Vhaera's small pale fingers touched the blade very gently. It was the lord's famous sword, he talked of it often-mostly in his tales about the war where he killed many Targaryen soldiers. It was supposedly Valyrian steel, but she knew not to trust him. Vhaera had been told many times that the lord liked to kill dragons and she thought that maybe it was because they all knew that she loved the dragon tales.

They were always cruel to her...because she did not speak.

Her eyes gleamed as she turned the blade, the sunlight hitting it as well as her eyes. The handle was silver with rubies all around it. Vhaera believed that it belonged to a Targaryen and the lord must've stolen it. It looked like to belonged to one. Vhaera wished that she could pick it up and kill everyone here and escape this place.

She could be free finally and wouldn't have to worry of the future...she wouldn't have to fear aging. Vhaera's small hand moved away from the sword and closed the shutters, the blade now encased in darkness.

She frowned and started to clean the room, ignoring the sword. She walked down to the kitchens with her arms full of dishes as she shoved them into the sink. Vhaera made her way out of the kitchen and quickly towards the stables where the one person who she didn't want to kill was.

He was two years older than Vhaera and a nice stable boy who wished to be a knight. A legendary knight, one of the best. Vhaera hoped that he would achieve this dream, but she knew better than to dream. Her place would always be here under the ever watchful and lustful eye of the lord.

The stable boy had curly brown hair and grass green eyes that sparkled whenever they talked of dreams. They called him Aethan. He grew up in Essos, he was a slave until he was taken by a pirate and their ship crashed onto the waters of Westeros. Aethan was then sold off to the lord a moon after he landed in Westeros. He was the only one kind to her and he liked that she listened to him since he too was silent once. Slaves were always of silence. Their words not wanted. Vhaera watched for a moment as he fed the horses and refilled their water.

He looked up at her with a bright smile. "Finally, Vhaera! I thought you forgotten about me."

She shook her head, her white hair flying around her shoulders. She came forward and started to help refill the other horses' water as well. She smiled when one of them licked her hands.

"I can't wait to be far from this place," he muttered. Vhaera frowned as she saw spot of red on his back. Her hands touched them and he winced in pain. He gave her a look. "They whipped me. The lord was sayin'...he was talkin' about you and I didn't like it."

Vhaera hugged him from behind and smiled thankfully at him. He shook his head. "Don't worry about me, Vhaera. When I become a knight, I'll fight anyone who is mean to you. I promise."

Don't make a promise you can't keep, it was on the tip of her tongue, but she wouldn't say it as always.

He moved away from her and began to brush the horse coat as he said, "They always said I am nothing and will always be nothin'."

Vhaera always hoped that he will be a knight and escape this place...a small part of her would always believe that they won't let him. The lord will never let any one of them escape him. Some of the servants spy for him and that frightened her very much so. She was forced to be alone until Aethan came then their friendship was forced into secrecy.

Vhaera frowned and stood closer to him when she spotted a group of ravens perched silently dead branches from a large willow tree. She remembered that the lord said that they were an "unkindness". The lord hated all kinds of birds. She wondered if they someone escaped their cages in the maester's tower. Vhaera was frightened of them, not because they were large birds, but no, it's because they were staring at her. They watched her.

Aethan looked towards the ravens and says, "Strange. I've never seen so many of them in one place before."

Aethan picked up a couple of rocks and started to throw them at the ravens. "Shoo! Go on! Get out!"

All of the ravens cawed and flew all around them furiously. Aethan covered them both with his arms around her exclaiming, "Get on out of here! You bloody things!"

She watched them all leave and saw that there was only one left who watched them. She felt their eyes on them specifically her. Beyond the tree, her eyes caught those of the lord's who was standing in the window of the servant's quarters. His eyes bore into her own and in fear, Vhaera pushed away from Aethan and started to run away as fast as her legs could take her.

She vaguely heard Aethan call to her, shouting, "They're only birds!"

If only that was the cause of her flight, life would be easier if she were scared of an animal. You can kill an animal.

Once she entered the castle, one of the servants called to her, "Girl! M'lord has requested you in the study!"

When she didn't move, the guard kicked her in the legs, barking out at her, "Now, you idiot girl!"

She picked herself up and made her way to the study. Vhaera dreaded every moment that her foot took another step. She stopped at the top of the spiraling stone stairway and looked at each step as if it were going to come alive and kill her.

Vhaera slowly walked up and knocked once on the wooden door. She heard him call her in and she pushed the door open with all her might. She closed it behind her and was shocked to find the lord slumped in his chair crying.

His sobs were soft, but she heard him whisper, "Why do you do this me, my beloved?"

Vhaera walked to the table and poured him a glass of water, she slid it over to him before standing in front of him. He continued to sob softly, "You love to hurt me. I know it. You don't love me."

He finally looked at with wet eyes and yet they looked at her in rage and hurt. Vhaera would never hurt anyone, not even him. If she did so then she would be no better than him. Vhaera doesn't want to be like him. Vhaera pitied the lord in that very moment, much against her better judgement. His long bony fingers reached out and swiftly grabbed her tiny pale into his. His grip was so tight that she feared he would break her bones.

Vhaera felt the wind knock out of her as his hand came across her cheek. Her cheek burned as she laid on the ground, still and silent as always. Her nails dug into the stones as she felt a swift kick to her back. Her body swelled with pain as her lips thinned and struggled to keep in her whimpers. Vhaera squeezed her eyes shut to keep in the tears from coming out. She stiffened when she felt his hand pet her hair before he grabbed her hair and pulled back swiftly causing pain to erupt from her head.

She stared into his cold eyes as he warned in a calm voice, "If I see you again with the stable boy...none of the gods will be able to protect you from my wrath. He will suffer, Vhaera. Horribly."

The lord pushed her away from him, her head hit the stones. She didn't know how long she laid there on the ground for, but when she sat up, there was dried blood on both the floor and her face. She jumped when she heard a raven caw at her from the window. It kept on staring at her as it tilt its' head to the side. Vhaera quickly stood up and went to the basil, cleaning the dried blood from her face, never once looking in the mirror as she did so.

Vhaera grabbed the now red cloth and began to scrub her blood off of the floor.

He will never change. My day will always end with my blood on something...whether it's the floor, the flowers, a tree, the bed, a chair, or supper.


"I'm surprised," Bronn started to say to Maya as they rode through the Riverlands towards Casterly Rock. "You're not with Jon Snow to meet that girl with the dragons."

"Her name is Queen Daenerys Targaryen." Maya corrected with a smile. "I know. I am too, that is what they are expecting. I'm more useful in the Westerlands, at least there I can clear the passageway to her and give her more men. Cersei probably has her men there, guarding it."

"Bloody fuckingtastic," Bronn grumbled. "Well, you've been there before, haven't you? It's not like you're some stranger there."

Maya let out a soft sigh. "Yes, but it still feels like so. I don't know them. I'm from the North. I know it well, but I hated Casterly Rock. It didn't feel like home."

Bronn shrugged. "You haven't lived there long enough to know. That grey wasteland is home only because that is the only place you know of happy memories."

Maya smiled. "My family. It was where I met Jaime...my children were born in the North."

Bronn groaned. "Those poor bastards."

Maya smacked him on the arm and warned, "My children aren't bastards. They were made after marriage. You probably have an army of them."

Bronn shook his head and raised an eyebrow at her. "I'm careful, my lady. Jaime's not. Gods, he's made five of them. All of them dead except one."

Maya frowned at the thought. "Only one deserved to die, not all of them."

"Have you ever met the Targaryen girl?" Bronn asked curiously.

Maya shook her head and laughed. "We've never met. We only know each other by names and stories from others."

"I hear she's beautiful," Bronn said cooly. "Jon Snow should be worried."

"My brother is stronger than you think. He's not like Robb who threw away everything for a hole between a woman's legs," Maya responded bitterly. Bronn gave her a look. "I'm still angry at him."

"Never speak ill of the dead is what I'm supposed to say, right?" Bronn inquired. "Well, fuck 'em. If dead people were shitty then let's talk about them. Your brother was a shit head. No disrespect, but he was."

Maya chuckled. "He was a shit head. All men think with their privates."

Bronn didn't oppose her as he began to laugh loudly. "You're right about that."

Arrows breezed past them as their horses became rattled and started to run away from the oncoming arrows. Bronn barked orders at their men as they rode into the trees to hide. The arrows stopped as men came from above and started to attack their men. Maya drew out her sword and started to defend herself as all of the men suddenly came at her. She kicked them away from her and she slashed some of their stomachs with her sword.

"Who are they?" Maya yelled at Bronn.

"Raiders-fuck if I know!"

Maya stabbed and attacked man after man, elbowing some of them when they tried to grab her. Maya noticed how the raiders kept on trying to take her and wrap ropes around her. She was getting pissed off as they kept on coming at her.

"GET OFF!" She shouted angrily as she broke a man's nose with her head when he wrapped his arms around and started to drag her away.

Suddenly, the men were running away from them as they heard voices shouting to retreat. Maya watched and froze when she saw a figure dressed in black shawls further down the road, staring at her. Maya stepped closer and the figure did not move. She felt her heartbeat in her ears, every sound was drowned out as she came closer to them. Her legs stopped moving as she saw the familiar Tully colored eyes which stared back at her.

"Mother," she whispered softly, feeling tears spring in her eyes.

The figure in black turned away quickly as one of the men rode to her and lifted her up on the horse before riding away. Maya started to run after them, yelling as loud as she could, "Mother! Mother! MOTHER!"

Maya tripped on a rock and fell into the dirt as she stared at the disappearing figure dressed in black. Bronn helped her up on her feet as he questioned, "Who was that?"

"What happened with the others?"

"We won against the raiders."

Maya knew that these men weren't raiders at all, but the infamous Brotherhood Without Banners with Catelyn Stark as their leader.

"Who was that," he asked again, even more curious than before.

"My mother." Maya answered confidently, thinking of her conversation with Brienne, warning her about her own mother trying to kill her.

"Catelyn Stark is dead," he reminded her. "If people didn't die then we'd all be fucked."

Maya kept the revelation of her mother alive and revengeful from Bronn, thinking, He must not know, he will tell Jaime and only worry him. We need to focus on the Night's King and his army of the dead first before my mother. She's back and is looking to kill me-to kill my family. She is no mother of mine then.

"Jon speaks the truth. The dead are coming, faster than you know. We need Daenerys and her dragons." Maya said in grave tone. "I had a dream about the white walkers. Their king touched my son and I. When I awoke, he had a blue spot on his arm...it was colder than ice, Bronn."

"A part of me wants to turn around and walk away," Bronn confessed. "Dragons and dead things...those are things I draw the line at, but you would kill me if I leave now."

Maya gave him a mocking concerned frown. "I'm afraid you're in too deep, Bronn of the Blackwater."

"Tyrion is her hand," Bronn informed her as they returned to their horses.

"Yes, he is."

"She's gonna kill his brother, your husband. You know that, right? There's no way around it."

"I'm hoping for the opposite of that."

"He killed her father-"

"Her father killed my grandfather, my aunt, and uncle," Maya said as she interrupted him. "I think we're even."

"Rhaegar killed your aunt," Bronn reminded her as they mounted their horses. "Not the Mad King."

Maya held her chin up as she replied, "As I said before, we are even."

Bronn smirked. "Jaime Lannister never stood a chance against you, did he? Poor fucker."


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