Trigger Warning: Character death. This is nothing against Mary for all you Mary lovers, but I just found this idea absolutely adorable and I wanted to try it out ; u ;


After Mary had died from childbirth, it was up to John to care for their child who was only a few hours old.

Holding the infant, wrapped up comfortably and warm in a fluffy pink blanket against John's chest, fast asleep. He couldn't help but stare at how close the child resembled Mary. Mostly by the shape of her nose and facial structure, John sat there with tears in his eyes from the loss of his wife, but he felt glad that he had at least one piece of her in his life. And that, was better than absolutely nothing at all.

But now, there was another problem that John hadn't thought of..

What was he going to name her?

Naturally, Sherlock had arrived at the hospital to meet up with John and his god-daughter, he expected to see the happy new parents. Walking into the room, noticing the bed empty and John sitting in the chair that was placed besides it. Before he opened his mouth to speak, he noticed the little bundle in his arms. A ping of sadness hit his chest as he went over to the ex-soldier and knelt down besides him, realising what must have happened. "I'm sorry, John."

John said nothing, but a slight smile appeared on his lips as the little girl squirmed around in his arms before settling down once more. Looking over to Sherlock, the tears still glimmering in his eyes. "What am I going to do, Sherlock?" He whispered, his voice nearly broken.

Unable to stand seeing his only friend in a state of distress, he looked to the baby one more time. "You can move back to the flat, we can care for her together."

John, carefully giving the infant to Sherlock, rubbed the tears from his eyes. "Are you sure? I know you don't like children and all. Wouldn't want to bother you."

Sherlock shook his head, carefully cradling the baby in his own arms as she gripped at the collar of his jacket and curled up into his chest. "You can't do this on your own, John. I don't mind."

Smiling at the surancy he was given from his flat mate, John simply looked on as Sherlock seemed to start bonding with the child. Sherlock, although proclaiming to despise children, didn't really mind the one he was still holding. "What's her name?" He whispered, being careful to not wake her.

"Haven't thought of a name yet.." John admitted, disappointed.

Sherlock just sat there in thought for a moment. Not that he was any good with names, but it didn't hurt to attempt to throw out some names. "Allison?"

Although John was thinking of names himself, he liked the sound of Allison - even if it wasn't on his list of possible names. "That's a good name..Allison." He muttered with a smile.

With the baby named something the two agreed on, John signed the birth cirtificate. Sherlock, although he was happy to help his friend in need, had no idea of the responsibility that he was taking on.