The town of Piltover was filled with sounds of ticking and clicking. Syndra watched Orianna, The Lady of Clockwork, walk by. The handles of shopping bags draped over her companion and weapon, The Ball. The way Orianna tried to walk so normally and ordinarily disoriented Syndra. Orianna's walking stance looked so robotic, and the whirring and clicking as her feet snapped back and forth was strange. From afar it all looked so smooth yet unnatural and mechanized at the same time.


A small click went off and Orianna spoke aloud. "Oh look," she nudged The Ball and motioned to Syndra, "What do we have here? The Dark Sovereign has graced the City of Progress with her presence." From the torso up, her body turned around, leaving her legs facing the opposite direction.

How odd.

"Yes, I had to 'pull many strings' in order to leave the Institute of War," Syndra nodded to Orianna.

"Well," Orianna's head tilted to the side, "What are you doing here in Piltover, anyway?" The Ball let out a shockwave and the shopping bags, which it so eagerly carried, became suspended in the air by an electromagnetic field. The Ball flew to Syndra, stuck out its lens, and protruded Syndra's personal space, identifying her and reading her body signals. They were not on the Rift. Syndra meant no harm to Orianna. He rubbed against her chest.

Orianna let out a lilting yet empty giggle, "He likes you."

"I am waiting for Yasuo. He was supposed to be here five minutes ago. He did not strike me as one to be late." Syndra patted The Ball.


"You, the Dark Sovereign, are having romantic relations with an Ionian? How interesting. Well, we must be going now. I have a match on the Rift in five minutes. I hope things go well. Good bye now, Dark Sovereign." The mixed gears and wired shifted in her face as a warm smile spread across her silver complexion. It was strangely comforting.


Syndra sat down on a bench nearby, her nose irritated by the smell of the tree next to her. She sat still and watched the people of Piltover continue on with their boring schedules.

None of them will ever form a legacy like I, Syndra thought to herself, how do people live such insignificant lives? A gust of wind ran through the air. Men lost their hats, kids ran after lost paper money, a woman chased after her baby carriage. Before Syndra's eyes, Yasuo materialised out of the wind. After the gusts stopped he kneeled before her, looking dapper in a blue button-down long sleeve shirt and black form-fitting pants.

"Sorry I'm late, lady. I ran into some trouble on the way here."

"It's alright. We only missed half the movie." Syndra smiled.

What now?

"You still want to see it?" Yasuo asked.

"No thank you," Syndra shook her head, "I'd like to take a walk around Era Square if you don't mind."

"Let's go." Yasuo got up and took Syndra by the hand. The Sovereign's cheeks turned pink. She had never held hands with anybody before– especially not a boy's hand. A breeze swept through the district and Syndra ran a hand through her hair. She looked at the many tall buildings and shops.

Syndra caught Yasuo looking her up and down. She blushed inwardly.

"You look great," Yasuo gazed at her white sundress then back into her eyes, imprinting his heart-melting smile into her frontal lobe. She looked into his eyes for three seconds as Ahri advised and then averted her eyes to the middle of the Square. They may not have been in a dark room, but Ahri's tips could work in broad daylight, right? Construction workers were taking out the remains of the huge fountain that had once stood erect in the middle of the Square.

Yasuo followed Syndra's gaze, "The city's going to replace it with a clock tower."

Syndra had noticed there were faint, pink marks that stained the ground of the Square. Her thoughts drifted towards a certain champion of the League.

"Let's sit." Syndra let out a small yawn, pulling her hand away from Yasuo's a little too fast. She cursed herself. They sat in awkward silence, watching people pass by and gawk at them and stare. Or take pictures. Or come up and ask for an autograph.

"Go forth and destroy the balance of Ionia," Syndra waved off a fan with a smile, handing her back her pen.


"So…" Yasuo looked around. Syndra's knee brushed against his. Their fingertips touched on the bench. Yasuo looked down into Syndra's eyes.

Was she ready?

I mean, sure, she kissed him when he first arrived at the Institute. But that was a welcoming peck. This one looked like it was going to be more. Syndra squealed inwardly as her stomach did a flip. Where does her tongue go? Ahri did not instruct her on this. Yasuo smirked slightly and leaned inward. Syndra braced herself. As she closed her eyes, a familiar chill went down her spine. A hoarse voice rang in her head.


The whole world around her seemed to have silenced. Clouds draped the sky. Shadows swept across Era Square. The clocks slowed and the ticks that were once quiet in the background seemed to beat loudly in her eardrums.

"What in Runeterra is Janna doing?" Yasuo looked up to the sky. Syndra choked. Her vision slowly faded.

Syndra lost sight of Yasuo and her mouth dropped open. What had felt like serious Déjà vu had turned into a sudden revelation of the present. She gritted her teeth, expecting her throat to be cut open with one quick slice that she experienced one too many times on the Rift. Instead, she felt herself getting picked up. She grasped at the figure that carried her. Her fingers curled around bare flesh. She felt broad shoulders and dug into them.

"Who are you?" Syndra hissed. The clouds remained but she could see the figures of people slowly coming back into vision as the black veil was removed over her eyes. When Syndra looked around, her surroundings were unfamiliar. She was in an entire different location in Piltover.

Syndra looked up into the face of the man carrying her. Black hair with one, silver streak blew in the wind. Piercing grey eyes looked into hers.

Syndra's mouth fell open, "Zed?"

The ninja smiled back at her.

"PUT ME DOWN!" Syndra boomed. Her voice echoed through the streets and her eyes glowed with white hot fury. Her nails grew and extended into razor-sharp claws, crackling with dark, mauve energy. Zed stopped after running for a few seconds more, placing the Sovereign down.

"What is your reason for interrupting my date?" Syndra huffed, a crowd gathered around the two.

"He's not right for you," Zed smiled in between breaths. He cupped Syndra's face in his hands and planted a forced kiss on her lips. A smack sound rang out through the silent district.

This was definitely going on every single news network in Valoran– Syndra and Yasuo going on a date, Zed interrupting like a total asshole by abducting the powerful Sovereign, and then kissing her. The public would eat this up. Syndra groaned inwardly, she could see the headlines now…

Syndra pushed away from Zed and briefly looked at him, her features burning with fury. She lifted one hand and slapped Zed across the face, using her dark energy to amplify the effect by ten times. He flew across the district, skidded across the floor and smashed into a wall, dust gathering around the area. When the smoke cleared the ninja was nowhere to be seen, using the shadows of on-lookers to escape. In her peripheral, Syndra could see the flashes of cameras. Syndra sighed and started walking away. More bulbs popped and people crowded around the Sovereign, asking her millions of questions at once. Janna was smart. She didn't show her face for this tabloid tidbit, because she wouldn't have a face anymore.

Nocturne, Zed and Janna ruined her date. They ruined her perfect moment with Yasuo.

With one closed fist, emanating dangerous dark matter, Syndra swore to make them pay the consequence for their actions, already formulating a plan to destroy their lives.

She needed to contact Ahri as soon as possible.

There was also one crazy, destructive powerhouse that she needed to recruit in order to help her. She bent down and swiped one finger across the ground of Era Square, staining her finger with pink paint.

It was time to go commando.