Due to, er, reoccuring questions, I figured I clear a few things up...

Q: Is that Shuichi's ghost or what?

A: It's up for the reader to decide -- that's the way it was supposed to be. You pick the ending, either Yuki's gone delusional and is seeing things, Shuichi's ghost has decided to pay him a visit, or Shuichi's woken up from his coma and has returned home to his depressed lover. Whichever you decide.

Q: Will there be a sequal?

A: Quite possibly. I feel the fic is somewhat empty with the ending like that -- I was thinking about writing a sequal that went into the reactions of Shuichi's fellow bandmates, Ryuichi, and how this whole event changes his life so much. If that's what the fans of this fic want, then I'll be more than glad to write a sequal -- especially because this is my favorite fic.

Author's note:

I'm so glad all you guys loved this fic. ^_^ I spent a lot of time on it in order to make it good. I hope you'll love the sequal as much as you loved this. Much love.