Alright since people might get confuse about the timeline of this month, I'll put up what happened on this first week.

Day 1 – All four 2007 Turtles got under Sh'Okanabo's control; Leo87, RaphPrime, Don03 and Mike12 got kidnapped from their dimensions

Day 2 – Mike07 got freed from his control and rescued the captive Turtles, but got controlled again; the remaining Turtles gathered in the 2003 dimension.

Day 3 – Rescued Leo87 and Raph07; splits up into three teams to save the rest.

Day 4 – Manage to save the remaining Turtles; Mike12 almost died from his surgery.

Day 5 – Don03 got over his fear of the SAINW Dimension after knowing what happened after he left.

Day 6 – Three out of four of the 2012 Turtles made up with one another.

So that means this chapter will take place on the last day of the first week.

Each Turtles are referred to with their year after their names except the Primes. The 2007 CGI movie is counted as a sequel to the first 3 live action movies.

I do not own TMNT or the story. The story idea is by TMNT Fan.

Chapter 14: Breaking Through Mike12's Wall

After watching the events from the dimension Don03 was sent to, said purple-banned Turtle seems to be very relief like a giant weight had been lifted from his shoulders. In fact, now he can look at the Square Turtles injuries without worry, fear and hesitation like he did before.

But despite that knowing what happened in the SAINW Dimension after Don03 left helped reduce the tension greatly; there is still a noticeable amount of it around the 2012 Turtles, though it's not as much as how it was earlier.

In the dojo, Leo12 is seen meditating at a corner with some incense Leo03 gave him earlier burning nearby. Despite concentrating as hard as he can, the Square Turtle couldn't find his center like he always does whenever he meditates. Sighing, Leo12 stops meditating and just stares to the ground.




"Ow…" Leo12 groans, rubbing his head at the spot it hits the floor.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startled you," Leo87 said, quickly moving near Leo12 with a worried expression on his face.

"That's alright," reassures Leo12, getting on his feet and headed towards the kitchen, "I was… just about to head to the living room anyway."

A hand suddenly grabs Leo12's shoulder before the Square Turtle hears Leo87 pointed out, "Um… the exit is the other way."

Feeling a bit embarrass for going the wrong way, Leo12 lets Leo87 guide him to the dojo exit, which the Square Turtle can tell a conversation is happening on the other side. Sure enough, the living room is currently being occupied by the other three Leonardo's along with RaphPrime, Raph87 and Raph03, which their attention immediately turns toward the two that just entered the room.

"Hey guys," greets Leo87, gently guiding Leo12 in between Leo03 and Leo07 on the sofa.

"So how's your meditation?" asks Leo07.

"I couldn't focus enough to even find my center," admits Leo12 with a sigh, "I guess with what Mikey did last night affect me more than I thought it would."

After watching what happened to the SAINW Turtles, three out of four of the Square Turtles thought about their attitude towards one another for nearly a year and made up. But that year leaves the biggest scar on Mike12 and, despite the apology, still refuses to open up with his brothers.

"Easy Donnie, easy," a voice is heard coming closer, just as Don07 is seen supporting Don12 carefully out of the lab.

"Agh," Don12 groans as a wave of pain flows from his injured leg and would had fallen if Don07 wasn't supporting him.

"I told you it's still too early to try and walk," informs Don07.

"I know that," said Don12, taking a seat that was occupied by Leo07, "but I don't want to trouble anyone by carrying me around."

"Wait, what happen to your wheelchair?" asks Raph12.

"One of the wheels was dented when I accidentally crash onto something in the lab," answers Don12 in slight shame before asking, "Any word about Mikey?"

"He's still in the room last I checked," said Mike07 all of a sudden.

"WHOA!" everyone jump slightly, completely in shock at Mike07's sudden appearance.

"Where the shell did you came from?!" asks Raph03.

"I just got here," said Mike07 like there's nothing wrong with how he got there, "Anyway, little Mike's now looking after him as we speak-"


Everyone turn their attention towards a frantic Mike87 rushing down the stairs. But that's when the pudgy Turtle trips on his own two feet and fell the rest of the way down.

"Ow," groans Mike87, "talk about major bummer dude."

"Uh, you alright bro?" asks Raph87.

"I will be," reassures Mike87 as he got back up.

"Soooo…" starts Don12, "Why were you rushing in here anyway?"

"That's right!" gasps Mike87, quickly jumping back on his feet and shouts in panic, "That small dude's missing!"

"WHAT?!" gasps a different voice as everyone spies the remaining Turtles out of the rooms they were in earlier. It was Raph12's voice they heard screaming just now.

"What do you mean missing?!" asks/demands Raph12.

"It's exactly as I said dude," answers Mike87, "I was entering the room to check up on him when I found that he's not there," he then pulls out a piece of paper from his belt, "along with this note."

Mike07 takes the note and gasp at what's written on it, making the others feel a little bit uneasy.

"Well what does it say?" asks Don07.

Mike07 didn't answer and instead drops the paper and rush out of the lair and drags Mike03 along, leaving everyone else even more confuse than before. MikePrime picks it back up and gasp before reading what's on it.

"Goodbye and sorry"

"That isn't just any note," gasp LeoPrime in realization, "We'd got to find him before he does what I think he might do!"

MikePrime looks at the three worried Square Turtles before saying, "Alright, we'll take you to him."

"Wait, how do you know where he might be?" asks DonPrime, "It wasn't' mentioned in the note."

There was a moment of silence before MikePrime said, "It's because this place is where his safe room is."

"That's right," realize Mike87, "Of course he would go there of all places."

"Then when we find him we can talk to him," Don12 said in excitement.

"No," said Mike87 all of a sudden.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'NO'?!" asks/shouts Raph12 in fury.

"I agree with Mike," said Raph07 unexpectedly.

"Wait, why? We can't just leave him broken up like he is," said Don12, "Plus, it's our fault Mikey's like this to begin with."

"That's why we should just leave us Michelangelo's to talk through him," said MikePrime, "After all, like your Don said, you guys are the reason why he's feeling like this."

"Which is why we SHOULD go and talk to him," argues Leo12, "Since we're the reason why Mikey's behaving like this, we're the only ones that can help him heal properly. So please, let us talk to our brother."

Mike87 and MikePrime look at one another before Mike87 said, "I don't know dudes, are you sure you're really going to help him? Or are you guys doing this out of guilt and will go back to how it was once things are normal again?"

"I would rather slit my own wrist than treating Mikey like how we've been treating him for almost a year," argues Raph12 with a slight hiss, and both Leo12 and Don12 nods in agreement with that statement.

There's a moment of silence before MikePrime signals everyone to follow him.

/ (An hour later,)

The two Michelangelo's are leading the five Leo, Raph and Donnie's through a sewer tunnel that now shows an underground subway due to the train tracks they're walking along.

"Hey Michelangelo, are you sure it's a good idea to just walk on these tracks?" asks Raph87.

"Don't worry compadre, these tracks have been abandoned for years," reassures Mike87, "So chill dude."

"Why do I have a feeling like I've been in these tunnels before?" said Don12 unexpectedly.

"Maybe you're just imagining things," said Raph03.

"No wait, I feel it too," said Leo12 as he's being guided by Leo87, "I may not be able to see, but I can still tell this tunnel seems familiar."

"I don't know if it's a coincidence or whatever but it's the same for me too," Raph12 admits.

"Whoa, I wonder why it's that," Don07 said to no one in particular, carrying Don12 on his back.

"I guess that's to be expected since the Square dude felt the same when we first came here," said Mike87.

"When did you guys first found out about this part of the sewers?" asks Leo03.

"On the night after seeing that crazy alternative future dimension," answers MikePrime.

"Yeah, the dude couldn't sleep so us Michelangelo's decided to go for a walk," said Mike87, "We weren't really paying attention to where we're heading until we found that place."

"And it's a good thing too since he actually started opening up to us a bit more than back in the lair," said MikePrime, "So we decided that the room he spent most of his time there will become his safe room."

"What is that place anyway?" asks LeoPrime.

"You'll see," was all both Michelangelo's said before everything went silent once more.

After walking a bit further MikePrime and Mike87 stop walking, making the Leo, Raph and Donnie's stop as well.

"We're here amigos," announce Mike87.

Everyone besides the Mikey's are fascinated in seeing an abandon underground subway station right in front of them, with Leo03, Raph03 and Don03 wondering why didn't they find this place until now. But when Raph12 and Don12 first glance at the place, they gasp loudly.

"What is it guys?" asks Leo12, still not being able to see what's going on.

"This place is EXACTLY like our lair in our Dimension!" gasps Don12.

"Wait, what?!" asks Don07, looking over his shoulder to look at his counterpart, "Are you serious?!"

"He's serious," answers MikePrime, "The little Square Mike told us about it and he immediately showed us where everything in his lair is, especially his room that's now the safe room we told you guys about."

Just then, Mike03 is seen walking from a hallway in a corner, a worried look on his face. But once he look up and spotted the other Turtles walking into the place, he immediately tense up and glares at the three Square Turtles.

"You guys are VERY lucky Tall Mike and I left when we did!" growls Mike03, "Any minute longer and he would have been a goner!"

"Wait, what are you-?" asks Don12 before he was cut off by Mike03.


Everyone grew silent in complete shock at what Mike03 said, with said Turtle panting hard from his shouting. But before anyone could say anything,


"Oh no, not again," gasps Mike03 as he quickly rush back to where he came from while glaring at the three Square Turtles.

And it's not just him.

When Mike87 and MikePrime heard the scream, the two of them also rush after Mike03, leaving the Leo, Raph and Donnie's by the entrance. Couldn't stay back much longer, Raph12 push his way out of the group and head towards where the scream came from with both Leo12 and Don12 about to join him when a surprise Raph12 comes back with MikePrime with the latter saying, "He wants to see his brothers."

That got both Leo12 and Don12 surprise as well since they didn't expect Mike12 wanted to see them after the outburst last night. Wanting to find out why, the three Square Turtles let MikePrime take them to the hallway that looks erringly similar to the hallway of their bedrooms back in their dimension, stopping in front of a door there that's the same place as Mike12's bedroom door. MikePrime knocks twice before the door opens to reveal Mike03, who let the four Turtles in.

The interior of the room isn't much, just a few comics and about two to three pizza boxes littered around with a big mattress in the middle of the room that's currently being occupied by Mike87 and Mike07, both soothing a whimpering and shaking Mike12 in the Tall Turtle's embrace. The three Turtles look at the door once they heard it closing, and Mike12 huddle closer to his two counterparts upon seeing his dimensional brothers before him.

But after a while, Mike12 ease up a bit and asks, "C-Can you l-leave us a-alone p-p-please?"

Mike07 seems a bit uneasy with the request but nods and said, "We'll just be in the large opening if you need us."

MikePrime place Don12 on the mattress, but still a small distance from Mike12 and said, "You only got one chance, make it count."

After only the Square Turtles are left in the room, Mike12 looks even more uncomfortable than earlier and it goes unnoticed by the other three Turtles.

"Mikey…" Raph12 tries to move close, but it only make Mike12 move away even more, "I thought you want to see us…?"

"I-I-I d-do," admits Mike12, "b-but I-I'm still s-s-scared…"

"Scared? Why?" asked Leo12.

Mike12 didn't answer and instead huddle closer until he looks like a small ball at where he's placed. Don12, who's on the mattress thanks to MikePrime placing him there earlier, starts to crawl closer to Mike12, only to stop when he sees Mike12 huddling even closer before backing away again.

"Mikey? Remember the game we played whenever something's bothering you but you're too scared to tell me?" asks Don12, confusing Leo12 and Raph12 and got Mike12 to look up slightly.

"Donnie, what are you talking about?" asks Leo12, but Don12 ignores it.

It took a while, but Mike12 eventually nods slowly. Don12 smiles at this and said, "Is it alright if we play it? I'll ask questions about your secret and if I'm close then you tap your muzzle, okay? Tap your muzzle if you want to play."

After a bit of hesitation, Mike12 eventually tapped his muzzle.

"You won't be telling anything you don't want to if I guess," Don12 soothes as Mike12 brighten up a bit, "Does your secret involve Leo, Raph and I?"

Mike12 taps his muzzle, making Raph12 tense up and tells Leo12 what Mike12's answer is.

"Is it about our bad behavior towards you since we went to the surface?" asks/demands Raph12, but Mike12 didn't move a muscle.

"That means 'no' guys," Don12 explains, making both Leo12 and Raph12 sigh in relief.

"Then is it relating the alternate future dimension we saw 2 days ago?" Leo12 asks this time.

"Leo what-?" Don12 was about to ask, but was cut off when suddenly,

"…N-N-Not… r-r-really…" mumbled Mike12.

"You don't have to talk if you don't want to," Don12 said gently, placing a hand on Mike12's shoulder.

Mike12 tense up a bit, causing Don12 to quickly retract his hand away.

"N-N-No… d-d-don't…" Mike12 said grabbing Don12's hand before it's retracted completely.

Don12's startled a bit at the eagerness, but it disappears as soon as he notices the tears forming and pleading look in Mike12's eyes. Stretching his hand out again, slowly this time, Don12 gently touch Mike12's cheek and wipe the tears away with his thumb.

"P-P-Please… I-I-I don't w-want to be a-alone…" Mike12 hiccupped; a few tears manage to escape his eyes and holding onto Don12's hand tightly, "D-D-Don't leave me p-please…"

"We're not going anywhere if you don't want us to," reassures Raph12, "But why the sudden change of attitude? You didn't want anything to do with us yesterday."

"Raph," hissed Leo12.

"N-No… it's fine…" reassures Mike12, getting his brothers attention, "I-I guess I'm still confused on how I'm feeling."

"What do you mean?" asks Leo12 as he and Raph12 join their brothers on the mattress.

Mike12 didn't answer and only look away. Don12 sees this and said, "It's alright, take your time."

There was a moment of silence before Mike12 eventually nods and starts talking.

"O-On the day we found out about that cruel dimension, I don't want our relationship to end up like that," admits Mike12, "But yesterday when you guys were apologizing for how you'd treated me since we went to the surface, all of you seem to just brush it off as if it wasn't that bad… so…"

"You didn't accept our apology," Leo12 realizes.

"Then you got mad at us for thinking what we've done to you doesn't hurt as much as it did," Raph12 understands now for Mike12's behavior yesterday.

"I-I realize what I'd done yesterday, a-and I couldn't help but think that I'm being too harsh and y-you guys w-wouldn't want me back for y-yesterday," whimpers Mike12, shutting his eyes tight.

"Did you have a nightmare about it?" asked Leo12.

Mike12 just whimper for a bit before he shakenly taps his muzzle as his answer. Don12 sadly smiles at this and said, "I guess not forgiving us isn't a bad thing to do."

The three Turtles turn to their genius brother for his explanation, which Don12 greatly said, "If Mikey had forgiven the three of us yesterday, we wouldn't have realized what we'd done hurt him a lot more than he let up."

Don12 look directly at Mike12's eyes in sympathy and said, "But now we know how high the costs of our mistakes are since you're now scared and uncomfortable of us."

"So what should we do to overcome this?" asks Raph12.

"That's up to you, Mikey," Don12 said, making Mike12 look up a bit.

The youngest Turtle look at his brothers carefully before saying, "I-I don't know if I can completely forgive you guys for what you'd done to me."

That made the other three Turtles looks down in shame and disappointment, until, "But…"

Leo12, Raph12, and Don12 look back at Mike12, who said, "I-I'm willing to give you guys another chance. I-I-I don't want my nightmare to come true."

"It won't," said Leo12 grabbing a hold of Mike12's good hand, "We'll make sure of that."

"You'd better believe it," agrees Raph12 with Don12 nodding as his answer.

Mike12 look at his brothers' faces and something inside of him is telling him that everything will be alright, causing him to let out a small goofy smile on his face. The other three Turtles notice this and let a small smile of their own appear on their faces.

Mike07's worried about his younger fragile counterpart and decides to check on him along with his dimensional brothers, whom claim to have their reasons for following Mike07 (Leo07 and Don07: check on injuries; Raph07: following since he's bored).

Mike07 carefully open the door to the room, and all four Tall Turtles smile upon seeing the sight before them. Their Square counterparts are sleeping on the mattress huddled up together in a turtle-pile, each with a smile on their faces. The Tall Turtles are about to leave, when Mike07 suddenly sneaks up and takes a picture of the scene before him.

"What?" whispers Mike07 as to not wake the sleeping Turtles up upon noticing his brothers staring at him, "I can't miss this opportunity to get good blackmail material."

The other three 2007 Turtles just shook their heads at Mike07's answer before all four of them take their leave.


Looks like things are starting to get a bit better for the 2012 Turtles now, but the month has only begun.

YIKES does this take me a long time to finish! I'm SO sorry about that, but my inspiration and ideas for my stories were slipping away while I was working on my assignments last year. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading this chapter.

Until next time, see ya!