Hello, everyone. It's another HiJack story of mine which was inspired by a Korean Drama called, "The Master's Sun." It was a horror, romance-comedy drama about a woman who had an accident which gave her the ability to see ghosts. (I'll continue the briefing at the bottom. XD)

Hope you guys enjoy~ I have some serious love for this drama. And I decided that I would love it even more if I infused it with HiJack.

Thank you so much, ChibiSasori1827 of deviantart for allowing me to use your artwork as cover. :D I believe she has an FF account as well under the name of ChibiSasori. Link of artwork in deviantart: /art/You-ve-grown-452997217

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Chapter 1

[Touch & Discover]

"How are you feeling?" a woman in white asked, looming over his face. Her blonde hair draped down her shoulders, covering the blinding light like golden curtains.

He lifted his hand up to caress her face but paused midway, examining the tubes piercing into his skin. A tape secured the transparent tube in the back of his hand as it dripped clear liquid to his bloodstream. "Where…am I?" he uttered, licking his badly chapped lips.

Her sky blue eyes glinted with happiness as she curled up her soft pink lips and answered, "Back to life." Her voice reverberated, resembling lyrical prayers sung by choirs that filled his body and mind with equanimity. He thought over her response, his eyes never gazing away from her face. He felt as if an angel was watching over him and shooing away the worries he swore he should be feeling right at that moment.

Her right hand fell down to his suspended arm and interlocked her soft fingers with his calloused ones. She slowly brought their joined hands up to her face, caressing her cheeks with the back of his hand. Her free hand roamed down to touch his face, slowly trailing the outline of his unmanly jaw that had never seemed to have a single stub of facial hair come from its pores. She giggled softly, making his lips twitch into a smile.

It was perfect.

It was serene.

It felt like he was in heaven.

...was in heaven.

That quickly turned to hell.

The gentle fingertips curled atop his chin, nails slowly grazing back up to his cheek. Hiccup's tranquillity vanished as his eyes widened in alarm. Her nails dug into his face painfully, puncturing the outer skin and exposing his facial flesh. Blood oozed from the wounds, dripping down his cheeks and pooling on his pillow.

The smile she had on her face stayed, but the serenity it once gave had long faded. Her lips stretched wider and closer to the side of her ears. Her facial skin stretched forcibly along with her smile. Blood and blisters appeared on her outstretched lips, baring every single sharp canine tooth inside her mouth.

The eyes that had filled him with bliss were now enrapturing him with fear. Red seeped through her pupils and spread to the rest of her blue irises. The whiteness of her cornea turned sickly yellow with veins popping from the corners of her eyes, creeping like red lightning against the afternoon sky.

He gasped as she slipped her hand out of his grasp, reaching her newly freed hand to grapple his neck. Her left hand scratched down from his cheek to join the other in blocking his air supply. He tried to shake her off but to no avail. She climbed onto his bed, straddling his chest with both of his arms by his side.

"WHY!? WHY ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE ALIVE!? IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!" she screamed only a few inches away from his face. Her grip tightened, making his head tilt back further into the softness of his pillow and baring out his neck more.

He felt the toes of his feet curl...no, he was wrong. He only felt one foot move its toes. He did not have enough time to wallow in this thought though. Black dots started to appear in his eyesight, making his eyes roll back into his head and slowly blocking away the image of the woman.

"WHY!?" she shouted with a crack in her voice. "WHY ARE YOU…," she trailed with a sob. "…not here with me?" she questioned softly. Her grip on his neck loosened, making him refocus his eyes on her. He was at a loss as to what to feel. The frightening image of hers had gone away, going back to the angel he once saw. Her eyes were now holding back tears. She covered her face with the palms of her hands, bringing them down to her mouth as she tried to hold back the sobs that threatened to escape her lips.

She closed her eyes and tears trickled down her face, landing on the wounds in his cheeks. She removed her hands from her mouth and held his face on both sides. Her forehead met his as her tears fell down at his eyes. "I'm so sorry, Hiccup…" she said softly.


"I just miss you."

Hiccup's eyes fluttered open. The bright room from earlier had been replaced with darkness, only to be illuminated by the flashes of white lightning from the windows.

Hiccup felt wetness against his cheeks, making his body tense. 'Wait…was that real?' he thought, moving his head from side to side to search for someone creeping near his bed. "Uhh…is someone out there?" he croaked, only to be muffled with the roar of thunder.

He felt something drop on his nose, and he sat up quickly. He rapidly searched for the button on his bedside lamp and pushed it right away. The lamp lit up the entire room. He craned his head side to side, exhaling the breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

He clutched at his heart when he felt another drop on the top of his head. He felt his heart thrumming fast as he slowly brought his gaze up. Please, please, please, not them again… He repeated this mantra inside his head. His eyes locked with the ceiling, making him sigh in relief when he saw it empty.

He opened his mouth to try to breathe in air, only for another liquid to drop and land in his mouth.

Hiccup coughed. "What, what…ew!" he said. "Oh Gods, it's bitter!" He dangled his tongue out in disgust, hoping the water was clean.

He inspected his ceiling and found out that rainwater was dripping down from a small crack. "No wonder. Darn, that scared the shit out of me!" He said, palming his face and wiping it down.

He removed his blanket and brought his right foot to the floor. He stood on his foot, dangling his amputated left leg. He hopped his way around his bed and stopped by its end, then carefully sitting on the ground and pulling the bed away from where the water was dripping.

"Argh, I don't remember this bed being this heavy!" he said and gave his bed one last pull before wiping his forehead. He reached out for a nearby crutch, heading out of his small room to grab any container he could use to stop the water puddle from forming on his floor.

He scavenged through his kitchen cabinets and grabbed a large cooking pot. "I think this will last 'til morning."

He briskly made his way back into his bedroom with the pot in his right hand. Just as he entered his room, the lights turned out and enveloped the house in darkness. Hiccup kept his eyes to where the puddle was forming, stopping near his bedroom doorway.

It was eerily quiet, which made him gulp loudly. His adam's apple bobbed visibly. The lightning flashed once, setting the room in brightness before it went back to darkness. It happened twice before he saw an old woman emerge from the puddle on his floor.

"No, no, no, no, no," he said like a mantra, dropping the pot as he backed away.

The old woman walked closer and closer to him every time the lightning lit up the room. Hiccup covered his mouth to suppress a scream for the woman was now a ruler's length away from him. He stilled his breath and watched as she gave him a look of plea.

Although he was scared out of his wits, he sighed visibly, making his shoulders slump. "Fine…" he uttered, slowly curling his lips up with his eyebrows furrowed. "What can I help you with?"

::: A few hours later :::

Hiccup now stood in front of a line of white fencing. "Are you sure this is the house?" Hiccup asked the woman beside him. Her eyes met his own, nodding her head in answer. "Well okay...here goes nothing," he said, taking a few deep breaths before pulling the top of his white raincoat closer to his face.

He looked at his green, waterproof wristwatch, reading the time. It was 9:36pm, and it was still raining heavily. He opened the fence gate, looking around the small garden to check if any guard dogs would pounce and maul him for trespassing. Luckily, there were none.

He went up the stairs to the house's patio and stopped at the front door. The woman walked beside him, nodding her head towards the door. "But…won't he be alarmed that some stranger just walked up to his house?" he asked, still hesitant to push the doorbell.

The old woman smiled. It was refreshing to Hiccup, really. She looked so scary with the way her wrinkles were defined by hues of black and grey. Her skin was greyish and grainy. Anyone could easily tell the old woman was no longer human, but something about her made him feel like she was no threat besides the frightening appearance.

Hiccup brought his hands up and pushed the doorbell once. He waited until an old man's voice sounded behind the door. "Who's there?"

"Uhm...I've got delivery, sir." Hiccup's voice croaked.

"I didn't order any pizza," the other replied.

"It's...it's not pizza, sir," Hiccup informed, looking at the old woman beside him.

"I don't want it. Go away."

Hiccup felt that the man was leaving the door. He quickly gave her a pleading look, and she nodded her head. The woman passed through the wall and the doors flung open.

"What the...!? This is obstruction of property, boy! I will call the police!" the old man said. Although it was not the right time to do so, Hiccup stared him. He was wearing a chocolate brown coat and slacks with a brown bow adorning the collar of his white shirt. The old man seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face. His blue eyes were seen behind his square-rimmed glasses, which were held up by his big round nose.

"P-please, sir. Just give me a moment," Hiccup said, stepping inside the house. The water from his raincoat dripped down to the floor.

The old man ignored his plea and raised his metal stand to hit Hiccup, the green baseballs stuck on each end aiming for Hiccup's head. Hiccup closed his eyes and covered his head from the expected blow, only to open his eyes again slowly and see that the metal stand had stopped mid-air.

Hiccup looked worriedly at the old man after he saw the look of surprise in the elder's eyes. Hiccup bravely, but cautiously, brought down his hands and realized that he used the book he brought with him to shield himself from the blow.

"Uhm...you are Mister Carl Fredricksen, right?" he asked.

The old man brought down his metal stand to the ground, not giving any answer.

Hiccup held the book out with both of his hands. "Your...your wife, Ellie, wanted you to have this," Hiccup said, looking at the ghost who was now standing beside Mr. Fredricksen.

The plump old man slowly reached out to grab the book. He met eyes with Hiccup first before looking down at the scrapbook in his hands which was titled, Our Adventure Book. "Where did you get this…?" the old man asked without looking up.

"Found it in one of the subway lockers..." he answered. Ellie had guided him from where she hid the key right up to where the locker was located. "There was a note saying that she wanted to have it delivered to you," he added, locking eyes with Ellie.

Hiccup watched as Ellie's grayish appearance slowly gained color. Her black irises turned blue, and her gray skin turned pale and reddish.

Carl was flipping through the pages of the scrapbook, and Hiccup saw how the man's eyes brimmed with tears. A smile slowly snuck onto his face with every page he saw. "Thank you for the adventure. Now, go and have one of your own," Carl muttered, reading the writing on the last page of the book. He paused, smiling. "I love you too, Ellie."

Hiccup watched the scene. Sadly, it was only Hiccup who could see how Ellie encircled her arms around Carl's neck, hugging him tightly and kissing his cheeks. "I love you more," Ellie said one last time before throwing a smile Hiccup's way.

"Thank you, young man," Ellie mouthed, her body slowly vanishing into thin air starting from her toes until it reached the top of her head.

Hiccup looked up at where she had been, whispering, "You're welcome. May you forever be in peace." Hiccup turned away, holding the doorknob and closing it on his way out of the house.

He walked down the street and kept glancing up at the night sky. "When will this rain stop?" he asked as he pulled the front of his raincoat's hood further to cover his face.

::: Somewhere, someone is waiting :::

Jack pulled his navy blue coat closer to his body as he waited for his personal assistant to appear. He stood in front of the glass doors that lead to the main office of Frost Industries. It wasn't long before a young man with dark-brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin ran up to him with a large umbrella in his hand.

"Sorry it took me so long, Jack," Jamie said, ushering Jack under the umbrella. "The rain caused traffic at Taurus lane, so I had to drive the long way around."

"It's fine, Jamie," Jack said, ducking under the umbrella.

The two walked down wet concrete stairs, heading straight to the parked Mercedes C-Class Coupe car. Jamie escorted Jack until the platinum-haired man was inside the car's backseat. He closed the door before making his way to the driver's seat.

Jack leaned the back of his head against the seat and closed his eyes as he brushes his hair out of his face, only for it to go back to its usual style.

"So, anything happen while I was away earlier?" Jamie asked, adjusting the front mirror towards Jack's face before he started the engine.

Jack raised his head again, smirking at Jamie's way. "Yep. Something great."

"Oh?" Jamie asked, raising his brows as he glanced at Jack's face with the front mirror.

"Remember Fredricksen? You know, that grumpy old man who gets mad over a broken mailbox? Well, he called Toothiana earlier to say that he decided to sell his house to us."

Jamie kept his eyes on the road. "What made him change his mind?"

Jack massaged his neck, craning his head from side by side. "Something about using the money to start an adventure of his own."

"Oh, I see," Jamie replied. "I thought he loved that house so much because of the memories it had?"

Jack shrugged. "Don't know, and I don't really care to be honest. All I know is that we can start the construction of our new mall in that area now."

Jamie looked at Jack, who was now busy reading documents in his hand. Jamie returned his eyes to the road and focused on his driving.

He turned onto a street with a park. The car was seven meters away from a person with a white raincoat on, standing in front of a slowdown sign. As the car got closer, Jamie could see that the person had held up a thumb and was motioning to hitch a ride.

Jamie spoke, "Hey, Jack. I think someone is asking for a ride. Should we stop?"

Jack raised his head from the document he was reading, looking through the windshield. "Keep on driving. I just want to go home."

Jamie pursed his lips and brought his eyes back on the road. The car passed by the hitchhiker, and Jamie kept on driving, only to suddenly step on the brake when he saw something pass in front of the car.

Jack almost collided with the back of the front seat. Luckily, he was able to push a hand to it and stop himself. "What the hell, Jamie?"

Jamie looked back at Jack, "Ah, crap. Are you alright? Something passed by in front," he replied.

Little did they know that the car's lock slowly lifted itself, unlocking the doors for anyone who wish to enter. The person in the white coat peeked through the window, hair covering half of his face. Jack and Jamie were startled as the person opened the right backseat door and sat beside Jack, making his self comfortable.

The two looked suspiciously at the person in white raincoat. Said man quickly unbuttoned and removed his drenched raincoat and brushed his auburn locks out of his face. He smiled crookedly at the two, saying, "I thought you guys weren't going to stop."

The two blinked at the same time while the auburn-haired man continued. "Hehe, well, someone told me this was an exchange for the good news you got tonight," he said sheepishly. Ellie had assured him that she would make sure he got a ride back home. He was half-expecting it to be Mr. Fredricksen to give him the ride though.

Jamie was the first one to speak out of the two. "Why are you out in the middle of the road with this heavy rain?"

Hiccup bit his lip. "Uhm...I ran an errand, you see."

Jamie looked at Jack, seeing the white-haired man stare skeptically at the stranger. He decided it was time he started driving before Jack pushed the man back out of the car.

It startled Jack when he felt the car start to move once again, realizing that he stared far too long at the new passenger. He visibly moved away from the stranger but he kept his eyes on the other, making the auburn-haired man shrink under his scrutinizing gaze.

The auburn-haired man held out his hand to Jack. "I am Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third," he announced.

Jack only stared at Hiccup's hand, not moving his own for a handshake. Jamie decided to cut through. "Uhm, I'm Jamie Bennett. And he is Jackson Overland Frost."

Hiccup's eyes widened. "Jackson...you mean, the Jack Frost!?" he asked giddily.

Jamie smirked. "Yup."

Hiccup looked back at Jack. "Wow, I've always wanted to meet you! I mean, your reactive nitrogen manipulating invention has always amazed me." Hiccup went to grab Jack's hand and felt a tingle like electricity conduct through their fingertips. Jack and Hiccup locked eyes with each other before Jack wrenched his hands away from Hiccup.

"Did you feel that?" Hiccup asked, eyes-wide.

Jack straightened his sleeves. "No." He looked up at the front mirror, silently giving Jamie a what-the-hell-are-you-putting-me-through look on his face. Instead of feeling threatened, Jamie found the ordeal to be rather amusing.

Hiccup felt that his presence was unwanted in Jack's eyes and decided to stay quiet. He fisted his hands down his lap and looked ahead, only to have his eyes widen as he saw another grey figure on the road. Oh no, no, no, not another one. He repeated it to himself like a mantra.

The ghost he was seeing had her eyes bulging out of her eye sockets and blood oozing out of the corners of her eyes and mouth. Her head slung to the side, a bone poking out of her neck with blood gushing out of the wound.

The car quickly approached the ghost, passing through the front bumper and when it got closer to Hiccup's face, he screamed, "AAAAHHHHHHHH!" startling Jamie to put the car into a sudden stop.

Hiccup covered his eyes with his hands, slowly raising his head to look up at the ghost. He found it crouching down from the front seat, her face getting closer to his. And out of fear, Hiccup clutched the nearest person to him, which happened to be Jack. Wrapping his arms around the taller man's chest, he buried his head in the crook of the platinum-haired man's neck.

"No, no, no. Go away!" Hiccup said, shutting his eyes tight.

Jamie and Jack's eyes widened. They were both puzzled and shocked with Hiccup's action and outburst. Jack turned red and quickly wrenched himself out of Hiccup's embrace. "Hey, what are you doing!?" Jack held Hiccup's wrists, looking at the very scared man. His anger died out after seeing the fear on Hiccup's face. "Are you okay...?"

Hiccup whipped his head back to where he had seen the ghost, only to find out that she was now gone. Hiccup thought that to be really odd, for the ghosts never left no matter how much he screamed and pleaded.

Jamie removed his seatbelt so he could move freely. He turned back and reached out to touch Hiccup's shoulder, shaking the dazed man back to reality. "Hey, are you okay?" he repeated Jack's earlier question.

Jack met eyes with Jamie and they conversed silently. 'Is he crazy?' they both thought. They averted their eyes back to Hiccup, who was now wrenching his wrists and shoulder out of the two's hold. Once he was free, he looked back at the front seat and the ghost was back. His left hand quickly moved to touch Jack by his arm, startling the two again, and Hiccup found that the ghost perished right before his eyes.

Hiccup gazed away from where the ghost was once perched, his eyes locking straight with Jack's icy blue irises. He smiled so wide that he felt his lips almost reached his ears. Both of his hands quickly grabbed one of Jack's, positioning it in between his like he was about to do a prayer.

Hiccup unconsciously made a puppy-look with his eyes brimming with tears. "Thor Almighty, God heed my prayers!"

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Continuation about the Master's Sun: She later met a man and found out that whenever she touches him, the ghosts she sees disappears. And their daily life gone topsy-turvy with them being together both intentionally and unintentionally. XD

To those who are wondering, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen came from the movie, Up.