At the school everything was back to normal. No one really made comments about Stan and Kyle except for Cartman but he was Cartman. Like any other day at lunch he was making more gay jokes than Kyle liked.

"If you don't shit up I'll punch you again," Kyle warned.

"Don't worry Kyle, I'll do it for you," someone said walking up to the table. It was Wendy, and she punched Eric right in the face.

"What the fuck Wendy!" Cartman yelled.

"Why did you punch him?" Stan asked somewhat laughing. Instead of replying to him, Wendy punched Stan as well.

"Yo, what the fuck Wendy!" Kyle now said grabbing Stan making sure he was okay.

"You guys better stop!" One of the super visors yelled and took Wendy, Stan, Cartman, and even Kyle to the office. All of them got detention and one day suspension. Except for Wendy who got three days because she was the one who punched them. Kyle was in trouble because he swore.

Now everyone was back to square one where Stan and Kyle couldn't see each other. It wasn't as hard this time around because Stan's cellphone. He sure did miss not having one.

While sitting in his room one morning, almost noon, he thought about texting Wendy. Stan really wondered why she punched him in the face. Her number was pretty easy to remember so he shot her a text.

Who is this?

That's right, Stan had a new phone and Wendy didn't know that.

It's stan I got a new phone

Oh. What did you need?

Stan didn't want to flat out ask her why she punched him. He didn't know what to write back.

Uh. Can I call you?

Did Stan really want to call her? He didn't want to hear her voice, but like any other time. He let her win.

Sure I guess

Stan pressed call on her name. The phone rang two times. "What do you need Stan?" She asked him.

"Why did you punch me?" He asked her flat out this time.

"I felt like you deserved it," Wendy said.

"I should have punched you back," Stan spoke back.

"But you didn't because you're too much of a pussy to punch a girl."

"So much of a pussy Kyle should be consisted straight," Stan joked and heard Wendy laugh on the other side of the telephone.

"I'm really sorry Stan. That whole thing with those pictures... It wasn't me. Well, Bebe took them all. I guess it was my idea, but I felt really bad about it and regretted it almost immediately," she confessed to him.

Stan was quiet. He knew she had something to do with it. He figured he should come clean too," I pretty much pressured Cartman in to saying you guys did something."

Both lines on the phone were silent, both of them felt bad for what they did. "You know," Wendy spoke," I went to Tweek coffee with you to try and be your friend again. I don't have that many guy friends and you were always there for me way back when. I think that's why we never actually dated, because we've always been friends. Maybe the fact you are gay added to that but whatever. I just wanted to be your friend again."

"Yeah," Stan started but didn't finish. He thought of what to say back for a few moments. Wendy was a nice girl when you were on her good side. That was a side Stan wanted to be on again as well. "Yeah, I think we'd work a lot better as friends. You can give me boyfriend tips and stuff," Stan joked.

"Well then you have to go shopping with me," She said back.

"No way."

"Not even for dildos?"

"No!" He said louder and Wendy started laughing.

It was about a month later and both Stan and Kyle were finally un-grounded. They decided to head to Stark Pond and just hang out.

"My old phone is in there somewhere," Stan said looking at the lake.

"A fish probably ate it," Kyle said

"I don't think a fish could eat that," Stan responded. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"When and why did you start liking me back?"

"Good question," Kyle began," I think it was when after you kissed me for the first time. When you did that I felt something and it scared me in a sense so I mad you leave. Then the more I saw you be sad the more I wanted to be there for you and be by your side. Not only as a friend, but more. I kinda fell head over heels for you, but I kept it pretty bottled up. Which I kind of regret. At least we are fine and dandy right now," Kyle finished, looking at Stan. Stan was just slowly nodding and smiling.

"Thank you for that," Stan said holding Kyle's hand. "We are also quitting basketball this year."

"Why?" Kyle asked back.

"Because it's stupid and we'll have more time for each other," Stan said kissing Kyle.

Authors Notes: Super sorry if the last couple chapters sucked (and this one wasn't even 1000 words omg). Won't lie, they were kind of rushed and had no beta for the last 4 chapters which is probably very obvious. This is the first fanfiction I've finished and actually wrote so I hope you enjoyed either way. I had to make Stan and Wendy have a good relationship again because I personally love them as best friends. Thanks for reading!