Updated for Lucy the Celestial Dragon Slayer

Hey guys I'm back and I'm not dead! I'm so, so very sorry for disappearing on all of you and not even making something like this for all of you. For a long time with this story I've loved creating it for all of you and making ideas that are not always seen for some stories, but I gotta say that this story has been lost in the wind. When I created this story, I had an idea to make something different, new, and exciting but I ruined it by not giving it any form of plot at all! I'm truly sorry for that in every possible way to the bottom of my heart, because I never thought that I would lose not only inspiration for this story but also a plot to fall back on to help this story continue further. Like I said before I'm sorry for not updating my stories for so long, but I've been in an emotional few months filled with stress, depression, and writer's block all at once and it was killing me.

Good thing though I've found not only a new inspiration but also a whole new look on how I want to do this story now. It will be based off of the regular story plot but also going in a whole different direction that no person has done yet, to my research, and also doing a shipping that not a lot of people work on. It's really going to be fun to write for you guys and I've written notes down so I can remember where I'm going through with this story again.

Lucy the Celestial Dragon Slayer will be completely revised from scratch and won't be starting in the beginning arc like expected ;). I really hope you enjoy it when I finally get it out for you guys it's going to be so much fun to write for you all.