Avengers and Tournaments

A continuation of "One Traffic Light" by witowsmp, "A Missed Traffic Light" and "Bonds of Friendship, Book 2" by coolhacker1025

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Chapter 1-Summer at the Burrow (or is it?)

By the time the Weasleys got back to the Burrow, it was fairly quiet, despite having four children and three adults in the house (Percy was considered an 'adult' now that he'd finished Hogwarts. Soon after we returned home, an owl came for us. It was addressed Ginny Weasley and Family. It was a handwriting that I was unfamiliar with.

I relieved the owl of its package and opened it. There were pictures of Bianca Lily Granger inside—she was Hermione's sister and my god-daughter. When she saw the pictures of Bianca, mum got excited. "She's so cute! I wonder if her mother is getting enough rest. I should cook something for them. I love children!"

As if we couldn't tell, I thought. There are seven of us in this family.

I then noticed a note in the package.

Dear Ginny and Family,

I hope that your drive home went well; Sirius and the kids just got home a couple of minutes ago, and Dan is out getting pizza while Bianca is down for a nap. I hear that there is some type of World Cup soon?

Bianca Lily is doing fine. She is getting to be rather big now. Although you and Harry are registered as her Godparents, your Headmaster and Professor McGonagall just signed papers that said that we are trusting Bianca's safety with them, if the worst were to happen to us. Naturally, once you're seventeen, you'll be allowed to take formal custody of her in your world if need be.

Dumbledore was very cheerful when he signed the papers; I think that he's almost adopting her as a great-grandchild or something. He gave her socks with some of the most ludicrous designs I have ever seen, but he says that they will always magically expand to the size of Bianca's feet.

Hopefully you and your mum can come over soon—she seems like such a nice woman, your mother. After all these years, I've forgotten what it's like to have a newborn child around the house.

Harry and Hermione saw that I was writing you, so they told me to tell you hello. Sirius also just told me about what you did at the Platform—we're going to have a talk, young lady. Don't get scared—I'm just kidding.

I'm often at Sirius's house, and it seems as though he has a new girlfriend. I think that they might actually be serious. I will, of course, keep you informed.

We all hope to see you soon, and our apologies that we couldn't see you at the platform.


PS: Bianca loves it when we read to her. I thing that she will grow up to be just like her big sis.

Mum noticed Bianca's name. "Bianca Lily?" she asked. It sounded like she especially emphasised the second name.

"Bianca is a character from a play by Shakespeare," I said. "And yes, Lily is in honour of Harry's mum."

"That's so sweet of them," said Mum as Dad and the others came into the dining room.

"Who's the owl from?" asked Dad.


Later that evening, after talking with my family about things, and about the World Cup, I mailed the Grangers back.

Dear Grangers, Sirius and Harry,

I got your letter earlier, but it was busy with family until now. We had to take Luna Lovegood home—remember her, she's a Gryffindor a year below us, sort of strange? You'll find this amusing—she lives with her dad, who's about as strange as she is and owns The Quibbler (a newspaper of sorts), in a house that looks like a giant chess rook. Honestly, though, I don't remember them being quite as strange before Celesta died (Luna's mum).

Mum read your letter, so I'd go easy on breakfast tomorrow. She is planning to come over, and she always cooks enough for a small army. I suppose that she's used to it, with seven kids in the house. She also said that she'd be willing to watch Bianca if you decide to go to the World Cup.

That's the amazing part. I was talking with Dad, who you might know works at the Ministry, and he said that he can get you a couple of necklaces that will allow you to get past security—you see, there's various charms to keep Muggles out of the Grounds for the World Cup. He'll make sure that they're discrete, because otherwise, you could become a target.

I'm coming over tomorrow with Mum, so I'll see you then.


I sent the letter off with Ron's new owl, which he'd named Pigwidgeon, which is actually what I was thinking of. I thought that it was a pretty name for such a cute owl.


The next morning when I went downstairs for breakfast, Mum was already getting the Floo ready to transport food. There was a special way you had to send food through the Floo so that it wouldn't get damaged. She was about to send her cooking utensils through when she saw me.

"Good morning, Ginny," she said. "Are you planning to come with me today?"

"You know I will, Mum," I said while giving her a look that said Duh! "It's my two best friends, their parents, and my god-daughter. Of course I'm coming."

"Even if those aforementioned parents will someday become your in-laws?"



We left for Sirius's house at around 10:30. When we got in, Hermione and Harry both tackled me and hugged me until we heard someone clearing their throat.

"Hi, Mr Granger," I said.

"What did I say about calling me that?" he said. "Anyway, this must be your lovely mum."

He reached out his hand to shake hers saying, "I've heard so much about you."

"Hopefully all good," said Mum, using the standard reply.

"Well, Sirius has told us some stories," he said, trailing off. He turned back to me. "After that disgusting public display of affection, I have to ask: What are your intentions with our daughter and Harry?"

I decided to answer in a "Luna-ish" way, so I said, "I plan to do rude things to their bodies until we turn 21, at which point I'm hoping to marry both of them."

Completely ignoring the last part of my sentence, Dan asked, "Rude things?" while making a gesture with his hands that clearly was supposed to mean an adult relationship. Harry and Hermione went almost as red as my hair.

"Yep," I said. "Unfortunately, we haven't done anything like that yet, causing much frustration amongst the other girls in the dormitory."

Mum just caught on to what I was saying. "Ginevra Molly Weasley!"

"It's nature, Mum!"

Just then, Sirius walked in, beaming. "Hello, Mrs Weasley," he said.

"Sirius, what have I told you about calling me that?" Mum replied. "You're a semi-responsible adult and technically a grown man. You can call me 'Molly'."

"Don't disparage my character," Sirius said, looking offended. "I'm only responsible when Moony is around! I got Top Box Seats for all of us!"

We all cheered at the mention of the tickets, while Mum, who liked to mother everyone, asked how Remus was doing. Remus Lupin, nicknamed Moony, was our Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor for our third year, and our fourth teacher in that class overall.

Part of me was surprised that more parents hadn't jumped on the Malfoy bandwagon (or more accurately, the Anti-Dumbledore bandwagon). Four teachers in three years for one subject.

Our first professor was a stutterer and being possessed by Lord Voldemort, and had died at the end of the year. Our Second Professor lasted about half a year before attacking Harry, and getting thrown into Azkaban for forgery and fraud. His replacement was an Auror on limited duty, who hadn't intended to stay any longer than the school year.

Remus Lupin had been outed to the school by Severus Snape as a werewolf and had left. The only two decent professors we'd had were forced out of the job.

As I was thinking about this, Mum had continued her conversation with Sirius, finishing up with, "That poor man. You should invite him over, and I'll make sure that he eats enough."

That was Mum's way. If someone else has a problem, feed them. If she has a problem, she either screams at you, cooks, or both. Half the world looked too skinny to her. Fortunately, she was good at cooking, and very prolific.

Harry, Hermione, and I went up to Hermione's room. I found the fact that she had her own bedroom showed just how often she stayed the night at Sirius's, instead of next door at her own parents' house. She had many pictures of me on the bookshelves which covered the walls. There were so many bookshelves that there was barely enough room for the closet and the bed. I noticed quite quickly that the bed was big enough for two girls to sleep on—specifically, Hermione and me.

"You should get Sirius to enlarge the room a bit, Hermione," I said.

"He has," she replied, looking somewhat embarrassed. "These are just the books that don't fit in my room at home."

That statement truly showed how many books Hermione had, for there were easily a thousand or so books in this room, of all shapes and sizes. Most of the books here were from the Wizarding World, although there was still a good selection of Muggle Literature.

After a while, Sirius came into the room. "There's no hanky-panky going on in here, is there?" he asked before laughing. Harry went as red as my hair again.

"Dumbledore will be coming for dinner," Sirius said. "I think that he's adopted Bianca as a Great-granddaughter."

"What does that make him to me?" asked Hermione. "Because I think that in the future when I do get married, I'd like him to do the ceremony."

"What is it with people mentioning sex and marriage today?" asked Harry.

"Well, by your age, I'd gone all the way at least twice," Sirius replied seriously. "There were a lot fewer pregnancy scares than you'd think. I think that some people inflate my reputation."

"Nobody needs to now that, Sirius," Harry said, frustrated with the Too Much Information. "Except this girlfriend that Mrs Granger claims that you have."

"She's coming over, too," said Sirius. "She'll be coming for dinner as well. She's an Auror from Wales named Gwendolen Morgan. Very lovely girl. Bright, and very pretty."


A little while later, we went downstairs to find that Mum had made enough food to feed the entire neighbourhood, and enough Pudding to corrupt anybody.

Just then, someone knocked on the door. "Hello, everyone!" said Dumbledore after Sirius let him in. Less than a minute after he shut the door, another knock came at the door, this time accompanied by a woman shouting, "Sirius, come out or I'll bust down your door!"

This must be Gwendolen, I thought to myself. Apparently, they share a sense of humour

"Sirius, do you realise that Molly is in your kitchen?" asked Dumbledore.

"Of course I do, Headmaster," replied Sirius. "Emma invited Molly over, so Molly is doing what she does best."

"You don't need to call me 'Headmaster', Sirius" said Dumbledore. "I haven't been your headmaster since 1978."

"Cub, could you go to the Granger's house and tell them to come over?" Sirius said to Harry, who left the room to go next door.

All of us walked down to the dining room, where Mum was putting food on the table. Harry arrived a couple of minutes later with Emma and Bianca, and I noticed that Dan was no longer in the house.


The fireplace lit up a couple of seconds later, and the rest of the Weasleys poured through, just as Emma was explaining that Dan had an emergency tooth surgery to perform.

"I'll set a plate aside," said Sirius, as the Twins came through.

When everyone came through, Sirius announced that he had Top Box tickets for everyone.

"Who's going?" asked Dad.

"I got enough tickets for your whole family, the Grangers, me, Harry and Remus," stated Sirius. "And if they've got a problem with that, they can kiss my"

Sirius was cut off by multiple calls of "Sirius!" before he could finish his sentence.


During pudding, Dumbledore had an announcement. "I must ask each and every one of you to keep what I am about to say a secret."

Everyone agreed, except Percy, who said, "Headmaster, Crouch has decreed that the information is highly classified until such a time as he sees fit to release it."

"Percy," Dumbledore said. "Shut up." He then turned to the rest of the table. "Eight years, I've been waiting to say that. Now, I have the unfortunate duty to tell you that the Quidditch Cup will not be played this year."

Nearly every school-aged person at the table, including myself, and also including Sirius made a sound of indignation at this proclamation.

"Instead, I am pleased to inform you that Hogwarts will host the Tri-Wizard Tournament this year."

"Sir, if there are going to be three other schools here, why not just have Quidditch in between events?" asked Hermione. Everyone was shocked that Hermione would ask a question about Quidditch. "According to Hogwarts: A History, in previous tournaments, there were three events spaced from Halloween, when the 'Champions' are chosen to sometime at the end of the school year, giving plenty of time for a Quidditch Tournament."

"I will admit, I didn't think about that." said Dumbledore. "Mr Weasley? That is to say, Percival?"

"Crouch won't like it, Sir," said Percy. "A six team Quidditch Tournament? They'd be playing in some nasty weather."

"To hell with Crouch," said the Headmaster. "I'll see if Beauxbatons and Durmstrang want to send a team or two—that will be great for morale, to have an entire team to root for, instead of one person."


The reason that Book 4 is in the first person is that I wanted to challenge myself. Not only do I not usually use the 1st person (I generally prefer the 3rd person limited, which is the same thing, except instead of saying "I" you say "Ginny"—this is what Ms Rowling used (for the most part) in the HP Books), but the main character is a girl, which I am not.

Pudding is (I think) a British term for "dessert" If anyone needs to correct me, PM me or comment

Animagus Forms:

Harry: panther

Hermione: snow leopard

Ginny: lion

Also, aside from the Diary, there will be no Horcruxes (and the diary might not even be one: In canon, Dumbledore seemed to know a lot about Horcruxes, and in this story, the Evil of the Diary is beyond even him)

I forget the fanfiction that I got the idea for the necklaces that get a person through the Anti-Muggle Charms, but IIRC it's a common enough idea in fanfiction

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