scratched her short nails down Faith's back, her moan giving away the fact that despite being tired, she wanted more too.

Faith watched her as they moved together, soft gasps and breathy moans filling the silence in the room. Buffy sat up slowly and wrapped her arms around Faith as their lips met in a soft, sensual kiss. In a move that caught her off-guard, Faith found herself on her back with Buffy on top, grinding herself into Faith's pussy as she sucked on Faith's bottom lip. Buffy leaned back as Faith swept her hands up her stomach and cupped her breasts, her fingers slipping over hard nipples as Buffy moaned out into the room.

She was transfixed, completely mesmerized by Buffy and the heat they were creating between them. As Buffy leaned her head back, Faith realized in that moment that she would never be able to let Buffy go. Her heart belonged to Buffy, as it always had, but it felt different now that Buffy had handed her own heart to Faith without hesitation. She slipped her hands around to Buffy's back and pulled her back down flush against her.

"Faith, I—" Buffy gasped as Faith's hands slid to her ass and pulled her down harder against her.

"What is it, B?"

"Don't stop."

Faith groaned as Buffy's lips found their way to her neck and she sucked hard over her pulse point. Faith's heart was still racing and she could feel the burning pleasure quickly building up inside of her and flooding through her body fast. She moaned as Buffy's lips found hers again and she never wanted to stop kissing her, touching her, fucking her and loving her.

"I love you," Faith whispered, the words tripping past her lips and falling upon Buffy's with ease. Buffy responded with a searing kiss that left Faith feeling dizzy and completely breathless.

She didn't expect Buffy to say it back and she knew she wouldn't. Not tonight, not tomorrow, but hopefully she would eventually. Love, Faith knew, was something Buffy didn't find or feel easily and saying the words meant something to her and she didn't just say those words to just anyone. Faith knew she was in love with Buffy, she had been for a long time and she felt it more and more, so much that the words were just bursting out of her without a second thought.

They clutched to one another as they both came together. With sweat slicked skin, Buffy collapsed on top of Faith, both breathing heavily as they just lay there together. Faith ran a hand up Buffy's back and gentled threaded her fingers through her hair. It wasn't long before she realized that Buffy had fallen asleep and she sighed softly, moving Buffy until she was laying comfortably on the bed beside her.

Faith watched her as she slept for a while, a million and one different thoughts in her head and not one she could grasp a hold on. It felt surreal and being with Buffy had been far better than she ever imagined it'd be. Just being with her once was more than enough to make her deliriously happy for the rest of her life.

The sunrise that morning was breathtaking and Faith sat on the roof, unable to wipe the smile from her face, nor could she forget that Buffy was still sound asleep in her bed either. The last couple of days had been a whirlwind and full of its ups and downs, yet despite it all, Faith wouldn't have had it turn out any differently. In fact, the only reason she hadn't fallen asleep was because she was afraid it wasn't real, that Buffy never did come to her door in the middle of the night and that they never did end up making love.

Was this the start of something new? After last night, did that mean that Buffy was with her and that she wouldn't come home from another failed date, heartbroken and still alone with Faith there to comfort her in the only way she knew how to? Faith wished she knew the answer to that.

Climbing back inside her room, Faith left the window open to let the warm, gentle breeze flow through. Buffy sat up in her bed, holding the sheet up to her chest as Faith stood unmoving from in front of the window.

"Morning," she said quietly as Buffy sat there not saying a word. "Uh, you want me to go make some coffee, B? We can skip training if you're not feeling up to it or whatever."


Faith breathed out heavily as she ran her fingers through her hair. She'd gotten dressed before she'd gone to sit out on the roof to watch the sunrise and she felt Buffy's eyes roaming over her body with a look on her face that Faith couldn't exactly read. Faith let out a dejected sigh as she walked over to the still locked door.

"Faith?" Buffy called out quietly.

"Yeah, B?"

"Did last night really happen?"

"Well, if it didn't, wouldn't you be asking why you woke up naked in my bed?" Faith chuckled as she watched Buffy's cheeks redden. "Yeah, it did," she said as she moved to walk back over to the bed. "Are you, you know, okay with that?"

Buffy nodded as she reached for Faith's hand and pulled her towards her. Faith laughed as she crawled on top of the bed and hovered over Buffy as she laid back. "More than okay with it," Buffy whispered. "So much in fact when I woke up I wanted to continue where we left off and I thought you completely bailed on me."

"Bailed on you? Not in this lifetime."

"Do you watch the sunrise every morning?"

"Yeah, just about," Faith nodded and she leaned in to kiss Buffy lightly. "You really wanted to go another round when you woke up?"

"Uh huh."

Faith felt like she'd ruined her chance at doing one thing she'd never done before, morning sex and she was going to fix that. Leaning back, Faith pulled her tank top up and over her head, groaning as Buffy's hands instantly cupped her breasts. She tossed her shirt to the floor and sat down on Buffy's lap as Buffy's lips wrapped around a hardening nipple. Buffy was definitely being more bolder and feeling far more confident than she had just hours before and Faith willingly let her take the lead, becoming completely submissive as Buffy flipped her on her back.

"Shouldn't have bothered to get dressed," Buffy whispered as she tugged at Faith's cotton shorts before pulling the drawstring roughly.

"Couldn't sit on the roof naked," Faith chuckled and she lifted her butt up as Buffy pulled her shorts down. "Didn't wanna give the neighbors a show or anything."

"No, we couldn't have that now, could we?" Buffy smirked and she tossed the shorts behind her and moved to lay fully on top of Faith. "Maybe after, we can talk about what's going on between the two of us?"


"And maybe after that, we can oh, I don't know, keep doing this all day. Keep the door locked and just…" Buffy trailed off as Faith pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss.

For hours they devoured each other, worshipped each other, explored and made love until they could barely breathe anymore. They slept most of the afternoon away and ignored the pounding fists on the door just before dinner. They talked and laughed and fucked and made love late into the night.

Faith was in heaven and beyond. After ten long years of waiting, of wishing she didn't feel the way she did about Buffy, of hiding her true feelings, she could finally be herself and that feeling was almost as good as the feeling she got as she laid in Buffy's arms.

"I can't believe we've been friends for ten years and all it took was one kiss to change everything," Buffy whispered, her soft breath flowing over Faith's chest. She lifted her head off of Faith's shoulder just to look into her eyes and smile. "Why didn't you ever tell me how you felt about me, Faith?"

"I was scared of losing ya, B. Scared that if you knew how I felt, we wouldn't be close anymore. You're one of my best friends and I don't ever want that to change."

"It won't," Buffy promised her. "It'll change into something better. It's already started to change. Can't you feel it?"

"I feel a whole lot of something," Faith chuckled as she pulled Buffy on top of her. "So, what happens tomorrow, B? We can't stay in here forever. We need to eat," she said and Buffy groaned softly. "And shower. And probably answer a whole lot of questions that without a doubt everyone is going to be asking us the second we walk out of this room."

"And what are we going to tell them?"

"What do you want to tell them, B?"

"Not to bother us if we're in your room or mine and the door is locked."

Laughing, Faith shook her head, her hands smoothly running up and down Buffy's back. "I'm serious, B. We'll have to tell them something and "we're sleeping together" isn't quite gonna get them to back off, you know?"

"How about we tell them exactly what this is," Buffy started as she traced a finger over Faith's bottom lip, "that this is new and that we're together?"

"Whatever you want, B."

"Are you already whipped?"

"You've had me whipped for ten years now. Surprised you hadn't figured that out yet," Faith chuckled and Buffy leaned down for a soft, lingering kiss.

"Ten years is a long time to wait for one person, isn't it?" Buffy asked and Faith shook her head no. "It's not? But—"

"It's been longer than that, but you know something? You're worth the wait."

"Are you trying to get into my pants? Because it's working."

Faith slipped her hands down to grab Buffy's bare ass. "You're not even wearing pants, B."

Laughing, they submersed themselves in the moment and each other, lost in their own little world where nothing else existed and nothing else mattered. Maybe ten years was a long time to wait for Buffy, to wait to make a move, to wait to show her how much she loved her, but it didn't matter to Faith because in the end, she finally got everything she ever wanted.

The next ten years were going to be one hell of a ride, that was for sure.