Shadow Girls

Summary: That fic where all the shadows are in fact girls . . .

. . . And certain rainbow haired idiots remain oblivious waaaaay longer than they should.

Rating: T for language and girls in their underwear

Pairings: Undecided

Disclaimer: I own nothing

It wasn't like Kuroko was keeping it a secret. She just never bothered correcting other peoples' mistakes and assumptions. It was easier that way. She'd learned that before middle school. And if, at some point in middle school, she started to feel in a way where she regretted not letting them know from the start, well, the way things ended made her glad that she never corrected them after all.

There are some paths, once started down, that you can never turn back from.

Seirin does not make the same oversight as everyone at Teiko. Right from the start, the truth gets thrown out into the open.

"Take your shirt off!" decreed the coach.

And Kuroko was only startled for a moment.

"What? Okay."

She obeyed the order, knowing that there would be, could be, no misunderstanding after this, and that it was only a matter of time before everyone she'd kept the truth from found out.

But at the same time she couldn't help but feel profound relief that there would be people who saw her for who she truly was. People who found out on their own, and never formed misconceptions about her.

"What? What, what, what?!"

"Coach! He – she!"

"Put your shirt back on! Put it back on!" Riko screamed, and moved to physically try to shield Kuroko from the boys.

Kuroko didn't see what the big deal was. She was wearing a sports bra. It covered more than her bathing suit.

But she obeyed the order and put her shirt back on.

The boys were all bright red. Even the American returnee, who Kuroko would have thought would have been used to seeing more skin on girls. His face was as red as his hair as he distinctly looked in any direction except toward her.

Then, one of the seniors decided to say it out loud, either to make sure there was no misunderstanding or because he just liked stating the obvious.

"You're a girl!"

(And Seirin manages to discover in the first 5 min of practice what Teikou never uncovered.)

Midorima's jaw dropped.

And dropped.

And dropped even further so it was resting comfortably on the locker room floor.

Takao was the one wearing an annoyed look for once. She finished hooking her bra before turning to face him. "Dude, get out. I'm changing!"

Then she grabbed the shower stall's curtain and jerked it back into place.

Midorima gaped at the curtain like a fish.

"Midorima." The captain's curt voice startled him out of his reverie. "Get back here. Now. You know the rules."

Midorima's feet obeyed the order like he'd been put on autopilot.

"What's that look, freshman?" demanded Kimura.

"Hey, wait. Takao's changing back there and you . . . were you peeping at her? Kimura, get me a pineapple!" shouted Miyaji.

"You knew he – she was a girl?" demanded Midorima.

Everyone stared at him like he was crazy.

"You didn't?" Kimura finally asked.

"How could you not know?" Miyaji demanded.

"Just what did you think Coach was talking about when he was going over what procedures we'd be following now that we've got a girl on the team?" Kimura wanted to know.

"What are you talking about? What procedures?" Midorima demanded.

"Wait. Oh no." Ootsubo looked pale.

"What is it, Captain?"

"I think Midorima was off shooting alone when Coach went over that, now I think about it. Using one of his three selfish requests."

"Oh. Ok. But still. How could you of all people not know she was a girl?"

"How was I supposed to know?" demanded Midorima.

"You two've been hanging out in your free time! Don't you think you should have noticed?"

"What was there to notice?!"

"Well, I have these things called boobs. You might have heard of them. Or seen them. Well, you've certainly seen them now," said Takao, walking into the locker room, said boobs now mercifully covered by her school uniform.

"Midorima, teme . . ." Miyaji growled. He looked ready to skin Midorima alive.

Takao had long had the ability to make Midorima feel flustered. And that was before he found out he'd been mistaking her gender for almost a month now.

"You were wearing the boy's uniform outside of school!" he shouted at her.

"Huh? Oh, that time we went to Kaijou? Yeah, I stole that from one of the guys in my gym class. I wasn't going to ride a bike all the way to Kanegawa wearing a skirt. Ha." Takao looked like the very idea was laughable.

Then she looked like something occurred to her.

"Hey, is that why you ignore me when I say hi to you in the halls?"


The older regulars looked like they wanted to pound their heads against the lockers. Midorima felt like doing the same.

"Takao, the rest of us need to change. So if you're finished," Ootsubo prompted, politely and patiently.

"Right. Sorry. But dude, Midorima, stop gawking at me like that. You're the last one here who should be so surprised."

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked Midorima, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

"Well, you're the only one here I know whose middle school team had a girl as one of the regulars for two years."

"What?" Midorima demanded.

Takao's blue-gray eyes blinked. "Don't tell me you didn't know about that either."

"What, no. There was no girl in the Generation of Miracles. There was no girl in Teikou's boy's basketball club!" insisted Midorima.

"Ya hah, there was," insisted Takao right back.

"No, there was not!"

The other players were looking back and forth between them, like this was a tennis match. A particularly interesting one at that. It was clear they'd much rather follow this debate than change and so not even Ootsubo prompted them again.

"Dude, there was definitely a girl on your team. How could you not know?"

"Who was it then?" demanded Midorima. He decided this was the best way to nip this in the bud. He'd seen all the guys there without their shirts on plenty of times, and if you gave him a few moments he could recant a pointless story about some of those times. Jokes made while changing, conversations held, arguments, etcetera.

"Kuroko-chan. Duh," said Takao.

"Nonsense. Kuroko . . ."

Then Midorima stopped. Had he ever actually seen Kuroko without his shirt on? Kuroko had been damn near invisible to start with. He couldn't help but feel the prickling of doubt.

"Kuroko was definitely not a girl!" he insisted.

"Kuroko definitely was a girl!" argued Takao.

"No, he is not!"

Midorima had to admit that out of all of them, Kuroko was the one most likely to be a girl in disguise, but that didn't mean he was one! His best friend had been Aomine, and Aomine definitely wouldn't have been able to keep something like that a secret! Kise would have, or at least should have figured it out during the many times he'd throttled Kuroko . . . which if Kuroko was a girl, probably definitely would have been classified as feeling him/her up. Akashi, at the very least would have known and put a stop to any potential sexual harassment lawsuits!

"Dude! Kuroko is a girl! Trust me!" said Takao, drawing herself up to full height.

"I'm telling you, he's not!"

Takao then took on the air of someone about to deliver the cou de grace. "Then why, when our schools played each other, was she able to loan me a tampon when I asked her for one?"

(Takao, in any incarnation, just looooooves making Shin-chan uncomfortable)

(The rest of Shuutoku has known since the first day of practice that Takao's a chick)

"You're a regular now. You're expected to use the same facilities as the other regulars," said Akashi in that imperial way of his.

Mayuzumi let a little bit of displeasure steep into her blank stare.

"I'll have no more of you slinking off alone somewhere to change. That self consciousness does not belong in a member of elites like us," Akashi said, not caring how she felt about changing in front of a room full of guys.

Alright then. Ok.

"Fine," said Mayuzumi. Then she started to strip.

Her shorts came off first. Akashi, seeing that he'd won, had already turned away by the time they hit her ankles. Her shirt came next. Then the scream.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WTF?" the obnoxious one, Hayama shouted.

Standing there in her plain white cotton panties, mismatched with her sheer silver bra, Mayuzumi turned to look at him dispassionately.

On either side of Hayama, the other two regulars were staring as well. Nebuya looked like he was choking. Mibuchi, on the other hand, was staring at Mayuzumi's modest B cups with more envy than anyone had ever looked at Mayuzumi with before.

"G-Guh! Akashi! What the actual hell?" Nebuya managed to ask when he drew enough breath to.

"Sei-chan. This is most inappropriate. You should not put a young lady in a room full of men and ask her to take her clothes off," sniffed Mibuchi, though he sounded indignant on Mayuzumi's behalf despite his envy.

"What? What is the problem?" demanded Akashi, sounding dangerous at having his absoluteness questioned.

Then he looked at Mayuzumi.

Still standing there in her bra and panties.

And he stared.

And stared.

The famous, absolute Akashi Seijuurou, struck dumb by the sight of a girl in her underwear. And one who he'd just ordered to strip down at that.

Mayuzumi would take her humor where she could get it.


(Silent snark FTW)

(And everyone who was in the dark on the shadows being girls finds out when they see them in their underwear. Talk about a rude awakening)

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