Here's how I came up with the names for Gardevoir and Blaze-Kin. Eiryx (Eirene, goddess of peace; Nyx, goddess of the night.) Harmious (Harmony, Gracious). Just in case you were wondering. Also, for reference, digitigrade means dog-like legs. Think of Lucario's legs, and how they bend backwards. That's what digitigrade means.

Two more things before I let you get on with reading (the real big author's note will be at the end), I noticed that, according to the pokedex, legendary Pokémon aren't necessarily…big. So I'm going with the anime for this one and making them frigging giants. Also, I drew a little art on the Pokémon. So far there's only the new Mars, Eiryx, and Lucien (Evolved), but I can draw more. Just request, and I'll see what I can do. The link will be on my profile page. But I am by no means the best artist, so if you can do better, or would like to do something better, then by all means, please do. I'd love to see it. Or don't. Really, it's up to you. Alright, enough from me. Now on to the end. Enjoy. :)

Six Months Later

POV: Rose (Entei)

I padded down the Hall, heading away from the Throne Room. For the past six months, I, like every other sub-legendary, had been crammed in the Hall and taught what they needed to know about being a legendary with the aid of Dialga's time-warping powers. Without those it would've taken two centuries for us to complete their learning.

As of now I was free to roam the world, acting as I saw fit, so long as it was in accordance with the ancient laws. My head should've swam with the new knowledge crammed inside of it. I should've been racing across the Earth, watching volcanoes and their destructive abilities. But instead, I was focused on only one thing; Mars. While he had not contacted me directly, Ho-oh had told me to report to the Hall in order to help Mars with something concerning fire.

I stopped in front of a pair of large red doors, which I swore had never been there before. Emblazoned on it were the many symbols of fire, from the simple flame to a volcanic eruption. I gently butted my head against the doors, causing them to swing open. Familiar and comfortable heat blasted me as I entered the room, feeling the rippling effect of stepping into one of Dialga's time-warp zones. Entering it was easy, like pushing through paper. Leaving it was…hard. And messed with your senses.

"Focus Mars, your fire is still much too dispersed." The powerful voice of Reshiram commanded. The great white dragon stood in the middle of the blazing room, gazing down at Ho-oh, whose mouth billowed fire.

"Shut up!" An unfamiliar voice countered. "I countered it, didn't I?" He snapped. His voice was powerful and alluring, a call, almost. I didn't see the speaker, only the legendaries and a glimmering shape. The door closed behind me as I entered, a powerful boom echoing throughout the chamber.

"Oh, look who's here." Groudon rumbled, his hulking form shifting from his resting place on the wall. "Entei arrived." He said.

"Entei?" The voice asked. "Hey there she is! Rose!" The voice called again. The gleaming-silver shape bounded towards me, leaping high into the air before landing on all fours in front of me. A long, slender, whip-like tail whipped itself around behind the being, the sharpened tip waving to and fro menacingly. Five silver-and-red wing-like objects centered around his back, four leading off to the side, one sticking straight up. The being stood up straight, and I nodded to him.

"Mars." I said respectfully. The legendary stood a foot shorter than my own seven feet. His metallic hair was slicked back, ending in sharp points behind his head. His face was hidden behind a glowing, coal-orange, glass-like mask. He chuckled.

"Good to see you too Rose." He said, shifting from one taloned foot to the other. His silver armor rustled as he did so, the different plates shifting and sliding. A fiery red gem sat in the center of the humanoid's chest, glowing with power. His tail whipped back and forth, and I scowled.

"I am Entei." I ground out. Mars chuckled behind his mask, lifting his heavily armored left arm up to mockingly defend himself. A moderately sized shield covered his arm –no, his arm was the shield. His hand was protruding from it –steel colored and plain. A giant pauldron covered his left shoulder entirely.

His right hand, in contrast, was meant solely for attacking. It was menacing, and noticeably less armored, with red spikes protruding from his bare forearm. His spike-like fingers were curled into a fist, while two blades protruded forwards from his wrist, ending past his knees. He chuckled, an orange glow emanating from the chinks in his armor.

"I've got three thousand years, Rose, and in that time I will make sure you are forever remembered as Rose the Entei." Mars chuckled. He reached his right arm up, and for a second I was worried he would stab himself with his blades. Instead, they retracted into his arm until they were nothing more than stubs. I growled at him as he removed his mask, the orange glass sliding up until it covered the top of his head. I sucked in my breath.

His face, while humanoid, was beautiful. In a savage sort of sense. His face was a pale silver, his eyes burning with fierce orange intensity. Black rings encompassed his eyes, leading down his sharp nose as if they were tear markings. His grin was playful, his sparkling white teeth sharp and menacing.

"Shut up." I growled, unable to think of a different response. He grinned again, taking a step forwards and staring up at me.

"You haven't changed. That's good." He said. I snorted.

"You don't seem to have either, in ways other than appearance, at least." I said. He cackled and performed a flawless back handspring, boasting impressive flexibility, despite his steel-clad form. "Speaking of which, what happened? When I saw you at the ceremony, you seemed a lot more menacing. Now you're…" I trailed off, searching for the right word.

"Nobel?" Groudon suggested. I nodded.

"Yeah. Nobel." I said.

"You can thank Suicune for that." Mars said. "He infused me with a bit of his power afterwards, and it transformed me into this. Pretty awesome, huh?" He asked. I narrowed my eyes critically.

"I don't know..." I muttered. "You could use a bit more...intimidation." Mars grinned, and I heard Groudon sigh.

"You shouldn't have said that." Groudon grumbled.

"You want intimidation?" Mars asked. I looked back at him, suddenly regretting what I said. Mars' grin turned into a malicious smile, flames licking at his armor. "I'll show you intimidation." Mars roared, and fire erupted around him. He grew in size, first twelve, then twenty five, then fifty. His entire body was formed of raging fire, sparse armor spotting his form. Giant flaming wings stretched out behind his now hound-like form, his snarling dog's head billowing fire. Five flaming tails exploded behind him, and five steel horns erupted from his head. He roared.

The heat in the room became unbearable, even for me. Ho-oh squawked and fluttered away, Groudon rolled his eyes, and Reshiram sighed. But I wasn't paying attention to them. I was far too focused on the giant flaming rage monster in front of me.

"How's this for intimidation?" He snarled. His voice grated against me in every way possible. I wanted nothing more than to flee, but I held my ground. Mars lowered his head, one giant eye staring at me. His sclera was smoky black, while his iris burned with an intense orange color, the color of a raging flame. Everything about him screamed rage and anger. I swallowed, taking an unconscious step backwards.

"Mars." Reshiram commanded. Mars turned his head to Reshiram, his flaming form dwarfing even him. "That's enough." Mars chuckled, the fires fading as he shrunk back into his previous form. All terror vanished from me, flooding out of my system.

"I was just having fun." He said. Reshiram sighed, while Groudon just chuckled.

"Gotta have fun." Groudon grumbled.

"Not when it involves singing my feathers." Ho-oh protested, hop-stepping back over to Mars.

"In moderation, Mars. In moderation." Reshiram said.

"See, Groudon gets it. Ho-oh, you're too uptight. Reshiram, you're….Reshiram." Mars concluded, crossing his arms. I cleared my throat.

"Excuse me," I said, my voice much more confident than I felt. "But what exactly am I doing here?" Reshiram nodded.

"Yes. Right. Entei, if you wouldn't mind, use eruption." Reshiram asked. "Mars needs a little visual stimulation." He said. I questioned why, but did as I was asked. Power welled in my chest, heat rising from my body. I roared, and lava exploded forth, blasting high in the air. After the attack finished, I let out a breath and looked around. The lava was scattered in a perfect circle around me. It hadn't hit anyone but Mars, who simply nodded, magma falling off his head.

"I see. That is different." He said. "It's a lot more fiery than Groudon's." Groudon nodded.

"Eruption was originally my move. Over the eons, other Pokémon have come to create similar versions, but none have been able to match my own. A Camerupt's eruption is the closest it comes to recreating my own attack. No one has been able to replicate my precipice blades, however. Not even close." Groudon said.

"There can be moves, however, that are very similar to our unique moves. No one has been able to recreate my sacred fire attack, but there are very close copies of it. Fire blast is the most common, and even a Delphox's mystical fire attack is an adaptation." Ho-oh added. "Entei only learned my sacred fire because I gifted it to her. Simple as that."

"The point is that you don't have to be completely original from the get-go. Pokémon have been adapting moves since the dawn of time. I didn't create my fusion flare attack until after I split with Zekrom and Kyurem." Reshiram said. Mars nodded.

"I see." He said. "Still though, I feel weird using flamethrower again and again." Groudon shrugged.

"You've still got a ways to go, Mars. You haven't completed the basics yet. Creating an original move comes after that." Groudon said. Mars nodded.

"Right. I see. Let's go again, then." He said, lowering himself into a crouch. Reshiram stood above him, mouth billowing fire. Mars' armor began to glow, fire beginning to flow out from his armor. The mask slid down over his face, and fire erupted forth from it. Reshiram countered, the two beams of flame slamming into each other. For a second, the attack held. Then Mars' flamethrower began to waver. "Crap!" Mars yelled, his attack failing. He raised his shield, silver light emanating from it, and protected himself against Reshiram's attack.

"Better than before, worse than last time." Groudon noted. Mars cursed, lowering his shield.

"Thank Arceus for king's shield. I would be long fainted by now if it weren't for that." Mars noted. He sighed and shook his head. Reshiram nodded.

"I agree. Let's take a break, shall we? I believe Harmious wishes to talk to you and Eiryx." Reshiram noted. "Dialga, you can stop now." The time-warp faded, and I felt my knees go a little weak. The feeling of time speeding up and slowing down was….absolutely indescribable. Not in the good way, either.

"Hm. He can wait. I want to talk to Rose first." Mars said, bounding forward. Groudon chuckled.

"You've got the attention span of a Skitty, Mars. Just remember to go meet Harmious. He's in his cave."Groudon said. Mars landed in front of me, his mask still covering his face.

"Come on, Rose." He said, walking past me. I scowled, turning around and opening my mouth to protest. "You've waited six months to run around the world. You can wait another six minutes." He said. I growled, and slowly followed him out of the room. The air outside was cool. Mars said nothing, simply turning and striding down the hall with intense purpose. I sighed and followed. We walked in silence for a few minutes before we ended up standing outside the Hall, in front of the giant golden gates. Mount Coronet lay below us.

"So." I said slowly. "How's being a legendary?" I asked. Mars snorted.

"Imagine being able to see any and all wars going on right now. Not just human, devastating wars, but the little things too. Fights for survival. Fights against others. Fights against yourself. That's what being the god of War is like. I can see the War in everyone, how strong it is, how fierce it burns. Your War is strong. It burns bright, like a bonfire. Groudon's is surprisingly small, unless he sees Kyogre. He simply wants to be. Seeing all that, in every living thing at once, was what it was like at first. I could barely think.

"That's what these past six months have been for. Focusing my powers. Now I'm able to see much clearer, and only what I want to see. Now comes the rest." He said. I frowned at him. War probably wasn't the best word for what he was saying. "Passion is probably a better word." Mars muttered. "Not War. Oh well. How's being a legendary for you?" He asked.

"Good. Interesting. I've learned a lot about the world in the past six months." I said.

"The initiation course." Mars said. I nodded. "So you're already done then? Damn. I've still got five and a half years before I'm let loose on the world." My mouth dropped, and he held up his bladed hand. "There's a lot more for me to learn, being a completely new legendary and all. The entire history of the world, inter-legendary politics, ancient laws as old as Arceus himself…the list is almost endless. It'll take years for me to complete, even with the aid of Dialga." He sighed and shook his head.

"That sucks." I noted. He nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes. Yes it does. I just want to get out there." He said eagerly. Silence.

"So…what's your typing?" I asked. Mars looked at me quizzically. "You know, Groudon's a ground type, Reshiram's a fire/dragon type, and so on. I assume you're a fire type, but is there anything else?" I asked. Mars nodded.

"Yep. I'm a fire/steel type, no matter what form I take." He said.

"Right." I said, thinking about his hellish form. "What's with that transforming anyways? I mean, I've heard of Primal Reversion, and Kyurem can fuse with Zekrom and Reshiram, but I've never really heard of an immortal legendary being able to change forms like you do." I said.

"What about Deoxys or Shaymin? They can change forms. And Giratina has a different form for the reverse world." Mars countered.

"I said immortal legendaries." I said. "And Giratina doesn't really count. There's not much of a change in presence there." Mars chuckled and nodded, scratching his head.

"Touché. From what I can tell so far, I've got three different forms. There's this one, which is the most well rounded and the fastest. My attack form is the other one you saw, it's basically rage incarnate. The other is the exact opposite, it's purely defense. Basically I turn into a big steel-plated mountain. It's kinda cool, but not nearly as much as the other two." He said. Mars glanced at the sky and sighed. "Well, my six minutes is up. See ya. Have fun causing mountains to explode." He said, and crouched, leaping off of the cloud. Mars fell until he was nothing more than a tiny speck, and then he was gone. I stared after him, unsure of what to think.

"Attention span of a Skitty." I said, and turned back to the Hall. I was now free to roam the world.

POV CHANGE: Harmious

I slowly floated down to the Kanto mountain range, knowing exactly where I was going. I could sense them, sitting together high in the mountains. A gentle breeze blew against my face, chilling my cheeks as my feet touched the ground. My golden fur remained unruffled, despite the wind. I let out a breath, walking to the edge and staring out over the Kanto region. Below me sat a cave, and below that, far in the base of the valley, stood a stadium. A battle was currently going on inside.

"Took you long enough." Mars' voice called. I cracked my neck, leaping down to stand in front of the cave. "You really haven't changed much, all things considered. Taller. Blonder. Purple-ier." I knew how I looked. Nine feet tall of golden fur, with three lengths of hair trailing down to my knees. My eyes were purple in color, my mouth more of that of a dragon's than a bird's. I kept my Blaziken legs, strong and powerful, and had also gained a powerful dragon's tail. Leathery gold and purple wings were folded neatly against my back. I turned around. Of the three of us, I was probably the simplest. Mars stood off to the side, an orange glow radiating from his armor and lighting the cave. Eiryx sat cross-legged, her face pointed to me.

Eiryx's whole design was meant to inspire mystery. She was fourteen feet tall when standing, clad in black. A dress fell around her, much like a Gardevoirs, black and fringed with silver. Three glittering pink slits ran up to her waist where the dress folded. Four arms stretched from her torso, two outstretched and welcoming, two folded in a circle in front of her, as if she was meditating on something. Black 'gloves,' for lack of a better word, ran up her arms. A pink crescent hung from her neck. Her head was hidden well, with a black mask covering the lower half of her face. Her eyes remained perpetually closed, and her hair was jet black.

Eiryx stood at my appearance, the three pink crescents that hung behind her glittering and trailing pink light. One sat around her waist. Another hung above her head. The third sat against her dress. She stepped, no, glided forwards, leaving behind a trail of fairy dust. Her dress trailed behind her, as did the black, Darkrai-esque frills on her shoulders. She bowed gently to me, and sat down again where I was no longer blocking the entrance. Mars stepped forwards.

"I told you to meet me in Hoenn." I said. Mars shrugged, sitting down on the other side of me. The pair's presence should've clashed, action meeting inaction, war meeting peace, but they didn't. They were strangely calm, even without me here.

"We ran into a detour." Eiryx said, her mouth unmoving. The dark/fairy type hardly ever spoke, and therefore I knew this was important.

"What is it?" I asked. Mars was the one to answer.

"Our previous trainers." Mars said. I sighed, sitting cross-legged between them. I peered down at the stadium below, where their trainers must've been.

"You can see them all the way up here? Impressive." I noted. Mars shrugged.

"I can see all War." He said.

"They are strangely at Peace." Eiryx added. I smiled to myself.

"Still though, don't you want to get a closer look?" I asked. Mars sighed.

"Yes. I would prefer to see with my eyes rather than my mind. But we would undoubtedly be seen. We're kind of hard to miss." Mars said. I grinned.

"Oh come now. You aren't really one to follow the rules, now are you? I heard you beat the crap out of Lugia, and that's against every moral code of most Pokémon. So are you really going to go along with the 'remain out of sight until you've finished your training' rule?" I inquired. Mars removed his mask, revealing his viciously grinning face.

"I knew I liked you." He said. Eiryx said nothing, but I could sense her approval. I smiled.

"Let's get down there, then."


Red and James stood opposite each other in the stadium, staring each other down neither as friend nor foe. It was to be a battle of grim determination, though even from here the victor was clear. The stadium roared its approval of the duo.

"You've grown, James." Red said. His soul was perfectly peaceful, set in confidence that comes from years of intense training. James was a little troubled, but still calm. He was determined and grim. "You're a lot calmer now."

"Yeah, I am." James said. His voice was steely, and I smiled. Beneath all that I sensed the little boy I loved, the one I gave my life to protect. My best friend was still in there, and he was coming back. Our parting had hurt both of us, though he had been absolutely shattered. It was good to see he had come back from that.

"I'll start, then. Let's go, Marine!" Red called. The Blastoise appeared on the field, and James smiled.

"Then I choose you, Sceptile!" James called. The green lizard smirked, his cool demeanor hiding his interior determination.

"He's got spunk." Mars noted. I nodded silently, still watching the battle. James called an order, and Sceptile attacked, racing forwards and slamming a leaf blade into Marine. Marine stood his ground, turning his cannons towards him and firing an ice beam. Sceptile dodged and responded with a bullet seed, which Marine blocked with a protect. Sceptile leapt to the side once more, dodging a rapid spin, and responded with dual chop. The dragon attack bounced off Marine's spinning shell, sending him stumbling backwards. Marine stopped spinning and fired another ice beam, freezing Sceptile solid. The crowd roared.

"Sceptile is unable to battle! The winner is Red's Marine"! The ref roared. The crown went nuts, howling their approval. James recalled Sceptile and worded his thanks.

"Come on, James." I whispered. He could do better than that. James smiled then, and let out his next Pokémon; Kabutops. He had caught him after the Sevii Islands attacks, with Kabutops' permission, of course. Red whistled, and Marine roared. Kabutops chuckled.

"Oi, mate, calm down, would ya? I'm just an old, brittle, fossil Pokémon, eh?" Kabutops taunted. The match began immediately after that. Kabutops raced forwards, slamming his scythe like hands into Marine. Marine stumbled backwards, but Kabutops kept pressing him, using night slash and slash. Marine bellowed in protest and lowered his head, a green shield enveloping him. Kabutops halted his attack, watching Marine nervously. Red critically analyzed the situation.

"Hydro pump." Red called. The shield faltered and Marine fired. Kabutops didn't have the time to respond, getting blown backwards against the stadium wall.

"Kabutops!" James called. Kabutops fell to the ground, slowly rising to his feet. "Alright, let's do this! Use hack and slash!" He called. Kabutops raced forwards, dodging an ice beam, and started beating Marine with his hands. I recognized it as the same technique he had use to beat the false Suicune. Marine may have been powerful, but Kabutops beat him in speed. Marine just couldn't keep up, just like the false Suicune.

"Marine, hydro pump!" Red called. I wondered what that would do, and then realized what the effect would be when Marine aimed his cannons at the ground. The powerful jet of water carved a trench in the ground, into which Kabutops slipped. "Ice beam!" Red called again. Marine fired, aiming to freeze Kabutops solid.

"Mega drain!" James called. Kabutops was enveloped with green light just as ice beam struck, sucking energy from Marine. Marine's attack faltered, and he fell to the ground, KO'd. The ice settled, revealing a completely frozen Kabutops.

"Both Kabutops and Marine are unable to battle! That leaves the Champion, Red, with five and the Challenger, James, with four Pokémon!" The ref called.

"What an intense battle, ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer boomed. "For the first time this year, a challenger has made it through Victory Road, and, for the first time in two years, has a new challenger reached Red himself!" The crowd roared its approval as the two sent out their next Pokémon. James sent out Ninetails, who growled ferociously at Red's Pokémon, a Marowak.

"Since when do you have a Marowak?!" James asked, incredulous. Red chuckled as the announcer answered his question.

"And Red uses his rarely-seen Marowak! It's been a year since his last appearance against the repeat-challenger Christopher! Remember, ladies and gentlemen, that Red has caught nearly all of Kanto's native species, minus the legendary Pokémon. There's no telling what he has up his sleeve, and as of now, we might be in for some rare treats!" He boomed. James sighed and shook his head.

"I was hoping to fight your championship-winning team." He pouted. Red shrugged. "Well, whatever. Ninetails, use confuse ray!"

"Dig!" Red countered. Marowak swiftly dug under the ground, dodging the purple beam and effectively hiding from Ninetails. Ninetails growled, taking a step backwards. Marowak sprung from the ground beneath her, slamming his head into Ninetails' gut. She growled again and unleashed a torrent of flame, scorching Marowak's lower half. "Now use bone club!" Red ordered. Marowak slammed his club into Ninetails once more, flinging her across the field. Ninetails shakily rose to her feet and responded with a fire blast, which Marowak swiftly avoided.

Marowak grunted and hurled his bone across the field, striking Ninetails again, causing her to fall to the ground, KO'd. James scowled, recalling Ninetails and sending out his next Pokémon; Nidoqueen.

Nidoqueen demolished Marowak with attacks in quick succession, using speed uncommon for her species. First was a body slam, which effectively paralyzed Marowak. Then came an earth power, which sent Marowak flying high into the sky. She finished it off with a superpower, striking Marowak down into the ground, KO'd. I smiled to myself. She had gotten much, much better. But it wasn't good enough. With his fainting attack Marowak managed to hit Nidoqueen with a massive earthquake, and, after taking numerous small attacks before she had paralyzed Marowak, she fainted. The two recalled their Pokémon amidst the electric cheering of the crowd.

"What's next, James?" Red inquired, pulling a pokeball off his belt. James grinned.

"I'm going to show you my newest addition. Let's go, Hitmonchan!" James called. I leaned forward unconsciously, and despite the fact I was still viewing all this with my mind's eye. Harmious chuckled beside me, gazing down at the scene a hundred feet below us.

"Getting interesting Eiryx?" He asked. I nodded. Hitmonchan hadn't been a part of James' team when I left.

Hitmonchan shot a few punches in the air testily, his face solemn and serene. Red shrugged, sending out his next Pokémon without a word; a Dodrio. The crowd went nuts for the three headed bird. The two circled each other warily, as two fighters looking for an opening. Hitmonchan struck first, unleashing a volley of punches at Dodrio. The bird took the bullet punch without flinching, striking back with a fury attack. Hitmonchan bobbed and weaved, dodging every attack, and responding with a devastating thunder punch. Dodrio stumbled, and Hitmonchan advanced, striking again with bullet punch.

Dodrio leapt backwards, dodging the attack, and let a tri attack loose. Hitmonchan didn't have time to dodge, as he was sprinting forwards at mach speed. Smoke billowed off of Hitmonchan as he leapt forwards, striking Dodrio with a mach punch and sending it to the ground. Red frowed as Hitmonchan took a step back, giving the injured Pokémon space. Slowly, ever so slowly, the three-headed bird rose to its feet.

"What a shocking turn of events! Despite a type disadvantage, James' Hitmonchan is keeping Dodrio hard pressed to keep the lead! What will Red do now?!" The announcer boomed. The answer was attack. Dodrio rushed forwards, all three heads striking at Hitmonchan in a drill peck. Hitmonchan responded with a dual thunderpunch, blocking two of the attacks. The middle head struck Hitmonchan in the chest, and the two fell to the ground.

"C'mon, Hitmonchan! Get up! You can do it!" James called encouragingly. To my honest surprise, Hitmonchan rose to his feet, breathing heavily. The crowd roared its approval as Red recalled Dodrio. He clapped in approval after thanking Dodrio.

"Excellent, James! Excellent! Your Hitmonchan is very well trained!" Red called. "But let's see how he does against Behemoth!" Red yelled. The mountain of fat appeared on the field, dwarfing Hitmonchan in both skill and size. "Just do whatever. Not like you'd listen anyways, sleepyhead." Behemoth yawned, and Hitmonchan leapt forwards, striking him with a mach punch. He yawned again, and fell forwards, effectively crushing Hitmonchan. I winced, and James' jaw dropped.

"What?!" He yelled. Red shrugged, and Behemoth rolled over, revealing a fainted Hitmonchan. James scowled. "Dirty, low-down, sneaky, stupid…" He muttered under his breath. I suppressed a giggle. "Fine, I'll use my last Pokémon then. Let's go…" James said casually, tossing out my gift to him. I smiled, wondering how she had grown in the past six months.

The answer was not at all. The sleepy little Abra lay on the field, sleeping just as peacefully as Behemoth. It was adorable, seeing the little guy float to the ground next to Behemoth, snuggling against the mountain. The two snored, and the crowd awwwed. Red's eyes narrowed, but he said nothing.

"Behemoth, sleep talk." Red ordered. Behemoth yawned, and began to roll over onto Abra. She just teleported out of the way. Red laughed, and Behemoth used sleep talk again, firing a hyper beam at Abra. She reappeared above his head, still sleeping peacefully. "Fine then. Snore." Red called. Behemoth opened his mouth, the sound reverberating throughout the stadium. There was nowhere safe for Abra to teleport to, so she ended up squealing and waking up.

"Alright, Abra, our turn. Let's show him just how strong you really are. Use psyshock!" James called. Abra's eyes glowed with power, an odd psychic wave racing towards Behemoth. Behemoth roared as it struck him, opening his eyes and glowering at Abra. He opened his mouth, white light emanating from it, and fired a massive hyper beam. Abra sat completely still, the attack racing towards her. Behemoth had put a little too much behind that attack for my taste, so I decided to intervene. I opened my eyes.

Everything slowed down. The world became perfectly peaceful. James' panic left him, as did Behemoth's annoyance and Abra's fear. The breeze was gentle, the sun not so harsh. The world came to me in full color, reminding me how wonderful it was to see. But my attention was not on the sky or the sun. My eyes were focused on the battle below me. Abra stayed stock still, unmoving, as the white beam of energy curled around her, slingshotting itself back towards Behemoth. I closed my eyes again, and everything returned to normal. The crowd's roar returned as the hyper beam slammed into Behemoth, knocking him over.

"What a turn of events, ladies and gentlemen!" The announcer roared. "To have Behemoth's hyper beam be redirected like that, is truly impressive!" The crowd roared its approval once more.

"Cheater." Mars grumbled, staring at me pointedly. I shrugged, my attention still on the battle. Behemoth used snore again, and Abra fainted, teleporting up to James as she did so. James just smiled at her, tickling her under the chin before recalling her.

"Abra is unable to battle! The winner and still undefeated reigning champion is RED!" The ref called. The crowd cheered, and I smiled. Red congratulated James, and I turned to Mars.

"Next is April."


After Red congratulated James, gave him a pat on the back, and made a small speech to the crowd, he was on to his next fight. For the first time in ten years had there been a back-to-back Champion fight, or so the announcer said. Red switched out his team in this time, as they were too tired to fight April after fighting James.

The stage was new as well, instead of the rocky flooring James had fought on, there was a grassy meadow with a pool of water in the center.

"You ready, April?" He called. April nodded, her smile wide. "Alright. Let's start strong, Merry!" In the pond appeared another of Red's iconic Pokémon, his Lapras Merry. She cried out her song, smiling and singing while swimming around her pool.

"Then I choose Thunder!" April called. Thunder appeared on the field, but not as an Electabuzz. The Electivire swung his arms in great arcs, lightning sparking from his body. The battle begun with Lapras, who fired an ice beam at Thunder. Thunder blocked it with a thunderbolt, retaliating by running forwards and hitting her with a hammer arm. Merry cried out, slamming her head into Thunder's. Thunder stumbled a bit, and Merry was sent crashing onto him in a wave of water. Thunder groaned, and Merry hit him with a point-blank blizzard. Thunder fainted, and April recalled him.

Next up was Happy. Her sombrero jigged alongside her as she danced around the now stranded Merry, having been removed from her pool. Merry let out a cry and hit Happy with a blizzard, slowing down her dancing. Happy still spun however, walking right up next to Merry and bashing her on the head with a brick break. Green energy surrounded the two as Happy drained Merry's energy with a mega drain.

"Alright, now use hail!" Red called. April muttered a curse as Merry shot a shard of ice into the sky, hail pelting down onto the field. The small chunks of ice made pinging sounds as they struck my armor.

"Well, now I ring. Wonderful." I muttered. "Like a freaking bell."

"We can call you Celestial now. You know, like the Celestial Bell in Unova?" Eiryx taunted.

"I get the reference!" I snapped.

"I think you're missing the battle." Harmious mused. I scowled and looked back down at the battle, surprised to find Happy encased in ice, and Merry still going strong, if a little tired. April sighed, recalled Happy, and thanked her for her hard work. April frowned at Lapras, tapping her leg nervously.

"Alright." She said, nodding. "Maverick, use rock slide!" The great stone-aged bird appeared on the field, roaring and sending boulders tumbling down onto Merry. "Now use iron head!"

"Hydro pump!" Red called. The boulders piled around Merry were blasted away by the hydro pump, but missed Maverick completely. Maverick's hard forehead slammed into Merry, putting her out of the fight. Two super effective attacks like that had to hurt, especially after getting hit repeatedly from Thunder and Happy. Red recalled Merry, and sent out his next Pokémon; his Vileplume. Red grinned at April.

"Use sky drop!" April called. I winced at her mistake, sky drop meant taking the Pokémon into one's claws and dropping them from the sky. Most Pokémon would be unable to fight during this time, but not a ranged fighter like Vileplume. Especially not when that Vileplume knows a lot of devastating powder attacks.

"Knock him out with sleep powder." Red commanded. Aprill's eyes widened as Maverick wrapped his claws around Vileplume, only to be met by the shimmering silver powder. Maverick's eyes closed, and he fell to the ground on top of Vileplume. "Use petal blizzard." Pink petals erupted from Vileplume's flower, sending Maverick tumbling off of him. Vileplume leapt up, barraging Maverick with petals.

"HYPER BEAM!" April screamed, desperate to get him out of this losing situation. Maverick's eyes flew open, white energy already spilling from his maw. Vileplume's attacks faltered, and Maverick fired. The flower Pokémon disappeared in the blast. When the attack ended, Maverick closed his eyes, recharging. Vileplume, on the other hand, picked himself up off of the ground, glowering at Maverick.

"Petal dance." Red ordered. Pink petals swirled around him, barraging Maverick once more. April hissed, shifting from foot to foot nervously. Maverick's eyes opened once more, and he beat his wings, blowing away a decent share of the petals. But they just kept coming.

"Giga impact!" April called. Maverick roared, and in one all-out attack rocketed towards Vileplume, the purple energy swirling around him. The two collided, Vileplume's petal dance still hitting Maverick, causing the signature explosion of two attacks colliding. When the dust cleared, Vileplume was still standing. Maverick was not.

"Maverick is unable to battle! The winner is Red's Vileplume!" The announcer called. I shook my head, sighing heavily. Red's Pokémon were indeed tough. From the very beginning there was only one way this would go. But, I still wondered how far April would be able to push Red. She still had three Pokémon, after all.

"I'll show you." April said, her smile replaced by grim determination. "Casper, let's wrap things up!" April hurled the pokeball onto the field, letting out a Gengar. He cackled wildly, while Vileplume just narrowed his eyes. Red whistled.

"When'd you get a Gengar?" Red asked. April poked her tongue out at him.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" She taunted. "Now Casper! Let's start things off with a fire punch!" She called, pumping her fist into the air. I raised my eyebrow at that. Gengar couldn't normally learn fire punch, unless taught it by a certain tutor. Normally it was a Pokémon, but I'd heard of some humans that could do that.

"Use sleep powder!" Red called. The powder scattered into the air in front of Gengar, only to be blown away by a random gust of hot wind. I coughed into my arm. I had nothing to do with that. Not at all. Gengar cackled and slammed his fist into Vileplume, who stumbled backwards and retaliated with a solarbeam. Gengar took the blast, cackling the whole time, and finished Vileplume off with a shadow ball. Red recalled him and grinned.

"Alrighty then. Let's make this a show of force, huh? Let's go, Ghost!" Red called.

"Today is a lucky day for us, folks! Not only do we get to see the Champion battle twice, but we also get to see some of his rarer team members! Such as his ever elusive, yet oh-so-powerful Gengar, GHOST!" The announcer boomed. The crowd went nuts, and April smiled.

"Let's do it then. Use shadow punch!" April called. Casper cackled, leaping into the shadows of the stadium and disappearing. Ghost followed suit, much more seriously. I closed my eyes, focusing on their fire, their passion. This was to be a fight in the shadows, the first to emerge would be the loser. Casper and Ghost exchanged blows in the shadows, much to the disappointment of the crowd. Casper dodged a sucker punch, retaliating with a shadow ball, only to be caught by another sucker punch. Ghost fired a shadow ball, scoring a direct hit, to which Casper retaliated with a fire punch, briefly illuminating the pair.

Ghost shook himself off and used dark pulse, blasting Casper into the light. Casper muttered a curse, firing shadow ball after shadow ball into the shadows. Only one struck their mark before three shadow balls from Ghost KO'd Casper. The crowd roared their approval, and April smiled.

"That's that then." She said with a sigh. Red nodded, and Ghost emerged from the shadows, cackling wildly. It was now four Pokémon to two. "Next up is my buddy Zorro. I hope you're ready." April said. Red smiled.

"Looking forward to it." He said. April grinned, tossing out the pokeball. The tiny little Eevee appeared on the field, yipping bravely. I smiled. The little guy's War was fierce.

"And it looks like April plans to cancel out Ghost's ghost-type moves with a normal type Pokémon! An interesting strategy indeed!" The announcer boomed. Ghost cackled, and Zorro barked.

"Use bite!" April commanded. Zorro raced forwards, sinking his jaws into Ghost's leg before he had a chance to think. Ghost glared at him and used dark pulse to shake him off. Zorro repeated his attack, biting Ghost's leg again. Ghost punched him with sucker punch, throwing him off again. Zorro repeated bite for a third time, but this time Ghost flinched. April grinned. "Shadow ball!" She cried. Zorro hung on for dear life, the attacks exploding on Ghost before he even had a chance to really fire. Ghost cackled angrily, shaking his arm wildly in an attempt to shake the fuzzball off.

"Use dark pulse!" Red commanded. Ghost scowled and used dark pulse again. Zorro was sent flying backwards, and lay on the ground, unmoving. April recalled him, smiling warmly at the pokeball.

"You did great, Zorro." She whispered. "Take a good rest." I crossed my arms, nodding in approval. Zorro was still young, six months wasn't that old for an Eevee, and so it was only natural that he wouldn't be up to par with April's other Pokémon, much less a Champion's Pokémon. I looked at Ghost, who was breathing heavily. Though it was suffice to say that Zorro did a fair amount of damage to Ghost. He looked ready to collapse.

"Show me what's next, April. You're down to your last Pokémon." Red taunted. April smiled, pulling out Burn's pokeball.

"You really are amazingly strong, Red." April said. "Much stronger than the rest of the Elite Four. You're on a whole other level." Red shrugged modestly. "But my Burn is strong too, he's on a level all his own. Let's go! Use flamethrower!" April called. Burn appeared on the field with a roar and a jet of pure white flame. Ghost didn't stand a chance, he was annihilated in an instant. I stared at him for a moment before laughing heartily.

"I knew Burn had a fire in his belly, but holy crap!" I laughed. "His War is much stronger than everyone else's." I said. Red grinned.

"Well then. How about we fight fire with fire?" He asked, tossing out a familiar pokeball. Jake emerged with a roar, matching Burn's blaze. My eyes grew wide as I stared at the two of them, seeing the passion the burned within. Jake may be larger, more powerful, more skilled, but Burn…he took the prize when it came to determination. His War was pure white, seething with determination and power.

The two dragons eyed each other, circling and growling. Neither moved for a moment, until Burn made the first move. He leapt forwards, claws raking down across Jake's body. Jake retaliated with a dragon claw, knocking Burn backwards. Burn roared, unleashing an unholy torrent of flame. Jake overpowered him with a fire blast. Burn roared again, the flame on his tail burning brighter still. Jake roared back.

"Use dragon pulse!" April commanded. Burn roared, letting loose the purple flame. Jake flew high up into the air to dodge.

"COWARD!" Burn roared again, leaping into the air after him. I refrained from rubbing my eyes, as it would undoubtedly cause me to miss a crucial juncture. The duo spun in the sky, igniting the clouds in purple and red flames. It was a test of power, skill, and speed. Jake was pushing Burn. Hard.

Burn took Jake's back, only to be met with a dragon tail. Burn grabbed hold of the attack, gritting his teeth and searing him with a fire blast. Jake grunted in protest, spinning swiftly while gaining altitude. Burn lost his grip and gave chase, being battered with a constant barrage of fire attacks. I stared up into the sky after them, watching the dragons dance in the sky. Burn was…he wasn't winning, but he was matching Jake. Matching the second most powerful fire type. Matching the dragon who took on Moltres and won. Burn was matching the fire type who was known world over, even to Pokémon. I couldn't help but laugh. There was no need to give him any help. And Burn wouldn't want it.

The battle raged for thirty whole minutes in the sky before it wound to a close. The air smelt of smoke and flame. Jake was gasping for breath, Burn was heavily injured. Both were suffering from burns, both were exhausted. But they battled on still. Jake roared, grabbing ahold of Burn and plummeting to the ground. Burn scowled, encasing himself in blue, draconic fire. Dragon rush versus seismic toss. The duo slammed into the ground in a swirl of flame, scorching the meadow and turning it black. Red's face was grim, April's was determined.

The smoke cleared, revealing the two dragons still grappling with each other. They were on their knees, hands locked in combat, and growling fiercely. Neither one could last much longer.

"Jake, use dragon claw!" Red called.

"Slash!" April cried. The two loosed their grips, hitting each other on the head with their attacks. Both stumbled away from each other. "Dragon pulse!" April cried. Red scowled, and Jake nodded, his fire welling up immensely.

"Blast burn." Red called. Jake roared, and fire exploded forth. Eruption was nothing compared to this move, hellfire itself was nothing more than a candle. Burn's attack faded into nothingness before the strongest fire attack in the world. The heat rising from the field cause me to even shield my face. Fire swathed the field, the crowd in the stadium began to scream. Though not of fear or pain, the fire was contained from the crowds by a team of a dozen highly powerful psychics. No, they were screaming in absolute joy at seeing what was before them. Burn was standing in the fire, no, he was on fire. He was just standing there, taking the attack as if to say is that all you've got? He ground out his disapproval, his War swelling, his fire growing stronger.

"BURN!" He roared at Jake. In the midst of the flames Burn rushed forwards, the draconic fire erupting from him once again. This wasn't a dragon rush. This wasn't a dragon pulse. I laughed. Burn was outraged. Burn collided with Jake, and the field exploded. Everyone was silent. Everything was silent. And when the fires died and the smoke cleared, it revealed Burn still standing, and Jake unconscious at his feet. Burn roared his triumph, falling to his knees.

"J-Jake is unable to battle. The winner is BURN!" The ref choked out. The crowd was stunned into silence. And erupted into applause. I chuckled, turning away from the scene.

"I've seen enough." I said, grinning.

"Hmm? But the battle's not over." Harmious said. I shook my head.

"Yes it is. Red's next Pokémon will finish Burn off. This is all I needed to see. April's doing fine. She's doing great. She's moving forwards. Time for us to do the same." I said. Eiryx nodded her agreement, following me.

"Yes." She said simply. "I am satisfied." Harmious nodded, grinning.

"Knew you'd say that. Let's get to it then." Lightning exploded behind us, and the crowd roared. Burn was defeated. Red was the winner. But April would keep moving forward. And so would I.

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