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Chapter 3

Some time after Venethiel's fight with the drow, Nionwen awoke. After her initial shock, Venethiel was able to convince Nionwen to sit next to her. Venethiel got up to pack their belongings up while Nionwen glared suspiciously at the drow. Once Venethiel had her quiver and bow slung over her shoulder, with her twin swords in their scabbards at her waist, and Nionwen had secured the pouches containing her various casting components to her belt, the two companions started toward the entrance to the Underdark.

"Stop!" The drow, Drizzt, shouted "you don't want to go down there! You wouldn't survive one tenday alone."

Venethiel ignored him and had Nionwen check for any magical traps, while she herself made sure there were no tripwires, triggers, or any other manner of normal trap. After they were sure that it was safe, they started down the tunnel, toward the people responsible for her clans' brutal slaughter. As she walked down the tunnel, she heard light footsteps behind her. She turned to see the drow following them.

"Why are you following us, dark elf?" She asked pointedly.

"Because, as I told you, you will not survive a tenday down there alone," the drow said. "If I can't stop you, I will come to make sure you get where you're going alive, wherever that is."

Venethiel huffed indignantly, not appreciating being treated like a child in need of babysitting, and stormed off down the dark tunnels of the Underdark, letting her vision slip into the infrared spectrum.

Drizzt chuckled, watching the angry elf storm away. This would be a very interesting adventure indeed.

After a long while of walking, they stopped to make camp, and Drizzt stood watch, reflecting on the excitement the day had brought him, and wondering what was to come.

That was chapter three of The Fall of Menzobarranzan, and I hope you liked it. Sorry it is so short, but I couldn't think of anything else to add to this. I'll post Chapter four as soon as I can, and please leave a review