#1: Date 'n Slush

"Jesus," Mako said, squinting at her in the dim light, voice raised to be heard over the klaxon around them. "You okay? You took some nasty hits."

Korra raised a hand to her nose, careful not to aggravate it farther. It didn't feel broken, but it sure as hell was bruised. She did her best to stem the flow of blood that had been steadily streaming since her opponent had landed the smarting blow. She winced when she her hand came in contact with the injury. "Yeah. That guy punched like a howitzer, man."

Seeing as his friend was in no immediate need to be rushed to the emergency room, Mako smiled slightly and leaned back. "Well, at least you managed to dodge most of his blows. I'd rather not have to take you to the hospital. Again."

"I thought for sure you were going down when you took that roundhouse to the ribs," Bolin chimed in.

"You and me both," Korra answered. That was another blow she'd certainly feel I the morning. She was already sore from it's effects half an hour after it happened, the simply act of breathing creating sharp stabs of pain along the expanse of her lower ribs. It was a blow she couldn't avoid, his last attack had off put her enough to break her balance, and her recovery time was just slow enough so the mountain of a man could land a solid blow. He'd knocked the wind out of her, and it was a miracle she'd gotten up in time or she'd have been out. "Ack, Spirits that hurt though. I need a drink."

"Alcohol and injuries don't seem like a good idea," Bolin said.

Korra gave him a half-hearted punch on the shoulder, muscles still burning with exertion. "Not that kind of drink, I mean a slushie. I need 64 ounces of syrup flavored ice pronto."

After gathering a few bandages and more than a handful of tissues, the group clambered inside Mako's car a were off. Korra leaned her head back against the seat, tissues pressed against her nose, the bleeding steadily slowing down. When she got home, she was going to crawl into bed and stay there for at least three days. Movement of any kind any sooner than that, she thought, just might kill her. It was only a short drive to the nearest convenience store, and by that time, the bleeding had stopped, and Korra looked presentable enough, for someone out at nearly midnight.

Inside, she went straight for the slushie machine, choosing the biggest cup she could find, and mixing every available flavor into a rainbow colored mess. Beside her, Bolin was funneling raspberry slushie into a smaller cup, and was glancing over his shoulder back at the register every few seconds. "Hey," he finally said, angling his head to look at her. "Guess who's workin' the register."

Korra shrugged, too busy creating the perfect drink to bother looking back. Besides, her neck was too sore anyhow. "Who?"

Bolin grinned. "Asami."

At that, Korra froze. Asami Sato was heir to one of the biggest car manufacturers in the country. Her family was raking in millions. The girl was filthy rich, didn't need to work a day in her life. What was she doing working graveyard at some grimy, dilapidated convenience store? Despite her reluctance, Korra peered behind her, eyes flitting over to the register. Sure enough, there stood Asami, perfect as always even during the witching hours, striking up an amiable conversation with Mako. She swallowed and turned away.

"Who knew, right?" Bolin said, sticking a cap onto his drink and taking a big, obnoxious slurp.

Of course, it was just her luck that the girl she had an outrageous crush on was on shift the night she came in looking like she'd been hit by a train and dragged through the dumpster. She scowled as she capped her drink. It was too late to walk out, she wouldn't waste such a wonderful drink by pouring the whole thing out. She grit her teeth and made her way to the register, placing her slushie on the counter as she fished around in her pocket for money.

"Good evening, Korra," Asami greeted, frowning slightly at the girl as she took in her bruised and bloodied appearance. "What happened?"

Korra handed her a few bills, doing her best to avoid eyes contact. She shrugged. "Probending."

"I see," Asami nodded, sensing her hesitance and letting the subject drop. She gave her back change and moved onto Bolin.

"I didn't know you had a job," he said as he payed.

"Well, have to learn what it's like to have a job somewhere." Asami replied. "Can't rely on my father's money for everything."

Bolin nodded sagely. "Sucks you got stuck with the night shift though."

Asami laughed. "It's not too bad, hardly anyone comes in at this time anyway. Usually stoners, or the occasional overnight travelers." She glanced at Korra. "And brawlers, I suppose."

"Hey! Slushies are like, magic after a fight." Korra protested, though she was hardly angry. It was true this was the first place she went after a match. Well, unless she needed dire medical attention first. "And it's not my fault they schedule these things at the worst times ever."

"I've never been to a match before." Asami said, leaning against the counter. "I follow all the tournaments, but just never got around to going."

"Dude, you should totally go!" Bolin said.

"Korra does have a match next week, if you're free." Mako added.

Korra immediately froze up, a blush creeping up her neck. She hoped Asami would contribute it to exertion. What were those two boneheads thinking? She glared in their direction, noticing their smug expressions. They stared coolly back at her.

"I'd love to go, if it's alright with you, Korra." Asami said, snapping the girl back to reality.

"Oh, uh, sure. That's... that's fine."

"Perfect. It's a date." Asami handed Korra a napkin, which she cautiously accepted. "Hit me up with the details later."

After saying their goodbyes to their friends, the group headed out, climbing back into the car and starting for home. Korra stared at the napkin, 7 simple digits scrawled across it in Asami's neat, swirling handwriting. She blinked. What on earth just happened? It was a whirlwind in her mind, but she was pretty sure Bolin and Mako had set her up on a date. In which she would be beating the crap out of someone and/or getting the crap beat out of her.

"You know she totally digs you, right?" Bolin said, turning around to look at her.

"Mako, Bolin, what did you do?"

"We got you a date, because you're too hopeless to do it yourself."

"But what in spirit's name made you think taking her to my probending match was a good idea?!"

"So you can show off your fighting skills," Bolin answered, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Gotta impress her somehow."

Korra buried her face in her hands. She went for a drink and ended up with a date. What in the world had she gotten herself into?


A/N: I don't even know, man. I don't think there will be any rhyme or reason to these things.