"I'll still be in town, you know," Blaine tells Sam, who's doing an accurate imitation of a limpet, clinging to him from behind and refusing to let go. Which is making it hard for Blaine to pack. "As if I'm going home now, I wouldn't miss you sweeping everyone off their feet for the world. I'm just going to be staying with Cooper now, that's all."

"You shouldn't even be going," Sam sullenly says, burying his face into Blaine's neck. "Like dude, you have more talent than everyone else combined. This is bullshit. The internet agrees with me."

Blaine's twitter was flooded with messages from well-meaning fans and, in addition to virtually everyone in his contacts list texting him, his phone had been vibrating non-stop until he had finally turned it off temporarily so he can pack undisturbed. Last he checked he had gotten at least a dozen messages from Rachel alone.

"What did we say about selling yourself short?" Blaine turns around in Sam's arms, tipping himself up to give him a quick kiss. "America loves you, if you haven't gotten the memo. You have as much chance as the others in winning this. In fact, I'll be very cross if you don't give your very best."

Sam leans down for another, longer kiss. "Yeah, okay."

He lets Blaine finish packing before bringing up a more serious topic. "So like, wanna finally tell everyone about us? I know you never liked this hiding thing - I know I don't."

Blaine blinks. "Like, now? I mean, I don't mind waiting until the competition is over." He adds hesitantly, "I mean, as progressive America has gotten the past few years, it's still a deal breaker for a lot of people. It might affect your votes."

"Yeah, I don't really care," Sam says simply, "I mean, if they're gonna vote for me for the Finals, they might as well know, you know? Look, I'm not self-sabotaging or whatever, but I think it's time we put it out there. I was thinking of next week."

Blaine still looks a bit unsure, but there's no denying the fond and thankful look he gives him. "We can talk to Amy about it tomorrow."

Sam is paired up with Filipina for the duet. The first thing she says to him after Thursday night is an apology, to which Sam replies, "What for?"

She fidgets, shyly looking up at him, "It's just, somehow it's always between me and your friends. First that girl, Tina? And now Blaine. I'm sure you'd have preferred it if he was in my place."

While that was sort of true, Sam didn't see why she should be apologizing for it. "Hey, come on, it's fine. I mean yeah, doing a duet with Blaine would've been cool, but it's not your fault. None of us blame you for America's mistake. Not that you're a mistake or anything, you're a great singer."

Okay sure, Tina and Rachel (and some of the other girls…) may have had a few choice words about her after Blaine got eliminated, but she didn't need to know that.

"Alright, enough of that," Sam grins down at her, "how do you feel about doing Britney? I saw this song in our list and I remembered some of my friends and I playing around with a few years back. I think it'll be really cool for both of us."

With three songs to rehearse, Sam doesn't get as much free time as he did. He doesn't get to see Blaine face to face until late Sunday afternoon, which they spend together in that coffee shop they had gone to before before heading to a restaurant to eat. From the moment Sam saw him, he could tell his boyfriend was bursting to tell him something, something undoubtedly really good if the smile on his face was anything to go by.

"I got offered a TV show role." Blaine whispers to him excitedly over dinner, practically bouncing in his seat, "I mean, it's not Broadway, but from what they've told me there's going to be a lot of singing anyways, since it's about a high school glee club - looks like I can't escape from show choir, huh? The head writer, he's written a couple of popular shows, said he happened to watch one of my performances on TV and immediately looked back to the other performance shows for more. He wrote in a new character with me in mind! Everything else has been pretty hush-hush, but a TV show, Sam!"

"Dude, that's so awesome! I'm sure it'll be a hit with you in it." He'd kiss Blaine, if they didn't have a table full of food in between them. Instead, he gives him the brightest, proudest smile, which took no effort for him to muster. "There wasn't any way you wouldn't have been offered anything after X Factor - you were born to perform. In fact, I won't be surprised if you get a recording contract soon, too."

Blaine gives him a flattered smile, his cheeks flushing pleasantly, and wow. "Okay, let's finish our food and get out of here fast," Sam says.

"What, why?"

Leaning in as close as he can, Sam whispers, "I'm giving you a celebratory blowjob ASAP."

underbridges: look who i spotted eating dinner tonight! #SamEvans #BlaineAnderson pic. twitter com /as103wp04
rosenwalls: underbridges awww they're so cute and happy together

His third song for the Semi-Finals is supposed to be "the song to get him to the Final." He picks his for a purely personal and emotional reason.

"Why this song, Sam?" Kelly asks him when he presents his choice to her. She probably already had an inkling why, but there's no judgement in her face, just pure honest curiosity.

"They told you about me and Blaine, right?" Sam asks and Kelly nods, smiling. "Well, I'm singing this for him, to him. And I wanted there to be no doubt on how much he means to me."

"Alright," His mentor's smile widens, "Let's make sure everyone gets the message, then."

Before Wednesday's performances, Sam meets with Amy again. This time he goes alone, because what he has planned is…

"The article is still set out to release the minute after tomorrow night's performances," Amy informs him as he takes his seat. Then she notices some of his nerves showing, slowly asking, "Or is it not about the article?"

"No, it's…" Sam hesitates, second guessing his plan for at least the dozenth time. But then he thinks about how much it'll be worth it, especially if Blaine reacts favorably, and takes a deep breath. "There's something I want to do… for the Grand Finale. Even if I don't get through after this week."

Amy laces her fingers together and leans forward a bit, staring right at him, "Tell me what you have in mind, and I'll see what I can do."

It's strange, Sam thinks, doing the X Factor without Blaine, who's at the audience with their supporting friends and family. While they were able to share a kiss and a hug before Sam was ushered backstage earlier, he really wishes his boyfriend was here as he was the rest of the season, an encouraging presence by his side while he waits his turn at the stage.

The first song, something the viewer's had picked for him, goes well enough. His and Filipina's rendition of Britney Spears' 3 is called "slick and sexy" by the judges, and it gets a lot of enthusiastic hooting and hollering from the crowd. Between the two, theirs is clearly preferred to North Dakota and Five-girl Group's own duet.

His third song is going to make or break it for him though, of that Sam is sure. He fought for the small lyric changes he wanted to do, changing she's to he's and daughter's to son's, because he's determined to get the message through. If that won't be enough, then the few seconds of him in the introductory clip clearly saying the song was for Blaine should be enough to get through some thick skulls.



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i'm looking over the lyrics and i just
"i fell in love with a careless man's careful [son]"
"you/[he] are/is the best thing that's ever been mine"
crying. crying a lot.

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[X Factor's Sam Evans and Blaine Anderson Comes Clean About Their Relationship ]





"We've been together just a few months over four years. Of course, we were best friends longer than that."

"To me it's not the gender or the parts that matter - it's the person. Just because we're two guys doesn't make how we feel about each other mean any less."
sam you perfect person you. thank you.

i'm so happy rn i can't even? and so proud of our bby's even tho they'll prob be getting crap about this now it's no longer "are they or are they not?"

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After the show, Blaine practically leaps to wrap his arms around him tight. Sam immediately reciprocates. "I can't believe you," Blaine sniffs, lifting his head from Sam's chest to look up at him with wet eyes, "That was just… Thank you. I love you."

Sam kisses Blaine's forehead and gives him a little squeeze, "Love you, too."

"Before you make everyone sick with diabetes," Tina cuts in, reminding them that there are other people around, "can you share your man with us for a bit, Blaine? You're not the only one who wants to hug the hunk of a sap."

They roll their eyes good-naturedly before letting go of each other and allowing Sam to get more hugs. When Cooper gives him a customary slap on the shoulder, Sam makes sure Blaine is otherwise preoccupied with Tina before he quietly says to the other man, "Can we talk soon? Like, privately, without your brother knowing."

Cooper raises his eyebrows a bit in curiosity, but gives an affirmative shrug nonetheless. "Sure, when?"

"Blaine'll be out to talk to the people for that show he's being cast in on Friday, right? So how about then?"

From: Sam Evans
To: Kurt Hummel

you guys are still coming up to LA next week right?

From: Kurt Hummel
To: Sam Evans

Yeah, why?

From: Sam Evans
To: Kurt Hummel

can you do me a favor? really important

Sam gets into the Finals. He's more shocked than anyone else, but everyone he knows tells him that they weren't even a little bit surprised. Blaine even allows himself to give him a smug look that says 'I told you so.'

All of New Directions - both generations that Sam knows - are determined to make it to LA for the Finals. It ends up being like one big reunion, really, especially when on Monday night, after the last of them have arrived, they take up a couple of adjoined tables in a restaurant so they can eat together.

"Here," Kurt discretely hands him something Sam immediately pockets when no one's paying attention to either of them. "It's very nice. Blaine will love it."

"Thanks," Sam smiles, referring to more than just the compliment. Kurt returns it with a knowing nod and a hint of a smirk.


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rosenwalls: SamEvans3 when/how did you and BlaineDAnderson get together?
SamEvans3: rosenwalls when - a few days before graduation, how - that's a secret ;)
nightwinner: SamEvans3 you said that gender doesn't matter to you… so does that mean you dated both girls and guys before?
SamEvans3: nightwinner i've had girlfriends in hs, but blaine's been the one and only guy :)

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Singing isn't the only thing they compete in.

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Exceptions by darkholms
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In which Sam realizes that there are exceptions to every rule and that sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith to get what you want.

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Vocal Lessons by destiny-holds
X Factor (US) RPF

Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans, Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans, Oral Sex, Blow Jobs

Blaine helps Sam rehearse. Among other things.

Words: 1,420 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 13 Hits: 154

BlaineDAnderson: rooting for SamEvans3 tonight!

Strangely enough, Sam feels calm during Finals performance night. He doesn't think about winning or losing all night, because Top 3 is pretty impressive in itself. He has Blaine, his family, and all his friends with him, and as a simple man that's all he ever needed. Sure, the recording contract would be great, he loves singing well enough and if it could give him enough financial stability to support his family, then awesome. But realistically, he knows the girls he's going against are much better singers and are more star material than he is.

He sings his "winning song," and then gets to do a duet with Colbie Calliet - Lucky, the song he and Quinn sang for glee club when he was still new in McKinley. He's sure his friends find it amusing that years later, here he is singing it again with half the original artists for it. He does Mine again as his "song of the season," despite the fact that he had just sung it the week before and he could've gone with The Scientist. But it was his most honest performance, the most him, so he doesn't regret the decision.

At the end of the night, he's happy. Everyone congratulates him on a great show and Blaine is giving him this look that's asking, 'How am I so lucky to have you?' Sam can recognize it because he's looked at Blaine the same way himself, many times before. That's the thing that makes him feel like a winner already.

Everyone wishes him good luck before the Grand Finale, many for a different reason other than winning the show. All the important and need-to-know people of the show know of his plan, but not the network, who wasn't exactly happy with his coming out story and probably would be less so with what he's about to do. Simon has been told about it as well, of course, but not the other judges. Since they'll be in live TV, genuine reactions from them would be priceless, or that's what they told him.

His friends know and it goes without saying that his family and the Andersons know about it too. In fact, the only one involved who doesn't have a clue is Blaine. All his boyfriend knows is that they'll be singing a duet together sometime in the middle of the show. Little did Blaine know about the box currently in Sam's pants pocket.

Sam bought the ring months ago - before graduation, way before this whole X Factor thing. They've talked about marriage before, once during a quiet night in bed, but that was enough to affirm to each other that yeah, they'd love to get married someday. Sam was planning on saving it for either New Year's or their fifth anniversary, his proposal somehow grand and memorable. He wasn't planning on proposing before then, hence why he had left the ring in their apartment in New York and had to have Kurt bring it over for him, much less in front of national television.

Now, right before he and Blaine are about to step into stage to sing, Sam is wondering if this is such a good idea. Maybe Blaine wouldn't like thisgrand of a gesture.

(Never once does the think about Blaine saying no, because that's the one thing he's confident of, no matter how he proposed.)

lilileanne: blaine and sam duet coming up (heart)
andervans: lilileanne i wonder what they're singing

Despite his shaky hands and heavy tongue, Sam manages to strum his guitar and sing He Is We's All About Us with Blaine. It has blatantly non-platonic undertones and they can't keep their eyes from each other for most of the song. Blaine's eyes are shining and he's smiling, and when he looks at him, Sam completely forgets all about the competition. Heart thumping, he swings his guitar behind him as soon as the song ends, all his attention on Blaine, who turns to him in slight confusion amidst the loud applause and cheers of the crowd.

Before Blaine can get a word in, Sam goes down on one knee in one easy movement, immediately silencing the entire auditorium in shock.

"Sam?" Blaine's eyes are wide, rapidly blinking, and his mind is obviously running at a thousands miles per second right then. Sam can't help but smile.

"Hi," His smile gets wider as Blaine weakly chuckles and returns the inane greeting. "You know you're my best friend in the entire world. And the past few years I've spent with you has been the best years of my life, and I know the following years will be just as awesome as long as you're by my side. I love you, and I always will. And now, there's something really important I want to ask you."

Sam takes a box from out of his pocket, opening it to reveal the shiny ring rested inside and holding it up for Blaine to see. Blaine drops his microphone, the echoing thud drowned by the half-stunned screaming of the audience and Kelly's excited exclamations of 'Oh my god!'

"Blaine, will you marry me?"

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help me im dying im dead
i didnt think two singing competition contestants would be the cause of my death
(no regrets)

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BlaineDAnderson: Best moment of my life :') I feel like the luckiest and happiest man alive right now pic. twitter com /blw130apq0
SamEvans3: I must be twice blessed - tonight I got engaged to my best friend and won the X Factor...
SamEvans3: Thank you, BlaineDAnderson, my friends and family, and all who voted for me for making all this possible!

A/N: And that's it! Thank you all for reading, and for any review or fave you give :) I had fun writing this and I hope you enjoyed the short ride too.