Reckless Abandon-

At present-

Kay stood with her back against her bedroom door listening to the sounds of the man and woman let themselves into her apartment and wondered briefly if it had been the land lords plan all along not to include a window in the master bedroom for one to use as an escape route if needed. But then the absurdity of the thought hit her and she face palmed as the thought, Well if he had a lot of people would probably use it to try and avoid him come collection day.

So maybe the fact that there was no window was a good thing as much as a bad one.

She sighed and hung her head a little bit and tried to think for a moment about what to do about her current situation since it sounded like her two unwanted visitors were making themselves at home while waiting for her to come out. Something that should have freaked her out immensely, but strangely enough she felt calm. A little twitchy and otherwise shaken- but calm nevertheless.

Or at least she was until she heard the lightest tapping of knuckles against her door, right by her ear and nearly jumped out of her skin as she let out a slightly hysterical sound and moved away from the door and put as much distance between her and it as she could. Acting as if she were a small child facing down a sinister ghost or spirit.

It was ridiculous, really. Especially since she wasn't a coward. Not by nature anyways. She never had been.

But the past two years before moving to japan had changed her a great deal. She had suffered more than any person should have suffered and now was still attempting to put the pieces of her fragmented heart and soul back together again.

The slight rapping sound came again and she found herself moving around her bed, over to the small bedside table where she had a revolver hidden and began to inch her hand towards the weapon's hiding place as if she expected whoever was on the other side of her door to kick it down and grab her by the hair and drag her- No! That wouldn't happen again. Ever.

"Hey are you okay in there?" The masculine voice asked from the other side of the door, causing her to still completely and suck in a breath as her chest slammed against her ribs almost painfully.

No. She wasn't okay. She hadn't had any time to take her meds, clean herself up and get dressed- Oh bother, why was she sitting here mentally snapping and snarling to herself when she should be kicking his sorry ass out of her home and tossing his little friend out too?

"Look I know that you don't know me," The voice said again before continuing on. "But Mrs. Tanaka is one of your neighbors and she really wanted to meet you-" She narrowed her green eyes to slits as if she were going to say, 'So what?' "She's in her eighties and kind of set in her ways. I only came became...well I should introduce myself to you since I'm you're land lord. That and someone needs to be able to let the old woman know when she's over stayed her welcome." He fell silent for a moment as if he were unsure of what to say next when he suddenly said in a coaxing tone.

"We have tea made. And some fruits and some homemade cookies if you'd like to come out and sit for a little bit and visit."

Now why the hell would she want to do something stupid like that and encourage them to stay? Did he think she was dim witted or deranged? She didn't want to visit. She didn't want to make friends. She didn't want these people in her home!

The man on the other side of her bedroom door sighed loudly enough for her to hear before saying, "Alright. I'll make a deal with you. We'll wait for you to come out for thirty minutes. If by the end of that time you still refuse to come out and visit- we'll leave."