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Betrayal of the Heart By Angel of Evil

Chapter 7 Facts

The game's not over just yet.  At least not the one that truly matters.

The soccer game however just finished, my team- Tai-sama's team won.  With me and soccer captain Tai together there never really was any doubt.  We're indestructible, hell, I'm indestructible.  I have no weaknesses!

So maybe that's not so true, well ok.  It's complete daiban.

There is the one exception of… when I play against Ken.  At least I have a reason to lose.  I mean he is boy genius, perfect at all isn't he?

No, he's just plain perfect.

But besides that's only when I play against Ken, I don't suppose he even realized there was a game in the progression!

I know I've done so much damage already.  Everyone has me down as brainless, spineless and egocentric.  I already knew this before I lashed out at Takeru allowing him to let out a few personal truths about what he really thought of me.  I know because I've seen the dislike in his eyes and nearly everyone else's so many times before.  But I also know they don't hate me, they just don't think I'm mature enough or whatever…

I'm just lucky that they didn't cast me out altogether in the beginning, I guess I am pretty immature sometimes but I do have a brain, I have feelings and I certainly can care for others!  Actually I've gained my acceptance in this group quite easily.  Of course it takes everyone a while to adjust, to fit in…to be accepted.

Or maybe I'm just thinking too much about Ken…

I physically hit myself.  That kind of thinking was something I was not supposed to be doing.

I have to stay focused on my game.

"So…" Kari begins with a small yawn.

Can't slip up now.  Must forget about Ken.  He means nothings to me.

Yolei tugged off her glasses crealessly, "Sky's kinda blue eh?" I could officially now yelp from the torment.

Ken has pretty blue eyes...and pretty blue hair... I'm so pathetic.

He painted the encaging walls of what is called 'life' a colour I hate.

"...So?" Kari almost breathed.  Yamato looks somewhat in her direction slothfully.

But then he made the imprisoning walls of life disappear.


Yolei's eyes stays gazing at the fluffy, cotton clouds in the blue sky, making no effort to move.  "So…"

Tai, who was resting peacefully on his back, rolled over and rested his head in his hands appearing particularly mellow.  He stared at Hikari and Yolei, then at Matt for a moment.  He snorted.

"So much for the conversation huh?"

We were all presently just lazing about.  Relaxing after the game, the atmosphere had been pretty tense before, especially after the whole me and TK thing.  At least now everything was peaceful, too peaceful in fact.  It was so peaceful and everyone was so calm and laid back that Cody and Izzy had dozed off, Jyou hadn't spoken a word so he must have too.  The sound off Cody's gentle breathing and Izzy's sound snores could distinctly be made out from all the contented sighing and yawning from the rest of us. I admit it did feel good to be lounging around with the whole gang again, well almost the whole gang.  The sun was still perfectly placed high in the wide blue sky and I could feel its gentle rays warming my skin.  But even with the great weather I still couldn't find it easy to relax.

I couldn't help but wonder what the depressive blue haired boy was currently doing as I hadn't looked at him since he arrived with TK and Kari.  Instead I had started the 'game'.

'Go on. You're such a caring friend!

So caring you don't give a shit what's wrong with Ken.

So what did you do to him?

Have a fight too?

Ignore him?!'

"Hey Davis!  What's with the face?  You look as if someone just took your favorite toy away!"  Hikari giggled playfully having found energy.  Something about that made me cringe slightly.

Well actually it's more like I lost him somewhere along the way. Yeah right, like I'd give that answer.

Did I just think what I think I just thought?

Gotta shake these thoughts away…

"Just remembering a few lies a jerk once told me," I replied instead with very little enthusiasm but with full truth.

Strangely, Izzy awoke and sat up with a great yawn. He then blinked at us seeming sorta disorientated.  Creepy guy.

"Well then, you should learn to love that jerk," Takeru who laid opposite me suggested with a wide smile.  Too bad he doesn't get who the jerk is…hehe.

Matt right at that very moment shifted to my great surprise.  I think he kinda rolled across the grass till I could swear he was practically on top of Tai.  A coincidence?  I think not.

TK then, at that very moment, turned around to the odd pair behind him. "Isn't that right Yama-san?"  His smile actually managed to widen further.

Getting creepier…

Tai, at that very moment, rolled Matt back.  Strange pair…

I know there's definitely something someone's not telling me.  I'm beginning to see a pattern.

"Yeah love… right…" I grumbled.

"Whoa! Is it me or did he actually sound serious and extremely grave?" Yamato mused after returning to his rightful patch of turf.  My eyes glared at him, he had just justified my previous theory.  So I guess it was true.  To them I'm nothing but a moron who is incapable to feel.  I know I'm no rocket scientist, but I'm no idiot either.  Well not a complete idiot anyway.  I just act way too much without giving what I say or do a thought, so I'm rash?  What's the problem?

"Yeah, well I do have my moments," I grinned even though I knew the words came out unintentionally bitter.

'So what did you do to him?

Have a fight too?

Ignore him?!'

The fake grin crumpled, I winced.  I turned my face away from all of them.  The words burned, they were smoldering me slowly.  I never let little things get to me so easily.  Why did worthless comments from Takeru hurt so much?

Maybe because they're not nearly as worthless as you think…

"As rare as they are, it seems you implausibly do," Koushiro mocked. Man, I would never have expected him to throw stones at me too.  Eurgh, today was not my day.


"Sure," yes it was deliberately sarcastic.  I couldn't care anymore.  Everything I thought I knew was becoming really frustratingly hazed.  I was used to being confused most of the time, especially when Ken would use all those big complex words of hi- why can't he stay out of my mind?!  Everything disappears when he's around around, then when it reappears; it's all misty and mixed up.  That was the only reason I came today, to play a good game of soccer with my great mentor Tai-sama, to forget all the happenings of yesterday.

Wait, nothing happened yesterday.

Another lie I was forcing myself to swallow, but it seemed it was choking me.  It was only because I feared the truth.  If I admitted to myself that there was something significant about yesterday, then all my fears would be true. So there was me, doing the most stupid of the options I had, to deny that yesterday ever occurred.  I'm really starting to believe everyone else's views of me are true.  I am a moron, they have been right all along.

No you're not, you're a coward.  Guardian of courage and still you have none.

Just because I couldn't, no, wouldn't, except any of yesterday and wanted to ignore it, still didn't mean I had to ignore the best friend I ever had and will have.  But that was the game, block out anything to do with the former day.

Stubborn like a mule, just as damn Jun would always chime at me.

But I couldn't stand it, the fact that what happened could actually mean something extremely important, nor that it was Ken that everything suddenly revolved around.  Before everything was still and motionless, that was before I met Ken, after I gained his trust it was just like someone pressed the play button to my life and everything began.

I so desperately want to see his face.  I want to see that I'm making a huge ordeal out of nothing.  What I didn't want to see was 'broken Ken' from before I had gained his trust.  Depressed Ken… Dangerously depressed Ken.

And still there was the nagging fact that would quit bugging me.   He was what was causing the thick smog in my head.  Why did yesterday ever have to happen?

I can't even figure out how I let it happen.

"Daisuke, I was only teasing, I believe you to be far more intelligent then various others daunt you to be," those words were spoke with feelings so sincere, only Ken had ever told me words so similar.  "I didn't mean to make you upset," I'm guessing that he thinks this because of whatever expression I have on my face.  Since I was majorley holding back it couldn't be nearly as bad as what I was feeling.  Koushiro was a loyal friend to everyone.  He wouldn't want to ever discourage another friend.  Yet the sincerity that only my best friend had ever provided me was still clearly there.  Or was it now former best friend?

Almost brokenly I gave him a reply.

"Sure, ee genki desu. Bad day…no bad days…"

"I'm glad you understand that. Ano…huh?" I gave him what I hope was my infamous goofy smile ignoring that everything was very far from ok with me.

"Go back to sleep Koushiro-kun!" Tai chuckled prodding the boy good-naturedly.  Izzy looked at him once then took a pouch of prune juice out of the bag Cody had brought.  I cringed.  I would never touch that stuff.

"Aren't we just a bundle of joy to have around Daisuke?" Tai cooed humorously.  Still performing my act, I winked at him and then raised a brow in demand.

"Is there ever a time that I am not?" Tai shook his head and found a way to scatter himself even more across the short blades of soft grass.

"Nope, today you look especially happy!" he sniggered.  I gave another fake grin though he probably can't see it, hey things could be worse.

"Speaking of bundle of joys," Yolei grumbled tilting her head to a side, "what's up with you Ken?" Ack!  Stupid brain.

I'm now thinking that there is no way to avoid the subject of the silent boy.  I guess that there wasn't any point to my fake 'obliviousness' to anything that had to do with him. My little game is over.  If only there was someone to talk to, but the only person I could ever confide in, ironically, was Ken.  Funny the way things are looking up for me today.  I just know someone must love me up there.

I took a brief look towards the direction of the loud girl's voice.  Yolei was leaning comfortably on a sakura tree.  I'm guessing that Ken was on the other side though there was still no reply.  The purple haired girl brushed lost strands of hair away then rolled her eyes.

"Hn…must be asleep."

Yamato raised himself up, leaning on his elbows.  He frowned.  "Please don't tell me he's having a lovely little nap too!" he sarcastically groaned.

Tai gave one of his little grunts followed by a snicker.  "What's you expect when you procrastinate for so long?"

Now this was one of those all too common moments when I would be completely lost.

Tai seemed to irritate Yamato slightly.  "Procrastination is the way of life, as you should know all too well Yagami."

TK gave two claps with his hands, "Girl fight!"

"Only if I were a hot bishoujo too 'Keru," Tai simply stated.  Matt gave a small huff at that.

"Don't worry about him, his hair's so big the strain has somehow gotten to whatever he has substituted for a brain."

"You mean you haven't found that out yet onisan?"  Takeru joked, which was not at all appreciated by Yamato.

It was becoming a usual event for these Matt and Tai to tease each other nowadays, or at least it seemed like just teasing…

Taichi sat up composedly.  "I would be incredibly upset if I knew my wittle Yama-kun was insulting me," he pouted.  The blond musician glared at the now-grinning brunette boy.  This alarming comment made my head jerk up and stare and I think anyone else that was awake did too.

He pulled himself up to sit properly.  "Ok Tai, you're completely right," he smiles which in return seems to put the brunette on edge slightly.  "I have left this for too long now," Tai was now very visibly alarmed.

"Chotto matte!" he blabbed.

"Nayami?" Yamato queried a defying brow arched.  The other boy shook his head innocently.

"No problem, just seemed a bit sudden."

"Really? Anyway..." he rolled his eyes obviously uninterested, "minna! I want to tell you all a secret.  Yolei can you wake Jyou, Ken and Iori please?"

Yolei got up and put on her glasses to focus better. She nodded with a curious look.

"Yamato don't you mean we want to tell them a secret?"

Matt looked across at Tai and made a mocking face at him, "Oh so now it's we huh?" Tai blushed and appeared bruised by this.

"Ahhh!  Yolei stop slapping me!" Joe cried with his two hands attempting to protect his red face, now there was a guy who would have some very painful bruises tomorrow.

Yolei stopped and tutted, "Are you aware of how long it takes to wake you!  When someone asks you kindly to wake you wake up!"

Joe sweat-dropped and sat up confused, "I'll keep that in mind next time I'm asleep..."  Cody wiped his eyes, luckily Joe's outbursts were enough to wake him and save him from Yolei.

Tai finally found enough energy to raise himself up like everyone else.  He then shuffled up to Matt's side.  I waited patiently to hear what the big news was.

"So everyone's awake?" Yolei nodded.  "Ok Yama," he smiles.  The entire group except Takeru is watching the two with interest.  Matt turns to Tai and gives the supportive boy a very amorous look.

"It's not really as big a deal as we've made out.  We called all of you to meet up here today, not actually for a game of soccer..." he pauses a bit of hesitance present in both his facial expression and his voice.

We're all watching them intently so I guess he has all the right to be a little freaked out.

Tai's arms slide around Yamato's waist and he gives the paler boy a loving kiss to his neck.  Yeah, we're all gawking now.  I think it's clear what they have to say.

"Kawaii!"  Hikari giggles like a little girl.  "Carry on, I want to hear you announce officially!" She cries.

Tai's eyes grow, "ok...huh?!"

"What so everyone already knew?  Takeru!"

"Matt, come on we're not morons!"  Kari informed dignified.  I am...

"Exactly!  And I mean you two aren't exactly masters at the art of obscurity!  It took me less than a week to find you two makin-"

"OK TK!"  The blonde musician quickly shouted, TK laughed.

How could I not have known?  Or maybe I did....

"First we were worried about your friendship with each because of the obvious fighting, but then you two suddenly became friends again.  And well, you actually appeared far more than friends," Joe explained.

"Especially with all the shameless flirting going on!" TK added.  Tai looked very frustrated.

"And don't tell me you and Tai were just 'friends' back in the Digital world," Kari winked.  Matt blushed.

"Sozo ijo no mono deshta..."

"Hey how come I wasn't told?" Iori mumbled.

Tai rested his head gently on Matt's shoulder with a small puff.

"You mean while we were torturing ourselves-" he cut himself off as the boy in his arms twitched, Yamato looked down towards the ground ashamed about something. "While we were struggling," he rephrased carefully, "over our sexuality you, TK, Mimi, Izzy and Joe already knew years ago? Even before we had figured it out?!"

"Presicely," Koushiro nodded.

"Yup," Kari beamed.

"But you were so young and innocent!" Tai blared then sighed.

Cody looked at the former Digi-destined "Nani? And not one of you bothered to tell them?"

Tai and Yamato stared sharply at their friends.

"Even worse, you didn't tell Sora?" Yamato was pretty worked up now. His boyfriend gave him what I guess was a calming kiss to his cheek.  "You wouldn't believe how much she threatened us when I confessed to her..."

Everyone was suddenly silent.  Yamato was clearly pained.  I hadn't said a word on the situation, to be honest I have no idea what I can say.  How could have everyone else have found out without Sora knowing?  How could I have not known?  I sure that this was all new to Yolei too, she seemed as shocked as I was when I realized. 

"So that's why Sora wasn't invited..." Yolei whispered.  Now that I think about it, why would they tell Yolei?  She has the biggest mouth I've ever seen. 

So I wasn't the only one, Yolei and Iori hadn't known either, not even Sora, Yamato's ex-girlfriend.  I'm damn sure that Ken hadn't known either.  Kuso...Ken!

"Ken's not here," I blurted loudly without a thought.  So being rash does have its disadvantages after all.  Tai's smile completely left.  Everyone had noticed his isolated behavior today, but I knew something they didn't.   Ken would never be so rude or uncaring, that was one fact I was damn sure of.  Yamato's announcement must have struck him as hard as it has me.

My eyes widened.

"Yolei you saw him Ken right?  Maybe he had a call of nature," Izzy suggested.  It seemed this conversation was their key out of the uneasiness created by Matt.  Their ticket out of their guilt, how selfish.

"Iie Izzy, I didn't actually get to Ken...he been so quiet today that I forgot..." she chuckled nervously.  I felt so ashamed, I forgot about him too...

"Yolei!"  Tai scorned.

"Let's not get worked up, Izzy's probably right.  Or maybe Ken went for a walk or something earlier."

"I agree with Hikari, Ken's not exactly a person we need to worry about when it comes to safety," TK shrugged.  Everyone else seemed to except this.  Not me, I wanted to run after him.

But I know I won't.

I'm a disgrace to my crest.

I sat motionless as everyone ignored the missing boy and carried on cheerfully with the new couple.  I was going insane and it was my own fault.  Taichi and Yamato had no problem today announcing their feelings to everyone.  I don't even want to know why that bugs me so bad.




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Translations: Daiban/Shit, Nayami/Problem?, Sozo ijo no mono deshta/That was different, Ee genki desu/Yes (informal) I'm fine, Ano/urm, Bishoujo/Pretty girl ^__^ Chotto matte!/Wait a second! Nayami/Problem, Kawaii/Cute, Nani/What?