Author's note: Ok, I know this may sound kinda cheesy (especially for any B5 fans) but bare with me, this is technically my first fic. But it should make more sense later on.

And I also need to give some credit (no, I really do) to my sister 'Jenny Jinn' who's help me tremendously, with editing and reviewing my story and giving me some ideas. And she also came up with the title, so if you don't like it talk to her. But thanks 'Doby' a.k.a. 'Jenny Jinn'.

Summery: A man is being tortured and an answer to a strange question could be the difference between live and death.


Life's Little Questions

Chapter One:

The Beginning

He could barely see though all the blood and sweat that had managed to get in his eyes. His stomach growled with hunger; he hadn't eaten in days. His vocal cords were sore and he felt like the only use they had were to scream and whimper in pain. His body was nothing but bleeding cuts and bruises, broken and battered bones, and sore, aching muscles. He felt like the only thing he had ever known was pain and agony. It had been a few days, or maybe weeks, or was it just a couple of hours? He didn't know; all he knew was it seemed like eternity.

Suddenly, a wave of pain washed over him. He couldn't see who his attacker was, then again he never could. The room he was in was dark and his attacker was always in the shadows.

He could hear his attacker in the back, speaking with another man. He couldn't hear all of it due to the weariness the blows had cased him. "…most of h…ind could n…t survive thi…ow ca…e," the attacker's companion said. "Sheer will…termination. But…ll get it o…im," the attacker's voice was deep and eerie, and held an evil that could only belong to a madman.

He could hear the other man leave and his attacker move toward him. The attacker crouched down in front of him and he could see that the man was old and wrinkled with time, but held a youth that made his eyes shine with the evil and madness he possessed, he also noted a distanced make on his forehead that looked familiar but he couldn't place it.

"Hello, my name is Sebastian. I just thought you might like to know," Sebastian, the attacker, said, in an almost jokingly tone, yet still had the low, eerie voice. "All you have to do for me is answer one simple question and you my go," Sebastian said with an evil smile, as the man grew more confused. "What do you have to live for?" Sebastian asked in almost a whisper, as the man furrowed his brows and dropped his head in confusion.

That was it? That's all he had to do and he could go? No, that couldn't be it, this had to be a trick. But most importantly,

what did he have to live for?


Who's the man? Where is he? What does Sebastian really what with him? Find out next time (or a few days).

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