Untouched. Her skin is untouched. How do people say this.. Whenever a person, whether immortal or mortal, touches her skin, the person is to feel pain. The pain varies and changes on where she gets touched. There are times where the person explodes, there are times where their insides melt to their outside, there are also times when their heart is crushed.. LITERALLY. She stays away from everyone, wearing a leather jacket, black jeans, combat boots, and bandages around her hands. Perhaps it was for everyone's good. Since everyone is quick to judge nowadays, maybe she thought that she would dress to look like the person no person would dare touch, or even talk to.. although it might be to avoid being physically touched, the clothes being a force field or barrier to protect them. But one day. One small day.. she's visiting a high school campus to see if she wants to attend there or not. And there happens to be 5 guys from a championship swimming tournament. There was one specific guy, named Nagisa Hazuki. He had magenta eyes, blonde hair, and a bubbly personality. He, Nagisa, dared touch her, Death-Heart Thorn Rosaline. She says, "Don't touch me. I'm basically untouchable.." but he replies, "Why? I can touch you" as he grabbed at her wrist gently, but experienced a shock of pain, like electricity running through this body. She quickly pushes him away, backing away, into a streetlight pole. It causes sparks to fly, and it starts to look like an alarming sight. His face showed pain, but it quickly subsided. He whispers, "Oh.. I get it now.." but yet he still tries to grab her wrist. She moves to the side, avoiding it. "What are you trying to do, kill yourself?" she says, but she meets a rather.. innocent response. "I was thinking of trying to show you around the campus.." he says, as he bites his lip, quivering, as if he's hurt. "O-okay" she manages to stutter, following him behind, but not touching him. This was the very first time someone wanted to touch her, even with her deadly state. Will Nagisa end up getting killed? Or will he continue to be persistent but careful? (Referenced story idea from aviline17 from dA)