Prompt: Daryl thinks Beth is cheating on him but every time he follows her someone catches him and she gets away. It's driving him crazy.


He followed her down the hallway, putting his hunter skills to use, not making a sound. She'd been sneaking away for a month now and the only reason he could come up with is that she was seeing someone behind his back. She rounded and corner. He was about to follow her when Carol grabbed his arm. "Hey, I need your help with something."

"Can't right now." He kept walking and walked around the corner. Beth was gone, and he couldn't hear her footsteps anymore. He checked a couple of rooms, but he'd lost her. He swore to himself and went to see what Carol wanted.

The next day he was following her again. She wasn't going the same way as the night before. He tiptoed around the corner and followed her down the hall, the one that led to the cafeteria. He followed her inside, but before he could follow her out and down another hallway, Rick stopped him. He was getting real sick of not being able to follow her.

Six times. It had happened six times. He'd been following Beth, trying to figure out where she was going, and who she was sneaking off to see but someone had stopped him and he'd lost her. He was going crazy. He couldn't figure out why she would want to see someone else. He treated her like a fucking princess. That night, when she came into their cell and crawled into bed, he moved away from her. "Daryl? What's wrong?" she asked, sitting up and looking at him.

"Who is he?"

Beth's brow knit together. "He? He who?"

"The guy you're sneaking off to see."

Beth sighed and got out of bed and walked over to the corner where she kept her clothes. "I haven't been sneaking off to see anyone." She pulled his leather vest out. He'd thought he'd thrown it away months ago. He'd ripped it on a run and it had been useless after that. "I was fixing this," she admitted, holding it up. Daryl sat up, his eyes wide. The tear in the side had been mended, perfectly.

Now he felt like an asshole. He took it from her and expected the mending job she'd done. It looked damn near professional. "How did you…?"

She shrugged. "I asked Michonne to find a book about it, then once I knew what I needed I asked her for supplies. She got them when she was on runs. I know how much you love it."

He pulled her into him and kissed her, passionately. "I'm sorry," he murmured against her lips.

She smiled and nuzzled him, cupping his face. "It's okay, I kinda like it when you're jealous."

He smirked and kissed her. "I love you."

"I love you too." Daryl took his vest and gently hung it up before pulling her into his arms and holding her close. He asked himself why he'd ever doubted her.