First for Herself

Harry Potter had never truly owned any clothes of her own. All she had ever had were hand-me-downs from her cousin Dudley, which, she had to say, were much too large. He loomed over (in the width scale, not height, of course) other boys his own age, and even over boys older than him. So how, possibly, could the clothes fit her, who was firstly a girl, and secondly malnourished?

But she had gotten used to how cold the clothes were, or how often they seemed to slip from her shoulders. She would find a piece of string and tie the shirt and trousers around her waist tightly, so they would look like a very unfashionable dress-ish thing.

Still, she could not deny the twinge of jealousy that hit her when she saw girls in pretty clothing, laughing with their parents without a care in the world. She could not even pick flowers to place in her hair, because the only place she could find flowers was in the park (and they were only measly dandelions, but to her they seemed like miracles) and in the park she was always chased by Dudley and his gang in a "game" of Harry-hunting.

So it was with a sense of ecstasy with just a hint of fright that she stepped into Madam Malkin's alone. She had the money to buy new, beautiful clothes for her own. She could own proper shoes, and perhaps even a ribbon or so.

And then she met a boy with platinum-blond hair and a perpetual smirk on his face. She ended up having not such a good impression of him.

So she was quite surprised when, as she turned to leave, he picked up her ribbon (that had somehow fallen) and tied it back in her hair.