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"Ne, Yuki..." Shuichi shuffled his feet along the floor, seated upon the couch as he watched the blonde who was currently seated on the the opposite side of him... all the way at the other end of the piece of furniture. He blinked once and tilted his head as he got no response from the other. "Yuki..." He whimpered and crawled closer to the other, "Yu~~~~ki?"

"What is it, Shuichi?" Yuki merely shot a quick glance at the pink-haired boy before returning his attention to the paper.

Shuichi took this as a chance to sneak in for the kill; he snatched the paper away from the novelist and crawled ontop of him, straddling the older man; a leg on either side of the man. He wrapped his arms around Yuki's neck, "Daijoubu ka, Yuki...?"

"Hn.." The blonde just stared the younger boy in the eyes and a slight shrug was given as he wrapped his own arms around the boys waist. Eh, he was feeling quite well today, which was remarkably obvious...

The pink fluffer-nutter smiled and pulled Yuki into a short kiss, "I'm glad..." He paused, his glance falling to a little box in the writer's breast pocket. "Hm... what's that, Yuki?"

"Just something, nothing to concern yourself with, ...Shuichi."

The younger boy nodded and stole a quick kiss before he slid off his lover and headed for the door, "I've got work to do! But I'm taking off extra early, so expect me home..." And then the boy was gone, having slipped out of the apartment.

Yuki smiled, Shuichi wasn't a pain in the ass all the damn time... and he actually enjoyed the boys company every once and a while. Slender digits brushed along his lips as he tried to savor that little kiss Shuichi had stolen from him. Those forementioned digits then fell to the little box in his breast pocket. He hesitated for a moment before he pulled it out and carefully opened it. A necklace and ring for Shuichi. He wondered if Shuichi remembered what today was, if he knew how much it actually meant to him.

He hadn't expected Shuichi to stick with him for this long a time, it was outstanding that someone loved him as much as the pink haired singer did. The truth was, he was glad he had Shuichi. He'd probably never fully admit all that he felt for the teenager, how much he actually cared for and loved him.

He didn't know how long he spent thinking about the boy, but it wasn't too long and he had been forced back into reality after hearing harsh crashing sounds and a high pitch scream. He dimissed it for a few seconds before registering the voice... and then all hell broke loose. He shot up off the couch in a panicked rush and almost broke the door while exiting his apartment, and the same for the main doors.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw exactly what he hadn't wanted to; Shuichi in a crumpled up, lifeless heap in the middle of the road and a black car smashed into the side of a nearby building. He gasped, his mouth hanging agape as he hurried over to his lover. The sound had been ripped rather viciously from his words and all he could do was fall to his knees and cradle the boy. He choked back a waterfall of tears, slender digits tracing the boys jawline.

"Yuki..." Shuichi managed to whisper through sharp intakes of air, violet hues void of all life. Sparkless. A trickle of crimson spilled from the corner of the boys lips and down his chin. The poor singer had been recked, in too much pain to fully comprehend the extent of his injuries. He was crying, those now dead eyes focusing on Yuki, he was starting to realize how horrible this whole situation was. But.. he supposed it wasn't so bad, to die in the arms of his lover. A faint smile crossed his lips as he watched Yuki give in and let the tears flow freely.

He held the boy tighter, letting the box grasped in his left hand fall to the younger boys chest. He couldn't control his tears now, he felt as if the world was going to callapse onto him. Thrown into a nightmare world, his vision becoming foggy and blurred, emotions surfacing. He didn't know where half of them were coming from.. Maybe that little place in his heart that Shuichi had unlocked. He was choking back as many tears as he could, praying to the gods that a paramedic would come running up to him and save his lovers life. Anything to save the one think he cared about most.

Small hands reached for the little box and Shuichi put all his might into opening it. Little fingers pried the necklace out of it's place, his attention fixated on the ring through which the chain was strung. He pulled it closer to his face, scanning it over. He could just make out the words 'I love you' engraved into the metal.

"I..." more quick intakes of air, he could feel his life slipping from him. It wouldn't be long now. "...I love you too, Yuki." A hand motioned to his pocket and Yuki nodded, slipping a smooth hand into the opening only to retreat, a small box clenched in his fist.

"Happy anniversary, Yuki..." The little pink haired boy said as he watched Yuki open the little box. They had unconscioulsy bought eachother the same thing, only Shuichi had his named carved on the inside of the ring. A minor difference, but it meant all the more to the heart broken Yuki who couldn't help but break down into an even larger fit of tears as he pulled the aching boy into a little kiss.

That was all Shuichi wanted -- it was all he needed in order to give up what he had to ultimately throw away in the end. That one simple kiss that was filled with more love than any he had every recieved before. He took another breath before letting it slip out for the last time, he let go of all life.

"I'll always love you, Shuichi." Yuki sobbed as he felt his lover's chest rise and fall for the last time before throwing his head back, a horribly depressing cry escaping the man's soul. He tightened his grip on the boy as he doubled over him.

"...I'll always love you."


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