This is my first fanfic ever, and I have so much planned for this one, so although uploads may be irregular, I won't be abandoning this fic or anything. I've always thought that I'm a horrible writer, but I'm giving it a shot. Wish me luck!


It was raining heavily that night. A tall, burly man came out the front door, carrying a large bucket in his enormous hands. He didn't have an umbrella, but was instead wearing a raincoat that seemed way too thin to resist the impact of the pouring rain. And although the bucket was tightly sealed with a metal lid, there were streaks of red liquid dripping from it.

The man came down the front porch, and crossed the yard he kept walking until he had reached an old warehouse, leaving a steady red trail behind him, which was eventually washed off by the rain.

The sound coming from the warehouse was louder than ever- even the rain wasn't able to cover it up. The man reached into his pocket, and pulled out a pair of keys. With trembling hands, he put the key into the lock, and after struggling with it for a few moments, swung open the wooden door. At the sight of the man, the barking, howling noises from the untamed beasts just got louder.

The warehouse was simple; an aging, wooden one-storied building, which the man had rebuilt into a wolf den. The man walked inside, and closed the door behind him. There was a single narrow passageway, leading to another metal door, which was even more heavily locked than the front door. The man walked limply along the passageway, as the wolves behind the bars at both his sides went berserk at the sight of blood trickling down the bucket. Ignoring the creatures clawing at the metal bars, the man reached the metal door. He took a deep breath, and began unlocking the door. He carefully opened the door half-way.

It took a moment for him to register what had happened. Chains were lying everywhere on the ground, broken into tiny pieces. At the sight, fear instantly crept up the man's eyes, and as the man panicked, he tipped over the bucket that was right beside him, spilling the entire contents on the floor. The wolves on his right side began clawing and started lapping up the small amount of food that they could reach through the bars.

But now that didn't matter to the man. He hurriedly opened the door further- then he saw it. The giant creature was even bigger than the man, and its white hair almost seemed to sparkle in the pale moonlight coming from the singled barred window. Everything of this creature was white- except for the eyes that seemed to emit a deadly red light.

With a flash of white and red, the man fell to the floor- a pair of horrible red eyes was the last thing he ever saw.