In the boring town of South Park, Colorado are four boys in their 11th year of high school. The bell had just rung for the beginning of lunch, all of them were seated in their normal spots. Sitting on one side was Kenny and Cartman the other had Kyle and Stan. Neither of them wanted to sit next to that fat ass so they got Kenny to. On the other side of Cartman was Butters then Tweek. Craig sat next to Stan with Token next to him. A few others were scattered down the table. The boys have grown a lot since they were in 4th grade, which was more than obvious. Cartman had grown out a lot and most of his fat was now muscle as he said. No one really believed that statement and still made fun of him. Stan was the second most built, he and Kyle had stayed in basketball over these years, which kept them in shape during that season. His hair was for sure the messiest and longest. Which wasn't all that long but most of his friends had cut their hair short over the last few years. Kyle was one of them, he made sure his hair was a lot shorter and hates when people bring up his hair from elementary. He has his bangs pulled up a little above the front of his hat. Kenny was the smallest of the bunch like he was when they were young. He kept his hood down most of the time now of days. He says he was cold as a kid and that's why he wore it all the time. Overall they all had the same personalities as they did when they were younger.

"Does anyone want to come over today? I got the new Duty of Calls game," Stan asked his friends at the table.

"Me! I wanna play that game so badly!" Cartman started to exclaim but Stan ignored him.

"Kyle?" Stan asked hoping he would say yes.

"I… No, I can't sorry man," Kyle quietly responded back to his friend. Stan gave him a quick misunderstood look, because he sounded so distressed, but he continued to ask their other friends.


"No, I have to help my dad with something today. I have no idea what it is though, something important I assume," Kenny responded back.

"Stan, I said I'll come and play with you dumbass!" Cartman yelled at him again and Stan continued to ignore him. Not that he didn't like Cartman, which he sort of did, he was just too competitive.

Stan looked down the table hoping someone else would say yes, but no one did. Then he felt someone kick him under the table. "Stan, let me come over and play the fucking game!"

He groaned and gave up, "Fine, you can come over." Eric start rambling on about how he was going to 'pwn Stan's ass' but he wasn't really listening. Luckily they were old enough to drive so they didn't have to ride that crazy ass bus, but only Kyle and he had their license. Cartman had his permit but can't drive for shit and has failed the driving test at least five times. Kyle normally drives him home and Stan takes Kenny. Kenny is never able to get to the place to get his permit. One time the guys drove him over there, but didn't know any of his information so they couldn't have him take the test. Deep down either way Stan was happy to hang out with someone, none of them hung out as much. He hung out with at least one of them every week, but that's nothing compared to almost every day where they were kids. Just a part of growing up he assumed.

Stan had talked to Kyle during math telling him he had to drop off Kenny, which he didn't mind at all. He waited outside by his car waiting for his friend to appear. Wendy and Bebe walked by.

"Hey there Stan," Wendy said as she walked up to him and gave him a quick smile.

"Hey," Stan replied with little interest, so she kept walking away from him.

"Talking with your stupid girlfriend, huh?" Stan looked and saw that Cartman was coming out of the school.

"We only said hi. What took you so long?" He asked back.

"Jimmy was telling me some sick ass jokes," Cartman started laughing. "He's so fucking funny. You should have heard this one he said," He was trying to repeat it but he was laughing to hard.

"Just get in the car." Stan said to him as he himself got in.

Cartman was catching his breath now, "At least I gave you time to talk to your girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend," Stan said a bit too forceful than he should have, but it is true. Back in elementary and middle school, maybe. Now of days he can barely handle looking at her. Once they got to high school he heard a lot of rumors about her and some of the guys at school which really turned him off.

"Bullshit. You'd fuck her if you had the chance." Cartman recoiled.

"No I wouldn't. I would never fuck a girl," Stan said, quickly realized what he said wasn't what he meant, but it was too late though Cartman had already started the jokes and laughing.

"You are a faggot, I should have guessed," Cartman said laughing after almost every word. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Oh my god, no. I didn't mean it like that I just think having sex with a girl is gross," Stan said in return. The words that were coming out of his mouth were coming out the complete opposite of how he wanted them too. What he meant was he didn't want to have sex in general, but that was far from what he must said.

"Stan, Stan… please stop," Cartman kept laughing. "You like to take it up the ass then? You like to bottom, you Gaylord." Stan was trying his best not to pay any attention to his friend laughing in the seat next to him. He made a personal note in his head to never speak to Cartman about girls or anything ever again. Once they arrived at Stan's house Eric didn't say as many jokes. They started up their game of multiplayer. Stan felt he had to kick his friend ass for the car ride and what not, so he tried his hardest to get more kills. By the end of it Cartman was swearing up a storm and eventually rage quitted.

"They are all fucking hackers!" Cartman yelled at the screen.

"Dude, these games are beta tested. Hacks don't work anymore, you just suck."

"No I don't, I am better than you!"

"No!" Now both the boys were arguing in real life as their character were getting killed on screen. Then the announcer on the TV said "Game Over. You Lose."

"That was so your fault!" Cartman yelled at his friend.

"No way! It was yours, you only got 2 kills!" Both of them keep on bantering until Stan's mom came in.

"Hey it's getting late Eric, you have to go home soon."

"Okay, Mrs. Marsh." Cartman said back to her. Once the other boy's mom had left the door opening Cartman flicked Stan off and walked out the door. Stan retaliated with sticking out his tongue. Since they lived in a small town and were basically neighbors Cartman walked home. Stan did start to laugh once his friend left. Even though he's annoying, Stan enjoyed the company.

After some time, Stan went to take a shower and his mind brought up the conversation he has in the car. He just thought it was normal not to want to have sex. Well, most boy his age wanted it, but Stan didn't. It was always a consideration if he was serious with someone and the time was right. All the gay jokes kept floating in his mind. Lately he had been a bit questionable with who he liked. Stan hasn't had any crushes on girl for a while now and they all just seem gross. Although he's been in sports his whole life and has never looked at the half naked guys next to him and thought they were hot. He started picturing his friends, Kenny was pretty cute, in a weird rat with rabies way. Craig was sort of a bad boy sort of guy, he would be cool to date. He always has girls flocking him though. Kyle, he has gotten a lot more attractive since they were young kids. That's something though, he noticed before he had this new thought.

Stan started shaking his head. What was he doing? Is he really going to let some stupid shit Eric Cartman said get to him? He was smarter than that. Getting out of the shower and putting on his pajamas, he went to his room and laid down. Maybe he will forget about this stuff when he wakes up in the morning. Though maybe he should talk to someone about it. Kyle was his best friend, picking up his phone and starting a text to send to his friend. He could not type though, it just didn't seem right texting his friend about this.

Can you hang out tomorrow?

There, Stan thought. Simple enough and doesn't seem like he's questioning his sexuality. He thought about it in a deeper way. There was nothing wrong with it, except being made fun of. Stan has dealt with bullying before and it didn't go over so well. His friends weren't the most accepting bunch of people. Stan would become the laughing stock of the school if anyone found out. He felt as if his mind was at a lost. Was he really debating this? There wasn't anyone he even considered having a crush on that was male. Then his phone beeped.

Super sorry dude :( ive been really busy lately.

Naw its cool man, dont worry about it.

Stan wondered what has been keeping Kyle so locked up. Normally they would hang out during the week at some point, but Kyle has been busy. Stan probably sounded clingy since he's asked him to hang out three different times this week. Once earlier and twice today, he probably sounded so dumb. He figured he still should talk to someone. Next person on the list was Kenny. Stan liked talking to Kenny, he always had a funny outlook on things and great jokes. Even though Kenny has a rough home life, he keeps his head high. Stan texted him to hang out and he said yes.

The next day at lunch didn't really help his trail of thought. "How was the one on one date with fat ass?" asked Kenny when everyone was settled down. Stan felt his face get warm, nothing was helping him.

"Ew, Kenny that's gross. I would never be with that gay loser," Cartman said back to them. Luckily that conversation was quickly dropped when Kyle spoke up.

"Hey guys, mentioning gays," Kyle said with a bit of nervousness in his voice. "You know my little bro Ike? Well this weekend he told us all at dinner that he was gay and that he had a boyfriend." Stan felt his stomach drop, this couldn't be happening.

"Oh my god! The homo plague is infecting everyone!" Cartman shouted at the table and Kyle gave him a slight glare.

"Damn, what did your parents say or do?" Stan asked with some actual concern.

"Well, first they told him that he was lying and he started getting really upset. I didn't say anything because I was so shocked, it was the last thing I thought he would say." Kyle knew he was starting to vent at their lunch table, but Stan and Kenny kept listening while Cartman was making stupid remarks. "They haven't been talking to him as much either and he's gotten pretty quiet when we eating dinner. It's so awkward, but I feel like I should take his side because he's my little brother and he means a lot to me."

"Stan you should date Ike," Cartman said and continued, "You can go to those parades and do protest together."

"Shut the fuck up," Stan said trying to defend himself.

Kyle spoke jumping to conclusions while looking at Stan, "You're gay too?"

"What?" Stan was caught off guard, this was not where this conversation should be leading. Speaking off the top of his mind Stan said, "Not at all, Cartman just wishes I was."

"Dude what the fuck? I do not!" Cartman retaliated back. "You are the one that wants it up the ass!"

"I was just joking when I said you guys went on a date," Kenny laughed.

The bell for lunch to be over rang and everyone left the table with a different feeling. Kenny was laughing because whenever his friends fought it amused him. Kyle was upset but kept it to himself, because he knew that wasn't going to help him. He felt like trying anyways, but it really didn't help. Stan wished he was more helpful towards his friend. He checked his phone after the next class and saw he had a text.

Cartman is such a dick. ill hang out with you tomorrow ok?

Stan smiled at the text from Kyle, he was pumped to be able to hang out with him tomorrow. It has been such crazy past 24 hours for him, and he knew Kyle felt the same way, but about the whole week. Today though, he gets to chill with his other friend Kenny. He texted Kyle back instantly.

Some days i just hate him. and yeah thatd be awesome

After school Stan drove Kenny to his house and they went upstairs into Stan's room.

"So how about lunch today?" Kenny asked with a laugh.

"It was so gay," they both laughed again at Stan's joke.

"Why did Cartman say all those gay jokes about you for? Normally there is more variety. "

Stan was quiet for a moment but realized he should just be truthful and tell Kenny what's been going on. "I said hey to Wendy and he was saying stuff about me dating her. Which I don't like her in that way, so he was taking things out of hand like he does. Plus I messing up my speech so I was saying stuff I didn't actually mean."

"Like what?"

"Well, I basically said I would never fuck a girl. I just don't like the idea of it. It just grosses me out," Stan confessed to his friend. Kenny looked at his friend in an understanding way.

"Sex isn't for everyone," Kenny stated. "Do you just not like it in general, like an asexual?"

"No, like, oral has never bothered me. Just between you and me, like this sounds really gross, but," Stan started to lower his voice. Also feeling awkward saying this to his friend, "I want to say I like boys, but at the same time I don't. You get what I'm saying?"

"Uh." Kenny was quiet for a moment. "Well, yes, but I'm just surprised. I didn't know you were like that man."

"Fuck dude, I don't even know if I'm like that. I don't know why I keep thinking about this stuff," Stan started to say. Neither of them really knew what to say at this point. The air was at a standstill with both of them trying to take in all in. After some time Kenny decided to speak up, but first with a deep breath.

"Well, whatever you go by I'll support you. You are a cool kid Stan and I'm glad you are my friend," Kenny said with cheerfulness that was need. Stan smiled as a response while Kenny spoke again, "Do you have any crushes on anyone, guy wise?"

"No, that's why I not really sure if I am or not," Stan admitted. "I think I'm just overthinking things really badly."

"You might be, I mean, I could totally see you with the guy you last texted," Kenny spoke with a sly voice. Stan unlocked his phone and checked who was the last person he texted.

"Kyle. Kyle?" Stan spoke in a confused voice. "Are you serious? How did you know he was the last person I texted?"

"When aren't you texting him? You sure as hell don't text anyone else. Also since you know each other so well already you can skip all that 'getting to know you' part in the relationship."

Stan was surprised Kenny thought this, but he started to play off the idea. He would say Kyle was fairly attractive and was one of Stan's original thoughts of guys he might like. "I'm pretty sure he isn't gay though," Stan said with a bit of wince.

"You weren't gay until this week. Plus his brother is gay, maybe it's a family trait," Kenny joked and they both laughed.

"I don't think it works that way Kenny." Stan continued, "I am hanging out with tomorrow though."

"There you go, ask him out!"

"I am not asking him out tomorrow. I can tell you that right now." Asking him out was completely out of the question. It would just way too awkward and could ruin their current friendship that Stan wanted to keep. "I still don't know if I truly am gay. It just seems so weird, but at the same time right."

"You are sounding gayer by the second my friend. Plus if you start making out with him don't say I didn't tell warn you. Hey can we play your new game? I've been dying to play it ever since you asked yesterday," Kenny asked his friend.

"Sure man," Stan responded, going to turn on his game system.

After play some rounds online Kenny looked at his cell phone," I'd love to keep kicking your ass at this game, but I should probably head home now." Kenny stood up, "I hope you have fun tomorrow."

"Nothing is going to happen Kenny. Do you want a ride? Also, everything we talked about stays between us," Stan asked.

"No, it looks great outside I'll walk. And I wouldn't trust me if I were you, I might end up telling the rats as I walk home," Kenny said sarcastically as he waved goodbye to his friend and left.

Stan was so glad he was able to Kenny about this. He was surprised Kenny was so understanding about it. Though the part about Kyle really threw him for a loop. Did he like Kyle? There was nothing wrong with the other boy, he was funny, nice… Stan was sounding like a Gaylord again. What would his parents think? Would they stop talking to him like Ike's parents did? What would Kyle's parents feel like if they had two gay sons? Stan was starting to feel down now. He didn't want to be a bother to anyone. Kyle probably wasn't even into guys. His school year was going so well, they were only one month in, but it was okay. Now all this gay stuff is coming up, which was so weird and random.

Stan pushed his hair back with his hands and told himself just to go to bed.