My first T story. Constructive criticism appreciated.

I groaned and rolled over, sensing that the sun was coming up. Raindrops fell down from the grey sky, and I yawned, stretching. The cave I had slept in was cozy, and I almost felt like staying there. Unfortunately, my horn was tingling, warning me of impending danger. I sighed and crawled out of the cave. Being an Absol, it was my duty to warn and protect others from danger. Luckily, this wasn't a natural disaster sort of danger. That would make my horn go nuts. No, this was the danger of malicious intent. Someone was being attacked with the intent to merely kill or harm. It didn't really fall under my jurisdiction, but I felt responsible either way. I plodded along, splashing through puddles and ducking under low hanging tree branches. No Pokémon with any common sense would be moving about in this weather.

A Ursaring roared, and I froze, detecting where it was coming from. It was followed by a scream. I couldn't tell what Pokémon it was from, but it sounded young. I bolted forwards, racing through the trees. Ursaring were large, mean, and had a really short fuse. It was probably something stupid that it was getting upset over. The Ursaring came into view, a large female, who was attacking a huddled form between two rocks, using hammer arm to bash the boulders. I raced forwards, slamming my horn into Ursaring, knocking her over.

"Back off!" I snapped. Ursaring stood up, glaring at me.

"This doesn't concern you, Absol." Ursaring snarled, charging up another hammer arm. "I will crush this human for attacking my child!" She snapped. I looked at the huddled form, realizing that it was, in fact, a human. She was young, no older than ten or eleven, with long brown hair and wearing a red dress. She was drenched from the rain, and was quivering in fear. I sighed and looked back at Ursaring.

"Ok, she's what, ten or eleven? She sure doesn't seem like she'd hurt your kid. Where is your kid, anyways?" I said. Ursaring took a step forwards, but then paused, seeing her Teddiursa coming out of the trees.

"Mommy, stop! The human didn't hurt me, we were playing and I fell and hurt myself. I'm sorry I worried you." Teddiursa said. Ursaring relaxed, and she smiled, walking over and picking up Teddiursa.

"Is that so? I'm sorry I got all angry." She said sweetly. I sighed and shook my head. Ursaring glared at me. "I'll let you off the hook this time, Absol, but I won't be so kind next time." She growled, and lumbered off into the forest.

"Well someone needs to take a nap." I said shaking my head. "Now, what should I do about her?" I sighed and looked back at the girl, who was watching me fearfully. I had no love for humans, and she was no exception. But, I couldn't just leave her here. I shook my head. What was I saying? Of course I could. She got here, and she can get back. I'd done my duty in protecting her. I started to walk off into the pine forest, looking forwards to getting back into my cave.

"Wait!" The girl said, coming out from between the rocks. "T-thanks." She said, stopping about ten feet from me. I looked her up and down, and then nodded.

"Sure kid. You're welcome." I said, and started off again.

"W-wait!" She said again. I paused, looking back. She looked close to tears. "P-please don't leave. I-I don't know where I am…" She said, wiping her eyes and beginning to cry. My heart panged, and I shook my head. What a time to be getting soft. I walked up to her and nudged the girl. She looked up, surprised.

"Follow me, kid." I said reluctantly, and motioning into the forest by jerking my head to the side. Humans were stupid and couldn't understand Pokémon, so I had to be deliberate in telling her what I wanted to do.

"Y-You want me to follow you?" She said. I nodded. "O-ok…" She said. I sniffed the air, detecting where the humans were camped almost instantly. They were so smelly and noisy, it was almost impossible to miss them. They were about two miles to the northwest of here. I trotted off, the girl struggling to keep up. After ten minutes, I began to hear another human, who was yelling.

"April! April, where are you?!" He called. I could sense his nervous energy from here. The girl hadn't picked up on this yet, she was too busy keeping up to hear him. I sighed.

"Stay here, I'll go get him." I said, and raced off through the trees.

"W-wait!" She called. I ignored her and ran up to the man, who was about a quarter of a mile away. He flinched when I burst through the brush, glaring at him.

"Come with me." I said, and raced back through the trees towards the girl. I heard the man crashing through the trees behind me, and I slowed down, giving the man a chance to catch up. The girl nearly crashed into me, having been running this direction after me.

"Ow!" She said, falling over. I walked around her, and watched as the man crashed through the trees. Humans were slow, stupid, and loud. It's a wonder they hadn't died off yet. He stumbled, caught himself, and looked up, catching sight of his daughter. "Daddy?" She said, still sitting on the ground. She stood up and ran to the man, crying. "Daddy!" She said, leaping into her arms. I nodded and walked off through the trees. I didn't need to see their tearful reunion. I was tired, wet, and going back to my cave.

Two months later:

I growled at the two men in front of me, holding one paw up gingerly. A nice gash ran along that leg, from where one of them had cut me. They were prodding me with a stick, trying to get a wire loop around my neck. I limped backwards, pressing up against the rock wall behind me. Now I was trapped, too. Wonderful.

"Come on! Many people would kill for an Absol, so just play nice and come on! Don't make me hurt you again!" One said. I growled and fired a razor wind at them, making them dive out of the way.

"Back off!" I yelled. I hated humans. They were all the same. Turn your back for one second, and they try and kill or capture you. Over the past two months, these two had chased me all across the Kanto mountain range, hoping to catch me. I was the only Absol in the region, having traveled all the way from Sinnoh, and that had made me a target.

"Do you have any pokeballs left?" One asked the other, running back to where they had been, preventing my escape.

"No. I used them up on that Rhydon. All my Pokémon are KO'd too, so that's no good. We have to catch this one the old fashioned way." He said, shaking his head. The other cursed, prodding at me again. I snarled.

"Back off." I growled. "Don't make me hurt you." I said that, but I could feel my strength fading fast, and my cut was beginning to throb. It wouldn't be long before I couldn't do anything. They kept prodding at me, and I charged an ice beam. My father had taught me how to use it before I left home. They dove out of the way, and I blasted. They cursed me, and I nodded in satisfaction. They weren't going anywhere, one having his foot encased in ice, the other having an entire leg stuck to the ground. I limped forwards, trying to get past them. Unfortunately, I forgot about the noose.

"Gotcha!" One said, hooking me. He yanked and I fell to the ground with a yelp, pain lancing through my shoulder. There was a crash somewhere nearby, and I heard two more humans racing up the hill towards me.

"Stop where you are! You two are under arrest!" Someone yelled. The two men cursed, struggling against the ice. I looked up at the two new humans. A woman in a white lab coat was running up to me, followed closely behind by a police officer.

"Oh, god. Officer Jenny! This Absol is hurt badly!" Lab Coat said, touching my side. I growled weakly, lifting my head to glare at her. I didn't need their help. "Hey, it's ok. I'm here to help." She said, pulling out an Oran berry. I refused to take it, and she frowned, confused at my reaction. My father had always said my stubbornness would be the end of me.

"You get him help, I'm going to take these two into custody." The officer said. Lab Coat nodded and pulled out a pokeball, touching it to my side. My vision swirled, and then went black.

When I woke up, I was lying in a bed, a blanket covering me. My side ached, and I nudged the blanket off of me with my horn. I winced from the effort, my side erupting in pain. My cut had been closed with what looked like thread, any my fur had been shaved off around it. The wound was red and swollen, but otherwise looked like it would heal. A metal door slid open, and a woman in a white lab coat walked in, tapping a syringe.

"Don't worry; this is just to ease the pain." She said, seeing that I was awake. I growled at her.

"No. You will not touch me with that thing." I snapped. The woman took a step back and held up the syringe.

"Don't want this?" She said, and laid the syringe on the table. She then pulled a weird spray bottle out of her lab coat. "Would this be better?" She asked. I continued to glare at her, and shook my head. She wasn't going to put anything on me. Period. I don't trust humans, especially after what had just happened. She took a step forwards, and my growl turned into a snarl.

"No." I snapped. "Back off before I hurt you." I stood up, favoring my left paw heavily. The bed didn't make for very good footing, which was annoying.

"Doctor!" The woman called. I jumped off the bed with a wince. That hurt. I wouldn't be doing that again. The woman opened the door and slipped outside, watching me through the window. I continued to glare at her. They would not be getting me. Another person appeared, and the two humans started to discuss something. They agreed, and the other ran off. A door opened behind me and I whirled, just in time to get a sleep powder to the face.

"Calm down, bud. They're just trying to help." The Butterfree responsible said. Yeah, right. Why would humans help me? Were my last thoughts before I blacked out.