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Summary: What happens when Will wakes up in Sickbay?


Chapter 6:

The Void

It was dark, he couldn't see anything. He was surrounded in black , a void. That's what he was in, a void. He didn't know how he got there, but he didn't care. The pain was gone, the trouble he was in was gone, it was… peaceful.

Then he could hear voices. He thought he recognized them, but he couldn't think of their names. He tried to listen to what they were saying, but he couldn't quite hear and the words were distorted. "Will he be…," A female voice said, sounding very concerned and distraught. "If he wakes…e will b…," Another female voice was saying. It sounded very kind and gentle. "Doc…se inform….any chang…with him," A voice, this time male, said sounding commanding, yet sympathetic. He wondered whom they were talking about, but he didn't care, it wasn't him….

Or maybe it was him? What if it was? What was that they said about waking up? Wasn't he already up? Or was he dreaming this? And if it was, how could he wake up? Now he started to worry. He didn't know what to do. Then he heard the voices again and tried to listen to them. "…lk t…im in pri…," the first female voice asked.

"Will, if you…ear me please…ke up," said the pleading woman, who was just out of the reach of his memory. He listened harder, determined to hear more. "Will, please wake up…ouldn't live with out…ou," again came her pleading voice.

'Deanna'. Her name is Deanna. He could remember that. He didn't know why that was what was so profound in his memory but he knew her name and that was better than nothing. He tried to call her name, but he couldn't speak. His vocal cords weren't working with him. So, instead, he listened to her voice and tried to comply.


An hour or so later, Dr. Crusher entered Riker's room to see how he was doing. He was still in a coma and it didn't seem likely that he would be coming out of it. She had run tons of scans but she just couldn't determine the cause. After some doing she had managed to get Deanna out of here and to her quarters to get some rest.

She sat down next to Riker's bed and tried to think of something to say, when Riker's eyes started to flutter and his head was shaking back and forth.

Crusher slapped her communicator and excitedly said into it, "Crusher to Picard."

"Picard here. What is it Doctor?" Picard barked, sounding a little annoyed by the disturbance.

"You might want to come down here and see this. And bring Deanna with you." She said quickly, as she tried to revive Riker.

"I'm on my way." Picard said, already half way to the turbolift, half way knowing what it was.

Riker moaned as Crusher gently held his head still and turned it toward her. His eyes opened and he blinked trying to get his bearings. He looked at Crusher and she smiled sweetly at him.

Just then the door slid opened and in walked a very calm and certain looking Picard and a very ecstatic Troi. When she saw Riker awake, she immediately calmed down, smiled, and rushed over to him. When Riker saw her he smiled, too.

"How do you feel?" Crusher asked a sweetly as possible.

He cleared his throat and breathlessly said, "Not… to bad. A… little sore but… I'll…survive." And he mustard a smile to prove it. Riker grunted as he tried to sit up. Deanna and Crusher quickly came to his rescue and helped him the rest of the way.

"That's good. You gave us quite a scare." Crusher said to him, scanning him about ten thousand times to make sure he was fine.

"You were in a coma for almost two days." Deanna said, evidently quite concerned but now relieved.

"You were found outside of town. Do you remember anything that happened, Number One?" Picard asked, getting right down to business.

Riker shook his head and thought hard. "The last thing I remember was," he bowed his head and laughed at the memory, "Was laughing at Gerodie as he wobbled of to find a seat because he was drunk. But after that, I… I can't remember anything. I'm sorry."


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