She pulled her crimson red cloak over her shoulders and the hood on her head as she walked out Winterfell and to the Godswood. She needed guidance…and this was the only place that was safe right down. There was no sun in the North. All it was was grey and grimness. It was depressing and she had remembered it never being this way before. Maya looked back and took in a deep breath to hold in the tears that we're itching to roll down her cheeks.

No, I won't let me see them cry even though they are miles away.

Her hair had been dyed an auburn color to disguise herself from getting captured. She dyed her once chocolate brown longs curls into auburn in honor of her mother who was now dead along with her younger brothers, her twin, and father. Had all of this death been because of our feelings? Or me? She looked back at the burned and ruined castle that was once been her home…that could've once been her happiness and safety.

She turned to the tree and fell down in front of the bleeding face and onto her knees. She never prayed anymore because she didn't believe in both the Old and New Gods. That kind of faith had died when her father was wrongly killed then her brothers and then her twin and mother. She knew that Arya was still alive somewhere and she hoped that she wasn't in Westeros. Sansa was free as well; she was being kept hidden as well. It was for her own good, I had no choice. I had to give her, her best chance and if that meant that I had to let her go…then so be it.

I had finally found my family and now most of them are dead. This is not the happy ending that I had dreamed of once upon a time.

"What have I done to anger all you?" she asked quietly. "Was it my faith? Why are you punishing my family? Have I not given all of you enough? I gave you my son…a bastard he was in your eyes-you took him from me. Was it because I have sinned? Gods! I must like an idiot right now! I bet you're all laughing at me that I am on my knees. I guess that it why you are called Gods because you are not known for your mercy. I w-will not stop fighting, you hear me! I will make sure that the Stark name lives on!" She seethed. "You can count on it."

She whirled around when she heard a crack behind her. She furiously wiped away the tears and snapped, "What do you want?"

Jaime Lannister's eyes softened, but his face hardened. "We need to go if we are to make it back to Casterly Rock before they can capture us."

"No, I will not go."

"It's safe there."

She scoffed. "Safe?! That is hardly the word I would use to describe it."

"It may not be ideal for you, but it's good enough for me. What I am doing is treason."

"Yes, I can imagine the pain you must be feeling for having to protect a Stark," she snapped sarcastically.

He came forward and she took a step back saying, "Don't you dare come near me."

He ignored her and she turned to run, but he wrapped his arms around her waist as she shouted, "No! Let me go! I hate you!" He turned her around in his arms and held her by the upper arms. He showed no emotion as she hit his chest with her tiny fists screaming hysterically, "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Why did you have to…WHY?!"

She stopped struggling as he said softly, "Because I love you. I can no longer hide nor push away my feelings for you any longer. You may have the strength to, but I do not."

"You think it's that easy for me to push away my feelings for you!? It hurts me every single time because I love you and I cannot bare the thought of not being with you!"

"Yes, I do think that it's that easy for you."

"You make me so angry. I do not know why the Gods have condemned my heart to love a man like you."

"And I do not know why the Gods have made me love such an irritating and complex woman." He shot back with just as much anger and yet confusion in his voice.

He suddenly crashed his lips onto hers passionately; they consumed her soft pink lips as his hands held her tighter to his chest.


"Arya, come on," Maya urged her younger sister.

They ran down the halls of the castle and made their way towards the practice yard. Maya continued, "If we do not hurry then we will not be able to show our dear brothers who the real Starks are around here."

Arya laughed and ran even faster as they sped down the curved stairway. They made their way to the practice yard and hid themselves behind a ledge. Arya and Maya quickly grabbed a bow and arrow. Wait, till they get a load of us. We are practically partners in crime now and forever. They aimed for the target and took in Robb's advice when he said, "Relax your bow arm."

Before Bran could make a shot, they had already let go. Their arrows flying straight into the target. Arya mocked curtsey while Maya flipped her long chocolate brown curls over her shoulder dramatically and waved her fingers at them. Bran dropped his bow and ran head straight for Arya, who laughed and started to run away.

As he chased her away, Jon said, "Run, Bran."

Then Robb said, "Faster."

They all laughed and came towards her. Robb shook his head disapprovingly. "I swear that sometimes she is your twin and I am not."

"Do I detect jealousy, little brother?" she teased.

Theon chuckled, "Why would anyone be jealous of being your twin?"

"I am a delight to have as a twin, Theon," she replied.

"As a sister, you're much worse," Jon jested.

She rolled her almond colored eyes. "Fine, be that way, but when you're all in trouble and you need help; I will not answer because you have insulted me."

"Oh, dear, lads, we have insulted the beautiful Rose in the North, eh?" Theon told them with mock terror.

They laughed while she glared at Theon. "Someday when you're in trouble, I most certainly will let you die a thousand deaths."

"Theon!" someone called and Theon went to go to him.

She called to him as he left, "Yes, Greyjoy, go and run along and leave the real work to the adults."

She laughed as he turned his head to glare at her, but then tripped, almost falling over. She shook her head as Robb said, "You are a pain, do you know that?"

"Now you know where Arya gets it from." Jon commented. "How did you manage to get Arya out from her septa's watchful eye?"

"I am a very charming person."

"And the most annoying, determined, hard headed, irritating woman you could ever know," Robb said.

"Don't forget about manipulative." Jon reminded him.

"Ah, yes," Robb drawled. "Thank you, Jon."

She gave them a charming smile. "And don't you both forget it."

She turned and started to walk back to her chambers to sleep even though it was almost supper time. She was walking down the corridor to her chambers when Bran ran past her and she immediately asked worriedly, "Where are you going?"

He turned and answered as he still kept running just backwards, "Father is taking me to my first beheading."

Her eyes widened a little and she opened her mouth to question further, but didn't when Jon came behind her and held her hand. "Don't worry, sister, I'll look out for him."


He gave her a firm nod. "Yes, I swear it."

He gave her a reassuring squeeze of her hand and she smiled in return. She watched them disappear as they turned a corner. She stood frozen to her spot as she thought, No…he's too young for any of this. He should not have to see this, not right now at least.

"Are you positive, Robb Stark," Maya asked as she laid across from him in his bed.

He nodded and closed his eyes. "Yes, I am."

"Are you sure," she asked again.

"Maya," he warned. "Go to sleep."

She licked her lips and shook her head. "How could I go to sleep now? I mean father is going to the Hand of the King and Sansa is going to be betrothed to that royal prick, Prince Joffrey, the entire royal family is coming to Winterfell. So how can you exactly tell me to go to sleep now?"

Her twin opened his eyes and turned his body to her front. They would always sneak into each other's beds when they were either scared, nervous, or alone. It wasn't right to some, but to them it felt like safety for them to be themselves. To not have to hide anymore. It wasn't anything sexual or anything like that. It was just a twin thing between them that they've always shared. Without each other, each would feel a sense of loneliness and a loss of themselves somehow. They were a half of the same person you could say.

"Everything will be just fine, understand?"


"I won't let anything happen to you. You'll be fine…we'll all be just fine." With that, Robb closed his eyes and went to sleep.

When she saw that his breathing had evened, she whispered, "No, it won't be, my dear brother. I have a bad feeling."

She closed her eyes and went to sleep, dreaming of nothing for once.


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