Chapter 1: The Celestial Dragon

Hey guys I'm making a new story for those Lucy Heartfilia fans out there, people keep making her as a damsel-in-distress but I want to give her a little bit of a twist to her instead, like instead of her having to only use her gate keys she will be able to use a new power while going on this new quest, Lucy goes on a certain mission in the mountains to deal with a monster that's been up there scaring tourist and people around the village, no one has seen it but when humans come near it leaves a terrifying roar like a dragon, Lucy has no idea that she will be getting the journey and opportunity of a life time but with every gift always has a price to it being if it's good or bad will this mission change her life forever or will it be the end of Lucy Heartfilia. Find out and see. And there will be a little NaLu in some of the first chapter and others have fun and enjoy.

I don't anything FT it all belongs to Hiro Mashima he owns it all (which totally sucks)

(At the guild; Normal POV)

Today was like any other day full of life, joy, and happiness (plus the smell of booze everywhere) the sun shining brightly in the new guild hall, but a certain blond hair mage was not as happy or full of spirits like the rest drinking a half a cup of honey tea and having a sulky look on her face.

Sighing with boredom "This does not seem like it's my week I can't catch a break" moaning softly

She started thinking to herself. 'I woke up with a splitting headache, having only room temperature water when I was trying to take my morning bath, having my favorite pair of shoes being covered at the bottom with dog poop, and the worst of all I have to pay my rent this month' burying her face into the bar counter.

Hearing clanking footsteps coming closer to her and stop which made Lucy look up trying to see who was in front of her seeing pure silky white hair, eyes that look like you're looking into the ocean, and a smile so bright that you might think you looking at the sun for just a moment. The gorgeous white-haired mage said to with a smile "What's up Lucy how you doing today?"

She looked up at the white-haired bartender with a tired smile "Hey Mira, nothing much I'm just really bored today; Natsu went on a mission with Happy and Erza and Gray haven't come back from their mission yet so I really don't have really have anyone who I can go with for mission this week and also I have to pay my rent this month" groaning in sadness and her head back on the counter "Why is my life such a struggle?"

Mira giggled lightly "Well look for a job that you may be able to do yourself it doesn't hurt to try?"

Lucy looked up then took a look at the board and thought about it for sec then she turned around responded back to her "Yea ok, I'll take a look" walking over to the board scanning through all the requests then found one that caught her eye "this one looks interesting" she looked at it carefully reading what it said.

"HELP US, there is a monster that is terrifying our village we need to have a specific wizard in mind to go and get this beast before it scares off all of villagers-" Lucy stopped when reading the paper, she stood up thinking 'well that's not going to be but I'll still check just to see who it is' so I can tell them later' going back to reading the rest of the request.

"We need the Celestial Spirit Mage, Lucy Heartfilia if she'll help us we will pay 280,000 jewel and a feast when finishing the job, we need your help Lucy Heartfilia please hurry"

Lucy looked at the sheet with the request over and over again until she finally realized that this was it something she could do and the request was for her only what an amazing opportunity to show off her skills, she was so cheerful that she didn't realize at first that this mission would probably be dangerous for her and going alone wouldn't be the smart thing to do but she had no other choice she had to help these people no matter what.

Lucy turned around running in the direction of the white-haired bartender; she stops in front of Mira's face with excitement and in anticipation for her to go on this new journey by herself, she tells Mira about the wonderful news.

"Hey Mira look I found a really good job for 280,000 jewel and its request for me and only me" said with a little school girl voice that sounded cute at first but got annoying really quickly.

Mira looked at Lucy with a surprised face wanting to see this request for herself seeing if it was true or not "That's great Lucy, can I see it too?" putting her hand out to see the request paper, the blond celestial spirit mage gave her the paper, looking at it almost twice she looked a little worried about this request it just didn't seem right.

"Lucy are you sure this isn't some prank or something because people do that sometimes" talking to her with concerned voice.

Giving off a confused and partially angry look "What do you mean, do you think that just because I'm not the strongest person on my team that I can't go on this request by myself without needing an escort?" looking at the Mira with rage.

Waving her hands back and forth trying to settle her friend down "No, No, No I mean it has such a high price for this request it seems like the monster you're going to fight is really powerful I'm just worried about you that's all" Mira said trying to convince her blonde friend.

Getting off of her stool with anger " Well I'm a pretty powerful wizard I can handle myself just fine and besides I have Loke and all my other spirits to help me" huffing at what she said with her chest out and head held high.

Mira trying to explain to her friend about what she was trying to tell her "I never said you weren't strong I believe in you but I'm just a little worried about this mission"

Turning around and walking slowly out of the door "Well you don't have to worry about me" sticking her right hand in the air with the guilds mark on it pointing randomly up high "I'm part of Fairy Tail and we never back away from a challenge or when someone is endanger so I'm going to help those people out the way I know how with my power and with my friends helping me" slightly turns and smiles with a confident grin continuing to walk out the door with the sun shinnying down on her with a joyful glow.

(At Hitoroshi Island; Normal POV)

Lucy arrived at this island that she never heard of until today but it looked like a festive little town full of life, fun, and tourist. Looking around with astonishment at how lively this place is but then had to shake out of her trance and think about why she came here for and what reason, she had to do her job and get it over with so she can help these people from their problem.

She took a look around at first seeing all the stuff they had there like the food, games, and fun activities she even did some of them trying to get some enjoyment before she goes on her journey, but of course she started to realize it's not time to have fun at a time like this she needs to do her job and help these people from the request.

She walked around trying to find the house where her client that she's trying to help with their problem or considering the entire town, she looked at the request one more time trying to see what the building looked like in the picture. After 20 minutes of looking for the building she finally saw it and rushed over it as quickly as possible so she could start her request.

She opened the door to the building and looked around the medium sized room and finding man walking in having completely surprised and joyful look on his face. He quickly walked over to her with a smile that almost took over half of his face, she kind of took a step back when he literally stopped right in front of her surprising her instantly with his expression.

"Hello, are you the celestial spirit mage Lucy Heartfilia?" the man asked, his face full of hope and happiness.

She hesitates at first then answers "Y-Yes that is me but you don't have to call me by my last name, Lucy is just fine" laughing slightly with a small smile.

The man nodded his head agreeing to what the blond-haired stellar mage "Ok, if you like then I will call you Lucy then"

The man looks behind the blond-haired stellar mage with a little confusion and worry "So you came alone for this?" he asked.

She looked at him with confused look and then processed what he was trying to imply which shot right into anger by having another person ask if she could do this mission or not "No, why is it a problem that I'm here?" giving the man a stern look.

The little man started waving his hand back and forth "No, No, No I didn't mean no disrespect, it just sounds like the monster in the mountain is very strong and it may be little difficult for you" looking innocently at her.

Lucy looked at the man with an intensive glare but soon calmed down and ignored it. She huffed to herself and tried to give off an angry pout but instead made her look like cute little girl. She thought to herself about she wanted to get this mission over with so she can get paid and leave this place before she Lucy Kicks him in the face.

"Ok I'll do it, where is the monster located so I can finish this mission" She said impatiently, waiting for the info the man is trying to give her.

He looked around his room for something then came back with a map that would lead her up to the cave on the mountain top "Here take this path and you'll find the cave, be careful people who went in there never came back" Lucy shivered at the thought but gulped down her fear and decided she would finish this mission.

"I-I think I'll be fine, it's nothing to worry about I'm from Fairy Tail and we never give up or back down" showing the old man a face full of determination.

He looked at her with a long stare then smiled "Good I have faith in you do your best and be careful, here's the direction to the cave" watching the girl leave.

Lucy turned back to him and gave him a bright smile waving goodbye "Bye I will I'll be back soon I promise" looking at the map to see the path that would take her up to the mountain.

The man turned around laughing to himself "Yes and you may get something more out of it then you thought" the man said to himself before walking back into his house.

(Mountain Top; Normal POV)

Lucy followed the path to the cave almost the entire day, finally getting to the top of the mountain she was really starting to feel exhausted of her energy.

"Yes I finally got up here, now let's see who's or what's in there that's making all the visitors go away" Lucy started walking slowly into the pitch black cave feeling the cold air blow on her skin giving her goosebumps everywhere.

"Um hello is anyone or anything in here?" She asked inside of the cave and started to hear low growling like a demon. Lucy started to shake rapidly, she focused her magic on one of keys and brightened the cave for her. She walks deeper into the cave and sees shinny looking scales on the ground in front of her. She looks at them curiously before lifting up her key so she could get a better look but what she saw was no ordinary scales, she starts to shake uncontrollable with pure fear at the sight that was in front of her. That what was in front of her was no other than a full grown dragon.

She backed away slowly from the giant beast and feeling like each step she took was like having lead inside of her legs from the fear of the dragon that was looking down at her. The dragon soon dropped its head and got in right in front of her face "What are you doing in my cave girl?" the dragon asked with a nice silky voice that boomed throughout the cave.

She looked at the dragon with wide eyes and was stumbling to find the words to say to it. Lucy finally cleared her throat to answer it "U-Um hello I'm a mage from Fairy Tail and I'm here because a request was sent out to get rid of the thing that's terrorizing this village" the dragon looked at her for a moment and started laughing, making the young celestial spirit mage to look at the dragon with confusion.

"What's so funny?" Lucy asked the dragon, annoyance showing purely on her face.

The dragon calmed itself down before answering "Well first do you really believe that I'm the one who is scaring these people?" Lucy looked at the dragon then start to think that about Natsu, Wendy, and Gajeel about how they loved their dragons and how they weren't bad like people thought "No, but why do you scare them off?" she asked.

"Because I've been living here for almost a thousand years and people are now starting to come in this cave, I scare them so they won't come on to my territory that's all, but now I have a question for you now" pointing at Lucy with its claw.

Looked at the dragon wondering about what its question is "Yes what is it?" she asked.

The dragon asked "What kind of magic do you know?" Lucy responded with suspicion in her voice "I'm a Celestial Spirit mage, why?"

The dragon looked at her with happy grin "Really, wonderful I've been trying to find a Celestial Spirit mage for a very long time now. I see you have 10 of the 12 zodiac spirit gate keys that mean you must be very strong with them. I wanted to ask you a very important and life changing question now"

Lucy hesitated for a moment before she answered "OK what is it?"

"Well first I have to tell you who I am, I am the Celestial Dragon named Unolena do you want to become the Celestial Dragonslayer?"

She looked at Unolena with shock and disbelief that she asked something like that from her, but thought about how strong Natsu and the other dragonslayers were and how awesome it would be a dragonslayer like them. She always hated that everyone was always protecting her and how badly she wanted to become stronger, this might be her chance to change all that.

"W-What are you serious; you would make me a dragonslayer? I thought you had to be strong to become one, so why me?" Lucy asked Unolena.

"Yes and because celestial spirit mages are the only ones who can learn my magic no one else can learn it, so I thought when I found out you were one I had to take my chance and make you a dragonslayer. So will you take on the secret magic of the dragons and become the Celestial Dragonslayer?" Unolena asked her.

"Really, thank you so much this is such an honor, I promise I won't let you down. Finally I'll be able to help my friends so they won't have to protect me anymore" smiling brightly to herself.

Unolena nodded "Good now I have to do a special spell on you only passed down to those who become a dragonslayer, now wait" Unolena closed her eyes before they started to glow a blazing yellow with a star in the middle. Lucy's body started shinning too before a magical circle was under her giving off a very powerful magic to give her the powers of the Celestial dragon. Her hair flew up and she started to feel the powers of the universe and the stars flowing inside of her body. Her eyes matched Unolena's before the circle disappeared and she went back to normal with more intensive power than she ever thought possible and also feeling her celestial spirits get a major boost in power also.

Lucy looked at herself and felt way more powerful than she ever felt in her life "Oh my Mavis this power is amazing, I feel like I have all the powers of the stars inside of me" Lucy said excitedly.

"Yes you do, when you finally get complete control of your powers you will be able to use them to your fullest potential and become a true dragonslayer, but before we do that we must leave here to go off and start your training"

Lucy looked excited but then thought about her friends and her leaving would upset them deeply; they were her nakama and then there was also her best friend, Natsu "Unolena wait, how long are we supposed to leave for?" Lucy asked softly, worried about the answer she was going to give.

She thought for a second "Your training will take about 3 years or more depending on how your training goes and your abilities, but I don't think that will be a problem for you and your magic power" Unolena answered before giving her a toothy grin.

Her jaw dropped dramatically down to the floor "What, 3 years! I can't go, well not right now. I have to tell my friends at my guild that I'm leaving for that long. Unolena could I go to my guild to tell them I'm leaving before I start training with you?" Lucy asked her desperately.

She looked at her then gave off a toothy smile "Yes of course I'll fly you there myself and drop you off" she said happily.

She laughed nervously "Yea but you still can't be seen or people will freak out. Oh could you leave the cave now, I came here to get rid of the monster in here and seeing it's just you I don't have to but I still want to get paid" Lucy explained to Unolena while laughing.

"Ok but just make sure you come back so I can train you alright" Unolena nodded before saying to Lucy.

She looked at the dragon with stars in her eyes and a dazzlingly smile that could brighten an entire room "Yes, Yes, Yes I'll do it!"

The dragon smiled with a toothy grin "Wonderful we can start your training when you get back and tell your guild members you're leaving for a while" Unolena stepped out of the cave with Lucy while getting her wings ready to fly off.

She ran out of the cave to go back to tell the old man about that she finished her mission and that the monster was gone. She would go to back home and tell her guild about what's going on and then go off with Unolena to start her training to become the Celestial Dragonslayer and start out her new journey with new powers and new adventures.

Hey guys I decided to make this story for Lucy because I hate that they don't give her any powers besides her spirits and that they really don't make stronger the everybody else or even close to being as strong as Wendy, so those who are fans of Lucy like I am I hope you enjoy this story.

And people who are wondering about my first story well I'm continuing it but I just had this idea for this story and a one-shot I making later, but besides that I'm going to try to update on both stories because I think both stories will be really fun to write.

So enjoy and tell your friends and review if u like, See you guys later OtakuLover43 out :D