Chapter 5

Anna's daily routine changed after she decided to give Elsa "lessons" on how to do things in a more human way. After a full morning of studying, Anna saved some of her afternoon hours for Elsa. There were tasks that were relatively easier, like teaching her how to use forks and knives instead of her hands. And at the same time, there were some that were extremely challenging. But at the end, after an endless amount of feeding, coaxing, shouting, and yes, petting, most of the time Anna somehow managed to successfully reach her goal.

"Elsa, follow me, like this," said Anna, slipping a toothbrush into Elsa's hand. Elsa glanced at the toothbrush, and back at Anna. Anna had already started brushing her own teeth. "Come on, do it!"

Elsa stared curiously at Anna, and raised her hand to sniff once at the mint green substance resting on her toothbrush. Then she carefully stuck out her tongue and licked up a small portion.

"No, Elsa, you're not supposed to eat it, you're supposed to brush your teeth with this,"Anna sighed, "just copy me. How easy is that," With some effort, Anna finally got the girl to copy what she was doing. After few minutes of brushing, Anna spit out the toothpaste and turned to Elsa.

"Now spit it out. Like I did." Elsa only stared blankly at Anna, and as always, Anna lost her patience and quickly rinsed her own mouth with a mouthful of water. Then she filled up a cup with water from the sink and handed it to Elsa. The blonde was still clutching the toothbrush tightly in her hands. She did take the cup from Anna's hands, but never rinsed her mouth like Anna did. Instead, she let out a loud belch, making Anna facepalm and eventually give up.

Except for a few incidents like these that ended with Anna totally frustrated, overall, Elsa was a fast learner. After about a week, Elsa was capable of helping Anna with her chores, like making beds and washing dishes.

Eventually, Anna started devoting her evenings wholly to Elsa. Marveling at how much she was enjoying the company of the blonde, she talked on and on to her, although she doubted if Elsa understood a single thing she was saying. She wouldn't stop until her facial muscles hurt from the immense amount of talking. Elsa followed her everywhere, and whenever Anna's rambling started, as always, she stared intently at the girl with her wide blue eyes filled with innocent curiosity. But all these precious moments came to an end when her mother and Kristoff came back home, and Olaf came over, calling out for Kristoff and Elsa to go and play. Then the boys would run off into their usual playground in the meadow, with Elsa trailing behind them. Anna would watch them skip happily across the front yard from her window. A part of her wanted to join them. She did love both boys, but she felt uncomfortable joining two ten-year-olds in their little ball game. Being 18, she thought she had to at least try to act like a mature teenager. She had decided to stick to staying home while the kids went outside to play.

Elsa and Anna were sitting side by side on the stairs of the front porch.

Anna, having noticed that Elsa still walked around barefoot, had given her one of her own shoes, but the blonde was having trouble with her shoelaces.

"Elsa, can you at least try to follow me?" Anna remarked after spending half an hour tying and untying her shoelaces, trying to let Elsa imitate what she was doing. She could see that the blonde was trying her best- but the shoelaces kept slipping off her fingers. But these many failures made the success so much more worthwhile. When Elsa finally succeeded, although the bow was slightly sloppy and lopsided, Anna felt a gush of joy as she nudged Elsa in the arm.

"Hey, you learned even faster than Kristoff! Great job,"Elsa's eyes lit up at the compliment, but soon her face fell as she saw Anna leaning down to take off her shoes without further comments. She glanced once at Anna and bent down, her hair slightly brushing against Anna's arm.

Anna startled at the sudden contact and straightened up, but soon smiled when she saw Elsa waiting expectantly, bent over with her head towards her. Giggling to herself at the blonde's eagerness, she sighed playfully.

"Fine. Good girl," then she stroke Elsa's blonde hair a generous amount. She didn't notice Elsa's eyes sealing shut as she enjoyed the sensation.

Anna spent rest of the evening trying to decide whether or not she should try to join the boys when they stole Elsa from her for the rest of the day. When Kristoff came home from school with her mother, she finally made a decision.

After seeing that the two boys were discussing something on the front yard before they took off, Anna took a deep breath and went out onto the front porch with a rag in her hand. Then pretending not to notice the boys, she started wiping the windowsill slowly, whistling quietly to look as natural as possible. Kristoff was the first to spot Anna.

"Anna! We're gonna go see Mr. Arendelle's goats, you wanna come?" he called out. With her back still turned towards him, Anna's face broke into a huge grin of excitement, but quickly covered it up in a frown.

"What? Well, I'm kinda tired, actually," she grumbled, scratching the back of her head as she turned towards his direction. Kristoff seemed disappointed.

"Come on! They're huge!" He pleaded, and although Anna's heart leaped in joy, she pretended to be accepting his request grudgingly.

"Fine, I'll go," Anna mumbled, as the boys gave each other a high-five and finally started to energetically run towards the Arendelles' house. Elsa started to run after them but stopped herself and came back to Anna. Anna smiled at the blonde who seemed to be waiting for her to start walking, grabbed her hand, and started following the two boys.

When the girls arrived, Kristoff and Olaf were already there in front of the goat pen. They each had a notebook in their hands, and were ripping pages off of it to feed it to the goats. At the sight, Anna raised her eyebrows.

"Kristoff, isn't that your math notebook?" she asked, but Kristoff merely shrugged.

"I'm done with it. I was gonna throw it away anyway."

"Didn't you get in trouble last time for feeding the goats?"

"Oh it's okay, we can just hide before Mr. Arendelle comes out." Although Anna didn't like the idea of hiding or running away, she said nothing and quietly observed the boys having fun.

"Hey, I can make really good goat sounds," Olaf said suddenly, "listen, baaaaaa"

"No, that's not how you do it,"Kristoff replied, apparently feeling challenged by the other boy's comment, "it's more like this; baaaaaaaa"

"What's the difference?" Anna muttered, but quickly frowned. "Wait, did I just say that out loud?"

"Anna, you try!" Olaf called, and Kristoff nodded excitedly in agreement.

"W,what? No, I, uh…" stammered Anna, as she nervously tucked her hair under her ears. She tried to look away from the boys, only to meet Elsa's gaze who was staring expectantly at her.

"Ugh. geez, fine. I think,"she paused, "it's more like…baaaa?" She flushed and bit her lip as she saw the boys chuckling to themselves at Anna's horrible imitation, which was more like that of a dying goat. Anna glanced at Elsa, and huffed furiously when she saw her wearing a small smirk.

"Hey- are you, you laughing at me?" But right then, the boys panicked and started to scurry across the yard.

"It's Mr. Arendelle! Run!"Kristoff called back, as he saw the girls still standing there dumbfounded. When Anna realized what was happening and tried to run, it was too late. Mr. Arendelle, with his arms folded, was standing right in front of them.

"Uh, hi, Mr. Arendelle! Um, sorry, uh… I gotta go," Anna stuttered, but was greatly relieved to see that Mr. Arendelle seemed rather amused to see her there than angry. "Uh, bye!" Anna snatched up Elsa's hand and started running after the boys, her face as red as her hair.

"Mom, can you buy me a new baseball?"Kristoff asked at the dinner table. The woman raised her eyebrows.

"Why? Don't you have one already?" His mother asked back, but Kristoff shook his head.

"Yeah, but last time Elsa threw it, and it went all the way to where the goats are. We couldn't find it."

"Mmm-hmm. Elsa must be a good athlete," his mother commented, when Kristoff cut her off once more.

"Mom, when's Elsa gonna leave?"Kristoff asked at the dinner table, and Anna flinched at the subject she had been dreading to mention.

"Well, honey, I don't know… I'm looking up somewhere better for Elsa to stay, so are the police. Maybe some sort of an orphanage? They'll be able to take care of Elsa much better than us…"

"There's a kid in my class who's from the orphanage," said Kristoff, "He wears the same clothes every day, and he never even has lunch money."

"Well… We'll just have to hope for the best," the older woman sighed as she eyed Elsa, who was now concentrating on her plate, trying to scoop up some green beans with her fork.

The family finished their dinner in silence.

The night was very quiet. The roads were dark, and the only source of light was the full moon shining above. The whole neighborhood was wrapped in a eerie silence, except for the occasional hoot of an owl and the cricket noises that filled the air.

The peace of the night was inturrupted, however, by the blinding headlights and the roar of the engine that pierced through the darkness. The black SUV swayed a bit as it sped down the narrow country road. Hans, currently drunk to the eyeballs, violently punched his fists into the air.

"You mocking me?" He took another mighty swing from his bottle. "I got more money than all of you put together!" A woman wearing heavy makeup was sitting beside him on the passenger seat.

"You've been-" she slurred- "saying that over and over to yourself for the past two hours-"

"Are you mocking me?" Hans shouted, but the woman didn't seem to register what he was saying. There was a moment of silence.

"You- We're going for another round at your villa, right?" asked the woman as she leaned towards Hans, with a lopsided smile spreading across her face. Hans grinned as he glanced at the woman.

"Absolutely," he answered, "geez, you drink better than I expected."

"The world already knows that I drink like a fish," the woman answered, and Hans shot a cheesy look at her.

"Yeah? Then what about drinking something other than-"


He was cut off by the sudden impact. Both of them, suddenly wide awake from the intoxication of the liquor, looked widely around for what had happened. Hans had driven into a goat pen, leading to a head-on collision with it. The goats were crying madly, and were soon jumping over the broken side of the fence.

"Shit," Hans muttered as he rubbed his face in frustration, and the woman panicked in her seat. Then something came into view as it moved in front of the headlights. A blonde girl was staring intently at them with a white baseball in her hands. She kneeled down, and when she straightened up, they could see that she had an unconcious baby goat wrapped in her arms.

"W-what do we do? What do we do?" said the woman frantically, "someone saw us, what do we do?" But Hans had already backed up his car, and was getting ready to run.

"It's alright," Hans muttered as he slammed his foot on the excel, "that bitch can't even talk."

They drove away, leaving Elsa standing there, still holding onto the goat. Mr. Arendelle hurried outside shortly after their departure.

"Elsa?" He said in disbelief as he eyed the blonde. Hesitating, Elsa walked up to the man, and carefully lay down the small creature at his feet. She glanced once at Mr. Arendelle who stood there too stunned to say anything. Then she timidly started to walk down the road which was once again dark and empty, clutching the baseball tightly with her both hands.

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