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CH. 1

Susan, Harry, and Hannah walked off the Hogwarts Express towards Auntie Amelia. Their first year had been exciting for all three children. Fighting trolls, giant three headed dogs, funny mirrors, and psychotic megalomaniacs were only some of the major highlights of the year. Susan thought about all the friends she had made and all the fun times spent with her two best friends Harry and Hannah. As she got closer to her Auntie, Susan lost patience and dropped her trunk and ran the last few feet to her aunt wrapping her arms around her in a warm hug.

"Aunty I missed you" she said.

Amelia smiled down at her niece and hugged her back. "Hello Suzy, I've missed you too. It's good to have you home for the summer."

Harry and Hannah walked up with Harry dragging Susan's trunk along with his. "Hi Auntie" he greeted as he walked up to Amelia and took Susan's place in the hug. "It's good to see you again. I can't wait to get home."

"Hello Harry. I'm glad your home also. I have some big plans for this summer." Amelia turned to Hannah and gave her a hug also. "Hello Hannah, your parents asked me to pick you up also and see that you get home. Apparently they had to work late tonight. You can come home with us and then floo home." Amelia took out a rope from her pocket and passed it around. "This is a portkey Harry. All you have to do is hold on to it and it will bring us all home. Hold on to the rope with one hand and hold on to your trunk with the other."

Susan did as instructed and glanced over at Harry. She gave him a reassuring smile as he took the rope and his trunk while Amelia took Hedwig's empty cage. When everyone was ready Amelia activated the portkey and they spun away from King's Cross Station. The portkey landed them all in the entry way of Bones Manor. Susan looked around glad to be home and stifled a giggle as Harry was sprawled on the floor. "I see you are just as graceful with portkeys as you are with floo travel Harry." Susan said helping Harry to his feet trying and failing to suppress her giggles.

"So far, the only form of magical transportation I enjoy is a broom." Harry grumbled good naturedly. As Susan helped him back to his feet he was looking around the manor entryway. Susan was glad to see a smile appear on his face as he looked around his home. Puck popped in and after a quick welcome home to her family took the two trunks to their respective bedrooms. Hannah said a quick goodbye and promised to see them soon and took the floo back to her house.

With Hannah gone, Amelia turned to the two children and with a smile herded them into the sitting room. Susan and Harry sat down on the couch with Amelia taking a seat in her favorite recliner. After Puck popped in with hot chocolate for everyone Amelia asked "So tell me about the last few months at Hogwarts."

Susan smiled at her aunt. "It was great Auntie, we did wonderful in our end of year exams and Hufflepuff finished second for the House Cup. I was 6th in our class and Harry was 5th. He took the top spot in potions and charms though." Susan smiled at Harry as he blushed at the praise.

"That's very good you two, I am quite proud of you. There are a few things that we need to go over including our plans for the summer. First of all, sometime this summer Harry, we will have to make a trip to Gringotts. Apparently the goblins need to talk to you and have been put off by Dumbledore. Your parent's will now can be read and I guess there are other things they want to go over with you. I also have a friend who would like to come over and talk to you. He works in the Department of Mysteries and is looking into Voldemort's continued survival after your encounter with him during the year." Harry nodded at this. "I also want you two to get some tutoring in Defense along with Hannah. I asked Kingsley to stop by to help out and my friend from the DoM will be helping with that also. I think Kingsley also had some other plans for the two of you this summer." Susan looked over at Harry and could see the light of excitement in his eyes. She knew how much he enjoyed learning new things and enjoyed the times he spent with Kingsley. But then a questioning look came over his face.

"Auntie, they said we aren't allowed to do magic outside of school. How can me and Suzy practice and not get in trouble."

Amelia smiled. "Well in this case, it helps to have a well-connected aunt. I have gotten exemptions for you three to practice under supervision." The kids smiled back.

"Do you think we can see if Neville can join us also?" Harry asked.

"I will talk to his Gran and see what she says." Amelia said. "Now that we are done discussing the work part of summer, I have a surprise for you. I have taken two weeks off of work and we are going on vacation." Susan's face broke into a huge grin. She looked over at Harry who had the same grin on his face. "Since you two did so well this year, I decided that we are going to Disney World, and we are going the muggle way. And that's not all, I have already talked to Lady Longbottom and the Abbotts, and Neville and Hannah are both coming. Hannah's parents will be joining us, but Lady Longbottom will be too busy to come."

Susan was ecstatic. She had always wanted to go to Disney World ever since Hannah told her about it back when they were five and she had gone with her family. Now she would be going with her closest friends and family. Looking to Harry she could see the same excitement in his face. She knew that he had never been taken anywhere by the Dursleys and she could tell he was looking forward to this.

"Hannah and Neville should be told about this tonight also, and tomorrow we will be going into London to do some shopping and get Harry's travel documents." She turned to Harry, "We will get you passport from the ministry. If we go through the muggle system it will take weeks while the ministry can get it done in an hour. Then the next day we will be flying to Orlando and staying there for two weeks. Now we have a busy day tomorrow so finish your coco and off to bed." After bidding goodnight to Amelia and Harry, Susan changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Susan was awoken by Puck. "Miss Suzy needs to be getting ready. Master Harry and Mistress Auntie is already eating breakfast."

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes Susan started to get out of bed. "Thanks Puck. Did Harry try to make breakfast again?"

"Yes Master Harry wouldn't let Puck cook breakfast again." Puck responded in a huff. "Just because his bacon is perfectly crispy doesn't mean he needs to make breakfast."

Susan smiled at the little elf's possessiveness over her kitchen. "I'm sure he is just trying to be nice Puck. Now what should I wear today?" With Puck distracted Susan started to get ready for the day. After a quick shower and putting her hair up in her customary braids she headed downstairs to find Harry and Auntie still at the breakfast table just finishing up.

"About time you decide to join us." Amelia teased her. "If you took much longer, we would have split your breakfast between us."

Smiling at her aunt as she took her seat she started to eat her breakfast. "Puck was right Harry, this is good bacon. She still isn't happy with you for taking over her kitchen."

Harry smiled back at Susan. "At least this time she didn't try to hit me with the spatula." After breakfast Amelia laid out the plan for the day. After the plan of attack was agreed on the three took the floo to the Ministry of Magic. Before leaving, Amelia gave Harry a hat to try to not draw as much attention to himself while in the Ministry. Flooing in, they were happy to see that the morning work rush was over but they were early enough to avoid people coming in for other business. Susan had been to the Ministry a few times with her Auntie but this was Harry's first time. He was looking around trying to take in everything as they made their way to the security desk.

After checking in they made their way to the elevators. Stepping into the elevator they took it to the Department of Magical Documents. "Good morning, how can I help you?" asked the receptionist.

"Good morning, we need a passport for my ward." Amelia answered gesturing to Harry. "I already filled out all the parchmentwork for it." Amelia handed the receptionist a role of parchment that she quickly looked over doing a quick double take when she came to the name. She looked at Harry and her eyes did the familiar flick up to see his scar. Susan could tell that Harry was annoyed and she couldn't help agree with him.

"Everything seems to be in order, if you would just take a seat it should only be a few minutes to get everything ready." True to her word, the three had barely sat down when the door opened and a balding man came out and invited them into his office. After some brief small talk between the man and Amelia, Harry's picture was taken and they were about to leave the office.

Before Amelia left she turned to the man. "I would appreciate your discretion in this manner. I am already pleased with your receptionist in her handling of this situation and hope this continues."

"Of course Madam Bones, you know my department prides itself on its discretion. The passport shall be ready in an hour. You can pick it up anytime today before closing." Shaking hands again, the three took their leave and headed for the elevator.

"Auntie, how could you be happy with the receptionist, she couldn't take her eyes off Harry's scar." Susan asked in an affronted tone. She sure wasn't happy with her.

"You both have to remember that Harry is rather famous and most everybody associates his scar with that. It is expecting the impossible for most people's first reaction to not to look at Harry's scar, especially after this year with the renewed interest in Voldemort. Now the receptionist deserves some praise though because though she was obviously surprised and excited to meet Harry, she did not announce his name or act as if he was any other person. Do you understand?"

Susan thought about it, and after a few seconds had to admit that her aunt was right. 'Doesn't mean I have to like how they still just stare at his scar.' As the three headed out of the elevators toward the floo Susan started to think about something. 'Why does it bother me so much? I'm not the one that people are gawking at. I just wish that people would take the time to get to know the wonderful, sweet, handsome person that he is and not just his bloody scar. Wait, handsome, where did that come from?' Shaking her head to clear it as they approached the floo she quickly got her mind back on track and focused on the rest of the day.

Susan walked out of the floo and into a hug from her best blond haired friend. "Susan, I'm so excited. Mum told me about our vacation as soon as she got home last night. This will be way better than the last time I was there. This time I will have my friends with me."

"Hi Hannah, I'm excited also, has Neville shown up yet?"

"Yah, he is over their talking to Harry, he is still having trouble with floo travel I see. Harry came out of the fireplace and crashed right into Neville taking them both to the ground." Susan giggled at her friend's inability to floo travel. Harry and Neville came over at that instant with a put upon expression on his face.

"One of these days I'll figure it out. Just remember to not stand in front of the fireplace when you know I'm coming through until then" the raven haired boy groused.

After greeting the Abbotts, the party left the Leaky Cauldron and made their way to Harrods Department store. Both Susan and Hannah had been in Harrods before but this was the first time that the boys had been there. They looked around at the escalators and the giant statues. "Why don't we split up? John, why don't you take Harry and Neville while Jane and can take Hannah and Susan?" Everyone agreed with the plan and Harry, and Neville went off with Hannah's father while the girls all stuck together. "Now you two both seem to have done a bit of growing and will need some new knickers and a few other things while the boys are busy. Plus I think new swimsuits are in order." Hannah's mum agreed and together the ladies went off to the unmentionable section of the store.

The group reformed at the food court and together they ate lunch. During lunch, Neville kept asking Harry all sorts of questions about all the muggle things around them with Harry doing his best to explain them to his friend. Susan could tell watching them that this seemed to have been going on for a while. As Neville asked more and more questions about the muggle world he seemed to lose some of his nervousness. After lunch they went to buy some luggage for the trip. Amelia explained to Susan that since they were traveling the muggle way, they needed to have muggle luggage to not draw any unwanted attention. With some discrete shrinking charms on the bags, the group finished their shopping and headed back to the Leaky Cauldron. After a quick stop at the Ministry to pick up Harry's passport, they took the floo back home to pack for their trip.


The next morning Susan was woken up before the sun was up. After a quick shower she dressed in comfortable jeans and a t-shirt for the long plane ride. When she got downstairs she found once again she was the last to arrive at the breakfast table. Even Neville who stayed over with them was already ready. After a quick breakfast, the four took the floo to the Leaky Cauldron and met up with the Abbotts. From there a taxi ride took them to Heathrow Airport where they would catch their flight. This again was a first for both Harry and Neville. Neville being a Pureblood who rarely ventured out into the muggle world had never even thought something like Heathrow International Airport could exist. So many people in one spot going to so many places around the world. The sheer size and coordination required left him speechless. Harry at least had heard about it before but was still excited at the new adventure. After checking in and clearing security Susan asked if they could wander around the terminal for a few minutes. Amelia looked at her watch and saw that they still had almost an hour till the plane started boarding agreed and the four children went to explore.

As they explored the terminal they stopped at a big window looking over the runway and watched the airplanes take off.

"Hey Harry," Neville asked in a nervous tone, "How do airplanes stay in the air if not by magic?"

"I'm not too sure Neville. I remember in school my teachers explained that it had something to do with the way the wing is shaped and how the air flows over the wing creating what they call lift. But sitting here watching those giant metal birds climb into the sky, it still seems like magic to me." The four friends laughed together as they made their way back to boarding area to wait for the flight. The gate agents announced boarding and together the group boarded the British Airways 747. Hannah and Neville ended up sitting in the middle part with Hannah's parents, while Susan, Harry and Amelia took the side. When they approached their seats, Harry turned to Susan, "Do you want to sit in the window?"

"No that's fine Harry; you can have the window this time. This is your first time flying so you sit there. I sat there the last time when Auntie and I flew to Italy two summers ago." Everyone took their seats and soon the plane was taking off. Susan watch Harry as he stared amazed out the window as the world seemed to shrink below them. Amelia had gotten out some reports to read over as they flew and was busy with that while Hannah was trying to distract a nervous Neville with a game of hangman. Susan noticed that Harry seemed to have lost interest in watching clouds and had taken out a book.

"What are you reading" she asked.

Harry looked up from his book and showed it to Susan. "Auntie gave me this book last night and charmed it to look like a normal muggle book. It's a book on Occlumency. She wants me to read it and said someone will come over this summer and help teach me."

"Wow cool, can I read it when you're done? I wonder if Auntie will let me and Hannah learn Occlumency also."

"I think she will." Harry replied. "I mean, anything that is important for me to learn should be important for you two also. "

"Your right, plus I bet Occlumency is dead useful." Harry reached over to Susan's seat and lowered her tray table. He then opened the book and set it so half was on his tray table the other was on hers.

"Well we might as well read it together that way we can both start learning sooner." Together the children read through the book for the majority of the flight.

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