Hi everyone, this is my very first TMNT fan fiction, so please be nice. Anyway, this is a suggestion by a friend of mine that goes by a Guest name TMNT Fan as her way of dedicating TMNT 30th anniversary this year. This chapter takes place just after "Wormquake!/The Manhattan Project", but the big chunk of the story takes place at an earlier time. That will change in the next 2 chapters, and I'll notify when at the beginning. PS, there's a chance the characteristics of each different dimension Turtles will be a little bit off, so bear with me.

For my Digimon followers, don't worry, I'm not abandoning my Digimon stories. I just had to get this up right now since it's almost 30th March.

Each Turtles are referred to with their year after their names except the Primes. The 2007 CGI movie is counted as a sequel to the first 3 live action movies.

I do not own TMNT or the story. The story idea is by TMNT Fan, I'm just writing it for her since she can't.

Chapter 1: Have we known them before?

After celebrating their victory from the events with the giant Kraang worms, and the fight against The Foot and Tiger Claw, both Casey and April decided to head home and get some rest from the day's event and the Turtles are enjoying their free time since Splinter lets them have the day off of training. However, there's something from that event that got all 4 brothers thinking.

The other dimension Turtles.

It's really a shock for all of them that there is another dimension out there with their own set of Turtles, but for some reason, they were not as shock as they thought they would've been. It's like, they already KNOW about the existence of another Turtle-verse before.

"Hey guys," started Mike12, who's sitting on the couch with Donnie and Raph, "do you think it's weird that we seem to kind of known all along of other Turtles dimension?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but Mikey's right," Raph12 admitted.

"But that doesn't really make sense," said Don12, placing a hand under his chin in thought, "I mean, there is no way any of us would forget the idea of another Turtle dimension."

"Unless we've known about that during that mysterious month," the 3 Turtles turn to the source of the voice to see Leo12 walks up to them with a thick scrap book in hand. The 4 of them got on their 16th Mutation Day, and they let Leo keeps it since he's the most careful when keeping stuff, and that scrap book is far too special for them.

"Dude," gasps Mike12, "don't tell me-?"

Leo12 nodded his head in reply as he joins his brothers on the couch, right in between Don12 and Raph12 with Mike12 leaning over Don12. The eldest brother opens the book to see the first page, which is filled with all sorts of pictures, but the images are blank. But when they turn to the next page, all of the pictures that were blank the last time they check are now have images on them! And what's more is that those pictures are-

"It's those other Turtles!" gasps Mike12.

Sure enough, the pictures on the second page of the scrap book are all pictures of the pudgy Turtles the 4 brothers saw in between dimensions.

"Wait, th-that means we've actually met them before?!" asked Don12, clearly shock at what's revealed to them. "I don't believe it."

Raph12 snatch the book from Leo12 and turns through the pages, most of them completely blank like the first page, saves for a few pictures that has one to all 4 of them in it, one to all 4 of the other Turtles, and even some pictures that last check has only them, now have the other Turtles together in it! The only page that all of the pictures are filled is the 5th one that has only pictures that only have the 4 brothers in it.

"Believe it Donnie," said Raph12 giving the book back to Leo12, "We really did meet those other Turtles before."

Leo12 stares at the cover of the book and takes out a pendent he brought along with the book. It's a simple wooden triangle pendent that's painted blue and some darker blue lines at the edge, with a threat attach to it so that Leo can wear it anytime he wants.

"Do you think those other Turtles might have one of these like us?" asked Leo.

"Possibly," replied Don12, taking out a similar pendent with Raph12 and Mike12, but the colors are like their mask colors.

"Man I don't get it," started Raph12, "why in the world would we suddenly forget what happened during that month Splinter left to Japan anyway?"

"Maybe someone doesn't WANT us to remember?" asked Mike12.

"If that's true, then who?" wondered Leo12, "And more importantly, why?"

What none of them know is that they are being watch right at this moment at 3 different dimensions; the Primes, 2003 and 2007 version!

LeoPrime watch this with a wondering look on his face and said, "I've been wondering that myself. Why would the Ninja Tribunals seal their memories of that month away from them?"

"They mentioned that those guys are still too young to know about all of this," replied Don03, "and that it's a danger until they're ready to know."

"Screw that," snapped Raph07 "I don't care if they're not ready to have those memories it's still not right for it to be locked away!"

"Easy Raph," Leo07 place a hand on his brother's shoulder, trying to calm him down, "I'm just as frustrated as you right now, but getting angry is not going to help them remember faster."

Raph07 sighs a bit and said, "You're right, Leo. It's just, I hate this."

"You're not the only one," said Don07, referring to Mike07, who's sitting at the corner, slouching a bit.

"I wonder how the pudgy guys will react when they know the square ones saw them without them knowing?" asked Leo03.

"Wait, they actually saw us?!" a voice said, getting the other Turtles attention.

"Major bummer dude, not only do we miss one of their adventures, but that they saw us too," another voice said.

The other Turtles turn to see the pudgy Turtles contacting them from their own dimension.

"When did you guys get back?" asked MikePrime.

"Just now," replied Raph87, "we were just heading to Donatello's lab to patch our wounds we got from fighting a freaky worm earlier today when we discovered the signal that the square ones just had an adventure."

"Well that worm you're talking about actually came from the square Turtles dimension," mentioned DonPrime, shocking the ones that haven't already known about it.

"Tell us exactly what happened," demanded Leo87.

After retelling the story to the pudgy Turtles, RaphPrime notice that Raph07's leaving the room.

"And just where do you think you're going?" asked RaphPrime.

"I'm going out," Raph07 said, leaving without waiting for a reply.

"He's been doing that a lot now, hasn't he?" asked Raph03.

Leo07 sighs as he watches Raph07 walk out of view sadly, "I don't blame him. I would have done the same thing too if I was him." He then got up and starts heading out of the room, "But instead of going out, I prefer to be at the dojo meditating."

And with that, Leo07 left the room. Had any of the others look closely, they could see a small tear rolling down his cheek. Not long after that, Mike07 got up from where he's sitting and leaves the lab, but not before mumbling, "It's not fair."

The other 3 Michelangelo's look at Mike07 with a worried look on their faces since they understand how hard the news of specifically Mike12 not remembering him anymore is.

"Poor tall Mike," sigh Mike03, "I wish there's some way that can cheer him up."

"You know something guys," said Don87, "none of this wouldn't have happened if us Donatello's didn't go against LeoPrime's advice to lay off the dimension hopping business at the first place."

"You're right about that," sighs Don03, "But it's better than what might happen if we didn't start the connection with one another."

Don07 recalls everything that's been happening to the 5 different Turtle teams within a month, all because 4 of the 5 Donatello's accidentally create a connection with one another. He sighs before looking back at the other Turtles on the screen.

"Hey guys, is it alright if we cut the conversation short today?" asked Don07, "I wanted some time for myself before heading to bed."

Leo87 hears the sadness in Don07's voice when the purple-banded Turtle ask earlier, knowing he's getting close to losing it like his brothers. The pudgy blue-banded Turtle smiles and said, "Sure, we'll talk with you guys when all of you are ready."

LeoPrime and Leo03 both agree with Leo87, so DonPrime, Don03 and Don87 cuts the transmission with the 2007 dimension. Once Don07 reconfirms that he's completely alone, he brought both of his hands to his face, finally release the sob and tears he's been holding during the whole conversation.

Elsewhere on a rooftop topside, in the dojo and Mike07's room, Raph07, Leo07 and Mike07 are also silently crying just like Don07 is over the fact that the 2012 Turtles are so near, yet still so far from their grasps.

Short and confusing a bit, I know. But like I said earlier, this is actually what happened AFTER a certain amount of time from when the next part of the story takes place.

Anyway, that's all for this chapter. Hope you enjoy reading this everyone, mostly you TMNT Fan, and Happy 30th Anniversary TMNT!

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